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  1. The Weather.

    Different location, but I've been having to keep track of when I last took Tylenol and aspirin due to some rather unpleasant cramps. Aspirin was a low dose once or twice a day, mostly for anti-clotting effect, but I needed more Tylenol than I like. Really, I don't like using any Tylenol, but the drug interaction checkers say my preferred ibuprofen might be an issue and this seems the lesser of three evils.
  2. Story, Friday May 25, 2018

    Hmm, I think I agree with Arthur....given the circumstances, that doesn't sound all that bad. I wonder how many times over that was repeated, on a smaller scale due to lack of magic build-up, elsewhere in the country? That is, people with magic revealing their powers in response to the light show etc.
  3. Where have you been going?

    This seems like a topic which, in hindsight, should have come about sooner! Yesterday, I went to the Lincoln Park Zoo, which is in the city quite near the lake. It's an hour's drive most days, each way, so I don't go as often as I might, but I got a membership which includes parking, and yesterday was a celebration of their 150th anniversary. (Why anniversary instead of birthday? No idea.) So, I made the drive, parked in the lot, and spent a good part of the day at the zoo. Lincoln Park Zoo is unusual in that it is free to enter and enjoy. They sell food and souveneirs and a few kid rides, like a carousel, but admission itself is to just walk in one of several gates, which they only have so they can close at the end of the day. The Great Apes are always a highlight, having both gorillas and chimpanzees. They're housed in very large enclosures with glass walls that give visitors a great view, even larger outdoor areas, and huge, complicated arrays of ropes and fake trees and shelves and fake bamboo and etc, which can to some extent be rearranged to keep things interesting. Since it was grey, cold, and drizzling outside, despite having the door open the apes chose to stay inside. For the 150th, the keepers did various "enrichment" activities, things done to make their lives less dull, such as making thin Jello-jigglers-type treats in the shape of the number 150 and sticking them to the glass at various heights, and draping blankets over the ropes in various places for the chimps, and putting cardboard boxes in with the gorillas to play with and destroy. The floors are covered in a thick layer of mulch thwt they can dig into if desired, and they tossed in popcorn, veggies, monkey biscuits, and a boatload of Romaine leaves, so they could all forage and have a nice salad. They moved a large display to reveal a big window into a behind-the-scenes area so we could watch a training session with the silverback gorilla. The keeper asked him to hold up a hand or foot, open his mouth, turn around and put his thigh or shoulder or back against the grating between them, and various other actions that might be needed to get a good look at and/or treat an injury. He got grape tomatoes as a reward, along with sips of juice. They said the juice is diluted so it's not so high calorie, and they give it so that they can hide medicines in it if needed. Since he does this routine every day, he's not suspicious when offered a drink of juice that's got a purpose behind it. Later on, I could see in a back corner of the chimp enclosure what was clearly a similar training session with one of the chimps. The chimps also had what looked like big popsicles of dilute fruit juice, with embedded fruit, frozen around a length of unbreakable fire hose material and hung about the enclosure. They were too cold and slippery to grab proper hold of and pull for long. While I was watching, one of the older female chimps picked up a blanket, wrapped it around a popsicle, and used the blanket to get traction and not freeze her fingers while she pulled until it came loose. She then carried them both up to a big concrete ledge, and with the ice wrapped in the blanket, smashed it against the concrete several times to break it into pieces without sending ice flying. She then shared bits of popsicle with her friends. Seemed like a very nice use of tools! Later on, one of the males tried pulling on ice without any insulation, but quickly gave up and just swung the chunk on its tether up onto the top of the ropes in that spot, and leaned down to suck on the popsicle until he got a big chunk of fruit out. The Dwarf Mongooses had a little structure built of cardboard and decorated with painted "150"s that had several layers and holes and tunnels. The zebra had a very large 150 with yummy hay sticking out of various holes. I could see remnants of some sort of 5 and 0 in the aardvark enclosure. There was what looked like bright blue remains of a pinata in the African Painted Dog area. It looks like all the keepers had fun coming up with enrichment ideas! I also got to see a display of stuff from the history of the zoo, most interesting of which to me was the doctor's bag the original first vet the zoo ever hired used to treat the various animals! They had a couple of rows of vials of various medications, hand labeled, some of which we still use today. There were old-style metal syringes and log books of the care creatures received from the first turn-of-the-century of the zoo and from the 1960s. Apparently, the bag wound up forgotten on a shelf in an office, and wasn't rediscovered until recently. I wish the weather had been nicer, for the zoo's sake; they were probably counting on a good turn-out for this event. It was definitely worth venturing out into the cold drizzle for!
  4. What Are You Ingesting?

