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  1. Story Friday November 02, 2018

    So, another amazing crackpot plot theory turned out to be more cracked than amazing; the New World won't be totally centered on Diane. And while we're discussing various ways to mangle Justin's name, has anyone noticed that adding an "e" turns Justin into Justine? How could this been overlooked after so many genderbends in and out of canon?
  2. http://egscomics.com/comic/tlod-032 Diane still hasn't gotten Justin's name right, but she's got good intentions.
  3. Story Monday October 29, 2018

    Last names are a precious resource in EGS. I think the only characters who have first and last names besides the Main Eight are Matthew Cohen, Carol Brown, Akiko Kitsune, Adrian Raven, and Catalina Bobcat. You'd think Diane would have a last name by now; maybe by the end of this entire arc which is named after her. I'm rooting for "Holmes".
  4. Story Monday October 15, 2018

    So, will Diane start an LBGT club at Moperville South? I think she could get as many as five members right away...
  5. Story, Wednesday October 17, 2018

    An even better double date would be with Nanase and Ellen. Maybe Dan will really go with the big kiss, but Diane seems to be as unsure of her sexuality as Susan now. Maybe Diane will say something like "Okay, lets see if it works out for us."
  6. Story Monday October 15, 2018

    Okay. Diane, what do you do now? Maybe Diane will handle it a little better than Susan did here.
  7. Story, Friday Oct 12, 2018

    I'd say the most important potential witness would be Adrian Raven. I think this was the last and only time we saw them interacting before the Mall Friday night. It strikes me that this would affect him more than actually seeing his daughter use magic or knock out some jerk's teeth.
  8. Story Wednesday October 10, 2018

    That time was just ten days ago in story time. Susan and Susan's mother have exhibited similar powers.
  9. Story Wednesday October 10, 2018

    Good Tom is too busy saving puppies to unmake any virgins. Fortunately for myself, I am not Good Tom.
  10. Story Monday October 8, 2018

    I kind of thought having the silhouettes behind Diane being something more than anonymous was more interesting (and original) than an umpteenth debate about hair, But it's a free forum, and while we're on the subject of hair, doesn't Diane's hair remind any of you guys of Tiffany's helmet hair in Luann? Or, minus the free-floating topnot, Sam Manson's hair in Danny Phantom?
  11. Story Monday October 8, 2018

    It's not canon whether Nanase ever got back the hair spell she lost last spring saving Ellen from Abraham. A change in hairstyle by whatever means would seem prudent after all that flying around asking people about Ellen.
  12. Story Monday October 8, 2018

    From Panel 3, we know for sure that Lucy and Rhoda are right there listening to every word Diane is saying. But go back to Panel 2. Look in the lower right corner corner of that panel, There are three people silhouetted. They are obviously beyond Diane's field of vision. They appear to be: A tall boy with a shallow center part in his hair. A quite short person of indeterminate sex with hair in what looks like a bowl cut. A girl with bangs (maybe) and long hair. I think they might be: Justin Boy with bowl cut in the last panel of last Wednesday's comic. I really wanted to see Nanase, but the hair's wrong. Unless, of course,, Nanase got a haircut too. Grace or maybe Ellen (especially if #2 turns out to be Nanase after all) Just Lucy and Rhoda have plenty of potential to cause a memorable experience for anyone making a stupid move, but there may be two or three more heavy hitters Dan has in his starting lineup..
  13. Story Monday October 1, 2018

    All the great time travel stories are loops. Try Isaac Asimov's The Last Question, if you can find it. About 4,000 words.
  14. Story Monday October 1, 2018

    Actually I did read Jurassic Park before the movie came out. In other words, a long time ago. I don't remember the little elephant. I do remember that the guy who had the park built and got dinosaurs brought back was killed by a flock of Procompsognathus.
  15. Story Friday October 5, 2018

    There's quite a reasonable fan theory that Kim Possible has to have superpowers without her gadgets to do all those spectacular acrobatic/athletic/martial arts things--and stay alive despite taking numerous hits. Maybe that provided extra inspiration for my latest amazing crackpot plot theory: Diane is actually awakening right now. While being marked by an Immortal was certainly a helpful step, remember that Nanase wasn't marked and it's not really clear whether Helena and Demetrius actually Awakened her or simply gave her her spellbook (if they did--not in canon who did, yet) And also remember that magic has changed, minimally as far as the Will of Magic perceives it, but maybe not-so-minimally from beings who are not the Will of Magic. Could Diane have had magic all along? I think Dan wouldn't have much trouble justifying that if he makes it so. Nanase and Justin might have noticed something, but most likely if they actually watched her cheerleading. Nanase has never been shown in any athletic competition and I don't think Diane was officially a cheerleader until she told Susan at the mall. I also don't think Adrian has ever seen Diane cheerleading; he doesn't strike me as a sports fan. Dan doesn't strike me as a sports fan, either. Anyway, spectacular acrobatics at the various games would help explain why Diane is in the cheer squad despite her bad reputations. I don't know what Diane is going to do and I've decided not to share any guesses. But I do think Justin will still be around, and we're going to hear from him next week.