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  1. On Thursday's strip, I want to compliment Ashley on her self-awareness and honesty.

    And for Friday, a loud "no" to the wink-activated magic. People blink too much, usually without even being aware of it. But sometimes consciously deliberately, to clear something out of their eye.

  2. I've been dealing with a much smaller annoyance: trying to find a thermostat setting on a space heater that will cause it to produce heat at night when the temperature in here is 65 degrees, but won't cause the thing to produce heat during the day when it's nearly 80 degrees.

  3. Some years ago I read an estimate that if we eliminated all contagious, genetic, and lifestyle diseases, plus the debilitating effects of old age, human life expectancy at birth would be... um... I can't recall if it was 600 years, or 800. Due to accidents, murders, and suicides.

    Rather short of eternal life.

    Imagine, though, with this many-worlds theory, a world where nobody dies. In our world, out of every human that has ever lived, somewhere under 1 out of 10 are alive today - exactly how far under depends on exactly how one defines "human" and thereby which species other than H.sapiens are included. Does this "nobody" include chimpanzees, whales, cattle, ants? Could be a rather crowded world.

  4. 1 hour ago, Darth Fluffy said:

    You might have an allergy to the adhesive. I get a rash from off-brand adhesive bandages that aren't Band-Aid. I think it's a sensitivity to latex. Might be something to mention to your healthcare providers, they can use hypoallergenic tape.

    Yeah. My lady has to use the clear bandaids. The regular ones cause a rash after an hour or two.

  5. 9 hours ago, Darth Fluffy said:

    I forgot that Ashley does ballet, which seems like an unnecessary embellishment for this comic; holding her aloft would be impressive even if she did not. I guess she would not be able to stay rigid in the last panel without some practice.

    There's also the matter of knowing just where Ashley's center of gravity is. With her being essentially horizontal, that's a very important bit of information that the average person wouldn't know about themselves let alone any other adult.

  6. 17 hours ago, Darth Fluffy said:

    I am amused that competent engineer Florence like to play fetch.

    She is a canid.

    Several years ago we saw a fox going through the RV park we were in. It had stolen a toy that the folks and dog in another RV had left outside. The fox was throwing the toy (about as ineffectively as you'd expect) and then chasing it. Four or five times that I saw.


  7. 5 hours ago, ijuin said:

    Assuming that she gets herself to Moperville, yes. For all we know, she might be in Manhattan in this scene.

    In-world, no telling.

    Meta, yes she'll get to Moperville, probably pretty quickly. Unless most or all of the Main 8/10/however-many suddenly decide to go to college in some other ONE city, then she'll show up there - but that seems unlikely.

  8. The RV park we're in did a pot-luck. We brought deviled eggs and cranberry sauce.

    Deviled eggs, I did a half-dozen eggs in each of three varieties. Regular with pickle relish, spicy, and curry. (I put signs on the latter two.) There were none left to bring home afterward.

    My lady mixed some cinnamon into the can of cranberry sauce. Someone else brought two other varieties: one plain, one with orange juice mixed in. Any one of the three containers would have been enough.

  9. 3 hours ago, Darth Fluffy said:

    (Google 'Waffle House Index.)

    It's not an official index. However, it is used, in part because it's a very easy and quick test - one brief phone call per Waffle House store in the affected area.

  10. 10 hours ago, Darth Fluffy said:

    The European participants at the original event were Pilgrims. The Puritans came later in large numbers and took over the colony.

    Both were dicks to the Native Americans

    To be fair, the Puritans were dicks to everybody. Including each other, on the slightest excuse.

    The Pilgrims came for freedom of religion (or at least of various forms of Christianity - don't know if they went further than that). The Puritans had just lost a war over which version of Christianity would be mandatory for everyone in England, then learned that being refugees in Holland didn't give them the power to make their version mandatory there, and came to North America to establish a place where they could dictate everyone's religion.

    The first European settlers in at least two states adjacent to Massachusetts were people escaping from the Puritan regime.

    (I still don't understand how anyone can take seriously a cleric who preaches hatred in the name of a loving God.)