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  1. Story Friday August 16, 2019

    There was a miniature golf place we went to when I was growing up called Putt-Putt. Yes, it han the windmills and such.
  2. Story Monday, August 12, 2018

    I'm sorry you felt pressured or targeted, that was not my intent. I was engaging in a theoretical discussion, using hyperbole to illustrate a point. Social ostracism has been shown, time and again, to be one of the worst punishments a person can face. Hence why "shunning" was so feared, and so effective a deterrent. The person I quoted (who was not you) had brought up the point of what our goal should be regarding those who commit social offenses, and I was agreeing with them. You had not addressed their point in that matter, so I wasn't seeing myself as replying to you, only to them and the overall discussion. That's the point I was replying to. Not your post, or I would have quoted you instead of them. Trying to resist the temptation to quote Magneto....that might be seen as rude....
  3. This Day In History

    Once? Hah! Amateurs....Chicago set its river on fire multiple times!
  4. Story Monday, August 12, 2018

    This, for me, is the crux of the matter. What would we want someone who has done something terrible to do? Should they dress in sackcloth or a scarlet letter, and never ever be a part of society again? Should they kill themselves because they can never, ever make up for their error? Or should they change, stop doing the terrible thing, sincerely apologize to those they have harmed, and resolve to do better, to become a force for good instead of evil? And if they can make that change in themselves, shouldn't we encourage that, instead of continuing to vilify them just as hard as if they had never changed at all?
  5. Story Friday August 16, 2019

    Y'know, it's easy to forget how literally true this is. Grace's natural form is apparently her part-squirrel form, so the form we tend to think of as "Grace" is a transformation, and she at least spends all day at school and in public in her non-antenna human form, and a lot of her time alone with friends is in human form with or without antenna. Grace really is literally transformed almost all the time. Of course, that brings up the difference between Uryuom transformation, where Grace changes forms but is not enchanted once she's transformed, and typical human magic transformations, where they are enchanted and will revert to their default form when the enchantment ends. (Except for spells like Tedd's that specifically change the default form, but that's apparently a lot rarer and harder to do....) Ellen was more nervous than Sarah was about the whole thing. I can guarantee I have never won a chess set as a prize from a golf tournament. In fact, other than Putt-Putt, I have never golfed, period. And rather like discovering just how many people don't actually have even one bookshelf with books on it, you might be surprised how many people have never owned a chess set, and indeed don't even know how to play chess. (I'm not one of them, I'm way too geeky, but I don't really know anything about chess strategy and such, so some would say I don't really know how to play, I just know how all the pieces are allowed to move. ;-) Hmm, given that what I own is actually a box that has pieces and boards for chess, checkers, backgammon, go, and a few other games, does that count as a fraction of a chess set, ir does its geekiness make it count as more than a mere chess set?
  6. Story Monday, August 12, 2018

    This is an excellent point. Elliot and Diane both made crappy comments, and both have realized they were wrong to do so. In fact, Elliot never actually apologized to Tedd, he just tried to show that he feels differently now. Diane came right out and said she was wrong to say it and she was sorry she had.
  7. Story Monday, August 12, 2018

    She's gone through a lot of growth and realization, about herself and others, since then. She's also made what seems to be a genuine sincere apology to the person she used it on. I'm with Justin -- accept the apology and forgive, unless she does it again, in which case, by all means hold the original offense against her again.
  8. The Grammar Thread

    Handy dandy rule for whether to say "she and X" or "her and X" is to remove the "and X" and see if it sounds right. "Diane stated that her would be there" doesn't sound right, but "Diane stated that she would be there" does. Therefore, "Diane stated that she and Lucy would be there." As usual, posted in the hopes of helping interested forumites improve their use of the English language, not out of any desire to criticize the poster who is quoted. :-)
  9. Story Monday, July 22, 2019

