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  1. Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

    4:13 a.m. CDT 20171022. I almost didn't make it through watching the Astros game. My pain medicine is lasting shorter and shorter periods of time and letting the pain through. Allow me to elaborate. I'm on a 4/10/4/10 schedule. That's every six hours, a.m. and p.m., 15mg of hydrocodone per dose for a total of 60mg per day. I've been on this for months, and for months it's worked to alleviate my pain. Well, starting a couple of weeks ago, that was no longer the case. I've felt the pain—sometimes as a low-level, constant, nagging pain, and more recently like the hydrocodone is only lasting a few hours before it begins fading out. Yesterday, I got a bad case of the fade-outs, all day long. It got worse through the day and peaked with the 4 p.m. dose. I didn't think I would be able to make it through to my 10 p.m. dose. My pain grew worse and worse until I was pulling sevens on the one-to-ten scale and threatening to pull an eight. I made it to 9:30 p.m. and said screw it. I took my dose. Within 30 minutes it felt like a Mack truck had been lifted off of my leg. I was able to enjoy the final few outs of the Astros' victory. Right now, I'm waiting for pain medication I took before I started this post (approx. 15 minutes ago) to kick in. I woke up around 4 a.m., partly due to recurrent pain, partly due to noise from a passing line of thunderstorms. I'm only pulling a six, thankfully, but I wonder if I'm going to make it through to Wednesday.
  2. As with the thread from the previous incarnation of the board, I begin this one with a request that the information within remain confidential. This is a thread for those seeking support as they deal with very sensitive situations involving either their own or a loved one's health. Please let this be a thread where such information can be shared with a level of trust. Now, back to the topic at hand. I picked up my second filling of Brintellix yesterday—all $141 of it, for a month's supply. I find it odd that it is an antidepressant, yet the price is so high that it is depressing just to purchase it. As for its effects, I'm still getting used to them. I haven't been able to sleep for more than three hours at a time for a couple of weeks now. When I do wake up in the middle of the night, I'm not groggy. In fact, I feel for at least a short time that I've had a decent night's sleep. That sensation only lasts a few hours, though. I don't crash out—I just sort of fade to the point where I need to sleep again. Very weird. I've also lost weight. Not a lot, but every pound counts, and it's been a slow and steady drop. Some of this might be related to the small dose of metformin that I'm on (my A1C hit 6.5 again, causing my primary doctor to freak out). I seriously don't know. Whatever the reason, it made my cardiologist happy at my appointment yesterday. Speaking of cardiologists, mine determined that I am status quo as far as my PVCs are concerned. He hasn't seen them in the short 30-second EKGs he runs at every appointment, but the memory of my Holter monitor results from several years ago is enough to keep him on his toes. Still, he saw no reason to increase my lisinopril or to add a beta blocker to my shoebox full of medicines. I hope this thread will be as useful as the last one was. Thanks for any support you can provide.
  3. Things That Make You Happy

    The Houston Astros have won the American League Pennant and are headed to the 2017 World Series!!!
  4. Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

    4:21 p.m. CDT 20171021. This post could go in the "What are you ingesting" thread if it weren't for the accompanying pain. Had any of you heard about Arby's nationwide one-day rollout of Venison Sandwiches today? They did a three-store test last year, and apparently it was so successful that they decided to go national with it. I mentioned it to Mrs. Prof a few days back and asked if she'd drive me to it. "NO!" she said. She is anti-Bambi-as-a-dish and absolutely refused to drive me. I tried asking my son: he couldn't do it. As a last resort, I asked my best friend. I offered to pay for sandwiches for him as well. He switched around his schedule and said yes. I was getting very excited as V-day approached. Then my pain started getting worse. And worse. And much worse. I've ended up pulling sevens on the 1 to 10 scale in between doses of pain medicine. I wouldn't be able to go. I got onto Facebook and sent a message to him yesterday, telling him we'd have to cancel. "I'll do it for you," he said. I couldn't believe my eyes. There's my best friend for you. Sure enough, he showed up this morning with three Venison Sandwiches in hand, two for me and one for him. He beat the two-sandwich limit by going to two stores. I paid him for all three. We each enjoyed one—very, very tender (they were cooked sous vide) and with a delicious juniper berry sauce that went well with it. It was bigger than I thought it'd be. His opinion was that it was good, but he wouldn't order it every day if it were on the menu. My opinion? Good enough to order as a special treat. Arby's is testing an Elk sandwich in three stores this year. If they roll it out, I hope I'll be able to drive myself to get one next year.
  5. What Are You Watching?

