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Comic 8/20/16 - The Playlist of C.R.A.S.H.

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I'm gonna be in San Antonio, Texas for a week and a half (starting Monday), so the site won't update until I get back. But don't despair, because I've got two things that will keep you amused in the meantime. First, I'm still doing Daily Drawings, which I'll be posting on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook, as usual. Second, I've created The Playlist of C.R.A.S.H. - a collection of songs related to your favorite HoC characters. Search for my playlist on Spotify, or recreate it yourself!
Now you may be wondering why I chose these particular songs. Most of them are songs that I feel capture each character's personality and/or their taste in music. Want more specifics? Okay:
Belt Boy - Superman seemed like the kind of catchy, upbeat song Belt Boy would like, plus it's about superheroes. Corner of the Sky capture's BB's dreams of meeting his destiny as a great hero.
Titanium Maiden - I think these song titles speak for themselves. Heh heh!
Cannon - Cheer Up captures Cannon's sarcastic attitude toward life pretty well, whereas EVERYTHING EXPLODES is all about his love of blowin' stuff up, as well as video games (it's by the same band that did the music for the Scott Pilgrim game!)
B.O.N.N.I.E. - A song by a robot A.I. and a song associated with internet mischief... Gee, what could those have to do with B.O.N.N.I.E.?
Caped Cod - Because "Under the Sea" was too obvious.
Enticia - A song about Enticia enjoying life, and one about her confidence (with just a smidgeon of egotism). The former was harder to pick for Enticia, as I wanted to use a song by a black female artist that didn't use any swears, but also had an element of "girl power" to it; it took a lot of searching to find this song.
Unk - I feel like these songs show off how mellow Unk really is. They also seem to suggest Unk has some sort of link to the beach or islands...
Jackknife - Because no one likes Jackknife. Nyah, nyah!
Dino-Mo - Do I really need to explain this one?
Dodge - The first song was obvious, and Eye of the Tiger seemed like the kind of song Dodge would listen to while working out.
Sugar Rush - How much more obvious can I get?
Gelatin Boy - Ennui (On We Go) sums up Gelatin Boy's pessimism pretty well, while the second one shows that GB can relate to the often-mocked Aquaman.
Bonus songs - Just a handful of songs that I've heard over the years and thought were appropriate. We Are Giants is particularly appropriate if you check out the music video. Cartoon Heroes seemed very appropriate to end the playlist, as it addresses just how toony and zany my superheroes are. It also gets a little meta, pushing against (but not breaking) the fourth wall like a cartoonist's signature. What better way to end it?

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