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  1. Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

    Spinal realignment? Guillotine?
  2. Story Friday September 21, 2018

    Dangit, I have something from another comic I want to put here, but it's on a site that doesn't make a permalink available for the current page. So here's what the permalink will be: http://www.whiteponyproductions.com/neoctc/NEOCTC_553.htm And until that works: http://www.whiteponyproductions.com/neoctc/present.htm
  3. The gravity of the situation apparently got to his pants.
  4. Things That Are Just Annoying

    Repeated studies have shown that making people in a vehicle safer, results in the driver of that vehicle driving in a more hazardous manner. (On the average, of course - not necessarily true of every individual.) People tout the safety of driving big SUVs...
  5. Story Wednesday September 19, 2018

    There is also the fact that some people are naturally suited to be distance runners, and some are a much better fit for short-distance sprints. I read a story of three guys, college roommates and good friends. Two of them went out for a mile run every morning. A girlfriend asked why the third never went with them. Laughter. "You see that pole down at the end of the block? He'll get there faster than you would believe possible. Now you see the pole down at the end of the NEXT block? You'll get there before he will." "Also, he'll never get there."
  6. Things you have no idea how to feel about

    YMMV indeed. I thought that 4E was the best up until then (that is until rather late in its lifecycle when the "Heroes Of..." books demanded that the architecture be broken so non-compliant new races and classes could be jammed in - which ticked off many 4E fans and didn't interest many 4E haters), and was so disgusted at the direction 5E development seemed to be going that I stopped watching partway through and have never yet looked at the end result.
  7. Things you have no idea how to feel about

    (4E was not a complete success in every regard. I don' t know of anyone who preferred 4E's limited alignment "grid" over what was in 3E. I mean, the notion that Lawful can never be Evil is absurd on its face.)
  8. Things you have no idea how to feel about

    And then there's 4E, which broke what some people loved about earlier editions and instead did stuff that other people loved... ... I watched the development of 5E for a while, and when I concluded that they were carefully picking out everything that the folks who liked 4E better specifically preferred about that edition and making 5E as much UNlike it as possible - in the direction of earlier editions but even more so - I gave up on it.
  9. NP September 10, 2018

    No, but they are still cultures.
  10. NP September 10, 2018

    There are cultures where you treat members of your own tribe extremely well, but if you can get a guy from the neighboring tribe to come over for dinner without mentioning that, rather than a guest, he's to be the main course, you win brownie points within your own tribe. (Hey, you not only provided meat, but arranged for it to deliver itself!)
  11. Things you have no idea how to feel about

    I would amend that: make sure she's allowed to stay in that room if she chooses.
  12. Story Friday September 9, 2018

    It would explain even more things if Diane's father was caught having an affair with Rhoda's father. However, I'm guessing that this didn't happen.
  13. Story Wednesday September 5, 2018

    In a school that size, (a) I would guess it's only a senior high school, grades 9-12 or maybe just 10-12, so they wouldn't need to be very far apart in age to not be in Moperville South at the same time. And (b) with limited exceptions I wouldn't expect a lot of interaction between students more than a year apart. Siblings could be one of those exceptions, but not necessarily - I was in high school with one of my sisters for a year, a much smaller school than Moperville South, and I rarely saw her at all inside the building.
  14. This Day In History

    That is not something you want to spread out over a few minutes, let alone a few days. Because it really doesn't matter whether you drive on the left or the right - what matters is that either everyone drives on the left, or everyone drives on the right, no mixing it up.