    Qualifying for the United States Grand Prix from Circuit of the Americas in Austin, TX.
  6. What Are You Ingesting?

    I won't have to torture you with *** TEA PORN *** any more, you'll be glad to know. I found a forum about tea (TeaChat.com) where I can geek out all day long about tea.
  7. What Are You Ingesting?

    Let's see if we can consolidate some of the "what are you eating/drinking/breathing" threads into this one. I am currently ingesting Crystal Light tea. Just had some hummus & pita chips beforehand. I'm considering getting a glass of Bulgarian buttermilk (I was shocked that my local Albertson's actually had the Bulgarian style! Nom.).
  8. What Are You Watching?

    I'm just glad you're not in Oklahoma anymore. My Longhorns have been having trouble with anything in that part of the country. Can you believe it - three overtime games in one season?
  9. What Are You Watching?

    By my own definition as a young adult, I'm living in yankeeland now. Anything north of the Lower Colorado River (the one in Texas) is what I used to consider yankeeland. Still do, sort of.
  10. What Are You Watching?

    Yankees at Houston. Top of the 9th. Houston leads 7 to 1 with one out and a Yankee on first.
  11. What Are You Ingesting?

    Utah "Seahive" cheese with rustic chocolate/almond/cherry crostini. Got it from Woot.com.
  12. Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

    5:00 a.m. CDT 20171020. Got an appointment time for my surgery next Wednesday. They'll be implanting the Nevro HF10TM unit sometime after I check in at 8:30 a.m. CDT. It should be an outpatient procedure as long as there are no complications, and no copays since I've his my catastrophic limit. Had a psychiatrist appointment yesterday. Talked (kinda) to him about losing words when I speak. He said "no wonder," basically, considering all of the drugs that I'm on. I'm the equivalent of stoned or drunk, and that's why I can't talk without forgetting words. I also got laughed at by both my wife and my psychiatrist simultaneously. I found nothing funny about the situation. Gross material follows. . My doctor burst into laughter, after which my wife started laughing (even though she's been here for the aftermath). I felt like shouting, "That's not funny!", or at least saying, "I find nothing funny about the situation." Instead, I kept my mouth shut about the laughing and mentioned that I'd scraped the porcelain of my wife's fancy Toto toilet working the snake while totally grogged out and at her command. That stopped her laughing, at least. I also discussed hitting what I think is a physical tolerance to the hydrocodone. I'd make an appointment to see the doctor about it, which is SOP for the pain management center, but my surgery is so close that any appointment might come after the operation. I told him that I'm asleep most of the time, again diagnosed as all of the pills I take. Finally, I told him (and my wife) that not seeing her so much is a definite depressor. She's doing great work with the TNR program and the pet adoption center, but she spends so much time there that I don't see her much anymore (working from home doesn't count, since she really works from home). I said if you take all of the above and wrap it all up into a great big ball, you've got something that's got "DEPRESSION" stamped on it. One thing I didn't add was a Zofran emergency I had halfway through breakfast this morning. I'd hardly eaten anything, and I still got the barf signal. I had to spit out what I was chewing on and take an emergency Zofran pill. Good lord, that's depressing enough on its own. Wrap it up with an involuntary episode of Project Runway last night. (She is so losing the TV to the Astros game tonight.) All in all, with the exception of getting my surgery time, yesterday sucked.
  13. Things That Are Just Annoying

    Trying to avoid that. Out of curiosity, how much caffeine would that be for you?
  14. Political Discussion Thread (READ FIRST POST)

    Sounds like they'd be ass over tit over the whole situation.
  15. Things You Find Amusing

    Pretty much anything he wants.
  16. What Are You Ingesting?

