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  1. TheHeroesOfCRASH.com The site's being updated again! Strips and fillers I previously posted to social media are now retroactively on the website! After nearly two months of no computer and another two of having a computer, but no changes to the website... after hemming and hawing and lots of drawing... I finally got the programs I need to update my website! I needed a replacement for Dreamweaver and wound up getting ExpressionWeb 4. It took some getting used to, but it was pretty intuitive. Tonight, I downloaded Filezilla and had to figure out my old settings and passwords and junk to get it to connect to my site (Which I'm glad I figured out without needing to bother my techno-savvy friend Chris!). I found myself going back and making some tweaks to several links and file names to get all the new pages to work properly. So yeah... it was a lot of work. At the moment, I have put every filler and story strip from July 22nd up through this filler onto the website, and updated the Plotline Archive page accordingly. I plan on making updates to the Fan Art page next. BB and TM look great in their construction gear. Cannon figured it would be redundant to wear a helmet when he's already got one, but seems he forgot that construction gear also makes you more visible to other workers! I definitely like this filler; I may use it again the next time my site needs some sprucing up...!
  2. TheHeroesOfCRASH.com An unfinished sketch of Titanium Maiden in a construction worker outfit? What could this mean...? Feel free to share your theories; I won't be confirming or denying anything. At least, for now...! ;-)
  3. Comic 9/28/19 - Mags' 'Zine

    TheHeroesOfCRASH.com Given that her mom's a model, is it any wonder Enticia's into fashion? My initial concept behind these friends involved Mags designing the outfits and Enticia (or Rose, since this was before she became a superhero) just being a model like her mom, but I changed my mind. I think I like having all three girls being creative types working together. I also was going to make the Apple-parodying laptop have a pear as a logo, but Nickelodeon called dibs on that already, so we have a Melon computer. Works better in the flashback color scheme anyway.
  4. 7/21/19 - Tray Embarrassée

    TheHeroesOfCRASH.com For someone so shy, Mags doesn't do anything halfway. I suspect that I'm channeling some aspects of myself in high school for Mags here - specifically my social awkwardness and my being easily embarrassed. Now that I'm an adult, I'm still socially awkward and easily embarrassed, but I'm better at hiding it. I wasn't going to draw the people in the background of the first two panels initially, but it makes more sense for a cafeteria to be crowded. It also make sense for everyone to laugh (or clap) mercilessly whenever someone drops or spills something. While I want to get better with anatomy and backgrounds, I like how these silhouettes add to the scene without taking too much attention away from the characters I want the reader to focus on.
  5. Filler 9/14/19 - Dr. Dexter

    http://TheHeroesOfCRASH.com Feeling sick, new comic next week. Feeling better than yesterday, but still feel like butt. :-P Also, the Dr. Mario app game is not as good as regular Dr. Mario.
  6. Comic 9/7/19 - Camera-Focused Lana

    TheHeroesOfCRASH.com A little insight into Enticia's friend, Lana (Whose name rhymes with "manna", not "Ghana"). I had planned to delve further into Enticia's backstory through a meeting with Shadowy Sentinel for years, but adding her pre-heroing friends was a recent idea that I thought of only a few months ago. I came up with the idea for Mags first, then Lana. I think I took a bit of inspiration from Steven Universe's Garnet/Sapphire for her facial design, but made her tall and slender to differentiate her from not only either of those characters, but from most of my comic's cast. Lana's the skinniest girl character in my cast, and probably the third skinniest overall (After Cannon and the waiter from "The Dating Scheme" known as "Monsieur Snooté"). Lana's name came from the idea of her being a string bean, then my brain doing gymnastics from "string bean" to "lima bean" to the name "Lana Bean". An unusual thought process, but it seems to be a good name for her. Lana's camera in panel 2 is supposed to be like one of those disposable Kodak cameras. I honestly wonder if that'll be obvious ten years from this comic's debut, when so many people just use the camera on their phones for casual photos. The photos of Enticia in the bottom panel flesh out her history a bit. The first photo shows just how much her little sister Daisy looks like her. The heart pattern on her shirt and sneakers also mirrors the broken heart halves on her modern-day pants, and she wears black in the first three photos like she does today. The second photo shows her taking ballet, inspired by her "pivot kick" from the story "Ally Need is Love". The third photo shows her having taken martial arts, which has been alluded to a few times. That last photo showcases Lana's evolving into more artistic photography, as well as Enticia's inheriting her mother's passion for fashion.
  7. Comic 8/31/19 - Lana and Mags

