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  1. It is taking all of my willpower to not die of diabetes right now. Dawwwwwwww!
  2. Ah, nooooo! Ten days after expiration... Why do I have to be lazy... Whatever. E3 reactions. ...I...didn't actually see the E3 presentations for anything other than Nintendo, but everyone's saying Microsoft and Sony lost badly to Nintendo. It went something like this: Microsoft: "Here's a better Xbox and some exclusives." Fans: *nods of being impressed* Sony: "Here's some good games that won't come out until next year." Fans: *nods of being impressed* Nintendo: "4" Fans: *standing ovation* So! What did those Japanese maniacs shell out this time? Xenoblade Chronicles 2 looks pretty neat. New Kirby game! Brings back the power-up combination mechanic from Kirby 64. Niiiiiiiiice! Also, four-player co-op is back. Pokken Tournament DX not enough? Well, they're making a core Pokemon game for the Switch! That's right; Pokemon gets a core game on a console! That enough for ya? One number: 4. Metroid Prime 4, to be specific. Hear that? That's the sound of Nintendo winning E3. With nothing but a logo. New Yoshi game! Arts and crafts this time. Cardboard and papercraft. Hidden secrets behind things in the background. Looks nice. Who's going to be in Fire Emblem Warriors? How about Marth from the original Fire Emblem, Chrom from FE: Awakening, and Corrin, Ryoma, and Xander from FE: Fates, on top of the new protagonists! Hyped yet? What does the Switch version of Skyrim have? Zelda gear. Master Sword, Hylian Shield, and Champion's Tunic confirmed. Fighting Alduin with the Master Sword? Awesome! We already knew much about the DLC packs. The new dungeon, Hard Mode, new armors, new pathfinding for the map, new enemy difficulty tier (dear Din, there are Gold Lynels now)... But here's something we didn't know: amiibo for the four Champions! Neat! They had some tournaments at E3 for Splatoon 2 and for ARMS. Great way to hype 'em up. Ever read that fanfiction where the Rabbids invade the Mario universe and team up with Mario and Mario gets a laser gun? Wait, that's not a fanfiction? It's a real thing? DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Wanna play Rocket League on the Switch but are worried there won't be enough players? Fear not! Cross-Platform Play! Use your Switch to play rocket-car-soccer against someone on their Xbox! If Nintendo didn't win E3 with Metroid Prime 4, they sure as heck won with Super Mario Odyssey and it's showstopping jazz number! Hats off to you, Nintendo, for being awesome. And that's not even getting into stuff they didn't show in the showcase, like the Metroid II remake, the Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga port, and a new game called Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido, plus the other new games they already revealed prior like Ever Oasis, Hey! Pikmin, and Miitopia.
  3. You wanna know how far video game music has come? Here's the main theme for the latest Mario game: Jump Up, Super Star! Knocks it out of the frikkin' park! Lyrics below. Yes, lyrics!
  4. Yes, YouTube. I understand that you make money by ad revenue. Yes, I understand that the new Planet of the Apes movie is coming up. Yes, I understand that 15-second videos there's no point to being able to skip them since they're so short. No, I don't want to watch the exact same unskippable commercial for LITERALLY EVERY VIDEO I WATCH!
  5. History of the Entire World, I Guess (warning: language, gross simplification of world politics and religion)
  6. When you flip a light switch, you expect the light to turn on. Tell that to my grandparents. They have the switch set in the "on" so the ceiling fan can run for air circulation. They have the light off because the room doesn't need light when nobody's in it, plus you can just go pull the chain if you want light. The problem is this is the shop (formerly an actual workshop room when Grandpa was more of a handyman, now it's more of a storage room for various tools, parts, and junk) is the room we're in the least, so why do we need air circulation either? And I hate tripping over stuff just to turn a light on. And we always need the fan on in a room we're almost never in but never have the fan on in a room we're always in (the living room)? Not sense make!
