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Tom Sewell

I Dream of Technicolor

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I'm starting this thread as a place to discuss the most atypical story arc in Jeanie Bottle now that the arc is finished and we can't comment on it there. Right now I could be the royal "we" because no one else has posted anything on the Jeanie Bottle section of this forum since the day before I turned 66.

All the other arcs including the ongoing one (Story 10: I Dream of Verisimilitude) have been in the silly tradition of the Sidney Sheldon/Barbara Eden/Larry Hagman comedy, which I've loved for 52 years so far. Technicolor isn't. There's only one real gag in the entire arc, and it's in the short setup to the main narrative.

Prior to Technicolor, there was only one departure from the lighthearted spirit of the original series, this single strip in Story 4: I Dream of my Old BottleUntil Technicolor, I thought this was a throwaway, put in as an extreme example to set up the line about Jeanie putting off that world domination idea. And maybe it was. But Technicolor makes it much more. Hitler's mistress in the Jeanieverse was a bottle genie, and she was punished by away her powers, making her mortal. Which is appropriate, although it would be nice if she lost her powers before she helped her master kill millions and millions of people. And then Eva's sister Rouyaa gets punished without delay for a much less serious breach even more cruelly, and ends up as old Ms. Eden.

Now, I actually like this arc. It's got tie-ins to real historical events that are in sync, and the characters seem more like real people--one of them is clearly Sidney Sheldon, who I'm pretty sure was real, although perhaps superhuman considering all he did in his long life. But it left me frustrated because it left some things hanging, such as:

  • When and why did Jeanie and Neil go back to 1969, and what did they do there?
  • Does Ms. Eden now know what happened to her old master, and that Jeannie is using her old bottle?

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Glad you liked the arc, 'I Dream of Technicolor' Tom.

Sorry to say, I'm not going to be able to give you answers you'll like.

When and why did Jeanie and Neil go back to 1969, and what did they do there?

Oh, there's a plan there. Jean and Neil didn't appear just cause I was bored. That being said, I'm hoping to do something REALLY special that will hark back to that point. I can't tell you what, because the plan is still in the works.

Does Ms. Eden now know what happened to her old master, and that Jeannie is using her old bottle?

I will answer this one. "Does Ms Eden know what happened to Andy?" Of course. They were neighbors and friends. Does Ms. Eden ever learn that Andy was her long lost master. That will be left unanswered.

Is Jeannie the current genie in Rouyaa's old Bottle? Well, that is a strong possibility.

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Well, here we are in November and two story arcs later, in I Dream of an Escape. With this weeks' comic, Jeanie's dream of escape from Haji's harem look's like it's going to be joined by Natalie's dream of escape from federal custody. Anyway, as I warned readers on that other IDOJB forum, spoilers may follow if you haven't read as far back as I Dream of Technicolor.

First, I think there's a special reason that Ms. Eden hasn't been seen since Technicolor. She hasn't been seen much before Technicolor, but she was just a cranky old lady before Technicolor. Since then we know she was the real genie the Sixties TV show was based on, that Hitler's genie was her sister, and that Haji took away her powers and left her to die--like her sister and for far less excuse. And that Haji erased her memories of who her master was, and his memories of her. And that her former master died of old age, and that Jean took his apartment, right next to hers.

What we don't know is a lot, but C.D. let us know what he didn't let us no about Jean and Neil's visit to 1969 and what Ms. Eden now knows is important.

Here's where I cross over the line into speculation and, of course, amazing crackpot plot theories.

The lesser of the two theories I have in mind as I write this line is that Ms. Eden will provide proof to Agent Anderson that Neil/Natalie's crazy genie story is true because she can show him proof Jean and Neil were present in 1969, long before they were born. This will provide Neil/Natalie his/her/whatever Get Out Of Jail Free card, and also bring Agent Anderson help N/N look for Jean because Jean's Anderson's only hope of becoming a man again.

The greater theory is that Rouyaa/Ms. Eden has secretly had her powers restored by the Blue Djinn and is out to get revenge on Haji because now she knows her old master is dead and it's Haji's fault she never re-united with him.

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