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  1. Story Friday March 22, 2019 Q&A#8

    Do British girls have loot in the boot? Then some in the transom?
  2. Story Friday March 8, 2019

    Blasphemy! Every Q&A is another chance to see Lisa make out with Amanda!
  3. Story Wednesday March 06, 2019

    Did Van know he had a sibling? Apparently not. Which means that Noriko didn't tell him.
  4. Story Wednesday March 06, 2019

    Magic specifically said that it would be better that Tedd should not learn he was Van's sibling until later. Now, the very first thing Van said was that his mother would cut anyone who hurt him. Sounds to me like he's really close with his mum. And if Van actually tries to keep this secret from his mother, how many of you were really able to keep secrets from your mother at that age? For that matter, how many of you can now?
  5. Story Wednesday March 06, 2019

    I don't think that fits Edward. Considering how much trauma Noriko has already caused Tedd, Edward would want to know if Noriko might be causing Tedd even more. Plus, by now Noriko should know about Van's encounter with Arthur and Tedd, would have checked with Arthur to confirm the story, and would at least thought about having a word with Edward.
  6. Story Wednesday March 06, 2019

    I wonder if Edward has told Tedd he has a brother. Don't think there's much chance Edward doesn't know.
  7. Story Wednesday March 06, 2019

    Well, the odds are against Smokey being a seer. However, considering how many improbable things that we know of have already happened in Moperville... Probably the odds are against this amazing crackpot plot theory, but doesn't Smokey seem kinda childish? We do know of one little kid who's a seer, and who has a connection with someone very close to Grace in this comic.
  8. Story Monday, March 4, 2019

    If Dan is really going to end this storyline soon, we aren't likely to find out for sure to play out the consequences here. Maybe it will end with Smokey's "civilian" form in the last comic--although Dan being Dan,, he or she may not be identified as Smokey. On the other hand, "soon" could mean "by the end of the evening." Remember how long the evening of Elliot and Ashley's first date took to play out in Dan Time? So, maybe by Easter.
  9. Story Monday, March 4, 2019

    The logical thing for them to do now is have Grace borrow Sam's form to call herself, assuming they both have their phones--of course they have their phones, even I (finally) have a smartphone (and I remember the time before touch-tone phones!). Now this means at least a couple of things: (1) Edward is going to find out about this call, and further calls, of course. (2) Grace is going go get a call from Sam while she's with Sarah. However, as to someone listening in on the other line--they'd be listening from the last century. Land lines? I think there's only been three calls on land lines in the entire canon of EGS and none of them involved Grace. Even Voltaire was surprised to actually find a pay phone. Also, I'm also old enough to have actually lived in a home with a party line when I was a kid. This was when I was living way out in rural Idaho.
  10. Story Monday, March 4, 2019

  11. Story Friday, March 1, 2018

    The way Dan has set up the Immortals, getting all or most of them to agree on anything is an extremely rare event. Voltaire was pretty clever in seeming to be sympathetic to Pandora's cause--but he left out the part that he set up the attempted murder of Pandora's son. But is that enough to get support from enough other Immortals, or the right Immortals, to change their law? BTW, has anyone else noticed that Pandora is the only Immortal we've seen changing their form? Voltaire used another voice over a phone once, and he wore a different costume one other time, but that's it. But Pandora herself said "Immortals are shapeshifters!" to the Emissary back at the beginning of Sister 3, so Volty could probably look like anyone--maybe even Smokey. I doubt that because Voltaire is vain and wants everyone to be impressed with his brilliance, and I don't think that vanity would allow him to make a convincing act of being afraid like Smokey seemed to be just before they made their exit, but still...
  12. Story Friday, March 1, 2018

    Panel two: Sam says his spell might make parties more interesting. Panel three: Grace grins, probably remembering an interesting birthday party. Panel four: Sam begins to freak out, wondering exactly why Grace is smiling. Panel five: Grace gets serious instead of saying anything about that party. ---- Anybody have any doubt that Sam is the transgender person who sent the message to Elliot?
  13. Story Friday, March 1, 2018

  14. Story Wednesday February 27, 2019

    Seems so. Still may not be that much malicious. That's why I said Smokey seems childish, not seeming to realize how dangerous playing with magic can be. Maybe they got the message from Grace's transformation, since they ran away.
  15. Story Wednesday February 27, 2019

    My morning guesses (GMT-8) are that: Smokey learned his/her smokey spell from Camdin. Camdin doesn't know Smokey's got magic, and may not even know Smokey While Smokey's all about learning neat new spells, Camdin basically wants to date Cheerleadra.