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  1. EGS Strip Slaying

  2. Story, Friday December 8, 2017

    So, when you bottom line it, Susan's hair functions like Tedd's gauntlet? Storing magic and then giving it to her in one burst to give her a power boost?
  3. Things That Make You Happy

    I know I revives the weather thread for this, but Snow! In Houston! This almost never happens! It's been forever since I heard the crunch of snow under my feet. I missed this.
  4. The Weather.

    Just a heads up: it is currently cold enough to have snow in Houston. I know! This almost never happens! It'll be gone tomorrow, so I'm going outside while it's still here.
  5. What Are You Listening To?

    A couple songs I want to download, both from the RWBY Volume 4 soundtrack. The Volume 4 opening theme, "Let's Just Live", about moving on after losing someone. Here's a lyrics video. "Move Onward, Not There Yet". We'll miss you, Monty. Then there's Weiss's solo song, "This Life is Mine". It starts as more of a ballad and gets progressively more intense, going to opera, adding guitars, then becoming full rock at the end.
  6. Things That Make You Happy

    Less 'happy', more 'immensely relieved'. A while ago, my laptop charger cord stopped working. You had to have it at exactly the right position for it to do anything, else it wouldn't work. So I put my files on a flash drive to use the family's main computer. Then the flash drive died a few days ago, leaving me with the worrying possibility of losing everything. The only hope was that I copied the files from my laptop instead of cut and pasted them. Well, I just got a new laptop charger yesterday, and my stuff's still there. YAY! ...well, I mean I lost things I've done on the flash drive since the move, but at least I still have most of it. Oh, and there's pizza in the fridge. Bonus!
  7. Computer General Discussion and Tech Help

    Yes and yes. That flash drive doesn't exist as far as entire other computers are concerned, and other flash drives work fine. Still nothing.
  8. Computer General Discussion and Tech Help

    So, anyone know what to do when your flash drive refuses to accept power? Because from what the Geek Squad experts can tell, mine isn't getting power when I plug it into a computer, and thus the computer doesn't recognize that I've plugged anything in at all. Is this gonna be a cheap fix, a pricey fix, or am I gonna have to give up on it?
  9. Things that make you worried.

    The possibility of losing all my files. I keep my files on a flash drive. Since my laptop charger stopped working, the only place to actually access the files is on the family's shared computer, and even though I have a separate profile there, I haven't copied my files to the computer (for security or memory purposes I couldn't say; they download a lot of games on the main profile but I'm kinda paranoid about people poking through my files, so...both?). The other day I was using my flash drive. Just typing some story stuff, ya know? Then the computer bluescreens and reboots. I open my profile again, it checks the drive as part of standart boot-up procedures, and it's like "Device may be damaged. Scan and fix? Y/N" or something like that. Standard stuff; I'd seen that prompt for a different flash drive on my laptop, so I know it's okay. I said "sure". I don't want my stuff damaged. It does the scan and says "no problems detected". I go back to what I was doing. Then when I'm done, I close everything, click "eject drive" so it's safe to remove it, wait for it to say it's safe to remove it, and then remove it. Don't wanna corrupt files by being hasty. Cut to today, I plug the flash drive in to get to my résumé and references for a job application. Doesn't recognize that the flash drive is plugged in. The flash drive has an orange light that lights up if it's in use. Didn't turn on. I try my profile, I try the main profile, I even try my brother's computer. Nope. So now I have three options, in increasing order of unacceptable-ness: either ask Google for help, take it to Best Buy or Fry's and hope they can figure it out, or lose everything. I'm <understatement>just a little bit upset</understatement> at the idea. [Edit] Okay, I tried a couple of Google solutions. Checking diskmgmt.msc and devmgmt.msc doesn't turn up anything. Using the command prompt to look for drives doesn't turn up anything. Downloading and using the EaseUS data recovery program didn't turn up anything. As far as the computer is concerned, I didn't plug anything in at all. Other flash drives work fine. I suppose the next step is asking Best Buy for a more informed (and expensive) answer. My résumé, my stories and notes, my Minecraft saves, my backlog of EGS strip slays, other things of varying importance... Not even 8 gigs worth of stuff, but it's my stuff.
  10. EGS Strip Slaying

    Prophetic much?
  11. What Are You Listening To?

    Did you know that The Rock could sing? No? Well then, you're welcome. (enable captions for lyrics)
  12. What Are You Listening To?

    Downloading some famous movie themes by John Williams and some famous movie themes not by John Williams. Then I noticed this was in my recommendations again, so I decided to listen to it again. It's two tracks from the end of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, titled "Your Father Would Be Proud" and "Hope", cut together. I can't not tear up listening to this. [Edit: Mashup video appears to have been taken down. I linked to the individual parts instead] Also, looking around, I found this. You ever hear that one song on TV but can't remember the name? Here's part 1. Hope it helps.
  13. What Are You Ingesting?

    I don't remember ever having grape soda. Either I've never had it, or I just plain don't remember when I did. Tastes alright.
  14. The Weather.

    Everything's fine. The house survived a lot better than it did in last year's storm (only because the flooding got bad enough to leak into the one room that was lower than the rest; it didn't flood nearly that badly this time, and we sandbagged spot anyway). We once again confirmed the leaky spots in the attic, but that's a problem for the slumlo- er, landlord, and the realtors. Heh. I should probably update that tag, shouldn't I? It's just plain inaccurate. Rations taste horrible; why didn't I ask for emergency donuts?