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Comic 4/9/16 - From the People Who Brought You "Evil Rants for Pinheads"

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There's some things that we just accept as being realistic within the laws of fictitious universes. For example, we accept that any character within the Looney Tunes universe can naturally be squashed and stretched, whereas doing the same requires superpowers in the Marvel universe. Sometimes we're aware that something is realistic only within the confines of fiction... other times, not so much (Just look at all the people who think that Twilight and most romantic comedies give a fully accurate portrayal as to how real relationships work).

With today's comic, I want to bring attention to a cartoon trope that people tend to overlook: the brainiac who knows EVERYTHING about science.

You know how in cartoons and comics, you'll come across brainy types whose scientific knowledge can solve pretty much any problem? Whether you need a computer hacked, a robot disassembled, a cure for were-lizard venom, a rocketship flown, or an anti-gravity device built... they can do it.

What truly makes this unrealistic isn't simply the science-fiction stuff they can do, but also the fact that they possess skills in every area of science... even those that aren't really closely related. Most scientists stick to one or a few "-ologies", be it biology, technology, geology, archaeology, zoology, etc. Yet somehow, the typical cartoon scientist is a jack of all trades, AND a master of all.

Belt Boy... not so much.

Belt Boy's knowledge lies mostly in designing, programming, and building technology; he built his utility belt, his lab, and B.O.N.N.I.E. with only some gruntwork assistance from Cannon to help him. Biology, on the other hand, is not as familiar a subject to him. He does know a bit more than most people, having studied it a bit to program Cannon's prosthetic hand. But his biological knowledge still isn't enough to make programming a DNA analyzer a quick fix, which is why he's still having trouble.

By the way, the title of today's strip and the cover of his book are gag references to strip #408, which was entitled "He Should Read 'Evil Rants for Pinheads'."

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