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  1. Political Discussion Thread (READ FIRST POST)

    I don't care for the younger of the US's current two major political parties being the one dubbed "old".
  2. Comic for Friday, Mar 17, 2023

    The kittens thought the Husky was a wonderful kitty toy, thing to ride around on, and warm bed. The mother cat thought the Husky was a terrifying monster.
  3. What Are You Ingesting?

    And after a few tries, they are really pucked up.
  4. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    Did she have a bad experience flying? (I love flying... but not enough to deal with airports.)
  5. Comic for Monday, Mar 13, 2023

    I think that somewhere in the course of this page, probably just for the last 1-2 panels, we moved from being inside the video store to being inside Susan's head. And there, the shelves are bare.
  6. Comic for Monday, Mar 13, 2023

    Yep. In her own mind, "works at the video store" became part of Susan's identity. Now she's contemplating NOT working at the video store, the video store being closed and the shelves and counters bare. And even in that state, she's mentally still in the video store.
  7. Deep Thoughts

    Indiana used to also ignore DST. From what I read (and if I remember correctly), the state legislature commissioned a study of the economic impact, and found that taking up DST like the rest of the country would have an economic impact on the state's economy of NEGATIVE 3 billion dollars a year - so they decided to do it.
  8. Deep Thoughts

    Relative to where the time-zone lines would be if not adjusted for geographic and political barriers and various sillier reasons, most of the US was *already* an hour ahead of where we should be - and then most of the US (I think everywhere in the States except Arizona, plus the Navajo reservation in Arizona, minus the Hopi reservation inside the Navajo reservation in Arizona; dunno about territories and possessions) just shifted the clock another hour ahead. And people keep saying we should keep the clocks that way year-round. So which of the following do YOU think is a better idea: A ) Grade-school kids in rural areas standing by the side of the road in the dark before sunrise, waiting for the school bus - and then having plenty of light in the evening to get off the school bus and run into the house. B ) Grade-school kids in rural areas standing by the side of the road AFTER sunrise, when it's light so people can see them, waiting for the school bus - and then getting off the school bus in the dark and running into the house. Me, I like B better. So DST in winter is a bad idea. Whether summer DST is useful is questionable, but at worst (and as far as I'm aware) it's merely a silly and somewhat wasteful idea - not an actively bad one. And yes it's real. We tried A for a year while I was in high school - and after a second-grader in the district I was in was hit by a car and carried to the hospital, the school district shifted its schedule so school started at 9:45. The little girl didn't return to school that year and is crippled for life.
  9. Comic for Friday, Mar 10, 2023

    Actually, that's well understood. There is a single factor that gave VHS a huge lead early on, and even though Beta later caught up technically, it was already too far behind in the marketplace. That factor was: a single Beta tape could (when the format was first released) only hold an hour of movie, while a VHS tape could do two hours. Since essentially-all feature films are significantly more than one hour long...
  10. NP Comic for Tuesday, Mar 7, 2023

    And the person who's to be tied up being currently unconscious would be an even bigger advantage.
  11. Discussion of Military, real or fictional

    Well, they definitely got one thing right: it's stuck in the mud.
  12. Comic for Friday, Mar 3, 2023

    Also, just because she wouldn't do something doesn't mean she can't daydream about it...
  13. Sketchbook Comic for Friday, Mar 3, 2023

    She'd like to...
  14. Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

    I've heard that people over 8 feet tall have a hard time finding clothes that fit.
  15. NP Comic for Tuesday, Feb 28, 2023

    Rich has figured out Nanase's perfect plan. Nanase, unfortunately, hasn't.