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  1. Story, Friday November 17, 2017

    Wasn't implying it would be, apologies if it came across that way.
  2. Story, Friday November 17, 2017

    Hmmmm… what happens if Sirleck touches the Diamond?
  3. Greasemonkey forum scripts

    @ProfessorTomoe The script itself is fine. Greasemonkey for Quantum is currently a work in progress. Meanwhile, the Greasemonkey alternative Tampermonkey, which I had already been using for these scripts on Chromium, is apparently operational on Quantum. It is closed-source, so not suitable for Stallmanist purists, but should otherwise be fine, and is what I'd recommend at least for the time being.
  4. EPUB is a collection of various XML formats plus CSS and assets in a ZIP, the text itself is in XHTML (XML-serialised HTML). A couple things in the archive must be stored first in a specific manner/order, the rest is in arbitrary order. The Kindle format is complicated by multiple versions (the MOBI format descends from PRC, AZW from MOBI, the AZW3/KF8 format doesn't but attaches as an extra record to a stub or duplicate of the text in AZW format, and I haven't the foggiest about AZW8/KFX). However, I gather the KF8 and EPUB formats to differ mainly in their container format (i.e. a AZW3 is not a ZIP).
  5. Greasemonkey forum scripts

    Not directly relevant to the emoji script but since this is the pinned thread, I thought I'd mention that I have updated my styling fixes in response to the recent upgrade. Post in the particular thread:
  6. I have adjusted the styling in response to the recent forum upgrade.
  7. Story Wednesday July 5, 2017

    To elaborate on the above for those unaware: when you log in to a site, what actually happens is that you get assigned a "session cookie", which basically contains an authorisation token which the site generated and will accept as ID for a specific user. This is instead of having to type your username and password every time you want to comment or change any preference. It will still require your password if you want to change your password, but that's to stop people who might access your computer or otherwise obtain use of your session cookie (e.g. via spyware) from then changing your password to something they know and you don't.
  8. Story, Friday June 30, 2017

    Wouldn't that be peanut butter?
  9. Greasemonkey forum scripts

    Say if I type a : followed by a D and press Space I get a forum emote, because the current version of the script doesn't override the forum emotes unless told otherwise. Now, say that I do the same, but click "editor" in that box after I'm finished.
  10. Greasemonkey forum scripts

    Bottom right, highlighted in red here:
  11. Greasemonkey forum scripts

    angry_tedd, ashley, catgirl_kitty, catgirl_sarah, cheerleadra_shrug, cool_susan, dem_abs, dem_curves, demonic_duck, diane, ellen, elliot, girly_tedd, grace, griffin_andrea, griffin_tara, justin, mall_elliot, nanase, noah, oh_snap, pink_tedd, poof, sarah, soon_grace, susan, tea, tedd, tedd_anger, tf_watch, time_to_duel, urge_to_kill, vampire_sarah, werwolf_nanase, wizard_sarah
  12. Greasemonkey forum scripts

    Current version. Changes: While the forum's default emotes are no longer interfered with automatically/aggressively, a small box has been added to the bottom-right of the screen which allows forum emotes to be changed to those used by the script, either for the editor (excluding block quotations) or for the entire page, including the editor (affecting the editor will affect the post, affecting the rest of the page will only affect how it looks to you). It is small, quite unobtrusive, harmonious with my interface fixes and can be easily dismissed (but if it's still irritating, tell me so I can remove it). Updated list of EGS Discord emotes; that is, added :noah: ().
  13. NP Monday July 3, 2017

  14. Things that make you go WTF

    Would that be the Village People then? (sees self out)
  15. NP, Friday June 23, 2017

    hkmaly linked James Cameron, not Shyamalan.