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Content losses in 2016

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Others have focused well on the newsworthy losses of life in 2016.  I will list the losses as regard EGS fandom material:

2016 January 31: ImageShack deletes all non-paid content.  Most embedded ImageShack images (whether on 910CMX or Keenspot forum) cease to be retrievable.

2016 February 27: 910CMX server falls while being moved, physically damaging hard drives and backups, and with it the previous seven years of forum, corresponding to what was then half of EGS's existence.  The forum starts from scratch seven days later.

2016 December 8: 910CMX forum temporarily ceases to load anything but the main page.  More permanently, gallery and avatar images go missing, including gallery images posted into threads such as Strip Slaying.  Dan withdraws his endorsement.

Have I missed anything?

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more accurate date (take 2)

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There's some EGS content that's gone astray through the years, too, but I wasn't here early enough to comment on that, I just get to enjoy the little extras when someone unearths them.  Mostly that means whatever links we had accumulated to those scattered extras were lost in the big crash.

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