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Comic 12/14/19 - Throng, Th-Throng, Throng Throng

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The last story comic of 2019 ends the year on what I consider a high note: a terrible pun.

This trio is (for now) very tightly-knit, but that doesn't mean that they don't groan at or mess with each other now and then.

I hope it comes across in the second panel, as Lana and Mags tilt their heads and look away, that they're speaking in that choral, sing-song manner that students do when a teacher is cuing them to say something.

I've been seeing these new characters - especially Mags - getting some love in the comments, which I'm glad to hear. 1f642.png I'd planned a lot of Enticia's backstory years ago, but Mags and Lana were created only in the last few months, and I was afraid they'd seem shoehorned in. But it looks like I've pulled them off, and I'm really grateful for the feedback!

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