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  1. Notice: Unplanned absence

    Hey all, I’ve been cut off from net access for the past few days, hence my absence for which I apologise. I will try to catch up over the next couple of days. Sorry! ~tOH.
  2. Anniversaries

    Telecommuting is very unpopular in the kaiju profession. Rampaging just isn't the same when you don't get to actually feel the buildings collapse around you as you smash your way downtown in rush hour.
  3. NP Wed Jan 03 2018

    Darn you, Pharaoh. You never told me this. Wasn't it bad enough that your family tried to erase your auntie Hachepsut from history?
  4. Anniversaries

    Look, commuting is all the rage among rampaging kaiju these days. For one thing, it lets you rampage in a lot of places that otherwise wouldn't ever see a decent trail of devastation. How fair is it, I ask, that Tokyo gets to be flattened again and again but that it never happens in, say, Portland, Oregon? No. This way many different places get to benefit from kaiju-related tourism.
  5. NP Wed Jan 03 2018

    They figured that if they did, someone would just raise a stink.
  6. Anniversaries

    The anniversary of the first meeting between Tedd and Grace will be celebrated by the main cast attending a viewing of "When Harry met Sally." Lord Tedd will celebrate the anniversary of the failure of his first Goo by sending a much more powerful Godzilla-sized uber-Goo to stomp Moperville flat. It will be stopped by the actual Godzilla who happens to be migrating past on his way to a planned rampage in Ottawa.
  7. Computer General Discussion and Tech Help

    Or that classic line from the World of Warcraft forums, 'Rouges are overpowdered.'
  8. Computer General Discussion and Tech Help

    That can be a problem. A wild hypotenuse is nothing to laugh at. Oh, you said anglers, not angles. Never mind then, carry on.
  9. NP Wed Jan 03 2018

    Well, there was a reason that when they built the Sphinx they gave it the body of a cat rather than that of a skunk.
  10. Dec 30, 2017. New Student Diane.

    Oh. In that case he may have a personal 16-ton weight attached to his leg by means of a heavy steel chain. No, no. I insist. I won't accept his refusal.
  11. Last Post Wins

    Give it some rum.
  12. Story Monday January 1, 2018

    In the case of the dog launcher, yes, but that is a specific subset of biowarfare that the entire category of crocodile throwers doesn't fit into. As the Pharaoh will inform you, Sobek himself strenuously objected to Set and all the other canine-headed deities monopolising the art of artillery-propelled animal warfare, stating that they were all barking.
  13. Story Monday January 1, 2018

    It is a simple further development of the wrist mounted dog launcher. I am assured that it is quite possible and that it will be part of next-gen biowarfare.
  14. Story Monday January 1, 2018

    Meh. The Pharaoh is just sore because no-one is considering a shoulder mounted crocodile launcher.
  15. Dec 30, 2017. New Student Diane.

    I wouldn't waste even a bathtub from the Titanic on him.