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  1. Story Wednesday March 20, 2019 Q&A

    I dunno, I think they require you to have a degree to run one of these places. Bingo! I almost spelled it out, but at the last minute I thought the books line made it too obvious to need it. Yeah, our library is pretty cool. They just remodeled and added a Makerspace/Fab Lab, with everything from paints and sewing machines to a laser cutter and 3D printer. Unfortunately, I think they cut back on actual *books* during the remodel, and not all of them made it back to the shelves afterward. I wish they'd checked who had been checking out the less-read or more-worn titles, and offered us the chance to buy them -- I'd have loved to take home the Black Widowers mysteries!
  2. Story Wednesday March 20, 2019 Q&A

    We have a fantastic video rental place in my town. They have almost everything I've looked for, and if they don't have it they'll get it from another branch. They have all the Doctor Who DVDs and more recent seasons in Blu-ray too, they get all the HBO and Showtime and such series, they have tons of classics. They charge $1/night, but that only kicks in after one to three weeks, if you return it before then, it's completely free! They do the same thing for books, but they're only from 10¢ to 25¢ per day after the first three weeks. And despite having this great place as competition, we still have a couple of different video rental places still going strong.
  3. Sarah, you seem to have missed your cheeks when you put your own sunscreen on, your cheeks are getting all red....
  4. This Day In History

    If he ever isn't, we'll have to check on the habits of bears in the woods.... Some people would never admit to the existence of such a thing as an Islamic Golden Age. And you passed up the opportunity to tell us "Who else?" If there are any young nuclear researchers on here, you have now increased the chances of one of them actually naming such a molecule that last one. Just ask Eriovixia gryffindori or any of the other species named for Harry Potter references, or Stephen Colbert, or the wasp that twists its abdomen like Shakira, or various other minor planets, organisms, laws (I especially like Newton's Flaming Laser Sword, much sharper than Occam's Razor), chemicals, or units of measurement. Biologists are definitely the biggest culprits here. Everyone knows the name Stephanie Clifford?
  5. Last Post Wins

    "Free pets are the most expensive!"
  6. NP Wed March 13, 2019

    One of the local makerspaces is also home to meetings of TOOOL, The Open Order Of Lockpicks. They have sets of padlocks with from one to six tumblers, and sets of lockpicks anyone attending can use to pick them, starting with the easiest and working your way up. They'll usually have a few other types of locks to try, and some kind of a lecture or demo (or occasionally drinking games). The one thing they can't do is sell anyone their own set of lockpicks, as it's illegal in Illinois. You can possess them, but you can't sell them, kinda like alcohol during Prohibition. ;-)
  7. Q&A Friday March 15, 2019

    Anyone who objects to using they/them for singular should be required to use thee/thou for singulars, too. Let's have some consistency here! ;-)
  8. Things That Make You Happy

    For some reason this brings to mind the working title Jim Butcher had for the first Harry Dresdan book, Semiautomagic. I have yet to meet a thermostat where you didn't have to flip a switch to go from heating to cooling or vice versa. No idea why they do it that way. There are certain times of year it would really be nice to be able to cool during the day and heat at night without any human intervention....
  9. Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

    Sounds lousy. I hope it's worth it, and overall it saves you significant pain!
  10. NP Monday, March 11 2019

    Surely, Ashley should be showing solidarity with her new compatriots? ;-)
  11. Theaters here have pretty nice seats, there's even a couple of theaters with every seat a recliner with a tray you can swing over to enjoy a meal while watching the movie. They'll deliver to your seat during the movie, but that's annoying to everyone trying to watch that they have to walk in front of to get to you. There are some regular theaters that have a few double-wide seats, often next to the gaps for wheelchairs and scooters.
  12. Story Friday March 8, 2019

    Comic's up! Nice to see Elliot isn't the only one who can have a revelation when getting introspective. We definitely need to start a Magic Users' Support Group in Moperville. Maybe a Spellcasters Anonymous?
  13. Story Wednesday March 06, 2019

    That's assuming Van has told his mother about what happened to him. Magic kept him longer than the other two, and we really don't know what Magic had to say to him, other than it not being a good idea to tell Tedd right away. Maybe telling his mom would lead to her contacting Tedd before Magic thinks it's appropriate.
  14. Overall, I like this one. Great expression on Lucy, varied and well-drawn body positions, especially the hands, and I can kinda see how Rhoda's sitting on the armrest between them could bring their heads to the same level (although her legs really don't look like that sort of position). My one major gripe is their, ah, endowments. As I've made clear before, when I see a sketchbook with characters we know and love, I want it to actually be them, not some other body, unless the transformation is an active part of the image/situation. Part of Lucy and Diane's friendship was Diane's support of Lucy when she was feeling embarassed about getting big breasts as a teen. Diane is an almost-twin of Susan, and Susan is described as lanky and thin, and unlike Nanase her magic isn't going into her cup size, so it makes more sense for her to have smaller breasts. Not flat-chested, but not exactly saggy-big either. And most of the time the art corresponds with that, even more recent art. Compare Susan's figure to Cheerleadra's here, or Diane's to Charlotte's to Nanase and Ellen's here. Diane is far too well-endowed here, while Lucy isn't big enough. If you wanted big boobs, why not put them on the girl who got an extra helping extra-early? Sure, you could excuse it by saying they're transformed, but why? So, I like this one, a lot, but not 100%. :-)
  15. Story Wednesday March 06, 2019

    But nothing really out of the ordinary. Tedd dealt with it pretty quickly, and she was in a much better mood after their talk than he had been before it. It explained one of the great mysteries in Tedd's life. Kids often blame themselves when their parents split up, but Tedd is old enough now to realize that parents have motivations too, and are only human. Tedd can see that her leaving was a fault in her, not Tedd. And is rational enough to realize the implications of his reaction to the wand almost immediately. He had a lot on his mind. Again, Tedd's reaction is nothing unusual for someone who has just found out that their plan for their life isn't going to happen. I had a friend who wanted to be a Japanese translator, but then discovered that her eyesight was just too bad for the teeny little details of kanji. She had to completely rethink what her life goals were and figure out how to achieve new ones. There's a difference between a normal response to a loss and depression. Depression is when it's out of proportion or is lasting far longer than it should. Feeling sad isn't depression. Feeling regrets isn't depression. Even mourning isn't necessarily depression, indeed it can be quite healthy and failing to mourn a loss is what's unhealthy. It was Elliot and Tedd on the basement couch, wasn't it? No, wait, maybe I'm thinking of Tedd angsting over breakups. Well, I know what you mean, anyway, and I don't think a little anxiety is the same thing as becoming so withdrawn people thought Tedd was mute. Edward's fears are way overblown, and sadly show a real lack of confidence in Tedd's ability to deal. He doesn't see how much Tedd has grown and changed (Insert joke about bra cup sizes here). I don't think so. Even then, he had friends to help him through, and despite their differences and trust issues, I don't think Tedd actually doubts that Edward loves him. Tedd had accepted his "thing" and could talk about it rationally with Sarah, not to mention work on ways to compensate for it. I see a little sadness, a little regret, but nothing more. Even just talking about it with a friend is healthy. I think it would have been "safe" long before this, but the timing certainly is better this way.