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  1. Story Wednesday January 16, 2019

    Hmm, tricky situation for Grace if she doesn't want to go telling other peoples' secrets. Maybe just tell him to talk to Sarah about it, but not say why, and let Sarah decide whether to tell Sam she's got a mark too. As for Tedd, asking if she can tell a friend with a similar ability about Sam so they can meet, could backfire given how Sam was observant enough to suggest the name Tess to Tedd, and he would likely make the connection himself just from that. If they do talk, what will Tedd tell Sam about how long they've been able to transform and how long they've had a magic mark? It would be very easy to let slip that the two are not the same, opening up a whole new can of question-worms.
  2. What Are You Ingesting?

    Went to a meal with the Ethnic Dining group, to Korean BBQ. It was fun, got to grill lots of meats at the table, tried some new things. It was pretty busy, which is good for the restaurant but meant getting water glasses filked or more meat was sometimes a bit slow. There were eight of us at the table and three grilling things along it, so lots of passing things back and forth. Unfortunately about half the meat options were pork, which I don't like, and while we tried squid and baby octopuses, no one went for weird stuff like Large Intestine. ;-)
  3. Story Friday January 11, 2019

    Although, by that time she knew Magic was in danger of resetting, mostly because she'd been marking too many people, so it doesn't seem likely she would casually give out another one. Not saying she didn't make an exception, just that she'd have thought hard about the plusses and minuses. But then, if Sam was in a male body on that date, why the wave?
  4. Things You Find Amusing

    Of course, they could have used liking roller coasters, or skydiving, or joining the military or police force, or becoming a firefighter, or any of so many other ways a reduction in fear and in avoidance of dangerous situations might manifest. It was purely for titillation they chose being into BDSM.
  5. This Day In History

    Another one I knew about from being a sci-fi fan, in this case an episode of The Tomorrow People (the real one, not that CW travesty). The more recent equivalent being a supposed law that ordinary citizens are not allowed to communicate with extraterrestrials. Not actually a real law, just a very loose misinterpretation of one. Correct!. (By the Gregorian calendar it would be Monday, but that wasn't introduced until 1582.) A fw years ago in Arlington Heights, IL, a bat, which turned out to be rabid to boot, got into the the town hall, and wound up of all places in the crime lab.
  6. Story Friday January 11, 2019

    The open shirt definitely confirms for me that Sam is transformed into a physically male body now. His expression and body language in the first and second panels he's in here confirm it for me. It's smart of him to keep wearing the same shirt, just as an outer layer now -- someone with such a trademark look would draw a lot of attention if he suddenly stopped dressing that way, even if the pockets did originally serve to help mask the presence of unwanted body parts and are thus no longer needed. I expect lack of pockets in female clothing would be a big one of the many things he'd hate about having to present as female, seeing as how he's overcompensating so much! ;-) Wanna bet he's going to be ready to start snuggling and kissing on his next date with Sarah? And good thing Grace is going to let him know Sarah knows about magic, so he won't hesitate to come out to her just for fear she wouldn't believe him!
  7. This Day In History

    Is it this one? 'Cos that's definitely my favorite! I may have mentioned here before, for many years on the internet newsgroups I frequented, there was a gentleman by the name of Brian Woodcock, whose signature file at the end of his messages read, "Yes, splinterlips, that *is* my real name!"
  8. Things You Find Amusing

    A new study claims that people who own cats are more likely to be into bondage.
  9. Story Wednesday January 9, 2019

    They are if they're moving around under their own power! Yeah, if he set up the account with, say, Gil, and had to show ID to do it, then the account itself may boil down to 1) a name on a clipboard listing who has which titles reserved, and 2) any more personally identifying info may be locked in a filing cabinet (if there are credit card numbers, they are legally required to be locked up), to be pulled out only if someone fails to come in for their comics. George and Gordon may never have seen anything but "Sam Lastname" on a clipboard or box. Then Sam just has to worry about whether the one person who set up the account is present. Heck, maybe it's even Justin's uncle, or someone who doesn't work there anymore. That would kinda be ideal for Sam.
  10. This Day In History

    Yet another post to this thread that leads to fascinating info. I knew she was from a village called Domrémy but I hadn't realized that they didn't even use apostrophes in surnames in her days. Her father was a tax collector, and the only thing she asked of Charles VII in thanks for putting him on the throne was that her commune be exempt from taxes, because taxes are a burden on the people. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Name_of_Joan_of_Arc
  11. This Day In History

    I would have gone with "Isaac Asimov is born and immediately picks up a pen. He will not stop writing for over 72 years." Bu tthen, I've always appreciatee his mysteries and essays more than his robot stuff. Black Widowers FT And he was considered extremely conservative back then. These days no Republicans would even talk to him. To be fair, not only did she not do any breaking herself, it's generally agreed that she didn't know about the scheme until after the fact. Her offense was not reporting it when she found out what they had done. So that's where River's name came from! ;-) Am I the only one who read this, and wondered how murdering someone would make him Emperor and what good it would do anyone to put a dead man on the throne?
  12. What Are You Watching?

    I've been watching a lot of clips of QI on YouTube. Unfortunately, they seem to have taken down all of the actual episodes. A few seasons are on Britbox, and a few are on Acorn. Hmm, I thought Britbox had the old seasons of Doctor Who, but they only list "Specials" in their page. Wonder where they've gone now?
  13. Things That Are Just Annoying

    Someone read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and decided that Dolores Umbridge would be a perfect role model.
  14. Or Dan just said that for comedic effect....
  15. Story Wednesday January 9, 2019

    Hmm, yes, I can see how a "Sam" in a dress and Alice band might not be associated with the "Sam" who has a little soul patch beard, who just happens to be the same height and hair color. Still, it seems like a pretty big risk that someone there would make the connection!