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  1. Things You Find Amusing

    My wife's relationship with her cat Saki:
  2. Loudmouth's Journey Inside

    I feel your pain. I have less than fond memories of being woken up by a catfight starting beneath the quilt right next to me. (My two Burmese kitties were brother and sister from the same litter and they regularly got into wrestling matches with one another. They were never really all that serious, mind. My wife and I called them 'kitfights' rather than 'catfights.')
  3. NP Monday September 25, 2017

    This is probably the funniest NP strip I have read in a while. Not that I blame either Rhoda or Catalina.
  4. Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

    Just give it time. It will heal. Get better soon, old friend.
  5. Video Game Discussion Part 3

    Incredible. That it has grown so big, I mean. I am in no way condemning these players for their intrigues and plotting. I have done similar things in online gaming except of course on a much smaller scale. The event itself is all too human.
  6. Star Trek DS9 versus B5

    Or the bollocking Yuuzhan Vong who were IMMUNE to it. "Life creates it" my frigging arse.
  7. The Weather.

    Well DUH. There is like 400 miles from the southernmost tip of Texas to the northernmost and it has a bigger surface area than France. Even in Denmark you can have radically different weather in north and south and Denmark is a stamp-sized country you could readily fit a dozen of inside Texas alone.
  8. Loudmouth's Journey Inside

    Well DUH. Baker: "Dude! They finally ordered the two bags of Purina we wanted!" Loudmouth: "Awesome, I thought they'd never fall for it! Let's hit the bowl, I'm frigging starving."
  9. The Weather.

    Denmark has had one of the most crazy stable summers I have ever experienced. In spring we had weeks on end with daytime temperatures around 15C/60F. Then the temperature catapulted to a whopping 20C/68F for weeks. In July the temperature rose like a rocket to around 25C/75F and stayed there all month. Ever since it has gradually declined and now we are back to approximately 15C/60F. For the sheer excitement of it, we got lots of rain in August and September, most of it in the form of day long drizzles. Today's forecast predicts a high of 18C/65F or a leap of about 3C/5F. I may suffer a heart attack from the violence of this sudden temperature oscillation.
  10. We got to install microwave ovens

    We gotta move these refrigerators, we gotta move these colour TVs!
  11. Things that make you worried.

    Probably the extra expense is due to the Commander leading Pioneers across the Ridgeline to complete a Probe.
  12. Things that make you worried.

    At one time Ford attempted to market the Pinto in Brazil. For some reason, it did not sell well. In fact, sales were so disastrously low that they dug into why. It turned out that in Brazil, 'Pinto' was slang for 'tiny penis.' They quietly rebranded it the 'Caballero' and subsequently sales improved.
  13. Things you have no idea how to feel about

    Errr, did the architect happen to be named something like M.C. Escher?
  14. Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

    Good God. NEVER INSERT PHYSICAL OBJECTS INTO YOUR EARS TO CLEAN THEM. This is such a bad idea that I cannot stress it strongly enough. What you do is get a large syringe or a rubber bulb, fill it with lukewarm water and then use it to rinse your ears out with the water. If necessary, repeat a few times until you are sure you have gotten everything. If you get a large blob of disgusting-looking materia, you are nearly home free -- that is likely to be the accumulation at the bottom. BUT NEVER INSERT PHYSICAL OBJECTS INTO YOUR EARS TO CLEAN THEM. You would be better off using the Force. At least it isn't likely to injure the eardrum or cause infections.
  15. Things you have no idea how to feel about

    As long as you don't lose touch with your old friend Signor Mlunatico. That would be sad.