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  1. This Day In History

    Our cat had no problems with "the vet"... it was the "going to", i.e. getting the critter into the carrier and retaining our hearing and sanity while he yowled his demands to be let out, that was the problem.
  2. NP Friday, Jan 18, 2019

    For some reason, the expression "not that simple" is bouncing around inside my head... My guess is that some settings enlarge one thing and shrink something else. Possibly on the same person.
  3. This Day In History

    And I've driven through the intersection of Woodcock and Kitchen Dick.
  4. Story Monday January 14, 2019

    1. Grace has told Sam that she knows about magic marks, and that she (somehow) got powers without needing a magic mark. If Sam thinks about things a minute, he'll know that Grace knows someone who has or had a mark. Either that, or she's had some conversations with Immortals. 2. Similar to what? There has been no comment on what power Sam has.
  5. Things That Are Just Annoying

    A majority of US states have provisions in their state constitutions doing that - for all legislation. So not only can they not combine issues on ballot referenda, they cannot combine issues in acts of the state legislature. Also, typically, the subject of the legislation must be stated in the title of the bill. It can be taken oddly though. The Washington state supreme court ruled that cutting three taxes and limiting the legislature's ability to raise taxes was more than one issue. The people who sponsored that initiative (which had passed by a wide margin) then sponsored another initiative that just cut two taxes, which (after it also passed by a wide margin) was ruled to be two separate issues and not adequately described as "an initiative to cut taxes". So then they sponsored a third initiative which changed one word of state law...
  6. Story, Friday Jan 4, 2019

    Hm... Grace could write two notes. 1) Sam: I'm pretty confident that your secret won't bother Sarah. She has secrets of her own that are different but relevant. 2) Sarah: Sam has a secret which he thinks will be a problem when you find out. It won't. But give him time. Now I'm trying to decide if it would be better (and, separately, more amusing) if she delivers them correctly, or if she mixes them up.
  7. NP Wednesday January 2, 2019

    Actually, since Nanase says she's going to go get Sarah's clothes, it seems reasonable to assume that Sarah still hasn't gotten her clothes back yet - let alone gotten any of them on.
  8. This Day In History

    Roswell, N.M. Boy does THAT explain a lot!
  9. Story, Wednesday, January 2, 2019

    Sam still has to spend lots of time presenting as female. He'd probably buy those products during that time, as it's rather unusual for a male his age to be buying them. Unless, of course, he has an immediate need and forgot to bring some... but then Grace is hardly more of a threat to him because of that than anyone else. Alternatively... if he has an immediate need and forgot to bring some, he could have been looking for Grace in hopes that he could get one from her, and is avoiding this other girl who is with Grace at the moment. (Or just didn't want to interrupt.)
  10. NP Monday December 31, 2018

    If the discussion of the financial side of paleontology in the book Boundary (Flint/Spoor) is a useful guide, $6M would be somewhat above average for an archaeologist's non-teaching budget... for life.
  11. Story Monday, December 24, 2018

    It does seem like Elliot is the only one who's even considered that other Immortals could mark people, and that was only to think of asking them to help transgender people, not to wonder if they've been marking others the way Pandora had. However, Noah's reaction to the idea of an Immortal marking someone without asking or telling them makes it seem like such behavior is very much outside the norm. Noah's information is - at best - second-hand through Adrian, who had no communication with his mother for most of Noah's life. And I got the impression that such extended separations are not unusual. Noah may not know what is really normal among immortals. Marking someone definitely qualifies as empowering them. Is there any obligation to guide those whom one empowers? Pandora never got in trouble (that we saw) for neglecting to ask people's permission before marking them or even tell them they're marked. And she had done it often enough to know, or at least to think, that people usually discover their mark-powers pretty quickly.
  12. Story Monday, December 24, 2018

    As for making Camdin "less hot", in my opinion he wouldn't be hot if you doused him in gasoline and threw a lit match at him. Which I wouldn't approve of, but would sympathize with the desire.
  13. NP Friday December 21, 2018

    And if you go to an underground cheese store, you might encounter a wandering muenster.
  14. NP Friday December 21, 2018

    Regarding the author's comments: Don't worry, Dan, I don't think you're old.
  15. Sketchbook, Tuesday Dec 18, 2018

    I did once make an 18" piece of yarn from a cat's fur - from just one brushing. (Part Maine Coon without guard hairs. Pretty much the dictionary definition of a soft & fluffy cat.)
  16. NP Wednesday, Dec 19, 2018

    The moment of nakedness will occur, but we won't get to see it. She definitely WON'T have lost all her clothes and be forced to go through the rest of the dungeon nude. (Although it's possible she'll have lost all her clothes and be forced to get some spares out of her backpack.)
  17. Story, Wednesday Dec 19, 2018

    Or, Tedd could - when the relative privacy allows it - switch sexes so routinely that the rest of the group doesn't consider it at all noteworthy.
  18. NP, Monday December 17, 2018

    Possible alternative solution. I assume that Nanase put all the weights in the light side of the scale. And they aren't enough, so we are discussing adding Sarah to them. How about: put all the weights, and possibly Sarah, on the heavy side of the scale - then put Nanase on the light side.
  19. This Day In History

    According to what I read, the Finnish government's response to Germany's proposal of an alliance was a quiet suggestion that Germany engage in an anatomically-impossible act of self-gratification. To which Hitler responded by publicly announcing the alliance - after which everybody who was already at war with Germany declared war on Finland.
  20. Story Friday, December 14, 2018

    Except to Tedd and (presumably) other seers, Luke, immortals, and probably Tara and Andrea (the gryphons)... that we know of. Tedd (and other seers, most likely) can only see the power while it's being used though; the others can see the potential even when it is idle.
  21. NP Wednesday Dec 12, 2018

    But in the first two puzzles it was Sarah guiding Nanase. And it looks likely that the third will be the same. There needs to be a puzzle where Nanase guides Sarah. On the other hand, in both of the first two it was Nanase who figured out the nature of the puzzle. Maybe that's why she's had a brain reduction for this one.
  22. Story Friday, December 14, 2018

    I'm favoring that she's going to levitate the dice, so nobody has to bend over and pick them up off the floor. And it's almost certain that someone is going to walk in and see all these dice hovering. Who's it going to be? I'm guessing Sam is short on cash and that's why he skipped this tournament, but he's stopping by to see Sarah after it.
  23. This Day In History

    Or by reading (or trying to read - it's quite long) the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Don't let the title fool you, it isn't a romance. In fact everyone of importance in the first sixth of the book is dead by the end.
  24. Story Wednesday, December 12, 2018

    Aside: Sam in panel 3?
  25. Sketchbook Tuesday Dec 11, 2018

    I doubt that this is the case. If it was, the first time Ashley saw Nanase's fairydoll form the squee would have shattered the moon.