    From today's post in the Scribophile moderator's forum: *** TEA PORN *** Having my first go at the 10g piece of 2005 pu-erh tea. Initial notes: Breaking it into two 5g pieces is not easy when you don't have a tea needle. My wife knows exactly when the worst time is to get in my way. Once I got the piece broken in half (with some shreds, alas) and my wife out of the kitchen, I got everything going: 5g tea rinsed in 12oz. water at 212°F. I immediately dumped the first rinse, then refilled the steeper with the same amount of fresh boiling water over the same leaves, then let it steep for 4 minutes. BTW, for my tea porn friends, I use an IngenuiTEA Teapot from Adagio Teas to steep. Don't let that be a turn-off: it works, and has for me for years. First steep results: strong tea, with a little astringency at the back of the throat. N.B.: I always have to let things cool down some, lest I fry my tongue. Today, I fried part of my tongue. Note two: it's hard to enjoy tea while one's wife is talking business on the phone (loudly) nearby. As it cools, the tea gives off a woody aroma. There are traces of woodiness in the taste as well as it cools. A slight warming sensation spreads throughout the upper body. It's at this point that I wish I'd committed a blasphemy. I have some amber crystal sugar that I got as a sample from Adagio Teas. It's like rock candy, except that it dissolves faster. A rock or two would be nice at about this point. I'm assured, though, from the description on Teavivre.com, that a rock candy sweetness will develop after about the third steeping. The last drops go down smoothly. Unfortunately, I'm left with a combination burnt tongue / astringent feel in my mouth. However, the bitterness isn't so bad if you're used to drinking unsweetened tea at the drive-thru (another blasphemy, I know, but spare me the carbonation and sugar). I'm looking forward to future steepings, but after 12oz. of a liquid that's old enough to have a driver's license, I need some rest at the moment.
  17. What Are You Ingesting?

    I got accused of spreading tea porn in the Scribophile moderators forum.
  18. Story Wednesday October 18, 2017

    So we tanned his hide when he died, Clyde, and that's it hangin' on the shed ALL TOGETHER NOW Tie me kangaroo down, sport, Tie me kangaroo down Tie me kangaroo down, sport, Tie me kangaroo dowwwwwwwwn!
  19. NP, Wednesday October 18, 2017

    I don't know ... maybe this ... (Ashley <-> Elliot) ^ <---- (oo) Susan Catalina
  20. What Are You Ingesting?

    Lapsang Souchong Smoky Black Tea. Two teaspoons steeped in 12oz. water for 2½ minutes at 192°F. I definitely need to let it steep longer. The suggestions on the tin said 1-5 minutes, so I played conservative. Got all smoke and little tea flavor. Still, every sip brings back memories of Central Texas barbecue joints that I grew up with, so that's a plus. Yeah, I never thought I'd say this, but it needs to be stronger! Wow.
  21. What Are You Ingesting?

    ... and I didn't have to wait too long—just an hour or so since my last post, the mailman drops off the tea from China! And boy howdy, were they nice to me. In addition to the full Downy Dragon Pearls and Lapsang Souchong Smoky Black Tea orders, I got the following samples: Aged Raw Pu-erh Brick Tea 2005 - 10g (ordered free sample) Fuding Shou Mei White Tea Cake 2011 - 10g (ordered free sample) Jasmine Snow Bud Green Tea - 7g (extra free sample) Lapsang Souchong Wild Black Tea - 7g (extra free sample) Organic Lapsang Souchong Smoky Black Tea - 7g (extra free sample) My only regret is that I'd just poured a big, fresh glass of Crystal Light Tea with Lemon. It's okay. I feel a shutdown coming on, so after I wake up, I'll give teas a chance.
  22. What Are You Ingesting?

    A better-brewed cup of jasmine green tea. Might be the last for a while, since my Teavivre order from China is supposed to arrive today! In addition to the Dragon Pearls mentioned in my last message, I've got a tin of Lapsang Souchong and a sample of 2005 Pu-Erh brick tea. The customer service person also comped me three extra samples for the trouble with my original order, so I'm looking forward to seeing what they sent. Arrival due by 8pm. I can't wait!
  23. Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

    Got a phone call to remind me about my appointment with the psychiatrist tomorrow. This appointment has been three times rescheduled. I assured the receptionist that I would be there this time. Barring any suspected heart attacks, that is.
  24. Things that make you sad.

    The potted flowering plant made it to my friend's father's funeral. He called it "beautiful." Told his mother that he wanted it if she didn't. At least some good came from this.
  25. Things that make you worried.

    The mayor of the city of Garland, TX has resigned, just last night. He resigned over the decision of the city council to tear down an old armory and build a skate part / dog park in its place. Claimed it was against the will of the people of the city. What worries me is that Mrs. Prof claims he was a TNR supporter. The Mayor Pro Tem will fill in until the next regular election, which happens in May 2018. No clue where he stands on TNR.