    Someone robbing a bank may intend to only use the gun to intimidate people, and plan on their accomplices doing the same, but sometimes things don't go as planned, sometimes people get shot during robberies, and the robbers don't get any slack just because they didn't plan on killing anyone. Magus is the one who instigated the whole plot; Sirleck was recruited by him and was nominally under his command. Any harm that came because of Sirleck, Magus would be legally culpable as much as Sirleck, if not moreso. Magneto's plan and characterization in the first movie was much better. How do you get a persecuted minority to not be persecuted any more? Make it so the people in power are members of that group. As the in-movie history lesson said, why did Rome stop killing Christians? Because the Emperor became a Christian. Magneto didn't want to kill anyone in that story, he wanted to turn non-mutants into mutants. He didn't know that the transformation was unstable and everyone affected might die. After the first movie established his character so well, it was really jarring to see him behave so differently in that later movie. Not saying it couldn't have been done believably, but the writer(s) just didn't lay the groundwork for it. There is a difference between bringing facts to POTUS's attention when they become relevant, and piling on an overwhelming number of facts about all branches of their duties the minute they take office. It would be quite reasonable to not bother the President with, say, the strategic value of a particular town in the border, until it becomes relevant, say by an enemy moving their troop exercises close to that town. A good leader can't do or know everything themself, they have to rely on good subordinates to bring them the relevant facts as they become relevant. We have no idea of the circumstances of the battle between Noriko and Not-Tengu. She could have been trying to kill him outright, she could have been trying to subdue him or disable him and take him in, she could have been defending innocent civilians and only injured him to the extent necessary to drive him away. We do know that Wolf refers to "the last time someone took this guy down," not to someone trying to kill him specifically. Again, in the first movie, he saw non-Mutants as potential recruits, so if nothing else, he saw them as having value that way. I'm pretty sure Magneto equated the non-Mutants who persecuted Mutants to the Nazis who persecuted Jews (and a boatload of other groups). How much empathy do you expect a Jew to have for Nazis, especially while the Holocaust is still going on? Yup, all sorts of reasons exist for a wrongful conviction to occur. Every one of them is a reason not to take an irrevocable step like execution. And of course, that august body *never* lets politics come into their decisions, never votes along party lines...oh, wait.... I agree that Arthur was only deciding whether to continue pursuing Magus, rather like the Distirct Attourney deciding whose case gets prosecuted, or the Police Chief deciding which criminals to devote which resources to finding. I don't think we can go that far; more like, he might draw the line for a "mutually beneficial deal" in a different spot than Edward would have, or Magus would have preferred. I'm curious how he'll react when he learns that Tedd isn't always a "she". I think it was more the pleasurable experience of eating, of the textures and smells and flavors of food, and the pleasure of being able to satisfy a basic biological need, not actual physical hunger. And yes, calories being burned to fuel magic may be a factor in how much food he got, but so might wanting to try several different toppings and combinations. Here's hoping his hotel room has a little fridge for storing leftovers! Definitely a case I can see where need-to-know is taken seriously. If POTUS needs to know, they'll be told, but if the lower authorities can handle things, why tell someone who might Tweet it to the whole world? I just recently fnished reading the book The Dead Zone, in which the protagonist is in a coma for four and a half years. It was written in the late 70s, so you can imagine the kinds of changes he had to adjust to. There's also Spider Robinson's short story "The Time Traveler" (one of the early Callahan's Place stories), where a man was in prison in a third world country for several years. The world he came back to was so strange to him he was almost ready to commit suicide. Things change a lot more quickly than we realize, because we're living through it one day at a time. As to whether Terra knew what happened, that is a very good question, one I hope we eventually learn the answer to. It would be interesting if she showed up to save the day. Lots of possibilities there! Hmm, perhaps involving her squeezing through a small portal that Magus can't fit through because he chose the larger masculine frame? ;-)
  10. Story Wednesday, July 31, 2019

    Yes, and in America "braces" are what goes on your teeth to straighten them, which is called just a "brace" in Britain, which would be something you put on a weak leg to help it hold your weight in America.... Hmm, true. Might be cute or might be annoying, depending how it's handled and how often.
  11. Story Monday, July 22, 2019

    Yes, and it used to be that a black man would be beaten to death if he whistled at a white woman, and a woman couldn't charge her husband with rape because she was considered to have given perpetual consent to whatever he wanted when she married him, The way it used to be usually changed to the way it is now for a reason. If nothing else, there were plenty of cases of mistaken identity, frame-ups, fabricated evidence and false witness, all sorts of things that might come out if the accused got a trial. Too many real bad guys got away with murder and worse because someone else was killed for the crime before they could get a trial. Even today, people are found to have been innocent who had already been executed, or had lost decades of their lives rotting in prison for crimes they were proven innocent of. At least if they're alive, the wrongfully convicted have a chance of proving they're innocent. Look at Magus. He committed some truly awful acts, working with an Aberration and conspiring to set other Aberrations loose in a public space surrounded by innocents; kidnapping and mental domination, body-snatching....we know he had good reasons, but what if he'd been killed in the process?
  12. Story Monday, July 22, 2019

