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      Welcome!   03/05/2016

      Welcome, everyone, to the new 910CMX Community Forums. I'm still working on getting them running, so things may change.  If you're a 910 Comic creator and need your forum recreated, let me know and I'll get on it right away.  I'll do my best to make this new place as fun as the last one!

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Found 1 result

  1. Back before the Crash (yes, we're calling it the Crash, it's canon now, deal with it), we had threads for "What are you listening to?", "What are you watching?", "What are you reading / eating / drinking / breathing…" and just one like "What are you right now?" which I think was supposed to be the generic one. But we didn't have one for what we were doing at the moment. Any sort of activity. Some big work project, college assignment, fan projects of yours, packing for a trip, whatever. If you're doing an activity and feel like taking a minute to tell the Internet, well, here ya go. And no, "typing on this forum" or "your girlfriend" and the like don't count. Don't be one of those guys. Also "playing video games" probably goes in the video games thread. "Reading", "Watching X", "Reading X", "Eating", and the like should get their threads back up and running too. Anywho, out of boredom I dusted off my old Pokémon Phylogeny project, trying to sort Pokémon into a comprehensive phylogenetic tree while remaining accurate to the real-world one as best as possible. My latest hold up had been Talonflame (which I'm classifying as a peregrine falcon), because the lab boys looked over the tree for birds and thought "We can do better" and now I have to start all over again. Stupid birds. Well I guess it's a good thing to look over what I've already done and check for errors, but it's still frustrating.