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  1. story

    Given the way the question was phrased, possibly the word order should be "Sum ergo cogito."
  2. Especially never leave them unlocked. At least the only frame call anyone can make from my phone is for 911 or 112 (European 911 services.)
  3. Okay. It is no secret that I am a huge WWII buff, or at least it probably won't shock anyone here to learn it. I love a great many topics related to the war but one of my absolute favourites since childhood is fighter planes. I had a huge collection of model airplanes I'd assembled myself which took up almost half the space of one room. I just got hold of a DVD with a TV program about WWII German fighter jets, something which normally fascinates me endlessly. I sat down ready for an hour of happy geeking out. Then the narrator began. And droned on and on and on. I have never before heard anyone on TV with such a terribly boring voice. After a while I actually fell ASLEEP. The last I remembered was something about having trouble getting the High Command to allocate resources enough to developing their jets and then I woke up to something about how fuel shortages made it nearly impossible for the German jets to take to the air in the spring of '45. That narrator was so boring that he made me sleep through almost a whole program about one of the topics most fascinating to me throughout my life. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE.
  4. I loved both of these. <3
  5. story

    The Tick managed to find the answer to this deep and philosophical question. "Why am I here?" "Because a giant clown kicked me into orbit!"
  6. I figured that with the laziness this would create in both many criminals and law enforcers, the way to go would be to compulsively carry it everywhere and then on That Fatal Day where you Commit The Perfect Crime leave it at home parked in front of the TV. By then it would all but serve as a frigging alibi.
  7. np

    Thank goodness for them. It would be simpler if the Prophets just put a moratorium on invasions, though.
  8. story

    Nonsense. They are alive and well and in a new alliance with the vampires.
  9. Hm. I don't see how. All that says to me is that Susan has some understandable fears and concerns when it comes to dating, especially when it involves someone she barely knows. Still, point taken. Sarah might have interpreted it that way.
  10. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.
  11. True. Context is important. But it still comes across a little bit disturbing. It happens. And just to make clear, I felt it was Sarah being rude, not you! o.o
  12. As mlooney has said before, that is more or less what this entire thread is for, as well as several others. So you're very welcome. Keep us posted!
  13. Look, if it kills you, you don't feel miserable as long.
  14. No, it was Sarah. And I thought that comment was rather rude.
  15. np

    I guess that is where the Dominion are ahead of us. But as far as I am concerned, they can stay in the Gamma quadrant.
  16. I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
  17. Good. Whatever this is, give it Hell from me. Take care of yourself and Mrs. Prof, please.
  18. 'Degenerated into roleplaying'. Pffft. Always some loser complaining.
  19. This reminds me of an experience the father of a friend of mine had. This was due to computers in the Danish Bureau of Taxation not handling rounding very well. One fine day he received a letter from the Bureau of Taxation informing him that he had an outstanding tax of 0.00 Danish crowns, to be paid no later than the first of the following month. He shrugged and filed the letter vertically. (In Danish office lingo, the wastebasket is also fondly known as the vertical file.) Two months later he received a very strong letter warning him that since he STILL had not paid his outstanding taxes of 0.00 crowns, now six weeks overdue, the Bureau of Taxation demanded that he pay within the next two weeks or face a ten percent additional tax as well as paperwork fees, and if he still refused, they would take him to court. For some reason, the local post office refused to let him send a money order for the Bureau of Taxation for the sum total of 0.00 crowns. So he called the Bureau of Taxation and asked them what he was supposed to do, or if he should just wait until the case went to court. It took some fifteen minutes of panic on the other end to find the case and kill it. Apparently they were not very eager to present their end of the case to a judge.
  20. story

    Not really. Especially not with those whose wrongs give edge unto the swords that make such waste in brief mortality. *sigh*
  21. Whew. And hopefully you'll get over that soon, Prof. Bureaucracy is a maze that is meant to make its victims feel dumb.
  22. She needs to get into the spirit of it. Tell her that she should give them a "no worries, she'll be right."
  23. story

    To be fair, Jerry, right now it would probably be a bit of a challenge finding any immortals who are all that much younger than you.
  24. http://www.egscomics.com/?id=2338