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  1. story

    No, she already gave Adrian that job back in An Unkindness.
  2. story

    Well, if she did come to talk to her great godson, I think she might be checking off her bucket list. That is, Pandora may have decided that she's doing so much harm to the people she cares for that it's time to reset at long last. Talking to her son tomorrow could even be the last item on her list. This theory assumes Pandora doesn't know about Sirleck and Magus' plans for tonight. That's right, tonight! We have at last crossed over into Friday. Busy day ahead. I'm calling this T Day, in reference to the naming convention started way back by Dan with T Minus the Demon Ally.
  3. story

    Tedd is enchanting one of his spell watches. Why? What's the point? He knows that even if magic doesn't reset, the watches won't work any more once the clog is removed and the excess magic drains. He's worked so hard to get this far, and now... I'm not sure Pandora intended to reveal herself, but maybe after observing Tedd making a watch that won't work soon and knowing that he knows that, Pandora decided it was time to get personal.
  4. story

    That old saw about it being impossible for bumblebees to fly came about when aerodynamics hadn't investigated the lifting qualities of moving wings sufficiently. Now we have theory that explains how bumblebees can fly without violating physical laws. Well, not quite in canon for griffins, but we do have this about bulldog dragons.
  5. story

    Edward himself said "whatever his goals might be, covering up the truth about this incident isn't among them" - he didn't said he's acting strange, he suspected him of some hidden motivation. Of course, being possessed IS one possible source of hidden motivation, but not ONLY one. That sounds nice except there is high probability the magical reset will affect former humans (therefore, aberrations) as well. And, unlike humans, it may KILL them. Maybe so, maybe not. What exactly is the jurisdiction of this Will of Magic? It kind of seems like the Will of Magic for humans, not for Uryuoms, and I suspect not for griffins. Griffins have to be magic-dependent creatures; they simply do not have big enough wings to fly without magical help. Dragons, too, or at least the ones we've seen so far.
  6. story

    Arthur's behavior has been strange, and strange by Edward's standards. Has anyone considered that he might not really be Arthur any more? There's more than one body snatcher besides Sirleck out there, and there's always the ever-popular options of possession and evil doppelgangers. As for motivation, it occurs to me that a magical reset for humans would give non-human monsters that prey on humans an edge.
  7. story

    This is how Sarah knows that Grace's history teacher Mr. Raven is a half-immortal. Which is the same link that Dan put in his commentary. See? They're worth reading at least once. Okay, I didn't click it before I looked it up. I should read the commentaries more often.
  8. He should have more doubts.
  9. Let's talk about Magus. We haven't been shown much about him, but at his very first appearance he seems like a powerful but arrogant young mage-in-training in some magical academy (note that both he and Terra are wearing the same school uniform). He uses the Bon Voyage potion--and loses his body, and is cast into our universe. This seems to happen just before Edward, Wolf, and Cranium show up to investigate an unexplained magical event, and then we get the very first appearance of Pandora in scary-little-girl form. Was she just investigating the phenomenon on her own? Or did she cause it? That potion seems very much like the magical traps the old gypsy sells in the non-canon NPs; maybe Pandora posed as a gypsy to sell Magus his cheater. What I think is that Pandora did all this not just to eventually teach Adrian a lesson but also to teach Magus a lesson. However, Abraham proved to be much more of a danger than Pandora anticipated, and she lost control. Then after she clashed with Adrian at the hospital, she concentrated on her apocalypse and maybe forgot about Magus. Now Pandora is feeling sorry for at least some of her actions, and in that move if she happens upon Magus, she just might be in a mood to give him some kind of apology, and maybe even an explanation of what she was trying to teach him. Pandora might even reveal that he's an alternate of Elliot and/or Ellen, something that Magus hasn't shown any sign of considering. Assuming this encounter is pre-battle, this might be an opportunity for Magus to attempt call off the attack, or at least to have doubts about what he's set in motion. At least to me, Magus has never seemed to be a real villain, only a jerk that needs a few figurative and perhaps literal slaps upside his head to change his ways.
  10. He went to see Sirleck right after he vowed to end her. I think the massive vampire attack is more appropriate for making Pandora over-react and reset than just getting Ellen to zap Elliot.
  11. An intriguing insight. However, Magus has an additional agenda: Ending Pandora.
  12. story

    Adblock on Chrome seems to work for me.
  13. story

    Yes, but it's a Moperville day. You know, there are signs that could point to permanent cast departures to people other than Pandora. I've said before that Ashley seems like the Transitional Girl, and as a very brave but unpowered character seems like a good candidate for the death that will push Elliot into becoming a full-time superhero. But then, while Sarah now has magic, it's not the kind that's very useful in a firefight. And she's at least as much an obstacle to Susan getting together with Elliot as Ashley. And maybe ominously, neither Sarah nor Ashley are on the cover page of Sister III. There's something else about that cover that continues to gnaw at me. Which way is Pandora facing? Alone of the seven characters on the cover (the others being Elliot and Ellen, Susan and Diane, Magus, and Sirleck), Pandora isn't given any indications of eyes. By the way her hair seems to part, she seems to be facing us. But is she? Could Sirleck actually sneak up on Pandora? Or is Pandora shielding the others from Sirleck? Another thought just bubbled up: Pandora sort of looks like she's exploding in the cover page. Is Dan actually showing Pandora resetting? Or dying? Remember that Damien blew himself up. In this case, it could be Pandora sacrificing herself.
  14. story

    I have helped with the wiki. But I don't have the fastest wifi here, so I usually rely on my own archive to look up references to give you all those nice weblinks. I'm rebuilding it after a computer meltdown last week, so if my blinding speed has been off, I hope you'll understand. I used to have nearly all of Dan's commentaries saved too, but building that up took months. Isn't OCD wonderful?
  15. story

    Don't bee silly!