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  1. He's going to the vet, probably Thursday. The wetting issue has continued unabated. He's not even using his litter boxes for anything but poop now. Mrs. Prof found a waterproof beach blanket at a store. It fits over the whole frigging bed, I swear. It's an interim fix for a problem that needs another solution, and I'm not even sure it'll fix the problem, since he could just move to another bed.. Baker isn't the problem in this case. He used to sleep around Mrs. Prof, but he hasn't done that in ages. Baker's got a window hammock that I don't think he'd share with Loudmouth, but there are several trees that Loudmouth could use if he wanted to elevate himself. Loudmouth was a low-level percher even when he was an outdoor cat. He never got any higher than a planter's table. Mrs. Prof is getting desperate. She's tired of having fresh sheets every night, to use a bit of cruel irony. EDIT: I'm being told that there were three separate spots on the bed where Loudmouth went. I'm also being told that Loudmouth's pee does not have a strong cat urine odor.
  2. A nice moment tonight between Baker (left) and Loudmouth (right): ... and within 15 minutes Baker had jumped down, Loudmouth had jumped over to the bed, and peed on it. Mrs. Prof caught him in the act, so he knew he was doing something wrong. We have a chronic Loudmouth bed pee problem. Extra litter boxes don't help. Different litters don't help. Our last option at the moment is to take him to the vet and see if there is something physically wrong with him.
  3. Baker and Loudmouth chillin' together 20170725
  4. 2:40 a.m. CDT 20170726. I'm up because I collapsed at around 10pm last night. I managed to make it through the start of a DVRed show Mrs. Prof wanted to watch, but I couldn't finish it. Gave her the remote and collapsed. This was about an hour after being told that I'm acting stoned—"thinking" that I'm getting stuff done, when in reality I'm not. Also in reality, I'm having a hard as hell time verbally conveying ideas and actions. I'd set up a spreadsheet (so much for #1) and was trying to ask for help on turning it into a database, but couldn't get the idea across (point #2 confirmed). This is all Lyrica-based. I still haven't got used to it yet. I may need to go back on the magic mouthwash. I had trouble swallowing spoonfuls from a bowl of cottage cheese. Felt like I had a lump in the back of my throat that was making it hard to swallow it. No such lump now, but I'll bet it'll come back soon enough.
  5. 9:14 a.m. CDT 20170725. I'm getting forgetful. Had to go back and insert the time zone in the message header. I'm having trouble remembering the names of things—all I can remember is the letter they start with. Mrs. Prof (or a Doctor, if I'm at an appointment) has to come up with the word for me. Dry mouth. Biotene spray. Enough said. Thanks to the Lyrica, I feel like I'm shuffling around the house like an old man, especially when I don't use my cane. I'm not wearing my shoes, because they hurt too much. I think I've gathered enough data for the podiatrist to let him know that I'm still getting stone bruise/gunshot pain in my left foot. Why torture myself further? Still dealing with the Lyrica-induced cough as well. It starts up about 10-15 minutes after I take it and really lasts for a few hours afterward. I'm just about over it as of this writing. The sleepiness is made worse by the fact that I take lorazepam, I've learned. It's a drug interaction. I'm just gonna have to fight it.
  6. The owls are not what they seem. ... what, doesn't anyone remember the log lady from Twin Peaks around here?
  7. Thank you. Doing my best. At odd hours again. No real double vision right now. I was able to fire off a major administrative missive to the Ubergroup team that I Captain on Scribophile. It even made sense and didn't ramble like the typings of a madman. Mrs. Prof is the one who's probably worrying about it, but not telling me. She wants me driving again, and there's no way I'm doing that in my current state.
  8. 5:49 p.m. CDT 20170724. The struggle to get through the Lyrica has turned into an outright war. I almost feel like it's giving me double vision. My typing speed has dropped dramatically, unless I close my left eye, and I can't type one-eyed for very long. I can think when I'm on the computer, but talk to me and it's like I've gone senile. And all of this is supposed to be over in a week of so. Thank God I don't have to go anywhere important this week. It's next week that I'm worried about, because my consultation with the pain management doctor is next Wednesday afternoon. On top of the vision issues, I'm having fatigue issues. Working at the computer wears me out like crazy. In fact, I'm going to take a nap break in a few minutes.
  9. The circuitry of the USB nib? I think those are universal and cheap, aren't they?
  10. To her family, direct and extended. To others, not so much.
  11. Couldn't you have written it in cuneiform on the back of all of those Danish Butter Cookies you make?
  12. Yeah, but you've got to cook them to get the maillard reaction, and that takes time to get it just right, and by then the guy's gone ...
  13. Bailiff, whack that comment with a large mallard duck.
  14. Just had an interesting moment with Baker and Loudmouth. Loudmouth was on top of the bed, letting me give him a tummy rub, while Baker was walking around my feet. Baker then disappeared. Next thing I heard was a fabric scratching noise coming from the other side of the bed. Loudmouth started growling, even while I was petting him. I went over to the other side, expecting to see Baker, but he'd ducked under the bed. Project: block off the space under the bed so that neither of the cats can get under it. That's a JG tip.