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  1. Story Friday January 18, 2019

    I'm wondering if Sam knows Grace is Tedd's girlfriend? I kind of doubt it because Sam has only seen Tedd once (that we know of) and Sam didn't notice that Tedd changed genders if he's the one who sent that message to Elliot. Sarah could have mentioned Grace is Tedd's girlfriend on their not-date or over the web or even over the phone (although the phone and the web are getting harder and harder to tell from each other.) Grace probably will want to tell Tedd and Sarah that she's told Sam and why, so a get-together for the quartet sounds like a pretty good idea, possibly after Grace tells Sam something like "I really shouldn't tell you anything else about this until I talk to a couple of people."
  2. Story Wednesday January 16, 2019

    Good save. Bad idea to forget any woman's birthday, especially a woman with dragon magic.
  3. Story Wednesday January 16, 2019

    Sam says he found the note from Pandora when he woke up "two Fridays ago". Working back from current story time, Monday evening, in this comic: Saturday, two days ago: Sam ran away when he spotted Grace at the mall. One Friday ago (three days ago): Sam avoided showing up at Salty Crackers. Two Fridays ago: Found the note first thing in the morning. Went on the not-date with Sarah that evening, possibly transformed. Also that evening, magic changed. Three Fridays ago: Sam met Sarah. The earliest date for this would have been January 10th since the events in Identity took at least a week of school to play out and occur after the end of the Christmas-New Years break. So one Friday ago it had to be at least January 24th and it must be at least January 27th in this comic. I hope Dan doesn't forget Valentine's day; it might not be more than a few years away in our time.
  4. I was reading through The Secret of Sam for the umpteenth time and I came again to Grace and Sarah talking about how much Justin and Sam like talking about how bad the Star Wars prequels were. And that got me to thinking: Is that a clue that EGS is taking place before Episode VII was released? Or is this a perhaps happier alternate universe where Episode VII and (especially) Episode VIII were never made?And perhaps not Star Trek Discovery, which didn't even rate a mention in the NPs? Since EGS is a long-running comic that doesn't advance too far ahead in time, I can understand why too many references to pop culture might be wisely avoided, but I wish they weren't entirely ignored sometimes.
  5. Story Friday January 11, 2019

    That sounds like something Pandora could and would do, but I doubt if the placement of the third text box is accidental. The premise of the breast pockets is, after all, to disguise Sam's breasts. What's behind that text box? Could be: Breast pockets on the black shirt, disguising breasts. No pockets, but Sam has bound his breasts like any number of females passing as males in anime and manga. No pockets and a flat, male chest. No pockets because Sam has revealed his secret to Sarah--and neither Grace nor Ellen knows this yet. Sarah cares about Sam and would want to keep his secret unless she felt there was a compelling reason not to. It's also canon that the duration of transformations depends on what the transformee feels about that transformation. As long as the transformee likes the transformation, it's permanent. The sticker for Sam would be that some people, certainly his family, know that he's physically and biologically female, so unless he's ready to reveal his power, he'll want to be "normal" for them.. But maybe by now Sam has learned to manage his transformations, since he felt comfortable coming into the comic shop even though he was spooked by Grace earlier in the week.
  6. Story Friday January 11, 2019

    "Might suggest"? ... where was that "understatement of month" image … In the third panel of TSoS-04 Sam doesn't have his shirt-of-many-pockets on. This was in a flashback to the first date between Sarah and Sam. However, Dan "might" have chosen a significant placement for the text box containing "A tacky, terrible gift."
  7. Story Monday January 14, 2019

    How much of this did Gordon overhear?
  8. Story Friday January 11, 2019

    Very plausible' Pandora did mark Sarah and Tedd at the comic shop the same night Sarah met Sam. The open shirt might suggest that Sam actually has a male body now.
  9. Story Wednesday January 9, 2019

    But the real suspense here is: Will we actually see Gordon in the next comic? Stay tooned, as Mark Tatulli often says.
  10. Story Monday January 7, 2019

    True, and Ashley wears her ponytail on her left whereas Grace is a righty, at least in this comic. But Grace was flying around looking for Ashley as well as Elliot and Ellen, and certainly Sarah and Tedd have met her, so Grace should at least have a pretty good idea of how Ashley looks.
  11. Story Monday January 7, 2019

    Maybe got the idea from Ashley?
  12. http://egscomics.com/comic/tsos-22
  13. Story Monday December 31, 2018

    And she didn't go on further; Elliot stopped herself. Didn't need to fall off the couch. Well, I guess there's no deadline until high school is over, maybe around 2030 in our time.
  14. Story Monday December 31, 2018

    Or it might indicate that he's more up for sex when he's a she. http://egscomics.com/comic/2005-10-15 http://egscomics.com/comic/2006-01-20 http://egscomics.com/comic/2006-02-15 http://egscomics.com/comic/2006-05-31
  15. Story Monday December 31, 2018

    Grace could turn out to be right. Quite awhile ago I pointed out that Ashley could be the transitional girlfriend here. Remember that Elliot broke up with Sarah before he met Ashley because he realized how much he was attracted to Susan, and more than physically. And hasn't Elliot treated Ashley even more like a little sister who needs protecting than he's ever done with Sarah?