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  1. Political Discussion Thread (READ FIRST POST)

    That article fails to include any of the indirect costs of fossil fuel plants in its comparisons. The pollution from burning fossil fuels and the resulting effect on human health, the costs of climate change and its resulting increased sea levels and changes in weather patterns, none of that is included in the article's evaluation of fossil fuel power plants. They're also comparing some of the very first attempts at a new technology versus plants with many decades of gradual changes and improvements to efficiency. If wind power gets the resources for research and development, the numbers will change; I'm not sure there's nearly as much improvement left to be made to the fossil fuel technologies. Plus, how much of the time does your car spend at 100% capacity? Or your furnace? You don't expect them to be at top speed or top power all the time, and I think that this writer doesn't really understand the difference between expectations for different technologies. No one expects the wind to blow at top speed all day and night, every day and night. He's setting up a completely unrealistic goal, which no one else ever planned on the wind turbines meeting, and then dunning them for not meeting it. Smells like someone with an agenda to me, but maybe they're just incompetent.
  2. The Pharaoh Returns

  3. The Pharaoh Returns

    We just steal place names from everywhere else, usually changing the pronunciation. Cairo, IL is pronounced like Karo Syrup. We've got a Paris, a Metropolis, a Geneva, a Woodstock, West Point and Mt Vernon, even a Harvard, a Cambridge, and a Princeton.
  4. NP, Wednesday October 18, 2017

    After what she said at the mall about not wanting to get a taste of something only to have it taken away, we could extrapolate that Liz is looking for a long-term relationship, not to just play around. Dating, or even having a boyfriend, can certainly be part of that quest without mistaking it for the final goal the way so many naïve young couples do. You don't have to believe that everyone you date is "the one." Dating can just be a way of having fun with someone else, no commitment, no dishonesty, and as long as everyone involved agrees about that, there's no problem. I don't see Liz letting herself get all wrapped up in someone else very easily, but neither do I see her rejecting that possibility completely.
  5. Story Wednesday October 18, 2017

    Mr. Verres knew that Elliot and Nanase were gaining magic energy throuh ASMA, he just didn't realize how *much* energy.
  6. NP, Wednesday October 18, 2017

    I doubt she's sure what she is, hence her plan to experiment in college.
  7. Things You Find Amusing

    Ye gods, is there more than one of him now? (I'm pretty sure that the person's appellation is in the singular.)
  8. Political Discussion Thread (READ FIRST POST)

    They had an interesting story on public radio recently. A guy taking a college course on government had to do a paper on Constitutional Amendments. He found a chapter on proposed Amendments that had been sent from Congress to the state legislatures for ratification, but had not been passed by enough of them to become Amendments. There was one, saying that Congress couldn't give themselves an immediate pay raise, it had to wait until at least after the next election to take effect. It was proposed in something like 1789, only ratified by nine states. So, he wrote about this for his paper. And got a C. He appealed to his professor, who declined to change the TA's grade. So, he determined that he'd show her -- he'd get the Amendment ratified! He started writing to state legislators. And writing, and calling, and visiting, and eventually he got someone to sponsor a bill in one of the needed states, and it passed. So he wrote, and called, and campaigned, until another state ratified it. And another, and another. It took him ten years, but the last state needed finally ratified the Amendment in 1992, and it became the 27th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. One guy. One very determined guy. And one professor who, when a reporter asked her if she had heard about this, or knew that he said he'd done it all because she'd given him a bad grade, was tickled pink that she had had a hand in changing the Constitution. She wound up submitting the paperwork at the university they'd both long since left, to get the grade officially changed to an A+.
  9. Story Wednesday October 18, 2017

    I wonder if Tedd knows about Lavender. Or maybe Grace does, or at least she's figured out there's someone in Edward's life and is happy about it. She does have pretty amazing relationship senses.
  10. NP, Wednesday October 18, 2017

    I'm not sure if I'd call that a grudge so much as not wanting to see him take advantage of another girl. The expression on her face does seem more than just worried, though.
  11. What Are You Watching?

    Ye gods, just watch the singer's face in this one! I love seeing him "get into character" at the start, and the fact that he can keep thar up the whole song, makes my face hurt just thinking about it! Reminds me of Tom Smith singing "I Want To Be Peter Lorre"
  12. NP, Wednesday October 18, 2017

    Y'know, this is the first sign we've had in the entire comic of Ashley being anything but nice and good and respectful of others. Oh, yeah, this is non-canon. Carry on!
  13. Story Friday October 13 2017

    I was reading the series since shortly before The White Dragon came out, and our copy of Dragonflight was an original release paperback until it fell apart from being re-read so many times (a fate shared by the first two Harper Hall books). I think I even have a copy of the original novella that turned into the first section of Dragonflight around here somewhere. So yes, I am quite certain that it always started out introducing us to Pern with, "Rukbat, in the Sagittarian sector, was a golden G-type star. It had five planets, and one stray it had attracted and held in recent millennia. Its third planet was enveloped by air man could breathe, boasted water he could drink, and possessed a gravity that permitted man to walk confidently erect. Men discovered it and promptly colonized it....."
  14. Things that make you sad.

    I still cannot hear or read that phrase without thinking of Stan Rogers.