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  1. The Weather.

    Lovely weather lately, except for the thunderstorms, which pop up here and there in long lines, occasionally with storm or tornado watches. Last night it went up to tornado warning a few counties to the south. Got to take the pup on a nice walk at lunch yesterday; today I have errands to run he can't come on.
  2. Story Wednesday, May 22, 2019

    If someone is going to be the visible face of magic, someone fledgeling Dreamers and Awakened could find out about and go to for information and advice, then Grace is certainly the best able to defend herself, and she's proven she can keep other people's secrets, even if she is more free with her own secrets than Edward would have preferred.
  3. NP Wednesday, May 22, 2019

    Sounds like that might be the answer -- she wanted to multiclass so that she could access those more powerful magics. I suspect the mages were worried about whether a sorcerer who did manage to learn their sort of magic would be much better at it than they were, hence attacking her when they discovered she was a sorcerer.
  4. Story Friday, May 17, 2019

    Sarah would want to not object, but I suspect mixed-company nudity is still far outside her tolerances. Wait, what? Did they actually have that poker game onscreen and I missed it? I had, I confess, a short fanfic called "Cheaters' Poker" in which the four of them played a poker game where anything goes -- Geordi got to pick the deck, Data got to shuffle and deal, Troi could use her empathic ability (and her telepathy to, ah, distract Riker), and Riker got to "cheat the old-fashioned way." Naturally, Riker won. ;-) 1) Rhoda is turning into quite the Domme, isn't she? 2) Perhaps that dinner is when Rhoda and Catalina decide to reveal their magic to Diane? I can think of several ways the conversation could go that would make the reveal quite natural. Only question will be, does Lucy have a mark too, or will she end up being to this group what Sarah used to be to the Main Eight? Or, maybe Diane and Susan finally sit down and talk about magic between the rejected invite in the hall and the party itself. If she finds out that Diane talked about magic with Rhoda and Catalina, and they all had questions, it might get Susan to start talking with her friends, too, if nothing else to try to get some answers for them. Elliot isn't the only one who can take the initiative to help someone else, even when they won't for themselves. It could become a party tradition. ;-) I can wait as long as it does get addressed eventually. Of course, he may address it via a couple of casual lines after the fact, or by Susan describing the conversation second-hand. Yeah, I really hope Susan talks with someone soon. Ooh, good point! Sarah may not be in the mood for light-hearted play. Hmm, could Dan be setting up reasons for everyone to be in a bad mood for the party?
  5. Story, Wednesday, May 15, 2018

    Re-reading, set off by some of the links here, has led me to evidence that Grace suspects Rhoda and Catalina can use magic and might like to talk to someone about it. Think she'll suggest inviting them, too? Let's see, potential additonal invitees include Diane, Catalina, Rhoda....Greg? Charlotte?....anyone else we can think of?
  6. Story Monday May 13 2019

    I can definitely see Elliot having no problem with feinting during combat, that's a situation where it's acceptable, even expected, to lie in that way, so there's no betrayal of trust. I suspect if the gang ever played Werewolf (aka Are You A Werewolf?), Elliot would surprise them all by lying his pants off, simply because that's a part of the game, and thus there should be no hard feelings or resentment. Whenever I've played, tricking the other players successfully was met with admiration, especially from the players who were fooled. (Yes, I'm sure there are people who take it badly, but I can't picture anyone in this group acting that way....okay, maybe Ellen would be surprised enough to be a teensy put out, but she'd come around pretty quickly.)
  7. This Day In History

    Not to mention his Heralds. Not a direct comment, but mention of someone being "of Navarre" brings back many happy memories of Ladyhawke. :-) I thought England recognized the independence of the United States in 1783? *looks it up* Wow, that's a lot of time between the agreement being made, and both parties ratifying and exchanging ratified copies. Slow travel indeed!
  8. Story Friday, May 10, 2019

    If Liz *is* marked, and has a magic ability, she's obviously not telling Ashley about it. Perhaps she'll be mad at Ashley for not sharing, and then realize she's being hypocritical, and tell Ashley about her spell, whatever it is.
  9. Story Wednesday, May 8, 2019

    Goody Two-Shoes didn't start out that way....
  10. Story Monday, May 6, 2018

    Huh. Maybe she *is* building up reserve power via her hair again.
  11. Favorite Quotes

    "While the question itself wasn't necessarily stupid, it's clear the circumstances that apparently led you to have to ask it certainly were." -Doc, The Whiteboard webcomic
  12. Story Monday, May 6, 2018

    Hmm...if Ashley is currently "the definition of average" in terms of power level, and she absorbed power from the "diamond" shards, does that mean that before that point she was significantly below average? Is this the magical equivalent of Flowers For Algernon (except hopefully without the downer ending)? As for dragon-specific elements to her magic, we really don't know for sure yet, do we? We may have to wait until she can at least, say, cast a spell or two. Revenge on Bad Tom? From the girl who's so innately good it kept Pandora from marking her? She may fantasize about turning sexist men into women, but she knows actually doing so would be a terrible thing to do, and she's too nice to actually do something like that without permission. Now, can we think of ways for her to get Bad Tom to voluntarily agree to be turned into a woman? Fanficcers, start your laptops!
  13. Story Monday, May 6, 2018

