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  1. Things That Make You Happy

    What's better than getting a new house is finally moving all your things into the new house. As of two days ago, the last storage unit has officially been emptied. Now comes the matter of finding out where to put this stuff...
  2. Things that make you worried.

    Only if the horse is sober.
  3. What Are You Watching?

    I'm at the theaters. Gonna watch Captain Marvel. Oop, phones off gotta go bye!
  4. Video Game Discussion 4

    New Nintendo Direct. This one is all about the Nintendo Switch. Let's break it down: Super Mario Maker 2, now featuring slopes! June 2019 Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order. Now including Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel. Summer 2019 BoxBoy! + BoxGirl! Now featuring 270 levels and 2-player mode. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is getting the Ver. 3.0 Update soon. Features unknown, but remember that Joker from Persona 5 was confirmed for the DLC, and he'll be ready in April. We got a glimpse of his 3D model too. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker gets two updates: The free update is a 2-player update, available today. The paid DLC includes new challenges and courses Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Fighting demons through a gothic castle, using all sorts of reality-bending powers such as gravity-inverting, laser travel, and voice acting. Summer 2019. Dragon Quest Builders 2. Building and defending a village. Eh. Looks alright. July 12, 2019. Speaking of Dragon Quest, we got another game, Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age: Definitive Edition. A neat-looking feature is it lets you switch between 8-bit and 3D graphics, chiptune and orchestral music, and English and Japanese audio at any time. Fall release. Disney TSUM TSUM Festival. Sure. Why not. Starlink: Battle for Atlas gets a new update this April. Every member of Team Star Fox, not just Fox, has their own missions, especially since Fox's rival, Wolf, has a team of his own. Rune Factory 4 Special is now on the Switch, if you're interested. 2019 release. Rune Factory 5 is in development! ONINAKI, by Square Enix. Rescue lost souls before they become monsters in an action RPG game. Summer 2019. Yoshi's Crafted World is almost here. Lots of new features and lots of old ones that might be familiar if you've played Yoshi's Woolly World. Demo available today so you can give the first course a try. Fire Emblem: Three Houses. We got some exposition about the three kingdoms, saw snippets of both anime- and 3d-animated cutscenes, learned that the Three Houses are school houses akin to Gryphondor and Slytherin and apparently you're a professor at said school when you're not fighting, and saw some gameplay of battles, which apparently happen during class trips. Of course, you're still the Tactician, and your troops are the students themselves, giving you some extra incentive to keep everyone else alive beyond "Dying is bad, m'kay?" And I'm sure the protagonist has a personal stake in this, but I didn't see that all that much in the video. July 26, 2019. Tetris? Tetris! Tetris 99, to be specific. There's an online aspect, where other players can attack back, filling your grid with garbage. Attack back by filling lines and such. Oh, and the whole thing's free. Get it now! No, seriously, it's available now. Dead by Daylight, a survival horror game, is now on the Switch. Nintendo's not pulling punches; they've openly accepted the fans of blood, gore, and violence and are letting everyone know. Fall 2019. Undertale's sequel, Deltarune, is also getting a Switch port. The trailer is full of hilarity at avoiding spoilers by covering things with the Annoying Dog from the first game. Chapter 1 (the only chapter that currently exists in any version, it seems) will be available February 28 on the eShop. For free! (More chapters currently in development (...will not be free)). Daemon X Machina, an upcoming mech game, has a demo of the first mission available today. Give it a shot. The full game should be out this Summer. GRID Autosport is now on the Switch. It provides realistic racing, difficulty that scales to your skills, varied courses, and online and local multiplayer. Summer 2019. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, now on the Switch. Go through Viking Hell (yes, that's what they called it) in a journey of self-discovery and such. Spring 2019. And now for the end-of-direct rapidfire list of new Switch releases: Mortal Kombat 11, available April 23 Unravel two, available March 22 Assassin's Creed III Remastered, available May 21. Includes all the DLC Final Fantasy VII, available March 26 Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy!, available March 20 Final Fantasy IX, available today Astral Chain, by Platinum Games. Some cool sci-fi game where you play as a pair of cops with awesome toys, from laser bows to motorcycles to robot dogs. There's voice acting, suggesting some deeper lore about the main characters. It looks pretty cool. Available August 30, 2019 In case you're wondering about Bayonetta 3, they're still working on it. ...that's it. A choppy ocean in a storm? A tiny ship, barely held together? An animated Link? It's The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening! 3D graphics and new orchestration. A fine remaster. I wonder if they're gonna add in little fun details to muddle up the series timeline even more. 2019 release. So, nothing really huge this time, unless you're a super fan of <insert series here>, in which case, <insert game in said series here> was probably the major highlight. Honestly, I was expecting a Smash Bros. character trailer for Joker. Ah well. Astral Chain looks kinda neat, though.
  5. Things that make you sad.

