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  1. story

    I see what you did there…
  2. Both the filename dates and the title dates ore occasionally inaccurate. The date above the comic is usually the most reliable. List (not up to date) of some HTML title dates which are incorrect, amongst other things (I don't presently have such a table for filenames): http://elgoonishshive.wikia.com/wiki/User:HarJIT/Mismatch map
  3. https://danshive.tumblr.com/post/131564496057/i-really-like-the-new-diane-better-and-i-want-to
  4. Okay, UUCP addresses were before my time, although I have encountered them in the occasional old Usenet post.
  5. http://community.910cmx.com/index.php?/topic/657-forum-interface-fixes-greasemonkey-wrapped-custom-stylesheet/
  6. Apparently the top voted post about EGS on all of Reddit (Screenshot of listing: http://i.imgur.com/c6MKE25.png , not exactly SFW). Why is this the highest?
  7. np

  8. Or in general, that an editor should never do something to what you are typing or saving except in response to some deliberate action required to trigger it, unless explicitly configured otherwise by the user. I kinda wish Atom had a convenient "stop being smartarse" config option somewhere. Good thing is that, once I track down the things to disable, most of them do fully turn off when I tell them to. But I did say most (cough auto indent on paste cough).
  9. I've went through my recent posts and rehosted several images. Took me long enough to realise that was probably the problem.
  10. np

    Viruses basically-certainly would not be able to, being so reliant on the intricacies of cell function and the genome, hence e.g. bacteriophages cannot directly harm eukaryotes. So we're thinking bacteria, fungi, amoebae… which would not (initially) be adapted to parasitising the extraterrestrial life, but the extraterrestrial life would not be adapted or immunised against them [the microorganisms] colonising them [the extraterrestrials] and potentially causing harm either.
  11. Relevant comment on a relevant (old) thread.
  12. For the Google Chrom(e|ium) users: e.g. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/betternet-unlimited-free/gjknjjomckknofjidppipffbpoekiipm?hl=en (for UK and US exit nodes).
  13. Fewer, I suspect, than there are to skin a Winamp.
  14. As hkmaly suggests, the trick is basically to preserve Dan's shading as far as possible whist still attaining the desired colouration and brightness. Mainly, this amounts to significantly limiting operations on the value channel to those which don't affect the shading (applying levels/curves/gamma/contrast/etc to specific regions (usually not the entire image) is generally fine, provided this is done in such a way that it doesn't noticeably mess up the region border). The hue and sat channels are a different matter, and can even be region-floodfilled, although I didn't have to resort to that here (I do when I'm e.g. colourising from greyscale though). My first version basically made the hair and attire lighter in colour. The second shifted the focus to contrast and saturation, thus increasing brightness rather than simply lightness. The final effect on the second version was to take something closer to the first version, use the levels tool to extract only the highlights, blur the result significantly and then use it as an additive layer, with a certain tuned alpha, above what I had so far for the second image. This gives the image an additional subtle glow. Use of waifu2x beforehand is also very helpful, mainly because it makes selecting regions a lot less fiddly.
  15. Huh… Well, the current version contains no references to it that I can find, so either that's unrelated or it didn't update properly. I did neglect to bump the version number, so I have now done so. Still, I'd advise deleting the script to ensure that no older version lingers, checking that nothing of the sort still occurs, possibly clearing cache if it does (though I don't see why it would), and re-installing it from here (or, you know what, I'll just link the Gist preview in future so I don't have to keep posting updated permalinks…).