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  1. story

    And the other griffins will like you better. Which has some potential to be good for your health.
  2. My observation on the Georgia race is that as long as the Democrats thought they would win, they tried to make it all about Trump; but as soon as it was apparent they had lost, very few of them would admit that there had been any such effort. (And those few were mostly those who had been criticizing the Democrat leadership for focusing so much on Trump instead of trying to fix the party's internal issues.)
  3. Or he arrived, in the same sense as a bullet arriving at a sheet of tissue paper, and she caused him to stay here rather than pass through to some unspecified (and possibly even less desirable, from his point of view) eventual endpoint.
  4. While in SOURCE view of the message you're creating: {img src="the url of the desired image" /} except use less/greater brackets instead of curly ones. Testing: Yep. To get the URL of the image, first go to another browser tab/window/whatever and do what it takes to get the image on the screen. Then right-click on it and select "Copy Image Location" (for firefox/descendants, or whatever seems equivalent in other browsers).
  5. "... and the bad news is, you have to write the environmental impact statement."
  6. Isn't that what the stool softener was for?
  7. I doubt if that's their policy, but if the app makes it possible I'd mention such bulky stuff as walkers, wheelchairs, multiple suitcases... (I've seen two basic designs of walker. One of them folds very flat - all wheels and long horizontal pieces end up parallel in a package about 3-4 inches thick. The other ends up about ten inches thick because the handles and two of the wheels remain at a right angle to the main body. It's a real pain to get into a car, whether it goes in the back seat or in the trunk. Guess which one is most common.)
  8. posterity

    Another problem is that their source for pages of a comic from prior to when THEY start archiving it, apparently is SOME OTHER archive site - NOT an archive-crawl of the comic's own site. All the archive sites I've looked at are rather hit-and-miss on actually having the graphics of comic pages.
  9. By some estimates, the most recent common ancestor of essentially-all Europeans may have been as recent as 1000 years ago. Adrian is estimated to be what, at least 600 years old? He's not allowed to be part of a military organization, but can't exactly explain why or by whose authority - so he probably would have had to move around a lot over that period to avoid being drafted. Him being ancestral to 10% of Europeans is plausible, assuming he's actually roughly as fertile as the average human male. (Also noteworthy: it's estimated that if you - being a randomly selected person - list the names of all four of your great-grandfathers, there's a better than 50% chance that you are mistaken about at least one of them. It's not as if sexual cheating is rare...)
  10. There are, sad to say, people cheering the shooter.
  11. Alternatively, the only thing exceptional about Moperville is the percentage of the people who have stumbled across something that woke their magical abilities. It could have happened anywhere. It actually did, in this particular city... which became "this particular city" precisely because it happened.
  12. If male elves are certain they are infertile, then the women they impregnate were "obviously" having affairs with other men. Female elves, that wouldn't work... but maybe elves are always male. Catch is, if you trace EVERYONE'S ancestry far enough back, you get to a point where any given ancestor of anyone is an ancestor of everyone. And if you're looking at a geographically cohesive subset, say "Europe", you get to an equivalent point rather sooner. If a single elf was born in Europe 10,000 years ago, and has ANY surviving descendants, probably every living European would be a descendant of that elf. Simple genealogical descent is not sufficient. There must be some specific genes involved.
  13. My WAG on elven reproduction is that first-generation elves are not interfertile with pure humans. However they are interfertile with humans who have some certain percentage - or more, up to 50% - of fairy blood, and then second-generation elves are interfertile with everyone. The catch is, elves are rare in general, and trying to keep their fairy ancestry secret, so they rarely meet - and thus, second-generation elves are even rarer than first-generation. So maybe they don't know about this very limited exception. (You'd think the female elves involved would notice, but then if they don't reveal that they're elven to even their own children...) Or, there's the example of mules. A cross between a donkey and a horse, the fact that mules are sterile is so well known that Asimov used the title "The Mule" for a character in one of his novels to indicate sterility... but there are very rare instances of mules being cross-fertile with one or the other of the parent species. "Very rare" being something like 20 documented instances in the past 2,600 years. Heck, that's rare enough that it could require a certain sort of mutation in the non-mule parent. I doubt we'll ever know, of course, because nobody will have means & opportunity to do DNA sequencing on any of the fairies.
  14. story

    I don't agree that we've seen Grace being really bad at keeping secrets... except when valid need-to-know says they shouldn't be kept. The main 8, as a semi-independent magical cabal, has valid need-to-know about other magic users in the area, particularly those who are likely to be significant allies (even if only of convenience), foes, or problems. Mr. Raven falls into that category (potential ally). Rhoda and Catalina being magic-users does also (potential problem, considering how poor THEY are at keeping secrets). And Noah (potential ally). They don't have valid need-to-know about just how close Raven once was to Mr. and Mrs. Verres. We've seen no clear evidence that Grace has blabbed on that. Nor on Rhoda and Catalina's relationship - see previous comment on those two. Nor on Sam being trans, unless and until his relationship with Sarah progresses a good bit farther - at which point, hopefully, Sam will tell her himself. (And then it won't be need-to-know for the rest of the group, just for Sarah.)
  15. I think this has been covered before, but just in case it hasn't - make sure you tell the doctors about EVERYTHING you're taking regularly or semi-regularly for medicinal reasons. Prescription or OTC. Vitamins and herbs included. Also ask the doctor and/or pharmacist about interactions with foods. Grapefruit juice isn't the only food with lots of drug interactions.