    TheHeroesOfCRASH.com Whoa! When's the last time we introduced new characters, anyway?! Plus, Enticia's retro look returns! I'm back from vacation, and I have a new strip up! I'm still looking to find a program with which to upload new comics and webpages to my main site, but I'll be uploading to social media on a weekly basis until then, so you'll still have plenty of The Heroes of C.R.A.S.H.! I could be a bit happier with Enticia's pose in the first panel; it looked much better as a sketch. I need to make a habit of using models. On the plus side, I love how Lana and Mags turned out! I've been dying to show off these characters for some time, now!
  8. TheHeroesOfCRASH.com Hey, folks! I'm still working on getting my website updated, AND I won't have a new update next week while I'm in San Antonio, so here's this week's comic AND some delicious recipes for Heroes of C.R.A.S.H. milkshakes! Not much to say about today's comic, except that some of the dialogue about feelings was inspired by a book I had as a child about sticking up for yourself. It's important to recognize that feelings aren't good or bad in and of themselves; they just need to be dealt with in a healthy way. I'd previously thought of trying to turn HoC into either an ice cream flavor or some sort of cereal (After all, my comic is based on Saturday morning cartoons, and what goes better with them than cereal?). But when Jessi Sheron, creator of the webcomic The Sea in You (Check my Links page!), started the #MakeYourComicADrink hashtag on Twitter, I thought of what to do with my comic. I had considered some sort of float, soda combination, or hot chocolate mix, but then Jessi suggested I do a milkshake. Brilliant! I could take my ideas for HoC ice cream flavors, and make them milkshakes, which are WAY easier to make! So here's three recipes based on my main three heroes! I have some ideas for other recipes for my other heroes as well, but these three seem like an ideal place to start. Give them a try and let me know how you like them! #webcomic #webcomics #comic #comics #superhero #superheroes #superheroine #superheroines #milkshake #milkshakes
  9. TheHeroesOfCRASH.com Enticia's got a LOT of baggage to sort through, but I'm sure she'll... carry-on! *Crickets chirp* Okay, terrible jokes aside, I'm BACK! If you've been following me on social media, you'd know that my computer went kaput. As a result, I've only been able to share HoC sketches to Facebook and Twitter each week, but haven't been able to update my comic. Well, I have a new computer, and it's great to be drawing again! Sadly, I don't have the program to update the actual site just yet. I used to use Dreamweaver, then when it stopped being supported, I'd create the pages in Dreamweaver, then use another program to upload the pages (If anyone has recommendations for a user-friendly, Dreamweaver-esque webpage writing program, I'm all ears!). Still, at least I'm drawing digitally again, and it feels good to post online. It's a little awkward, as I'm not only using a new computer whose copy of Manga Studio hasn't been totally configured yet, as well as a new Wacom, but I suppose I just need to get back into the rhythm of things. What's a bit of a bummer is that I JUST got my computer issues sorted out, but I'm going to miss an update in two weeks while I'm on vacation. I'll try to see about leaving something a little special for you guys while I'm gone...!
  10. TheHeroesOfCRASH.com The bad news: Due to thunderstorms and continued computer issues (mostly the former), I wasn't able to begin the next comic. The good news: I was able to do a belated Mermay picture (Technically, it was still May when I started the picture, so it counts)! You may have seen some previous pictures of Titanium Maiden and Enticia as mermaids (if you've been following me closely on social media!), and now it's Sugar Rush's turn. Because she's so energetic, I decided to make her a dolphin. My girlfriend suggested that I specifically make her a white-sided dolphin, and I happily did so. Gotta say, that swirly pattern on her side seems appropriate for someone who usually wears a swirly insignia. Speaking of Sugar Rush wearing swirls, you can't see her "mer-bra" in this picture, but I imagine she's wearing swirly nautilus shells instead of clamshells like TM and Enticia. Next time, I'll probably do Dino-Mo... but I'm debating on whether she should be part Plesiosaurus, or part Megalodon. I'm also thinking that making Miss Sunflower resemble a stingray would be appropriate, too!
  11. http://TheHeroesOfCRASH.com I was pleased to get quite a few great entries for my annual Birthday Fan Art Contest this year! I have to admit; I was a little suprised to see the winning entry on the last day of the contest, and from a newcomer, no less! But his entry not only showcased some great art, but it captured Belt Boy's personality. Belt Boy would TOTALLY post a villain capture to social media with puns, emojis, and hashtags! Thanks again, MaroonDrops; for winning my contest, you get to choose the next desktop wallpaper that I draw! Congratulations! I also want to thank the other entrants this year. Due to some continued technical difficulties (my computer tends to freeze off and on during the summer months), I'm still working on the sketch prizes for the runners-up. I've got two down, two to go, so please be patient, folks! Enough about that, though; time to show off the other entries! David Fleming, creator of the totally awesome webcomic Ms. Rocket, drew this picture of Titanium Maiden striking a pose, proving that if anyone knows how to draw a buff, reheaded superheroine with a ponytail, it's him (He's had practice in that very specific category, after all!). Shaney, creator of the webcomic Heroes of the World Beyond (Or HOTWAB for short), drew Belt Boy and his faithful flying fish friend, Caped Cod. I don't see many drawings of BB's piscatory pal, so this was nice to see. Previous winner CD Rudd, creator of the webcomic SailorSun Dot Org, drew his characters and mine attending some sort of gala event. Wouldn't be the first time he's drawn my heroes in formalwear, since they cameoed in the big wedding scene that concluded his comic. And of course, it wouldn't be the annual birthday contest without an entry from longtime fan YouWillNeverKnow, who created some iconic movie posters based on my heroes' costumes. Has any other artist graced my Fan Art page as often? Guess I will never know! Unless I go to the Fan Art page and count, of course. But I don't want to. If you liked these pictures, be sure to visit David, Shaney, and CD Rudd's webcomics! All three of them are in webcomic communities alongside The Heroes Of C.R.A.S.H.; Ms. Rocket and HOTWAB are part of the Collective of Heroes, and SailorSun is part of the 910CMX community.
  12. TheHeroesOfCRASH.com Shadowy Sentinel learned long ago that crime doesn't pay... but heroism has longer work hours. Before I get into the details of today's strip, I want to address two things. First of all, we're BACK, BABY! I didn't want to say anything and jinx it until I got something online, but I got a new external hard drive, and I managed to free up enough space to get things working better. And so I have a new comic up, just before my birthday! That brings me to the other thing I want to address: this is your LAST CHANCE to enter my birthday #contest! I'll accept entries all the way up through 11:59PM EST on May 19th. I've gotten a few entries for the regular contest, but I haven't gotten ANY entries for the Generated Fan Art category, so if you want a chance at winning that category, just make a video game character that looks like one of my heroes! Good luck! Okay, on to the details of today's strip! I haven't drawn Shadowy Sentinel in ages, and I found myself updating her appearance a little - mostly her hairstyle. It's still a bit angular close to her head, but then becomes loose and wavy the further it gets from its starting point - kinda representative on how she started as a tough, harsh villain, but eventually softened when she became a hero. Artistically, it probably shows I've slowly moved away from my comic's anime-related roots as I've developed my own style. There's a little less variety with the background colors here. I wanted to emphasize that it's getting late, plus Shadowy Sentinel seems at home with a dark, cool-colored background. Not sure how comforting a dark room is for students she's counseling, though... Also, I gave her door a keyhole on her side, but not the outside. This was initially an accident; I was going to put the keyhole on both sides, but then realized I hadn't drawn one on the previous page. My official, rationalized reasons for the keyhole being on the inside are to ensure privacy during counseling sessions, and in case of a supervillain lockdown.
  13. TheHeroesOfCRASH.com Sorry, folks, but I don’t have a new strip today. My computer has been running low on disk space, and it won’t let me even SAVE a new comic. I tried deleting a bunch of things after doing some backups, but it didn’t make much of a dent. I also couldn’t expand my C drive either. So I’m going to try to buy an external hard drive in the next few days (I have one for backups, but I’m looking to get one that would remain attached to my computer to expand the disk space). The only reason I didn’t get one sooner is because I also had to get some car repairs done this week. Hoo boy, when it rains…! I’m hoping to get things fixed before I need to post the results for my annual Birthday Fan Art Contest. With any luck, I may even be able to fix things in the next week. If, for any reason, I’m unable to fix things, I will post the winning contest entries on social media (along with all runners-up) and contact their artists, personally. So if you’re still planning on entering, please do so! To be honest, some fan art would certainly cheer me up about now!
  14. Comic 5/4/19 - Blueberried Secrets

