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  1. Things you have no idea how to feel about

    What I need to do is go through the available phones with Mrs. Prof after she's done with her class today. She only had about 7 minutes to do the whole thing, including a search for her AT&T login. We need to figure out was a generation or two back and see if we can afford it.
  2. Loudmouth's Journey Inside

    I don't know if we've got a problem or not. Baker usually spends the day in the window hammock, as documented here. Well, Loudmouth's there now, and Baker is sleeping on an armoire next to it. Loudmouth is breathing rather quickly and his pupils are narrow slits. EDIT: False alarm. Overprotective pet caretaker.
  3. Things you have no idea how to feel about

    Mrs. Prof is playing roadblock again. I have a Windows Phone. An unsupported Nokia Lumia 1020 phone. It's almost good for nothing, now that spammers have found my number. All I can really do with it is SMS and take photos. I'd kind of like to move into the Android era. Mrs. Prof says why. You never use what you've got. This is partially true. There is a dearth of apps available, and the ones available I don't use, mainly because they're not compatible with anything anymore. Maybe I'd use them if they were more compatible. I don't know. The only way to find out is to get a phone and see if I use it. You don't need a cutting edge phone, Mrs. Prof says. That's about all that's available that uses Android. You don't need a cutting edge phone, she says again. Maybe an iPhone- YOU DON'T NEED AN iPHONE! All right, all right already. I have to go back to my online class, she says. She'll be gone for four hours. Sigh. I'll never get past this roadblock.
  4. Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

    The hospital called today about the psychiatric tests I had last week. They said doctor sent a letter to my pain doctor and recommended that I get psychological counseling. I asked if this jeopardized the implant. They said no. I think. They woke me up, so I had to ask a couple of times. I've got a "case manager" through Blue Cross. Once I'm able to drive again, it might be time to talk to her about finding a nearby psychologist.
  5. Loudmouth's Journey Inside

    Back to square one on the hairball food. Loudmouth barfed dry food today, which shouldn't happen. Good thing we've got other food on its way from Chewy.com to test. Meanwhile, we gave him a dose of the prescription goop to help with the hairball.
  6. Things You Find Amusing

  7. Trail Camera and Other Nature Images

    One of my more morbid creations to Duke Nukem 3D had to do with a misspelling of ASPCA. (NOTE: Don't click if you're an animal lover. You'll be offended.)
  8. Trail Camera and Other Nature Images

    The spay/neuter process will do it. Once the hormones are gone, the competition reflex will stop and they'll stop fighting. However, I still believe it's safer to keep the kitten inside, especially with fall here and winter approaching.
  9. What Are You Ingesting?

    An Australian packet stew. Continental Beef and Red Wine Casserole Recipe Base. Mrs. Prof had tonight off, so we cooked dinner together. I made the casserole on the stovetop, using plain old stew meat, while she mixed a salad packet and microwaved a frozen mashed cauliflower dish that tasted like very good (but a bit runny) mashed potatoes. The whole thing reminded me of a slightly sweet curry, but with onions and mushrooms instead of curry vegetables. Recommended.
  10. Things that make you worried.

    There is a 32-bit subsection of the 64-bit version. My wife is still having trouble, even though she had the 64-bit version. Watch your version number more than your bit-depth.
  11. Loudmouth's Journey Inside

    Yes, Baker and Loudmouth swung paws at each other on top of the bed this morning while Mrs. Prof was availing herself of the facilities. I couldn't tell if claws were extended. It was a silent tussle, though, and brief. I broke it up after it started.
  12. We got to install microwave ovens

    Our early morning news program here in Dallas/Fort Worth actually played a snippet of the "Money for Nothing" song a minute ago, from where I got the thread title.
  13. Loudmouth's Journey Inside

    The 6:00 storm started about 15 minutes early this morning.
  14. Loudmouth's Journey Inside

    It's late, and the cats are getting tired. Baker is zonked out on his pillow throne: ... while Loudmouth takes advantage of Baker's absence to nap in Baker's window hammock: The calm before the 6:00 a.m. storm.