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  1. Main Monday Sep 24 2018

    Like Lucy on the day Ellen and Grace started at Moperville South, Diane's inner child calls present-day Diane "Nancy Drew", so Dan must have looked back at that comic. But in the flashback in Panel Four, while Diane is wearing the same outfit as she wore, she has stripes around both her arms, and they are straight, not zig-zag. I doubt if this is an important plot point, but I do wonder why Dan decided on the change, especially since Dan depicted Diane with only one zig-zag stripe in Justin's flashback to when Justin was outed. The starburst in panel seven isn't mirrored; Dan used two different starbursts. You can tell because the one on the right has a darker background. I'm more impressed by the very subtle streaks Dan put in the windows in the last two comics, giving the impression that they're glass, not just generic background.
  2. Story Friday September 21, 2018

    That's a thought. However, Adrian's never been shown with anything like that, unless you count the "Pimp Daddy R" that Ellen and maybe Nanase sometimes picture him as.
  3. Story Friday September 21, 2018

    Maybe this will be Monday's first gag: Diane (Eyes still squeezed shut): There is no elephant!! Familiar Voice: Elephant? (Diane opens her eyes. Adrian Raven is standing in front of her.)
  4. Story Friday September 21, 2018

    I just watched inside Out twice waiting to get my internet back before reading this comic. So, will it all become clear to Diane on Monday? Well, probably not. But maybe a three way argument between Diane, her inner child, and her inner elephant? Well, her grandma had a three-way argument with herself...
  5. Story Wednesday September 19, 2018

    No, but I have heard that you can never cross the same river twice. And I had a computer where I eventually replaced every part except the casing and the power supply.
  6. What Are You Watching?

    SPARK: Speed Machines: Clippers, on YouTube. Flying Cloud, Cutty Sark, etc. I once flew across the Pacific on a Pan Am 747 called the Clipper Flying Cloud. Built a model of the clipper ship when I was a kid, too.
  7. Story Wednesday September 19, 2018

    Lucy Lawless had a son (and she was very proud of breastfeeding him). Xena, on the other hand...
  8. Story Wednesday September 19, 2018

    Rhoda, on the other hand, wasn't an amazon in a Xena skirt.
  9. Story Wednesday September 19, 2018

    Not explicitly,, which is strange when you think of it, especially after Nanase has been out of the closet for so long now.
  10. Story Wednesday September 19, 2018

    Well, Lucy could actually be honest about her feelings to Diane. But of course, those things don't happen in EGS unless there's something like an attack by a Spider Vampire, or getting invited to Grace's next birthday party.. Or maybe a mysterious floating woman telling Lucy to do it. Adrian obviously has to come into this story in a big way, but when is another question. It's not established whether either Diane or Lucy is taking one of Adrian's classes this semester. Pandora could advise Lucy at any time from her return, but I don't see her up to marking Lucy or anyone else for awhile.Jerry reset during the last spring break, and he didn't show up as Zeus until New Year's. Pandora's "refresh" should make her recovery faster, but it's only been three days, and the last comic in Sister 3 took place at "an unknown time."
  11. Story Wednesday September 19, 2018

    But did you catch the change in expressions on the guy in panel 2 and panel 3? If Justin being outed got to be the hot gossip at MSHS, how could Diane, Lucy, and Rhoda not be tagged as the Lesbian Three Stooges? And yet Diane becomes a cheerleader? Makes one wonder about the rest of the cheer squad... Speaking of Stooge Science, it should be obvious to everyone that Diane is the Moe. Now, Lucy is actually the Shemp. I know, I know, Curly's the third stooge most people think of, but Shemp was actually in the act before Curly; Lucy was the first to connect with Diane. Shemp was the tallest, like Lucy. Shemp was also a tremendous boxing fan, and that sort of fits Lucy, doesn't it? Rhoda's the Larry, smart but not dominant or aggressive. Don't know how to fit in Charlotte yet. Anyway, poor Lucy. Rhoda made her into a third wheel, Nanase moved her to fourth, Susan made her the spare, and maybe Elliot moved Lucy into the back of the garage. We haven't even seen Lucy react yet to Diane actually hanging out with Nanase, Ellen, Grace, and even Justin. We don't even know yet if Lucy is aware of Charlotte. Lucy doesn't know about Diane's encounters with not-Tengu, the griffins, and the spider vampire. Lucy doesn't know Rhoda has magic. Lucy's so far out of the Loop here she might be in Indiana or even in Iowa. (BTW, Chigago joke; look up "The Loop")
  12. Story Wednesday September 19, 2018

    Just exactly how long do we have to wait before we see Diane kiss a girl? And will she be Lucy?
  13. Story Monday September 17, 2018

  14. Crossover with Kim Possible?!!!

    Ya think? I don't think I've seen more than two or three hundred verRONica pics so far. I wonder why Dan never did something with KP, at least a cameo. EGS and KP are both about teenagers in high school mixed in with weird and (mostly) humorous adventures.
  15. Has anyone else spotted this one on Deviant Art? Sorry I can't post the picture directly because I've used up my free limit, but I think it's worth following the link. Note that the earliest comment is from 2006; Kim is still in the original green cargo pants, and Tedd looks like he did before Grace's birthday party.