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  1. If people start suspecting that Nanase is the cheerleader-themed superhero, proving otherwise would be easy... ... unless people start suspecting that there are two of said superhero.
  2. That's any "first person shooter" where some or all of the enemies can shoot back. To be strictly true to the idea, though, you'd have to be unable to shoot at them.
  3. Well, there was, but it sorta just died after an almost-13-year run.
  4. Actually, I've known people like that...
  5. Sounds rather similar in principle to Uncanny Valley.
  6. story

    My guess is that spellbooks look like spellbooks to people who know they are spellbooks. The misleading and incredibly boring titles are only shown to other people, and selected ad-hoc to be boring to *those specific* other people.
  7. Yeah, the medicine in the jar doesn't really do much for you.
  8. The usual term is "vicious cycle", in my experience, but functionally either one works.
  9. I just had one of those times when you know exactly what a link leads to without clicking it...
  10. Why would a dishwasher lament a battery-operated boyfriend?
  11. In fact, once you decide to leave your current planet, space is pretty much the only thing that is NOT far away. Other planets - far away. Other stars - seriously far away. Other spiral arms - way far away. Other galaxies - yeep.
  12. I hope you don't mind if I ignore your advice and just skip the whole thing.
  13. Unfortunately, at this point it's extremely possible that you're coughing because your throat is irritated from coughing. And of course the coughing irritates your throat... If that's what is happening, any temporary reduction in your coughing is a good thing: it gives your throat at least a little time to heal. But a longer break would be better, of course.
  14. Here's one for you.
  15. WHAT! You have a birthday and don't tell anyone until afterward? What kind of person are you! You're supposed to tell us these things in a timely manner! But since you didn't... .... Happy berated birthday. ok I'll go hide now