    Prince the Cat Born: 11/27/2016 Died: 2/6/2019 Hunter the Cat Born: 2009 or 2010 Died: 2/8/2019 You will be missed, guys. So, so much.
  6. What Are You Watching?

    It's clear in my area. Watching the lit part go away as we speak. Edit: Not clear. NOT CLEAR! Partly cloudy at the worst moment! Thin, patchy, but troublesome. Still neat, though. Edit 2: False alarm. Show's still on.
  7. Things That Make You Happy

    It's been a trying two months, full of stress and uncertainty. But, I can finally say it's paid off. We finally, finally, got the house. Tomorrow begins the process of unloading the storage unit, but as we own the house, we can handle it at a more...reasonable pace.
  8. The Association Game

    Picard facepalm
  9. Video Game Discussion 4

    So, today Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is officially released. Now I won't feel bad looking at all the spoilers people kept putting up. Yesterday was the Game Awards 2018 thing. I didn't watch it, but I heard something interesting happened. Turns out something interesting happened at the end... Yep! Joker from Persona 5 is confirmed as the first of the five DLC packs for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! No gameplay footage yet, but it's pretty neat. 1 down, 4 to go... Now. BRING ON THE SPOILERS!
  10. Things you have no idea how to feel about

    This past week has been an emotional rollercoaster. It involves scrambling to pack as much as possible in a very short time frame. Yesterday this post would've been full of anger and worry and annoyance, but now I'm just...spent. I'm exhausted, physically and mentally, and it's like I used up all my energy raging yesterday that I don't have any today. Everything went wrong in such a short amount of time that I just... I don't know what to do. It's overwhelming, and I'm spent. I'm worried, but I'm spent.
  11. Things that make you worried.

    When you accidentally necropost because the thread has lots of pages so you assume it's still active without checking the date of the last post. Oh, also moving.
  12. The Association Game

    Moving trucks [e]...wait...CRUD! Where's the delete button!? I saw 48 pages and thought the thread was still active! Abort! Abort!
  13. Story, Monday Nov 26, 2018

    And while Grace is having her moral dilemma, Justin is writing a new entry for Not Always Right.
  14. Things That Are Just Annoying

    When the gyro on your phone is too sensitive. Have it in portrait and tilt it two degrees, and it goes to landscape. When the gyro on your phone is not sensitive enough. Have it in landscape and tilt it fully vertical, it stays that way until you shake it or something. Both of these really make watching YouTube videos or reading comments on YouTube videos difficult sometimes. Also, when the headphone jack on your phone won't keep the headphones in unless you actively hold them there. And the slightest twitch pops it loose, either lowering the volume or pausing the video entirely.
  15. Video Game Discussion 4

