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  1. I also have been told I've hit my maximum allowed number of Likes for a day, usually when I'm pretty sure I haven't hit Like nearly as many times as they claim I have. Thanks for making the pictures possible! Thanks to Mrs for acquisition and Prof for posting!
  2. Nice to hear they're being proactive, with things like the scopolamine patch, and are getting you meds when you need them instead of hours later. Kudos to this team. (They also may have benefitted from reading the reports on how things went last time, of course -- the second doctor always has an advantage over the first!)
  3. Not exactly. When the target was described as being about two meters across, there was a general grumbling of protest. Luke reassured the person sitting next to him (Wedge?), who exclaimed it was impossible even for a computer, that the shot wasn't impossible, he used to bulls-eye womp rats in his T-16 back home, and "they're not much bigger than two meters." But it was certainly not an easy shot. The first attempt, taken by a different pilot using his targeting computer, impacted near the surface instead of going down the shaft. Only a precise hit would set off the chain reaction that would destroy the Death Star. Luke understood then that the targeting computers just weren't accurate enough, and if they kept trying using them, there was too high a risk his shot would miss, too, and there just weren't enough of them left for another run. My impression was that normally, a computer is a lot more accurate than a human, but in this case Luke had the Force on his side tipping the odds back in favor of a computer-free shot.
  4. Wild chickens aren't all that numerous. The rest of them are selected on factors a lot more commercial than whose eggs they brood.
  5. Ah, yes, passing on memes versus genes. (In the original sense of meme, not the current internet-fad usage.)
  6. Even with a USB 3.0, it would take a long time to copy a file that big. Plus, I suspect that media large enough to hold it all is hard to come by. How often do you see a 32TB drive for sale to the general public, let alone how many people have one lying around ready to copy files onto at the drop of a hat? This was likely some sort of special media used only by archives and central information warehouses, not ships or backwater planets.
  7. Thanks. Now next time I call up or try to chat with customer service, I'll be picturing the agent orgy going on while I'm on hold!
  8. Not a bad idea, that. My mom once went to a car dealership that offered $1000 for anything you could drive in, and brought her old lawnmower. Offered/threatened to get up on top of it and ride it into the office. No, it wasn't a riding mower. She got the "trade-in" allowance, but they declined to actually take the lawnmower.
  9. And the crowning glory, the piece de resistance, the final insult.... Guess they have too much money and need to annoy any more potential customers into going away! Seriously, at least be honest about whether you'll get to talk to someone!
  10. We've all got excellent imaginations, so probably yes....
  11. Shopping for a new cell phone. Considering how much money I'm willing to lay down, they sure don't make it easy to give it to them. All I want to know is, how much does your company charge for *one* line, per month, unlimited data, including taxes and fees, and how much data does that actually translate to before it gets choked down to dial-up speeds? (Seriously, I asked one company and the slower rate is 128 kbps.) Every company's web page seems to be overflowing with graphics and any actual information is carefully hidden. Even the sites designed for comparing between companies have so little information per entry that you can't actually make any sort of useful comparison without going to separate pages over and over. The other thing I'd like to know is how much I'd have to pay to get a smartphone from them. This is carefully obscured by listing it as $X down plus $Y per month for Z months, and no hint whether taxes and fees are included there, nor how much memory for models with multiple options, nor whether there is any discount for new customers, loyalty bonus for existing customers, etc. One company has a deal which requires you to give them your old phone in order to make use of it. My phone was $30 used at least eight years ago. Why would they give me what I think adds up to at least $150 (versus competing offers without the 'trade-in') unless they are going to get something out of it? Like, say, all the personal information stored on a person's cell phone these days....
  12. Three minutes and 23 seconds is just about at the one hour mark. I would have left already but I'm kind of curious whether they'll actually pick up eventually.
  13. Yes, Rogue One *did* cover the whole issue of the files being far too large to be able to propagate easily, but it was very quick so I'm not surprised so many missed it. It's sort of the equivalent of the plans being on a 32 TB hard drive. It takes time to transmit or to copy, and you have to have something to copy them *onto* as well. If everyone's cell phones* can only hold 32GB, and your 4G connection is 3MPS, then you are rather limited in how many copies you can make. Even a distributed download would take both time to set up and bandwidth to send across. *AnDroids, of course
  14. I wasn't talking about genetics in that thread, but about the fact that a same-sex couple of a very distant species has been devoted enough long-term enough to raise a family together. Or, get the children of close relatives (who share a fair portion of your genes) to reproductive age.
  15. Best of luck to you! May they get the analgesic cocktail right this time!