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  1. What Are You Listening To?

    I have something similar that seems weird even to me. I don't care if I can't understand a word of the lyrics because they're in some language I don't know - as long as I can hear them clearly. But mumbled lyrics, or lyrics drowned out by the music - that song can go straight into the dumpster.
  2. Things That Are Just Annoying

    First, my smart watch broke. Just a tiny break - a puny little plastic crumb that happens to hold the watch band in place. Fortunately, I have a spare. I bought two, one for me and one for my lady, a couple months before she died. Then, it turns out that within the smartphone app that goes with it, there's only one way to make the app forget one phone and pick up another. That's to go into app management and just plain erase that app's storage. Causing it to forget EVERYTHING it knows. So I had to go through all the setup again. And it doesn't help that the people who wrote this app are fond of some rather unreadable lettering - a color that is a slightly grayer version of the background color, and a 2-point font. Among other places such lettering is used, is the calibration of the X axis on a number of graphs. (And even that's technically an improvement on the Y axes, most of which have no calibration at all.)
  3. Comic for Monday, May 20, 2024

    Hers is in the shop, so she's borrowing Lucifer's.
  4. NP Thursday May 16, 2024

    It would be precisely 0% surprising if the memory of Panthera Catalinas is a bit bigger than the reality.
  5. The Weather.

    This motorhome has the heat-retention properties of a sieve. I can easily get a 10-degree temperature difference from one side of it to the other. The thermostat for the main room, controlling the propane furnace, is in the warmest spot in that room. The thermostat for the bedroom is nearly as poorly placed. With two little electric space heaters to supplement, I have yet to find a setting on either one's thermostat that will reliably turn it on when the temperature (read from a thermometer sitting on the floor beside and slightly behind the heater) is below 62, and also reliably leave it off when the temperature is over 72. And Montana is having an unusually cold spring. For Montana. The kind of cold that is measured in inches, or occasionally feet.
  6. Things That Are Just Annoying

    It pleads with the bed to let the singer stay. (Maybe I need to make that explicit, earlier in the song.)
  7. Things That Are Just Annoying

    ♩♩♫♩♬♪♫ Don’t take your warmth away from me Don’t you leave my arms all shivery ‘Cause I wish the night’s not through And waking up is hard to do. Remember when you held me tight Warm blankets wrapped all through the night So sound asleep the whole night through And waking up is hard to do. They say that waking up is hard to do Now I know, I know that it’s true Don’t say that this is the end Instead of waking up I wish that I could fall asleep again I beg of you, don’t make me glower Can’t we stretch the night just one more hour? Come on bed, I’ll stay with you ‘Cause waking up is hard to do. (original gets repetitive after that)
  8. Sad news

    I think Ijuin is probably right; however it's also possible that you've emotionally let go of the Dad drive to make life perfect for your kid. Or at least accepted that you can't fix things - the reality, or his emotions, either one - for him.
  9. Comic for Monday, Apr 15, 2024

    It worries me... because (a) some people have an overly-inclusive definition of "transgender" and (b) someone who is a borderline case, or who hasn't recognized their situation, could be seriously traumatized by suddenly finding themselves changing physical sex with no idea why or how it happened or how to consciously control it... As well as severely socially inconvenienced.
  10. Comic for Friday, Apr 12 2024

    I, on the contrary, suspect that she doesn't recall marking Sam. But she recognizes the mark as something she did, and sees why the spell she granted is particularly appropriate, and is having a "wow, neat idea!" moment. What she's missing is why Sam in particular, and not all the other trans people in town.
  11. Comic Wednesday April 10, 2024

    My high school had just under 600 students, grades 7-12. It also had two counselors to help the students with the bureaucratic stuff, and a head janitor kids went to for advice.
  12. Sad news

    I notice that the out-of-power party is eager to declare that anything the in-power party wants to do is crap... ... and then when they regain power and could undo the "crap," they instead set about polishing it.
  13. Sad news

    And to listen to a lot of Democrats talk, anyone who isn't pushing substantially identical policies (sometimes with the pointy bit in a different group's chest) in the name of anti-fascism is lurching uncontrollably to the right.