    November 1, 2018 Nintendo Direct. The final Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct before launch. Character reveal! It's a two-fer. The scene is set in a boxing ring, with Little Mac up against our first newcomer: Ken Turns Up the Heat! Ken Masters from Street Fighter joins as Ryu's Echo Fighter, because come on, was he really not gonna be an Echo? Like Ryu, Ken has two Final Smashes depending on whether or not an opponent is right in front of him, and the original Street Fighter Ken defeats Mac, only for someone new to enter and challenge him: Incineroar Enters the Ring! Incineroar from Pokemon Sun and Moon joins as an original fighter. He's a pro wrestler, hands down. I was really hoping for Decidueye as the next Pokemon rep, but this works. Just to recap, the starting roster will have the original eight starter characters from the original Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 64. With the above two reveals, the final roster of the game will have seventy-six (76) fighters, counting the Pokemon Trainer's roster and the Mii Fighters separate. I feel like I should note that the game seems to automatically group the Pokemon Trainer as one fighter but automatically separate the Mii Fighters into their three movesets, for seventy-four (74) slots on the roster. This also counts the Echo Fighters separate; like the August 8 Direct revealed, you can group Echoes with the fighters they're based on, shrinking the roster to only sixty-seven (67) truly-unique fighters (again, splitting the Miis but grouping the Pokemon Trainer). amiibo Smash Bros. amiibo for the Inkling Girl, Ridley, and Wolf come out on December 7, 2018, the same day Smash Ultimate launches. King K. Rool and the Ice Climbers get their amiibo on February 15, 2019. Ken, Isabelle, Pichu, Young Link, and Daisy will get their amiibo later in 2019. No word on the Incineroar amiibo yet. No more trophies? Collectible trophies will not be returning. Instead, we're getting something new that keeps the collectible aspect of the trophies but adds something new: Spirits Remember in the August 8 Direct, where the menu had a blurred-out section? That was Spirits mode. Exact quote from Sakurai('s translator): "In the Super Smash Bros. series, the characters are toys in the real world, but they are fighters in the world of the imagination. Returning to the real world is an ongoing theme. In the imagination, you can battle impossible combinations of characters. "In this mysterious world, the unspeakable happens. Many beloved characters lose their physical forms. All of them, except the fighters, are turned into spirits, unable to return to the real world." Spirit characters aid fighters in battle. Much like equipment from Smash 4, spirits provide different boosts to combat stats. Much like trophies, there are a lot of them. Spirits have four strength tiers: Novice, Advanced, Ace, and Legend. Primary Spirits' power is added to a fighter. Fighters can only have one Primary Spirit at a time. Primary Spirits boost a fighter's stats. Support Spirits provide other boosts, such as autoheal, unflinching smash attack charge, or items equipped at the start of battle. This is similar to trophy effects in the Smash Tour game mode from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Primary Spirits can have up to three Support Spirits, though some top out at less. To unlock a Spirit, you must win a Spirit Battle. Choose the Spirit you want to battle (you can pick from a randomly selected list of six). You will then fight a fighter who is similar to the spirit character (for example, to get the spirit of Polterpup from Luigi's Mansion, you'll fight the Duck Hunt fighter, and to get the spirit of Smeargle from Pokemon, you'll fight the Inkling Boy fighter). Spirit Battles try to imitate the spirit in question as much as possible. To get the Gordo (Kirby series) spirit, you'll have to fight a bunch of invisible King Dedede (also Kirby series) who keep using their Gordo Throw attack at you. To get the Spirit for The Imprisoned (The Legend of Zelda), you'll fight a giant King K. Rool who has the assist trophy Ghirahim aiding him. Once you defeat the fighter, referred to as a Puppet Fighter in this case, you will have to destroy it in order to release and acquire the spirit. Destroying it in this case means there's a little minigame where your fighter holds some kind of gun while the Puppet Fighter is surrounded by a barrier that's not complete but is spinning. Shoot through the gap to get the spirit, but if you hit the barrier, you'll break part of the barrier. You only get one shot, but the game will remember that, so if you fight that spirit again later, the barrier will remember that it's broken, giving you more gaps to shoot through. Primary Spirits have a type advantage type: Attack beats Grab, Grab beats Shield, and Shield beats Attack. Hey, that's similar to how the actual fighters work normally: Shields block attacks but not grabs. Some Spirit Battles have added stage hazards like poisonous floors, but some Spirits give immunities to that, so equipping them is useful. You can choose your spirits before going into a spirit battle. You'll get a little hint about the battle conditions, such as "The enemy is invisible" or "The enemy is easily distracted by items". Spirits can gain experience and levels, much like amiibo fighters. Primary Spirits gain experience during battles when equipped. You can also feed them snacks which give them experience. There's also specific training modes for spirits, which can run in the background when you're playing other modes or even when the game is off. Snacks can be acquired when you win a Spirit Battle. The more even the match (that is, if the difference between the power of the Spirit you're fighting, and the total power of you