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  1. Most of the alphacodes supported are listed here: https://www.emoji.codes/ (obviously that doesn't list the EGS-specific Discord ones). The example sequence above is (with colons removed to avoid conversion): relaxed smile demonic_duck blush eyes tedd
  2. The title says it all. Let's start with what this is not (presently): It is not an upgrade to my interface fixes, nor does it incorporate any of their functionality. They are separate scripts. My interface fixes work entirely by injecting CSS, which could be e.g. ported to user-stylesheet managers or even potentially installed server-side as a stylesheet. Hence I wanted to keep this separate. It does not fix the graphical emote selector. It does not fix the rendering of broken emotes in existing posts. It does not convert ASCII emoticons, nor (to my knowledge) affect the forum's built-in (broken) such mechanism. I am not selling it; I do not guarantee safety, fitness or anything else. Many of these functionalities (barring the first) may appear as features in future revisions, but I wanted to get something out there promptly. So, what does it do? (Edit: all the following occur in the editor, not on existing posts) Detect shortcodes (alphacodes, colon codes) for Emoji and convert them to twemoji embeds. Detect Unicode representations of Emoji and convert them to twemoji embeds (thus avoiding posting SMP characters, which the forum blocks). Detect shortcodes from a hardcoded list of custom emotes available on EGS Discord, and convert them to embeds. Current, very early revision.
  3. http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=2152 ?
  4. Yeaaah, hence I'm using an image embed with the ASCII shortcode as alt-text. Not sure why emoji symbols are blocked, is the board limited to UCS-2 or something? Testing a Basic Multilingual Plane emoji (rare breed as they are): ☺ Edit: yup, seems we're limited to UCS-2 and the BMP.
  5. @ProfessorTomoe @Stature I am doing this for a reason. I have some code in place in my Markdown parser for handling Emoji, and I've recently managed it to produce output that the forum wouldn't reject. Basically, I just need to isolate this (IE make a version separate from the Markdown parser) and translate it to Javascript, add some glue code for the forum and I should have a working solution. How long before this I don't know, but that's what I'm experimenting with.
  6. Yes, that's what I mean by "no straightforward way of doing this yet". I was doing a very preliminary test of to what extent it was possible to embed emoji, not whether it would successfully do so automatically.
  7. Overall, but literally all I tested was the extent of the ability to embed Emoji images from an external CDN. No straightforward way of doing this yet.
  8. Testing: Edit: okay, blocks actual Unicode emoji characters (yes I know I just said "picture character(s) characters", shaddup) including in alt text, but allows embedding Twemoji images from MaxCDN. Good to know.
  9. Non-prime numbers.
  10. Thing with Windows 10, is that while the "control panel" still exists, it is rather non-obvious to get to, with most of the config being done through the unified "settings" app which doesn't provide nearly as much config ability.
  11. Load Stylesheet
  12. Meanwhile in the UK, the election votes are being counted.
  13. "I did knock." -- Pandora McPhee.
  14. Pourquoi parlons-nous en français? Car c'est … sensuel …