  7. Now leaving my brother's graduation! Woo!
  8. I'm not sure if he does. I think he's still relatively new to Warframe.
  9. Huh. I guess I'm not almost gone. I guess I thought there wasn't a lot of space for attachments to begin with. I thought the maximum space allotted for attachments was much higher than it is, which is why I stopped using it when I hit 0.26MB remaining since I thought that was a mere sliver. Turns out it's just over half my space. Thanks a bunch! This is a bit more worrisome...
  10. You know how shooters usually have multiple game modes? There's usually Deathmatch, which is "first to X kills wins", as well as Capture the Flag (bring the enemy flag to your goal), King of the Hill (stay alive as long as you can in a certain location; longest time wins), Payload (get something to a goal at the enemy's side), and more. Well, Splatoon has those too. "Turf Wars" is the only gametype in Regular Battles, where the objective is to cover turf. If your team has more turf covered than the enemy team at the end of a 3-minute time limit, you win. Ranked Battles, however, are a lot more focused. There's three gametypes in Ranked: Splat Zones, Rainmaker, and Tower Control. There are two ways to win a Ranked Battle: Complete the objective, or stay in the lead until the game's 5-minute timer runs out. Splat Zones functions like the King of the Hill game mode, only you have to cover the zone in ink rather than simply stand on it. Tower Control is a Payload type, where the Tower moves along a fixed path towards a goal near the enemy spawn point, but only when you're standing on it, meaning if the Tower's moving, it's basically a big bull's-eye. My first foray into Ranked was the Rainmaker gametype. Like Tower Control, it's kind of a Payload gametype. The titular Rainmaker is in the center of the map and has to be brought to a goal near the other team's spawn. But the catch is whoever picks up the Rainmaker has reduced run and swim speed; is visible to all players on the map, when swimming, and through walls, painting a very big target on their face; and replaces their entire weapon kit with the Rainmaker's weapon, making it hard to fight back, especially against snipers, high fire rates, and close-range anything. This lasts until the next time they die. So this mode is basically "Protect the President at all costs!" You have to go in knowing you could be the one to grab the Rainmaker and thus become a target that can't easily fight back. And I can safely say... While I was expecting Rainmaker to be a lot more "I'm Dead" and was hoping to use Splat Zones as my introduction to Ranked, the results...weren't that bad, actually. Things turned out pretty okay. That said, while I did okay, it is "Ranked" Battles for a reason. This was my first time in Ranked, so my rank was fairly low. The game puts you with players that have similar ranks. I dread going into Ranked at higher ranks. All the snipers. All of them. In other news, my brother's thinking of getting a Nintendo Switch so we can play Mario Kart. I wholeheartedly approve. I'm looking forward to Splatoon 2 and ARMS as well.
  11. I hit my "directly post the picture into the post" limit ages ago. I get around it with the 910cmx image gallery, which doesn't seem to have a limit.
  12. Okay, so his appendix is apparently enlarged, but not inflamed, and since his pain went down instead of up he was sent home. This kinda worries me. It's his appendix. We caught it earlier than we caught mine. Why leave it knowing it's bad and could get worse? Apparently, the reason he had to go to the children's hospital is because he had to get an ultrasound to check his innards, and the doctor didn't know how to give one to a 13-year-old and didn't want an incorrect reading. Never mind that he's five-foot-six and 170 pounds. He's too young. Ship him to the children's hospital. Also, why an ultrasound and not a CT scan?
  13. So even though my brother's in the hospital, he still wants someone to look after his Tamagotchi Warframe animal companion while he's gone. I was tempted to just let our middle brother handle that since, unlike me, mid-bro actually cares about plays Warframe.
  14. Just got a call. Still waiting to find out what the soreness is, if it's appendicitis or something else. Thanks. (he's 13, and apparently that still qualifies him for children's hospitals instead of regular ones) [EDIT] Just got another call. He does not have appendicitis. Thank God. He gets to keep his internal organs. For now.
  15. So now it's my brother's turn to go to the hospital to check a soreness in his side. Youngest brother. Last I heard he was being moved by ambulance to the nearest children's hospital. That was yesterday evening.