and the Spirit you have equipped, is low), the more snacks you'll get. The less even the match, the more likely you'll just get the Spirit. So, going overpowered isn't recommended it seems. Additional training areas can be unlocked by beating Spirits labeled "Masters", such as Cap'n Cuttlefish (Splatoon) or Gravity Man (Mega Man). Some spirits gain more powerful forms when their experience is maxed out, such as Primal Groudon for Groudon. You can also send Spirits back to the real world. This means they're gone, but they leave behind their "core", and you can combine cores to summon more spirits. Spirits can also power up amiibo Figure Players. This costs you the Spirit, though. Spirit Battles always have the Final Smash Meter enabled. By the way, the Final Smash that demonstrates this is Yoshi's Final Smash, which we haven't seen before. Yoshi hits the fighter into a canyon, where a veritable stampede of Yoshis tramples them. It's like the opening to Melee! The whole setup seems to be a way to simulate as many battles as possible that can't be done with fighters, assist trophies / Poke' Ball Pokemon, and stage bosses. There's also an "Autopick" option. If you're not sure on who to use for a Spirit Battle, let the computer pick something for you. There's also multiplayer battles with Spirits. Fight other players who are using Spirits in one-on-one, or two-on-two battles. (also, back to that blurred-out thing, the dashboard on the right side of the menu had a blurred out icon as well. That was the Collections option, which presumably lets you see what Spirits you've acquired) Online Matchmaking is now based on three factors: Preferred Rules. You can pick a rule set before the match. The matchmaking system will try to group you with fighters with similar preferred rules. Global Smash Power. To recap from Smash Wii U / 3DS, Global Smash Power is like a leaderboard, but instead of saying you're 1st or 5th or 9001st, the number simply means you have a higher score than that number of people. If your Global Smash Power is 100,000, then you have a higher score than 99,999 people. Of course, your GSP fluctuates depending on how many players exist and how well you do. Each one of your fighters has their own GSP. Physical distance between players. This is done from a signal standpoint; if you're in London, it's easier to connect to someone in Paris than to someone in Buenos Aires. Sakurai straight-up recommends a wired connection for online play. There's a USB LAN adapter for that, sold separately. Elite Matches If your GSP is high enough, you can enter elite battles. If you have this option, you're definitely among the top-tier players. Smash Tags You need one to play online. It's basically like an icon on any forum. Pick an icon, a color for the tag, taunt messages, and whether or not you receive notifications. When you defeat another player, you'll get their Smash Tag (you keep yours). Build up a collection. You can have some short messages to send off before and after a battle. They're short things like "Keep your eyes open!", "I'll win this time!", "Talk is cheap!" or "I hope you like to be countered." They're all preset, so you can't make your own. A number of them seem to be quotes from different Smash characters. They pop up before the match begins near the health meter, and after it ends on the results screen. While waiting for the battle to start, you can fight in other modes, like training or stock battles. Spectator mode is back, so you can watch other players' battles. Co-op online play is back. Form a team of two. Battle Arena This is just a battle room you can set up. There are spots where you can join the battle, wait for the next battle, or spectate the match. Connects with the Nintendo Switch Online App You can use Voice Chat with players in arenas. Smash World This is a free Smash-centric app where you can upload gameplay videos. Smash World service begins 2019. Assist Trophies: Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog series). Looks like Knuckles' inclusion as an Assist and Shadow's suspicious absence as such was just a red herring. Takamaru (The Mysterious Murasame Castle), Starman (Mother/EarthBound series), Nightmare (Kirby's Adventure), and Color TV-Game 15 (a.k.a. Pong) (Color TV series) all return. Yuri Kozukata (Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water). A camera reticle will go around the stage. When it snaps on a fighter, they'll be stunned for a few seconds. Isaac (Golden Sun) returns from Brawl, but his Move ability (which forms a giant hand that pushes you) now does more, like smack you with a giant fist or catch you in two hands to carry you upwards (how far up isn't shown, but I assume he throws you to the blast line). Black Knight (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance). Another Fire Emblem sword wielder. What a shocker. Thwomp (Super Mario series). He just does what he does: hover in the air until someone gets close, then smacks down on top of them. Move quick, or you'll get thwomped. Spring Man (ARMS). Sorry, everyone who wanted him as a fighter. True to form, he uses his extendable arms to deliver long-ranged punches. He also uses his special attack before leaving. Wily Capsule (Mega Man). Dr. Wily in one of his Wily Capsules shows up to fight. Amusingly, he's one of the fighters that can be attacked and KO'd, and when he's beaten, he'll do that whole bowing down "I'm sorry I'm sorry" pose thing, just like in the original games. Nintendo is really good at sticking true to characters' origins, aren't they? Flies and Hand (Mario Paint). Yes, the flyswatting minigame from Mario Paint! Ridiculous? Yes. Awesome anyway? Yes. Tiki (Fire Emblem: Awakening). Hey, it's a Fire Emblem character that doesn't use a sword! Tiki can shapeshift between human form and