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  1. The nobility spoke French, but they were a tiny, tiny minority. The thing is, they stopped speaking French after the end of the Hundred Years war. Hank the fourth was the first native-English speaker to reign since the Norman Conquest--that's 419 years of kings who either spoke no English at all or learned it as a second language. Now if England had conquered France and the same dynasty went on reigning, the focus of government and culture would have shifted to France the longer that went on. England would basically become to France as Scotland became to England after James VI of Scotland became James I of England as well. Anyone English who wanted to get ahead would learn French. I don't agree with all of Pratt's insights. Given that Henry VI of England (who would have become Henry II of France instead of the Henry II who was Louis IV's grandad) turned out to be a long-lived flake, the prospects of a lasting Plantagenet dynasty in France don't seem too likely. But it is a phenomenon that's been seen elsewhere, most notably in China which has been absorbing its "conquerers" for three or four millenia so far. At that time there were something like ten Frenchmen for every Englishman. The English had to play a long catch-up game, but now the English in England outnumber the French in France.
  2. story

    If they believed they'd broken the rules, that would have been enough. And that's what's wrong with the Immortal rules: They punish nice Immortals like H&D, and let loose cannons like Voltaire do all sorts of rolling around the deck.
  3. There's a very old, very classic history by Fletcher Pratt called The Battles That Changed History and if you live in Canada you can read it for free online. Or I guess if you are a student or faculty member of the University of Pennsylvania. Some libraries may still have it; I read my first copy from a library when I was in high school Anyway, Pratt rates the most decisive battle of the Hundred Years War not as one of the spectacular victories of the English (Cressy, Poitoirs and Agincourt) but the seige of Orleans. That chapter is called Joan of Arc and the Non-Conquest of France. And Pratt rates it as decisive for a reason which you probably won't guess: If England had actually permanently conquered France, it would have been absorbed by France and French culture, and we would all be French now. Talk about a close call.
  4. story

    My guess is that we'll switch to another scene on Monday, leaving us in suspense as to just what Elliot has in mind for awhile. And perhaps giving Dan time to figure out exactly what Elliot has in mind, because the most basic factoid about Immortals in this comic is that they can't be seen. Elliot has seen exactly three, plus maybe Box/Pandora/Chaos/Creepy Floating Girl on TV when Carol was interviewing Rhoda at the end of Sister II. Unless they're diverted by more vampires (a real possibility) Helen and Demetrius have been watching Elliot for a long time, but Elliot doesn't have a clue that they're doing that. Of course we don't have a clue why they're doing that. They don't have a clue. I think the most plausible reason why they remember so little is that their meddling with Susan and Nanase triggered a forced reset. Probably because of how upset Susan was because they do remember her from before, even if they don't know why. Nanase didn't seem to be upset at all about getting awakened--although she would have been concerned for Susan afterwards and she felt she had to hide her magic from her mother. Obviously Nanase is upset with them now. Anyway, they could just pop in Monday, but I think if they were going to do any popping soon, they would have done it in this episode, perhaps as a voice from an unseen source in the final panel. It's more Dan-Friday-ish.
  5. Shakespeare wrote one play about Rich the Deuce and two about the fourth Harry. Rich and Harry were grandsons of Edward III, the king who started the Hundred Years War.
  6. A reset isn't what Pandora had in mind, I think. But it was hard for her to remember the previous magic reset. That was unfortunate. It's pretty clear that the last magic reset was done to deprive something like an army of Damiens of their terrible power. Which leads me to think that maybe Noah's father and his "friends" knew something about that fire-throwing horde and were trying to re-create them to be used as super-soldiers. Anyway, if Pandora had remembered that magic could change and that a lot of magic use might have something to do with the change, she might not have dammed up Moperville and marked so many Mopervillains. Mopervillians? Well, "villain" is actually an old French word for a peasant. King Richard II is supposed to have said to his revolting peasants "Villains ye are, and villians ye shall remain!" after going back on his promises to reform the laws and taxes that oppressed them. He got away with it, but double-crossing became an habit with Rich #2, and he made one too many of them by trying to un-Duke his cousin Henry of Bolingbroke. Unlike Dick #1, Rich #2 wasn't a warrior but his cuz was. Pretty soon Cousin Harry was King Henry IV and Rich #2 was dead.
  7. np

    Factoring out the so-far hypothetical clone-beam, what I originally envisioned was Magus sort of riding Ellen's beam to possess Elliot's body. Then the Dewitchery Diamond should split off the possession as a "curse." However, this could result in another female version of Elliot with Magus' memories in addition to Elliot's. Or maybe the Dewitchery Diamond would separate the "curses" from each other and we'd get three Elliots: Elliot (the Original Series); Ellen Part Deux (Just Elliot's memories in a female body and beam magic, again); and Magus (body by Elliot.) So that would mean either one nose beep or two more lotteries fixed, plus maybe a bigger Dunkel home because they all can't fit in Ellen-Ellen and Elliot-Elliot's room. And as for Ellen's FV5 zappings wearing off, keep Vladia in mind.
  8. np

    Seems to work pretty good for Vladia.
  9. np

    Magus believes that if he can be right there when Ellen zaps Elliot, he'll get a new body. Someone has to have told him this, probably Pandora. But maybe not a new male body. Pandora did tell Magus that the Dewitchery Diamond was necessary for his revival. That might suggest that in his new female body he has to touch the DD to hive off a male version. Of course, that would leave him with a new sister, wouldn't it? One more nose beep...
  10. Well, if Magus is the Elliot of his universe (a theory I have subscribed to and may have even originated), yes, Terra is a good candidate for a Tedd. Too bad we don't know if she has purple hair. But... I just noticed. The pre-cursed version of Magus has hair that does not look like it could be brown. Or red. Or any colors except white or blond. Maybe Magic did an Ellen on him for dramatic effect?
  11. Has anyone thought that Magus might be from Lord Tedd's universe? From what little we've seen, Lord Tedd seems to live in a sort of dungeon/mother-of-all-bunkers/James-Bond-villain-secret-underground-base. Or maybe Gru's basement. Anyway, if they are from the same universe, Magus may not know about Lord Tedd or just doesn't recognize Tedd as the Moperverse's version of his home universe's Final Boss.
  12. np

    I'm wondering if Dan meant "All of Ellen's spells are canon even if the scenes aren't." If so, I suspect, just as I suspected Marker/Escape From the Mall, that there's a reason Dan decided to do this now, that reason being he wants to establish things to use in the main story. How about a spell that allows Ellen to clone a duplicate? That is, an independent copy of her target? Using it on herself, Ellen could get something like Nanase's Fox. Using it on someone else, she would duplicate that person. And maybe if it was a male person, Ellen would duplicate the Dewitchery Diamond's feat of creating an independent female version of that person--perhaps a permanent version, like Ellen herself. And that could lead to Sister IV: Quest for Nose Beeps.
  13. Do any of you realize that if you change one letter in "DGB" it becomes "KGB"? Yes, now we have the truth! This must be the new guise of the organization which brought one of the most terrifying monsters to our world... ...The San Diego Chicken!
  14. What is Tedd's ultimate dream? Making magic available to everyone. It's not even something he needs to think about, it's natural to him. Maybe that's the prospective second purpose he cannot find out without losing eligibility: Determining how magic will change. And it might not change just for humans; it might also change magic for aberrations, fairies, griffins, uryuom...certain part-alien part-squirrel girls...
  15. Actually, pygmy chimps, maybe our closest relatives genetically speaking, are incredibly promiscuous and pansexual. So, Mother Nature seems to have a different view on human non-heterosexuality as a crime against her.