    We know Dan is a fan of the Dresden Files books, and Harry has a set of rings which store up a little bit of kinetic energy with day-to-day movement, releasing it when he wants to punch extra-hard, and he uses his necklace for magic pretty regularly. At least two female wizards have more decorative jewelry which also have magic powers. I could definitely see Dan including that sort of thing in his own universe. As for Nanase's outfit, I'm picturing the long sleeves as being kinda see-through, like stockings or a thin leotard would be. I know I've seen stuff like that as a base layer in real life, with enough of a top over it for modesty's sake. And I like the idea of her skirt being a kilt! Maybe she's got a UtiliKilt? I have one of those, won it in a raffle, and they're quite comfortable and have pockets to boot!
  14. NP Monday, Apr 15, 2019

    Cases which happen all too often, and are, sadly, far from the worst case. (Incestuous abuse, for example....) And if the sex is without valid consent, then that *is* rape. Humanity has been working on it. There's a lot more awareness of the problem, which is the first step in fixing it. Considering that we're coming from women-as-chattle, to laws which said a woman couldn't be raped by her husband because she was not allowed to withhold consent (which were still the law until surprisingly recently), I'm hoping that we'll continue to improve, despite the setback of the hundreds of ultraconservative judges put on the bench for life in the last couple of years.... If you're not ever sure that someone who can't walk straight is too impaired to give valid consent, I'm not sure we're ever going to agree. And the biggest sign of poor judgement in a drunk driving case is the very fact that the person got into a car and started driving when impaired! If you're drunk enough to think that's a good idea, that *proves* you're not making safe choices. That's because I'm talking there about the real world. In the real world, the power imbalance is almost always an older man pressuring a younger woman/girl into having sex with him. And we're not talking about whether there's *proof* a crime was committed, we're talking about whether a crime *was* committed. Now you're just deliberately trying to twist what I said, and it doesn't speak well for your position that you're resorting to rhetorical manipulations like that. Again, real world here, men rape women vastly more often than any of the other possible combinations, so that's the example it's most useful to talk about, but I would have thought *all* rape being evil would go without saying. Apparently I actually need to say it here or you'll try to imply I'm saying otherwise: what I'm saying applies to anyone raping anyone. No loopholes, it's evil. That being young and rebellious is an excuse to commit rape? Well, your argument seems to be that having sex with someone who's drunk is somehow a normal teenage rebellion and thus okay. I'm saying that committing this crime is still a crime, and youthful rebellion is not an excuse as the vast majority of teens manage to rebel *without* taking advantage of someone else's impairment to have sex with them without their consent, ie rape them. "Kids are gonna do it anyway" is not a valid reason to say it's okay fir them to commit a crime, because *not* all kids do it, just like not all kids sell drugs or mug people. I'd really like for them to rebel without committing crimes, too. The difference here is, you seem to be saying that the answer is to just say that what they're doing isn't a crime, instead of working on keeping the crime from happening. But it *isn't* the age with the least medical complications. Saying "after that, they're not teens anymore" doesn't mean "hey, they'd better hurry up and get pregnant now before they aren't teenagers anymore." That's ridiculous. They should look at their own situation, level of maturity, financial status, etc. and the fact that, medically, their own bodies aren't done maturing until about age 24, and pregnancy before that is higher risk than waiting until they're done growing up themselves before they take on the obligation and commitment of spending the next ninteen years minimum being 100% responsible for the health, well-being, safety, and safe maturation of another human being. (And if you're talking about having children you're usually talking about having more than one, so add several more years on to that.) Do we even have to address whether it's wrong for children to be having sex, let alone becoming pregnant and taking on responsibility for the life of another human being? You seem to think we're talking about a couple of years here. Becoming a parent means raising the child, not just having them, and that takes eighteen years plus ten months pregnant. It's the biggest responsibility a person can take on. A person with a career and some experience with shouldering lesser responsibilities is far more capable of doing a good job at it than someone who hasn't even finished growing up themselves. As if that should be the sole consideration. How about at the other end of it, when a woman is now thirty-seven, and ninteen years out of date in what she learned way back when she was in school, and now she's trying to get a job now that she's finished raising those kids you were so eager for her to have at eighteen. What employer is going to find her a more ideal hire than someone who's up to date and full of energy and enthusiasm? Might as well not bother with her going to school before having those kids, then she could start making babies at fourteen, there's always time for high school later....oh, no, you want women to go to college so they can find a husband, that's right.... Or do you mean for her to enter the workforce when her kids enter school? Pregnant at eighteen, two or three kids so another seven or eight years, now you've got a woman who is both several years out of date and has school-age kids who will demand her time and attention, who is an unknown quantity who, like any new hire, may or may not work out, may or may not stick to this career. If you're strictly talking about what's best for an employer, wouldn't it be to hire someone just out of school, who can devote themselves to learning the ropes, figure out if this is the career for them and have some self-confidence and commitment, and who doesn't start having children until they've got some experience at the job and has the hang of it, and can thus divide their time more effectively without their job suffering as much? Pushing abstinance is not the same as talking about the emotional impact sex and relationships can will have, and how to make sure a relationship is a healthy one. Telling kids "don't do this fun thing" is a lot less effective than giving them the tools to make good choices on their own. The most important tool is believing in themselves, in their own self-worth and abilities, that there's so much more they can do than just finding a guy willing to have them and start making babies. Then you teach them how to protect themselves if/when they do make that decision, with real, accurate information, not a bunch of scare tactics. Of course! Again, I would hope this would go without saying. "Kinky" hasn't been a diagnosis for a long time now, they got it out of the DSM shortly after getting "homosexuality" out of there, too. Again, real world vs ideal world. Here you go, trying to twist what I say again. Of course kicking your kid out is wrong. We were talking about financial realities there -- either the girl (or couple) are kicked out in their own, which is horrible but might save the parents' tenuous grasp on solvency, or her paernts support her and the baby financially, which is a huge burden and likely destroys any chance they had of getting out of poverty. And it would take a lot more socialism to give everyone aproper safety net, to allow the young mom, or young mom and dad, to stay in school and keep everyone well fed and healthy. Which I am wholeheartedly in favor of, but we're not there yet. Wholehearted agreement here. That is, nevertheless, the most typical situation for teen pregnancies. Underaged girl, older guy. Average is something like early twenties. It's illegal to give them alcohol except if you're their parent, let alone sell it to them. And it's illegal for a teen to give it to another teen after their parent gave it to them, no loophole there. Doesn't mean teens don't get ahold if it anyway, usually either by going to parties where someone is providung alcohol, or getting into their parents' booze. Again, you seem to be saying, this bad thing is against the law, let's change the law so that it's not illegal instead of trying to keep the bad thing from happening in the first place. Children shouldn't be getting drunk and having sex. Wherever you think the cut-off should be, I'm pretty sure you don't think ten-year-olds should be getting drunk and having sex, and wherever the line is, someone is going to cross it. The question is, what do we do with the situation when someone does? Do we say, oh well, kids will be kids, and let it happen, or do we do what we can to protect children, from themselves and from predators?
  15. This Day In History

