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  1. story

    I'm on my iPad. I haven't yet investigated AdBlock or equivalents on iOS.
  2. Make sure when you leave your one-star-only-because-I-can't-give-zero review on these sites, that you tell them exactly why they deserve sucky ratings. Other patients will be forewarned, and it's just possible that their failings with you will be more likely to be addressed. Just remember, a bad outcome alone could just be medicine not being perfect. It's how you were treated that's important here.
  3. story

    Wow, does that site have a lot of video ads trying to play! Do they assume everyone has optical connections now? Me, I'm hoping whenever it is Pandora resets, she'll turn into the college-student-persona from "Marker" and end up roommates with Sarah and Grace. :-)
  4. I've said for a while now, I think once the shooting is over, if Magus gets a chance to explain his situation to the main characters, they'll be only too happy to help. Given how everyone was afraid Mr. Verres would want to lock up Ellen, and he wound up helping them integrate her into the family as a twin sister instead, I suspect if Edward learns Magus's problem and the potential solution, he'll be willing to allow access to the Dewitchery Diamond, so long as he's convinced there's nothing nefarious at play any more. The only real way I can see for Magus to explain himself is either using Box as a translator, which would be a bit clunky, or if he has gotten into Elliot's body and has at least enough control to speak with them using Elliot's voice. I can definitely see Elliot allowing Magus to speak, and taking back control to ask questions and such. This is mostly a happy, cooperative, good bunch of people, I expect them to continue to be so.
  5. Which I didn't know when I posted, since that's split up among several threads and this was the first section I came to.
  6. Wow, I had only just learned about there being a Unicode for the Vulcan Salute, after a minor WikiWalk, and had it in my copy-paste ready to post here. Then I go to check today's comics, and discussions thereof....and discover that the boards won't post the unicode symbol. From Wikipedia: "in June 2014 it was added to version 7 of the Unicode standard as U+1F596 RAISED HAND WITH PART BETWEEN MIDDLE AND RING FINGERS."
  7. story

    I suspect Pandora is feeling very vulnerable right now. That's probably as much a factor in her appearing as a child right now as is the fact that Sarah only knows her in this form so far. Do Tara and Andrea know anything about how such things work on our half of the world? If even the Immortals have (deliberately) forgotten, how likely is it that it would stay forgotten if other species spill the beans so easily? Then again, we don't even know how often there's communication between the two halves of the world.....is this a weekly occurrence, or once a year, or once a decade?
  8. posterity

    Kevin & Kell isn't on there???
  9. Well, this is new. I've developed a sore spot to the side of the outer edge of my big toe's toenail. It does not seem to be an ingrown nail, as the end-of-toe edge of the nail is exposed all the way across, no sharp edges or buried corners. The redness and bulge are more toward the base of the nail. The skin there is a bit reddish, varying to purplish, and there has been some bleeding in one spot between the skin and the nail. It started Sunday, I think, and wearing shoes at work Monday wasn't too bad but it was more sore by the end of the day. I felt around and when I press the side just wrong it sometimes does feel like a sharp pain. I pulled off the scab/dried blood Tuesday after soaking it, and it seemed like there might have been a sliver so I did a very brief test fishing under the edge with a clean instrument, but did not find anything I could grab hold of. I kept my shoes off Tuesday, wore flip-flops, and it did seem less sore. Yesterday, I had work, and that means close-toed shoes, so I wore my sneakers, which have a pretty big toe box (I can wiggle them comfortably), but by the end of the day the toe was more sore. I went home to get my flip-flops before coming back to do my charts. This morning I wore sandals with a band-aid covering the sore spot, which my boss did indeed notice and comment on. After soaking my toe at lunch, I have improvised some padding around the base of the toe to keep the nail edge from rubbing or getting pressure against it. So far, wearing shoes seems to be working. There was one slightly wortying thing; there is now a very small red bump protruding from the edge between nail and skin. In a horse I'd call it "proud flesh" but I don't know if they use that in humans. Could be an overexhuberant attempt at healing. *Sigh* Now I get to decide whether to call my PCP or to try to see a podiatrist directly....
  10. Aww, nobody picked up on the reference... Coach: Pick a number. Caulfield: "Anything Goes" by Cole Porter. Coach: A number number! Caulfield: Avogadro's number. Coach: A number between one and ten! Caulfield: Pi. (Proof Caulfield would make a good genie ;-)
  11. Is it all prime numbers removed? Edit: Whoops, didn't see the next page was there. Good to know I was right! :-)
  12. "Anything Goes" by Cole Porter!
  13. Two things catch my attention here. "They were his" means multiple kids, but also uses the past tense. And exactly why do Immortals consistently choose to lie to future selves about this matter?
  14. Uh, Grace? This is Dan you're talking to. Perhaps a more effective threat would be, "We won't playfully tickle Ellen until our demands are met!"
  15. story

    "Nothing is more important than my egomania!"