dragon form, and she unleashes a massive burst of fire breath on the stage. Dang. Vince (Art Academy series). He paints things, which appear on the stage and hit fighters. Guile (Street Fighter). He lies in wait to block attacks and kick fighters that get too close. Fittingly, his reveal comes with his theme music. Guile's Theme really does go with everything! Akira (Virtua Fighter). Not much to report; he's a fighting game character with a very low polygon count. The total number of Assist Trophies is 59, which is greater than the number of Poke' Ball Pokemon for once. Assist Trophies that can be KO'd can be KO'd by the fighter who summoned them. Remember, KO'ing Assist Trophies gets you points, but if you KO your own Assist Trophy, nobody gets points for that. Something to keep in mind. Century Smash is the new word for 100-man Smash All-Star Smash is available right away, even if you haven't unlocked everyone (or anyone). Fighters you unlock will be added to All-Star Mode as you unlock them. If you save a replay of a match, Replay Mode lets you not only watch those matches, but also make videos out of them. All those tips you saw in the loading screens in Smash 4? Now you can see them at any time. They're all conveniently sorted, too, by category or fighter. Challenges are back. Instead of one big board of challenges, there are several pages, sorted by category. Records mode tracks your battle history, as usual. Online and Offline battle rankings are separate this time. Shop Remember Smash Tags? You can trade those in for in-game currency, or Gold. Gold can also be won as a reward for beating a Spirit. Presumably there are other methods. The Shop can get you Mii outfits, Spirits, snacks for your Spirits, support items, and music tracks. In the Options menu... Language Support! The game supports eleven languages. Character voices, from Pokemon to the Announcer, change based on language. Brightness settings for TV mode and Handheld mode are separate. One thing I haven't mentioned in previous things is that in matches, there's a radar in the corner of the screen that shows where fighters are if anyone is off the screen. In the options menu, you choose the size of the radar (large or small), or toggle it off. In wireless or online play, you can set the option to have your allies be semi-transparent so you aren't distracted as easily. Custom Balance. If you're fighting a friend on the same system, you can adjust the strength of your fighters. You can boost your fighters' power up or down by three, giving you a power boost or a big nerf. This is largely done for balancing reasons, such as if you're a noob going against a pro or something. This isn't available in online play, of course. Mii Fighters have twelve voice options which can be pitched up or down Mii Fighter Costumes Yiga Clan outfit (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild) Splatoon 2 Inkling (Splatoon 2) Ribbon Girl (ARMS). Chibi Robo (Chibi Robo) Ray MkIII (Custom Robo) Toy-Con set (Nintendo Labo) Rex (Xenoblade Chronicles 2), a purchase bonus for the Fighters Pass (see below) DLC Confirmed! There will be five paid DLC sets coming up. Each set comes with one fighter, one stage, and music tracks. Each set costs $5.99 USD. The Fighters Pass, $24.99, lets you get all of them for slightly less. The contents will not be revealed until it's out. So, just have faith. All DLC content will be released through the end of February 2020. Sakurai: "... ... ...I wonder if I'll ever get to take a break!" A Mii Fighter outfit will be available as a purchase bonus for hte Fighters Pass: Rex (Xenoblade Chronicles 2). The fighter roster was picked before Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was announced, so Rex's inclusion as an actual fighter couldn't happen. That didn't stop Greninja for Smash 4, though, so... There's also some more Xenoblade Chronicles content in the form of music and Spirits. Limited-Time Offer. A FREE DLC offer. If you buy Smash Ultimate now, you'll get something very unexpected: Pirahna Plant Pipes Up! That's right; a near-literal garden-variety mook is going to be a fighter in Smash Ultimate! NOBODY SAW THIS COMING! Piranha Plant combines attributes of many different Piranha Plant-style enemies. He won't be ready until a couple months after launch. Remember: LIMITED TIME OFFER FOR PRE-ORDERS. He'll have an amiibo. Pre-purchase Now! Smash fans in North America. Check out the Nintendo website for information on when and where these pre-launch events happen. Adventure Mode: "What exactly caused all these characters to lose their bodies and transform into Spirits?" Let's just isolate the clip, and I'll leave my thoughts after. Is that the same cliff from that one scene in Brawl's story mode? I'm immediately reminded that the actual Biblical Angels were a lot more abstract than the stereotypical "human with white wings and halo". So, the inside of Master Hand isn't the Master Core like in the last game. Shulk has a vision, and there's nothing he can do about it. Jeez, what is this, Infinity War? Of course Kirby would be the only survivor. Sakurai loves this guy. LYRICS! The main theme now has lyrics. And not just the "dead language so we don't have to translate it a kjghpillion times" lyrics, but full English and Japanese lyrics! And possibly other language lyrics? The song is titled "Lifelight". "Puppet Fighter" was the exact words. Now we know why. Is that Galleom from Brawl's Subspace Emissary? Sweet! Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: "World of Light" So, no Paper Mario, no Decidueye, and no Wonder-Red, but we got Guile's Theme for music, story mode looks sweet, and the Spirits idea is kinda interesting. Not the best Smash Ultimate Direct of the three, but still good. Yeah. Still good. "Stow your fear. It's now or never!"