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  1. The Downton Abbey marathon is interrupted periodically by pledge breaks. One of the gifts for larger pledge amounts is a set of DVDs which come with a signal pull bell, just like the ones the Family use to summon the Staff from their basement lair on the show. What's most amusing is my own reaction, in that I find myself sorely tempted. I can picture hooking it up to the doorbell, or with a wireless remote, or even running a cord from my bedroom to the kitchen or living room, just to be able to show it off to guests. Totally useless, yet fun to imagine uses for!
  2. np

    Charlotte does have manners and speech patterns that could fit an android quite well.
  3. Anyone know a good way to fake your location?
  4. Well, I did say most boyfriends.... I bought it from the Disney World gift shop after discovering I'd forgotten to pack anything to sleep in, and it was definitely labeled as either a "sleep shirt" or "nightie," I forget which. This is the same company from which I have since purchased both shackles (from the Pirates of the Carribean ride's gift shop) and "Imperial Binders" (from the Star Wars gift shop), so they are either kinkier than they let on, or more oblivious/naïve than a megacorp has any right to be. ;-)
  5. I found some videos on YouTube about homemade alcohol stoves made from soda cans, and have tried out a couple of the designs. I have now bought some Liquid Heet alcohol to try them out with, and need to figure out where and when to test them. I find that I'm now lookign at every empty can as potentially useful. ;-) I've also been learning about eclampsia and antiseizure medications (see the What Are You Watching thread), and did a webinar on cat skin diseases which was quite educational.
  6. Been watching a Downton Abbey marathon on PBS, interrupted as necessary by work and sleep. They just showed the episode where Sybil died. (It's been years, I think I'm allowed to discuss that much!) It inspired me to look up what I'd have used to treat seizures, and see what was available back then. The episode is set in 1920, and the most effective treatment for severe seizure, IV diazepam, wasn't released until 1963! The other standard for seizures, phenobarbital, was on the market by 1912, but it was only known as a sedative, not an anti-seizure medication. The doctor who discovered its anti-seizure properties was, unfortunately, a Jewish doctor in Germany (he eventually went from University Chair to Dachau concentration camp before escaping to America) and the journal he published his findings in was in German; World War I disrupted communication and further slowed the spread of this life-saving information. Apparently about all they would have had for seizures at that time would have been bromide, which has a lot of side effects, or paraldehyde, which has been used for seizures since 1882 and is still used, in some circumstances, to this day, or magnesium sulfate, which I'm not really familiar with but was apparently at least known in that era, but one source says it was another decade before it saw routine use for eclampsia. I can only assume that if Sybil had been taken to the hospital, such drugs would have been an option, but the fact that she gave birth at home would limit them to whatever the doctors had in their bags. The death scene also reminded me of when a coworker had grand mal seizure at work, with strong enough muscle contractions that her diaphragm couldn't move properly and she wasn't breathing for a short time. (People use to think epileptics stopped breathing from swallowing their tongue or the like, but that's just not true and messing with someone's mouth at a time like that is a good way to get your fingers bitten.) My friend's breathing resumed as her seizure eased, but I can really appreciate how well they portrayed Sybil's unrelenting seizure and the way she basically suffocated to death from it! It does seem that they should have shown more concern for Mary when she was pregnant, as one of the major risk factors for eclampsia is having a close relative, like a sister, who's had it. It should have frightened everyone, especially Mary and her husband! Getting off the medical tragedy, it's been fun seeing some of the early episodes, especially the first couple last night. I've caught the odd episode frequently and have seen a few several times, but I don't think I've seen the first few since my first viewing. It's also wonderful to see so many strong women characters, something TV and movies are still so sadly short of most times, and the writing is excellent. :-)
  7. And can the Pizza Teleporter have a table of random outcomes which the GM can pretend to be rolling off of, including things like the pizza landing two feet above the players' heads (or just whichever single player has annoyed the GM most recently), or arriving covered in live anchovies instead of dead ones?
  8. Then there's the Vegetarian Bugblatter Beast of Traal, which one might think would be less dangerous. However, they have a tendency to stomp on intruders until they are a fine paste and then use them as fertilizer, so.... (I think my sister came up with this one, but I am not 100% certain of that. )
  9. I have an oversized T-shirt with Tinkerbell on it which is definitely nothing most boyfriends would wear. It was sold specifically as sleepwear. I wonder how many sleep-shirts are purpose-made versus adopting oversize and/or male shirts?
  10. https://www.topatoco.com/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=TO&Product_Code=MOEN-WANDS&Category_Code=MOEN. The only wands a Magical Girl needs!
  11. This was used to excellent effect in a recent Doctor Who episode, "Hell Bent"....
  12. I think it was between classes during the day. Panel three has Elliot wearing a jacket on top of his shirt, like he'd just arrived, while panel four has him wearing just the shirt.
  13. To be fair, to be good at karaoke you have to know the piece well enough to remember all the key changes and flourishes and such. Only one or two lines are on screen at a time, so if you forget where you are in the song you could sing the wrong version of a line and then have to make an obvious switch to the right one.
  14. Need to get them all on the same phone call or email chain and get them to sort out the best timing among themselves. (And yes, I realize how difficult getting hold of even one doctor can be, let alone several at once.)
  15. Unless it was an already-existing rumor, then people who believed it would be paying attention to whether they knew where Nanase was. I'm betting Mr. Verres is smart enough to make sure the manufactured sighting occurred when Nanase was in school, too, possibly while she was giving a speech in class or something. I'm a little surprised he didn't time it for when Elliot was somewhere with more observers than just being in the hallway, too.