    He didn't actually say it was over years; it may be that the moment he became an Aberration, he lost all his good intentions and any remaining empathy. I actually have just a teensy little bit of sympathy for Sirleck based on what he told of his history. Makes me think of Harry Dresden -- taking extreme measures in order to gain power for good ends, but those very measures trying to destroy all interest in those good ends. I could picture him being a well-intentioned extremist who might have had some hope of redemption if he hadn't taken that last step over the edge.
  13. Story Friday, August 2, 2019

    We also know that Fox can cast any of Nanase's spells, up to the limit of the power Fox has access to. Perhaps now the fairy dolls have the same ability? (And it's great to see you posting again! ;-)
  14. Story Monday, July 22, 2019

    To use a truth-detection spell in court, you would have to present some pretty strong evidence that a) it's reliable, and can't be fooled by self-deception, counter-spells, or magically altering someone's memory, for example, and b ) everyone present has some way of distinguishing, with absolute certainty, between an actual functioning truth spell and an illusion which would immitate the effects of one. Likewise, a truth compelling spell, if allowed, would have to be distinguishable from the caster taking control of the subject and making them say what they want them to say. The Diamond springs to mind. Athe golem would fall under self-defense and defense of others. Aware of a second or third-hand account of his story may not have the same impact as witnessing and/or talking with him directly. I agree. If Magus has even half the desire to help and protect people that Elliot has, he would probably be much happier having something positive to do while waiting to find a way back home. This is a guy who was training to combat dragons to protect cities! He does seem to mistrust the authorities here, though, so he might not accept their word that any given task was for the greater good. You're pretty qick to assume that everyone will just throw out the Constitution at the drop of a hat. I would expect there to be *some* sort of system in place, as close to normal as they can get. As I said, bench trials or a jury of their magic-using peers might work. Even for the 9/11 terrorists and Guantanamo detainees, much of the debate has been about whether they should be tried in military or civillian court, not whether they get a trial at all. So yes, if they have successfully taken Not-Tengu into custody, I expect him to receive a trial of some sort. This is, after all, EGS, where Ellen wasn't taken to a lab for study, but sent home to her family with enough prize money to pay for her upkeep, and where Grace's siblings have been taken in and taught how to use their abilities safely and eventually reintegrate into society. Expediency is a very dangerous excuse to bypass due process and constitutional protections. Who is going to object? Good people involved in the process who want to see it done right, same as always! I can definitely see there being a small number of lawyers aware of the reality of magic who are called upon to make sure the process is followed as much as possible, and that any deviations are fair ones. Again, you see a much darker view of the world than EGS has generally proven to be. Yes, with an actual active threat, force may be required, but when Mr. Verres went beyond the rules and attacked with greater force than was called for, he was disciplined for it. There is clearly a system, and good people who work hard to uphold it and weed out the bad apples who would abuse it.
  15. Story Monday, July 22, 2019

    Don't forget that Magus is undoubtedly guilty of kidnapping and accessory to kidnapping. It wouldn't surprise me if putting a spell on someone against their will counts as some sort of assault, too. Trespassing on a government facility, destruction of property, heck, grand theft auto -- they can find things to charge him with if they choose. (I almost added driving without a license but I think Sirleck did all the driving.) Of course, they may do so more as a means of leverage than with the intention of actually sending him to prison or whatever other punishment they have for magic users. Arthur didn't hear the parts of the story that were explained in the car, he only saw for himself what was caught on camera. The "much recapping" from Ellen, Elliot and Ashley may not have been complete, so he may not appreciate just how desperate a situation Magus was in. And he may be the sort of person who would believe that *nothing* justifies what Magus and Sirleck did, that Magus must pay the consequences of what he did. (As an aside, it occurs to me that Arthur may have a more positive view of Elliot and his parents than he might otherwise, because they clearly share his philosophy of supporting life he's unintentionally created.) Besides, what choice do they have but to try to find Magus? He's shown himself willing to break the law in this universe (and he likely doesn't even know what all the laws are yet), he's a powerful magic user, and he has the potential to cause a heck of a lot of trouble, whether he means to or not. If he's stuck here, it's in their best interests to find him and try to get him working for, or at least with, the DGB. They might be able to guilt-trip him into helping if they can figure out something related to the consequences of his actions that they can draft him into to start. Or, they might be able to put some sort of restriction or restraint on his use of magic -- whatever it is they plan to use on not-Tengu to keep him under wraps and out of trouble, for example. What sort of justice system could you have for magic users in this universe, anyway? Are all cases bench trials, decided by a judge? Are there enough people in the know to supply a reasonable jury pool? Do they have magic-resistant prisons, or are all punishments of the community service variety? Can you use magic on a prisoner during interrogation? If there's a Calm spell and Sleep spells, what about Anxiety or Agitation spells? Truth spells?