    <Insert Baldwin brothers joke here> Dang, I hadn't thought of that. Now I really want one of the current princes to name a kid Arthur. Hmm....*checks current lines*...here we go, 25th in line for the throne is Arthur Chatto, son of Lady Sarah Chatto and grandson of Princess Margaret. If all of her sister Lizzie's branch were to suddenly no longer be in the running, somehow, then there'd only be five more ahead of him! I love the idea that there was an independent Empire so recently in history, that managed to stay that way even during the big colony grab around the previous turn of the century. Downton Abbey overlaps with that era! I remember the very first Beloit College Mindset List had an entry for, "There has only ever been one Pope." Alas, if only it were true that the current administration isn't accomplishing anything. What he's accomplished is to ram through an astonishing number of judicial appointments, all ultra-conservative, throughout the entire federal judiciary. Most of these appointments are for life. He has shaped the rulings of the court for generations to come, and through that ensured that conservative causes will find favor in court cases of all sorts for the next several decades. Wow. Thank you for recommending that! We can forgive a lot if a studio gives us some halfway decent adaptations of favorite books, maybe even an original series of sequel movies after that. Gosh, good thing it hasn't gotten that bad in this day and...nevermind... My favorite was his getting together with the computer science department at the University of Illinois (alma mater to us both) in order to throw a big birthday party for HAL 9000 on the day which was given in the novel 2001: A Space Odyssey as the place and day HAL was first activated. Ebert hosted the showing of the movie in the old Virginia Theatre, which not only has a huge screen and antique seats, but an organ which rises up from below the floor in order to accompany silent movies and is thus one of the coolest theaters I've ever had the pleasure to patronize. It eventually led to Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival happening there on a regular basis, albeit after I had moved away. Considering what's been done with/to his teachings and name, you can either say he *has* been forgotten, or that he'd probably prefer he had been. King Henry I had one legitimate child, who he declared his heir, and all his noblemen swore loyalty to that heir and their successors. When Henry died, Matilda was in Normandy, where she had property, and in her absence a bunch of the noblemen broke their vows and stuck up a big NO GIRLS ALLOWED sign and declared they'd rather follow her cousin Stephen. The resulting civil war, known as the Anarchy, is the setting for an excellent mystery series featuring Brother Cadfael of the Monastery of St Peter and St Paul in Shrewsbury, a city near the border with Wales. Cadfael fought in the Crusades and then became a sailor for another decade, seeing the world and collecting medicinal plants and knowledge of their use, before settling into a sort of retirement as the monk in charge of the gardens. His knowledge of the outside world and his keen mind help him solve a delightful series of mysteries, starting with A Morbid Taste for Bones and One Corpse Too Many. I pay you back for Die Moldau with Brother Cadfael. (And if you just can't stand to read a book, some of them were adapted for TV with Derek Jacobi in the lead, which should tell you how cool they are!) (to be continued....)