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  1. Unfortunately, that doesn't keep the comments from being hurtful. I personally expect Grace's point to be that people can learn. The hope that this is so is what keeps me going.
  2. np

    The left one might be a Dalek. I am not sure. I have no idea about the right one.
  3. video games

    Nah, in WoW the penalty from death was deducted in the form of equipment damage and time spent recovering your body. Once you 'die' you get your spirit teleported to a graveyard and from there you must navigate the terrain back to your body, which you then 'recover' by respawning. Or you could respawn directly at the graveyard at a penalty of even further equipment damage as well as ten minutes of 'resurrection sickness' during which you suffer a huge penalty to attack, damage and hit points. I was actually able to use this a few times during my insane quest to explore the whole world while being way too low level. I could die in a new territory and then if I was lucky, my spirit would appear in a graveyard much closer to my objective than my body was. From there I could respawn and continue on. The further penalties did not matter in my case because my gear was already in absolute shreds and I was powerless to affect the high level spawn anyway.
  4. video games

    Oh man. This brings back the memories. Back in the days of Vanilla WoW I once decided to have a level ten character explore the entire available game world and get all the flight points she could. The low level areas went fine. The medium level areas... proved challenging. As I advanced into the higher level areas, I suffered death after death after death as monsters aggroed at me from huge distances because of the vast level differential. It took a LOT of patience and respawning before I was done. Nonetheless, I managed to get almost every single available flight point except for a bare handful. And gained three levels from exploration XP alone. o.O
  5. Certainly. Just be sure to read the manual attentively. Mind you, use of the device has at times resulted in visits from the Department of Homeland Security.
  6. Both. But it only got restarted because Doc located the Primeval Paintball.
  7. This is so incredibly common, especially amongst fanboys/girls. I once came within a hair's breadth of sinking about half a thousand dollars I could ill spare into a replica of Sting, Bilbo's old sword which he passed on to Frodo. And a blogger I was rather fond of fell completely in love with a ridiculous helmet from the Final Fantasy series. I mean, at least that British acquaintance of mine I met years ago who had reproductions of every Doctor Who outfit existing at the time had some clothes to wear!
  8. Maybe, but I bet you can't do Jailhouse Rock as well as the King did.
  9. BOO. HISS. WE WANT MORE OF THEM. Maybe if you tried to suggest something a bit more recent than Gomer Pyle and the Three Stooges.
  10. If you include their wormhole generator, be sure it is labeled clearly with "May disrupt space/time continuum" and "Incautious Use May Cause End of Universe."
  11. I don't think that would work very well with your bandages. Then again, if you ever debut as the superhero Mummyman, people will instantly suspect you just because you happen to be a Pharaoh.
  12. *cackle* Good work, mlooney, we reeled another one in! *high fives*
  13. A lot of games include these. For example, Star Wars: The Old Republic has the Slave Leia outfit available for purchase for players. *sigh*
  14. It sounds a little bit like the awful Mindjack game. However, its plot made even less sense than the above.
  15. That is easy to disprove. Just arrange for still another duplicate and have all three show in public at the same time. ... ...what? >.>