    More veggies than expected. Yesterday I went grocery shopping at Mariano's, and they sell pizza slices. I got one "sausage" and one "italian beef", and ate the sausage one, which was exactly what you'd expect it to be. Today, I had the "italian beef" slice, which did indeed have nice big strips of beef on top. However, hidden under the cheese I identified not only green pepper bits, which I'm not fond of but can tolerate in small amounts, but also, of all things, cauliflour and carrot! I am, as a certain someone puts it, less than gruntled, although only mildly so, as the pizza was actually edible. It just was not at all what I was expecting!
  5. The Weather.

    It's been drab, grey, and chilly, with intermittent rain that runs from drizzle to steady soak just often enough to discourage going out. Didn't stop me from going to the Lincoln Park Zoo's 150th anniversary event yesterday, though! Just had to wear my raincoat and carry an umbrella. It's supposed to warm up for a few days soon.
  6. Story Monday May 21 2018

    That's a great observation, thank you for sharing it! As for Kevin, I could see him sneaking into Ashley's pocket. Or, he might (claim to) be bonded to her in such a way that removing him from her presence or vice versa would be more trouble than it's worth.... What would interest me is whether Arthur will check Ashley to see if she's a wizard, and if so, what the result will be.
  7. Things that make you MAD

    I wonder if Google, Facebook, etc. have any idea how many accounts are unique persons, and how many are pseudonyms?
  8. Things That Make You Happy

    We have a kitty someone brought in last week, not a lot of history, either he saw her get hit by a car or he found her by the road and assumed she had been. She had a pretty significant nystagmus (eyes flickering side to side) which can be a sign of head trauma, and she didn't seem to be able to use her legs properly (all four of them). She was long-haired, but not matted, and did not have a microchip. She did have fleas. She also had developed mammary glands which could express a drop of milk, meaning she was nursing kittens. I was almost ready to put her to sleep so she wouldn't suffer, but she still showed sign of some nerve connections, and cage rest and steroids aren't too expensive, so we decided to give her a chance. For three days, mostly over the weekend (and being the doctor on duty, mostly by me), she had to be syringe fed and get SQ fulids. She couldn't get into the litterbox, so she either had to have her bladder emptied out or she's end up with a wet cage to change. She showed very small improvements, just enough to keep us hoping. Well, this week, she started using the litterbox, eating tuna on her own, and eventually doing some wobbly walking. She's probably feral, but once she's being held and petted she purrs up a storm, so she may be able to adapt to life as an indoor pet cat. Aside from the lingering shadow of wondering whether her kittens were old enough to either make it on their own, or find help, she's turning into a great success story! We've named her Victoria, after Jenna Coleman's latest role (one of the techs already has a Claire, so Clara would be confusing ;-).
  9. Things that make you MAD

    Ack! Please don't give up, we need sane, eloquent, knowledgable tropers like you!
  10. This Day In History

    Happy birthday! Don't sweat it, you don't start another decade for a whole 'nother year! ;-)
  11. Story Monday May 14, 2018

    Magus had no idea what the urteronc was saying, though, only that it had attacked and thus needed to be stopped. A Battle Mage may be trained to finish off any non-sentient foes to prevent them being future threats, although hopefully they take a different tack with sentient foes, including presumably the one(s) who sent the non-sentient golems/robots/summons/etc.
  12. NP Monday May 14, 2018

    I really like that the first thing Susan does with her newfound comfort with physical contact to go show her appreciation for her employer. Tensaided has embraced her quirks, from segregating the Star Trek movies to using hand sanitizer immediately after shaking his hand. He got her to do the review show with Elliot, which opened a lot of doors for her. She's known him a lot longer than many of the Main 8 (or 9 or 12 or whatever), and it's nice to see she knows how important to her he's been!
  13. Story Wednesday May 9, 2018

    Or, perhaps Grace has gotten counseling, but it was "off-camera"....might explain how well-adjusted she is about certain things, and/or her insights into how others feel and what sort of support they need....
  14. Story Friday May 4, 2018

    https://xkcd.com/891/ (Note that you now have to add seven years to all of these....) https://xkcd.com/1686/ https://xkcd.com/1757/ https://xkcd.com/1981/
  15. Things You Find Amusing

    Sleep experts pretty much all agree we need around eight hours of sleep tonight, give or take at most an hour. Yet the sleep study at the hospital doesn't seem to expect you to be asleep before 10:30 to 11pm, and they wake you up at barely 5:00am!