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  1. Story Friday March 23 2018

    What are the chances that Magus' home universe is the same as our two favorite gryphons'?
  2. Story, Monday March 19, 2018

    Thing is, Sirleck wants to live very comfortably. Passing significant wealth to an unrelated "heir" frequently, without establishing a significant long-term relationship with the "heir", would be difficult. And then having that host do the same just a year or two later... too likely to draw attention. So, while he may occasionally use a host very-short-term (like Ellen and the janitor), he probably prefers long-term hosts. Probably a bare minimum of five years. And I'd go with multiple decades. Remember, his most recent host had at least one human associate (the butler), who showed no sign of thinking that his boss was aging abnormally fast.
  3. Story Friday March 23 2018

    Probably there are a few other surviving aberrations. However, in one sense I suspect that nearly-every aberration is the last of his/her kind. Providing for progeny doesn't seem like something that would be high on an aberration's priority list...
  4. NP Friday Mar 16, 2018

    There are writers - some of them very good - who have a detailed plan for the entire story before they write a single word of the story, and stick to that plan. However, there are also writers - some of them JUST as good - whose plan is on the order of "a computer programmer meets a dragon - how did that happen, and what happens next?" They start writing before they have an answer to either of those questions. They'll discover the answers, and thus the story, as they go. And every in-between level of planning also occurs. At several science-fiction conventions I've asked panels of writers if they get into arguments with their characters, and if so, how often they lose. I think one writer has denied having such arguments. Which drew disbelieving glances from the other panelists. How often they claim they lose those arguments varies between 70% and 99%.
  5. Story, Monday March 19, 2018

    Your typical aberration probably leaves a rather detectable trail of bodies stripped of either life or soul (or both). Sirleck has found a "better" (well, more efficient) way. I'm guessing he can live off a single victim for decades. That's not much of a trail of evidence.
  6. Story Friday March 23 2018

    I kind of doubt that Sirleck is dead (yet). I think Magus is going to make some mistake and Ashley will be critical to the outcome. We also still have Elliot in the scene, and since Magus has recovered he probably should have recovered as well. But we haven't seen him since the first panel of Monday's comic.
  7. Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

    I'm afraid that the customer reviews on yours are rather negative... so sorry, I'll pass.
  8. Things you have no idea how to feel about

    Sometimes my mate thinks I'm a paine.
  9. Questions for Q&A 8

    And, in spite of being extremely ditzy in every regard, are very good engineers. Even that would require that (a) {Diane's} Mom know that Adrian is the one who knocked her up and (b) Mom know Adrian's last name. In the situation described, each of those is less than certain to have been the case. Plus, Diane's last name was probably legally changed in the adoption process.
  10. Story Wednesday March 14, 2018

    I think we can assume "flammable under non-absurd conditions". After all, with the right fluorine-based chemical even water is highly flammable - and the smoke will melt your lungs, for added fun. (Gotta love a chemical whose molecular structure is both easily pronounceable and a good onomatopoeia for what frequently happens in its presence.) I don't remember Sirleck being told anything at all specific about which immortal Adrian is a child of. I think that was his assumption based on the partial information that Voltaire fed him.
  11. Story Friday March 16, 2018

    If Elliot's current curse, as interpreted by the Diamond, is being possessed by Magus, then - the unmodified effect - of touching the Diamond would be: 1) A copy of Elliot that 1a) is permanently possessed by Magus, 1b) and can cause other people to be possessed by Magus AND 2) A copy of Elliot that is can turn "I am possessed by Magus" on and off at will. I can't see why either Elliot or Magus would consider #1b or #2 desirable. For that matter, #1a doesn't seem particularly good from Magus' perspective. He doesn't want to possess someone else, he wants his own body. He wants just a copy of Elliot's body, not a complete copy of Elliot's body mind and soul. But Magus said he intends to modify the effect of the Diamond - possibly shattering the object in the process. And he is a reasonably powerful (and at least somewhat educated) magic-user, in his own world. Perhaps he succeeds in producing different effects. ---- As for the comment of Susan's fairydoll spell looking a lot like Nanase's: that's because Nanase made all the inanimate fairydolls that Susan put in her marked box and summons magical copies of.
  12. The Album, and Other Music

    Well, mathematically, there's an interesting puzzle in relativity. There could be objects traveling faster than the speed of light... that would speed up as they lose energy. These mathematically-hypothetical particles are called tachyons. No such objects have been observed, and we don't even have solid theories on how we could observe them. Another problem is that objects moving faster than the local speed of light lose energy, so most likely these objects would have been losing energy - and therefore speeding up - since the moment they came into existence. Unless there is something generating new ones, they would all be very far away from us; the entire area of the universe that is observable by ordinary means would be tachyon-free and near the middle of a far-distant cloud-shell of tachyons.
  13. Story, Wednesday March 7, 2018

    Actually, I think a vast conspiracy between the school district and a couple of doctors whom the school district strongly recommends to parents (and may even be school-district employees, or otherwise get paid by the district and thus have incentive to give the results the district wants so they'll continue to be strongly recommended - or if sufficiently corrupt, explicitly get paid under the table for certain results) sounds pretty plausible. You are correct that I don't have the expertise to positively identify just where the situation I described was messed up. That it's seriously messed up SOMEWHERE seems pretty obvious... and establishes that at least one party, the school district, is not to be trusted. But school districts are central players in a pretty high percentage of behavioral-disorder diagnoses: they "recognize" a "suspicion" that a child has one, recommend a doctor to make an official diagnosis, receive a report from the doctor so they can make "appropriate" adjustments to the child's school experience (and maybe get more money from the state)...
  14. Story, Wednesday March 7, 2018

    In the school district my kids attended, the percentage of kids that the district got extra state money for, because of diagnosed behavioral disorders, was by some amazing coincidence almost precisely the maximum percentage that the state officially considered believable enough that the money would be forthcoming. And it was stable at that level for five years that I know of. Then the state raised the allowed percentage. By about half. It took less than three years for the percentage of kids in the district that had diagnosed behavioral disorders to rise to the new state limit. And it was then stable at that higher level for several years that I know of. I think it's pretty safe to say that the rate of actual behavioral disorders did not shoot up by 50% in three years. And that either the pre-increase or post-increase rate being such close matches to the state cap, let alone both of them, kind of stretches credulity.
  15. Story, Monday March 12, 2018

    Ashley has been notably observant in the past. As for the car missing - maybe the guard was dropped off by a friend or relative. Or lives close enough to walk to work.