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  1. Had something surprisingly good last night, from Arby's. Yes, Arby's. Quit laughing, or quit barfing, whichever you're doing. This shocked the hell out of me, too. Their Pork Belly sandwich. Yes, I've looked at the nutritional info. I am unapologetic, since it's a limited-time offer and I probably won't be able to get it again. But damn, it was good. Best fast food I've had in a very, very long time.
  2. It had a very strong "I am cheddar!" presence with a wonderfully sharp edge, balanced in a way only 20 years of aging can do. The cheese's calcium crystals had formed perfectly—just the right amount of crunch to go with its strength. You don't take big bites of the stuff. You nibble a crunchy bite and savor cheddar at its best. It's not something that I'd recommend to a first-timer, but if you're used to well-aged, crunchy cheddars, this would be at the top of the list you should try. My son and I believed I got my $45-per-quarter-pound worth, and Mrs. Prof didn't complain at all, even after she found out how much it cost (a very rare thing). She also definitely got her fair share when we brought it out of the refrigerator. I backed off and let her and my son monopolize what I hadn't already eaten since receiving it earlier in the week. BTW, if you're still interested, it's still available. Choose wisely on the shipping and handle with care when it arrives.
  3. Mrs. Prof and I no longer use a Debit Card for anything but ATM transactions. It's too risky. We use a Visa card with a decent rate and decent rewards (which get used for Christmas gifts) and try to pay it off in full every cycle. Much less liability should it get breached (which it has at least once when someone tried to use it to buy a ton of computer equipment in Germany—the card issuer caught it and allowed us to put the kibosh on it) or stolen. I know everyone can't do that, but Mrs. Prof has worked us into that position and raises hell when I jeopardize it by buying too much crap. (That's why I haven't upgraded my external backup drive for my music composition machine or upgraded it to Native Instruments Komplete 11 yet. I spent my most recent luxury purchase on a 20-year-old chunk of Wisconsin cheddar that I shared with Mrs. Prof and our son when he came over to cook a Mothers' Day dinner (the cheese was pronounced "glorious" by my son).).
  4. Seriously seconded.
  5. Wow. Must be a "learn something new every day" drug. I'm going to probably be reaching toward your level of Abilify dosage, although not coming close to it, after my Thursday appointment with my PCP. Mr. Depression has decided to pay me a visit again after all of the hell of the past week, and he's hanging around this time. My PCP is the one controlling my Abilify dose, not my psychiatrist (they've worked it out between them).
  6. This. Or, what I put something in the forms that throws up a red flag and disqualifies me?
  7. Here's a story that discusses what the budget would do to government retirees. The relevant part is quoted below (emphasis mine): According to an e-mail Mrs. Prof sent me: Now you can see why this new budget has us doubly worried. They're going from high-3 to high-5, dropping length of service, and cutting cost-of-living adjustments for people in her retirement plan (the CSRS). The change from high-3 to high-5 would result in a lower overall average upon which they'd base the calculation of her monthly benefits. Our futures are not so bright around the ProfessorTomoe household. We are not wearing shades.
  8. Thank you for the ruling, because I have just learned from Mrs. Prof that her retirement account is in jeopardy as well in the same budget. Neither of us voted for candidates who support these policies, and the candidates who support Trump won the elections in our area. Therefore, neither of us have a sympathetic ear on Capitol Hill. We are both very much concerned now.
  9. I have been reading multiple recent stories about Trump's proposed FY18 budget, such as this one. A section of each story that disturbs me involves proposed deep cuts and/or restrictions on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Quoting from the linked article (emphasis added by me): Also: This is highly troubling. I am no longer able to maintain a steady job of any kind due to my maladies, injuries, and various disabilities, but who's to say that some bureaucrat won't come in and arbitrarily decide that the bar for SSDI access should be raised, based on Lord knows what kind of study they want to quote? If I lose my SSDI, my family will be in bad shape. I am not represented by any lawmaker of my own party, and it's not for a lack of my voting for one. I fear that this may be implemented with no one to advocate for me. Granted, it's a Presidential budget proposal and likely will not look anything like what gets passed in the end. However, the seeds of the idea have now been planted. How do I keep someone from wanting to water them? I hope this doesn't violate thread rules, which I did go back and read before I posted.
  10. Going off topic in an off topic thread, Mrs. Prof wanted me to post this as a thank you to whomever sent the cat toys from her Amazon Wish List. Our cat, Baker, loves them. Much obliged!
  11. Baker the Cat playing with new toys purchased for Mrs. Prof!
  12. A couple of infrared photos from our colony tonight. First is an example of Cat Yoga: The second is dinner time. One of them is a bit finicky at the time of the picture: Mrs. Prof is still in the "getting accustomed to it" phase with the camera. Tonight it's in our greenhouse, which she's converted to an enclosed cat apartment complex. She'll eventually begin taking it out on trapping assignments. I'm guessing she's going to have to figure out some sort of financial deposit setup so that no one runs off with it. It's too valuable (thanks, tOH!).
  13. Cat Yoga
  14. Feral Feeding Time
  15. 10:53 a.m. CDT 20170522. Mrs. Prof apparently had some time to mull things over, because she came out of the chute this morning willing to work with me on getting appointments scheduled. I've pushed back my cardiologist to July (since I just saw a heart doctor within the last couple of weeks), scheduled an appointment with my PCP in its place on Thursday for blood tests and (hopefully) to get a medical excuse to get out of jury duty. I've also scheduled my referral to the ENT for my coughing/laryngitis for a couple of weeks down the road. These items don't include my foot surgery follow-up appointment this Friday and my lumbar epidural (useless) injection follow-up appointment on June 1st. Mrs. Prof also got onto the phone and took both Spine Team Texas and the lab to task over the "Non-Participating Provider" letter foreshadowing a $1,000.00+ medical bill. Everyone is swearing up and down that they're "in network" and that there shouldn't be a problem. My anxiety level is still high over this, and her level of belief in the providers is still low. Been waking up twice as of late: once at about 3:00 a.m., soon after which I take my hydrocodone, and again at around 9:00 a.m., which is the least comfortable of the two (and is also followed by hydrocodone plus my "drug cocktail"). Lots of groaning and moaning from pain with the second wake-up due to right side spine/hip/leg/foot pain. I'm keeping my left foot elevated until the follow-up with the podiatrist Friday. It's not making things easy on me between the hours of 4am and 9am.