    TheHeroesOfCRASH.com Starting off with a good old-fashioned recap! It's been a while since I started a storyline with a recap (or started a new storyline at all). The events of our last adventure set up this one so well, I felt that a recap was needed. Plus, the Collective of Heroes is doing a promotion for Free Comic Book Day, and a recap might be helpful for any new readers. But mostly I did this recap because I'd heard there was going to be lightning storms this week and I wanted something that could be drawn relatively quickly (of course, the storms never came). I like the gradient in the background and the layout of the panels. In addition to padding out the image a bit, the gradient gives the strip a foreboding atmosphere while the panels emphasize the two sides to this story. Don't forget to submit an entry to my contest by my birthday on May 19th! EVERY valid entry gets something in return, so read the full rules on my site!
  15. TheHeroesOfCRASH.com The title card for the latest storyline! Since it's merely a title card, there's not too much I can say, as I don't want to spoil anything. All I will say is that I was originally going to call it Confessions Parts 1 and 2, named after the Usher songs of the same name (which I'm only aware of because of Weird Al's Confessions Part 3). Also, don't forget that my birthday is next month, and I want some fan art! I've gotten two submissions to my contest, both in the Traditional category. If you want to send me something, you have until May 19th. Don't forget; EVERYONE who sends me a valid entry gets some art in return!