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  1. Our girl scout troop spent some time learning about hunger issues and then took a trip to Washington D.C., where our troop leader had arranged visits with some of our congressmen. One, named Dixon, stood us up; we never got any further than his waiting room. I'm pleased to say he was not re-elected. The other one I remember is Senator Paul Simon (who once co-hosted Saturday Night Live with the other Paul Simon). He was friendly and gracious and gave a group of schoolgirls as much respect and attention as he would any powerful rich white male. It was a great trip and I learned a lot, one of the most important lessons being that politicians, like any other profession, are individuals, some good folks, some jerks, some kind, some evil. I can't help but think that anyone who claims all politicians are evil, hasn't bothered to actually meet many politicians.
  2. We have a little shelf at work with children's books, and another above it with a small collection of stuffed animals. Today a little girl was hugging a golden retriever I'd acquired at a conference, which I must admit is one of my favorites and I would not want to see it wander home with anyone else (our Clifford disappeared a year or two ago). So, while mom was paying the bill, I chatted with her and her older sister. I told her she'd have to put the doggie back on the shelf, because a lot of other kids loved seeing him too, and she could visit him the next time they came in with their bird. As she was child-version-of-subtly trying to delay putting the toy down, she asked what his name was, so I told her he had a lot of different names because different kids give him different names, and asked what she wanted his name to be. She replied that she thought it was a girl and her name was Rosie. I grinned and told her that it was fine, she could be a girl if she wanted to be, just like the Doctor. Well, the whole family got what I was saying immediately, and everyone shared a cheer at the fact that the Doctor was going to be a girl. I love it when geeky references are embraced instead of getting a puzzled look!
  3. Absolutely it could be. Cats can get jealous of mom's attention just like kids. And, just like kids, they can eventually get used to having a new sibling, and even appreciate having a ready-made playmate. I suspect that eventually these two will be buddies, it's just a question of trying to make the transition as smooth as possible. I seem to recall there having been a recall of Feliway diffusers at one point, but I would have thought all the bad ones were off the market by now, The old ones used a somewhat different refill than the current model, so I suspect your bad one was just a fluke or you'd have noticed the difference when you got the replacement. I hope they're not going to have a problem with the new ones! On another note, I have volunteer catnip growing among my tomato and pepper plant. I am sorely tempted to dry it and send you guys a care package. ;-)
  4. That does not sound like slowing down and giving them time to adjust one level of exposure before moving on to the next. That sounds more like you've leap-frogged ahead willy-nilly. It's natural for cats to hiss at strange cats, and they are not associating each others' presence with good things yet. If Baker stalked and rushed Loudmouth, it's not at all fair to characterize Loudmouth as a bully! He's probably hissing because he feels threatened and is warning Baker to back off. Time to give them some more space and slow things way down! Try plugging in the Feliway for a short period at a time, so that the scent spreads out but before it becomes overwhelming.
  5. But if you're bouncing around among dozens or hundreds of grands, greats, and thrice-removeds, then you're spending less time with any given individual. Spread yourself too thin, and you don't really care all that deeply about any given individual descendant. It would be far more dangerous if an Immortal had one or two favorites out of each generation, but that would also mean there's always the chance of everyone you actually care about directly dying before you get attached to anyone else. Only the abstract idea of family would remain. As others have said, they don't get the continually growing power, sharpening memory, and near-clairvoyance, but I think there's more to it than that. An elf is still living life one day at a time, like anyone else, meeting new friends as they loose touch with old ones, perhaps raising children even if they (think they) can't have them themselves, seeing them grow up and leave to make their own lives. Working and having colleagues and friends. No traveling to the other side of the planet on a whim, no weeks-long naps, no disappearing into other planes of existence. Elves stay grounded, they stay a part of society, they stay close to other people.
  6. Hmm, maybe the problem isn't so much that she's babytalking Loudmouth, but that she isn't babytalking Baker? He might be associating babytalk with being ignored while the other cat gets attention. If she can babytalk and cuddle and be sweet to Baker as oftern as she does with Loudmouth, that might even things out between them and replace the bad association he'd developing with a good association.
  7. They're probably about tied with the drivers and the pedestrians.
  8. I dunno, it might be easier to let go if you could see your descendants spreading out across the world, than it would be to say goodbye to your only child, knowing your love for him would be forgotten....and especially if there were hard feelings and misunderstandings between you!
  9. Many of them are really for seniors and the disabled, which you certainly should currently qualify for. They can do hang tags and the like for limited times rather than forever.
  10. It might help, or it might lead to him getting stressed at that time of day. Either a set time of day, or some sort of warning that Loudmouth will be coming out before it actually happens, sounds like it might help him chill the rest of the time. Well, see if there's any bed pee after the lack of a trip out of his room. He doesn't know that there won't be, so his stress levels are still those of expecting to be on strange turf near a strange cat soon. If they both have a night off from it, that may help both their stress levels.
  11. Complain anyway. At worst, they'll learn about a problem and maybe do something about it, at best maybe they'll refund something.
  12. Elliot and Sarah live close enough to have grown up together. Elliot and Tedd live close enough to be best friends. It's not unreasonable to think they can get to each others' homes easily. I didn't get a car until my third year of vet school, when I started to be on-call at all hours. Before that, I walked, biked, or took a bus most of the time, and borrowed the parental car or got dropped off the rest of the time. Being a college town, my hometown had plenty of all these options, including some excellent bike paths and lanes. The suburbs, however, don't seem to be nearly as friendly a place for those without a car, by choice or by lack of funds/ability/etc. There aren't very many bike paths or lanes, and drivers don't really respect the lanes unless they're protected. There don't seem to be many local-travel bus routes, most of them going on long paths between suburbs on main roads. Things are too spread ot to walk unless you have a lot of time. It was quite a noticable difference to me, too. Naper, er, Moperville may be a big enough city to have more of its own bus routes, though, and I haven't really looked to see if there are more bike lanes or paths there.
  13. Yeah, I've been expecting a reset for Pandora once the current storyline is over for quite a while. Personally, I'm hoping she ends up the college student from the Mall, and Sarah's dorm roommate.
  14. Have you looked into your town/village Senior Services, or whatever they call it there? Ours has a bus service, which can take a little bit of time but is still better than not having a ride at all. My dad used to volunteer to drive people to medical appointments, too. Use the trick of asking each person you call who they would recommend you call. If they don't give you someone right away, ask them to think about it for a minute. It usually works, just may take two or three more calls.
  15. The idea is to let them start associating something good (the food) with each others' presence, without having to go straight to possible confrontations or disputes over who gets what food. For that to have an impact, it has to happen a few times -- getting to the door was step one, not the last step. There's a difference between encountering another cat occasionally, with your human nearby to reassure you, and being face to face with the other cat at any time throughout the day and night. Better for Loudmouth to have a few more peaceful supervised encounters, with returning to the safe space you've established afterwards; likewise better for Baker to only have this new cat make the occasional foray, with the humans clearly not bothered by him, and get used to the idea of this other cat on what was Baker's domain for a bit longer. Could very well be stress. Seeing each other face to face, even if it went well, is still stressful. Take it as a sign to slow down and let them get used to this level of contact before you push things any further. Don't back up, unless it's getting worse, just hold at this level for a while. Feed them opposite sides of the door, let them have brief explorations where they see each other briefly, but only when you're there to supervise. They'll get used to it.