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  1. Remember to mention that he apparently goes "quack quack quack" and flies south for the winter.
  2. ... ...this was Dr. Do not want from UT? Remind me to never go near the place if I ever have pain troubles.
  3. Not to worry. As long as she is happy with the camera, all is well. Concentrate on getting your life to work and on getting better.
  4. story

    I think that the last panel in today's comic is somehow both the most heartwarming and the saddest thing I have seen all month. Box has kept the world at arm's length for such a long time. I don't think she has even allowed herself any sort of friend since she lost Blaike. Or realised that she might need one. *sigh*
  5. We do. They are called Army cafeterias.
  6. Oooh the temptation. If I couldn't actually release them, I would look into having them 'accidentally' leaked on the Internet instead. Good music should be heard and profiteering record management people should be given razzberries.
  7. Eep. That sounds scary. The last time I tried anything like that I was still in the Home Guard. 24 hours of constant exertion with no sleep or food had taken its toll and suddenly I was on the ground with no memories of how I'd ended up there. o.O
  8. Yes. It is. Very much so. There was a reason for the media storm Danish Crown was desperately trying to weather at the time. And my suggestion for a new name was by no means the only comment or suggestion they received. Many of them had to do with exactly which orifice they could shove the meat they tried to sell into, and how hard.
  9. Not even if it is an artist?
  10. Unfortunately I do understand you. Danish Crown was caught selling meat they had had in their freezers for YEARS. Stein's Labs (our food quality control) was not pleased. The customers tricked into buying it neither.
  11. You have my sympathies and best wishes, as always. I hope things will steady down soon.
  12. That depends! Remember, any sufficiently analyzed magic is indistinguishable from SCIENCE!
  13. This is why I suggested to Danish Crown that they change their name to Danish Meat Antiquities.
  14. Agreed. Please extend to Mrs. Prof my belated thanks for her father fighting for my family's home and freedom.
  15. This kinda sorta happened in Denmark, too, if more recently. We had a whiskey distillery with an appallingly stupid fire safety mechanism. If it even suspected there was a fire, it reacted by dumping all the whiskey in the building into the stream next to it -- some 125.000 gallons of raw rye whiskey. After this had happened twice in three months due to dusty old and rotting wiring sparking, the place was shut down and the owners told to get a system that made sense or stay closed.