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  1. Main Monday Jul 16, 2018

    Hmm... I've been reading since 2006, so 12 years... which would be about 32% of my life. ...How much of my life I've been following EGS doesn't really surprise me all that much, but it is strange to think that 3/4ths of the comic's run has occurred since I started reading. I've been following EGS since October 2015; this is the first comic I saw. I think I probably found it looking for comics similar to I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle. I got interested in Jeanie Bottle because I was writing a story about a soldier at the end of Desert Storm who finds a bottle with a genie. Not a very big percentage of my life.
  2. Main Monday Jul 16, 2018

    Speaking of Mama Kitsune, I had a thought I'd never had before. Mama Kitsune has always seemed older to me than Noriko, but there's no reason she couldn't be younger or even Noriko's twin. If Mama Kitsune is actually Noriko's kid sister, it could give her additional motivation for friction with Noriko.
  3. Main Monday Jul 16, 2018

    Since it's now in canon that human magical talents are inherited, it would make sense for every one of the Main Eight to have at least one parent with magic or at least magical potential. From there it's a short step to parents with "jobs" such as "greeting card salesman" and "used furniture dealer". Moperville is supposed to be near Chicago, and Chicago has already had at least one very notable "used furniture dealer".
  4. Main Monday Jul 16, 2018

    So Tedd's mom is a "travel agent" and Elliot's dad is an "accountant".
  5. Story Friday June 22, 2018

    There was a joke in NATO during the Cold War that villages in West Germany were generally one kiloton apart.
  6. Story Friday June 22, 2018

    If the city is Detroit, is everyone sure it hasn't already happened?
  7. Story Friday June 22, 2018

    I just discovered that it's illegal in Chicago to fly a kite or fish while sitting on the neck of a giraffe. I wonder if this will affect the story?
  8. Story Friday June 22, 2018

    I don't think Dan has ever made it explicit whether different people see the same thing when they're reading a given spellbook. We know now that spellbooks can grow and shrink. That implies that the text and the illustrations can change. And, of course, they're magical, and we already have characters who use illusion magic (Demonic Duck and Nanase). We don't know yet that Ellen has lost any of the spells she had before Sirleck hijacked her body and Magus blew up the so-called diamond that created Ellen. Maybe she doesn't need to study them now because they've become innate. Maybe the only thing in her spellbook now is: "You don't need a spellbook," We've established that Tedd is a Wizard, that he's fully awakened--and he doesn't have a spellbook, does he? Why? Does he need one? Does Ellen?
  9. What Are You Watching?

    Which Volcano? Wikipedia lists seven movies that have been released as "Volcano". I've seen two of them, the 1997 edition about a volcano erupting in Los Angeles, and one that came out in 1969 as Krakatoa, East of Java. This was a movie set in 1883 when the actual eruption happened. It does have charm and a wonderful ship from the era when ships still had sails and engines, and the other special effects are good for its time. However, the geniuses who wrote the script didn't bother to look at any maps; Krakatoa is a small island just West of Java. There is a famous island just East of Java, but it's called "Bali". The title became Volcano for the re-release in the Seventies.
  10. What Are You Watching?

    I have a history of epilepsy going back to 1971 and I've seen this movie four times now, so your mileage may vary. However, my spoiler smells spoiled today. Possible Spoiling of the Spoiled Spoiler: Person who I thought I glimpsed may not have been the person I thought I glimpsed.
  11. What Are You Watching?

    Just finished: The Mouse on the Moon (Youtube) Just starting: This Island Earth (Youtube) These are old movies, but worth a look, especially Earth. Both were based (loosely) on novels, and I've read both novels. Mouse is the second "Mouse" movie and was based on the second Mouse book by Leonard Wibberly about the (fictional) smallest nation in the world, the Duchy of Grand Fenwick. Saw earlier today: The Incredibles 2 (third time). Spoiler (select to see): When Elastigirl thinks she's found the Screenslaver's secret hideout, she finds plans of the train that was sabotaged and the helicopter that was hijacked. Right next to the plans, pinned to a corkboard, is a photograph of the real villain smirking at her. Update 8:30 PDT (03:30 UTC) Five Weeks in a Balloon (1962) (Youtube) I saw this movie when it came out in 1962 at the Main theater in Mackay, Idaho. I was 11 years old and I thought it was lots of fun. I still do.
  12. Story Monday June 18, 2018

    Really? Nanase might disagree. Also, why has Mr. Dunkel gotten young?!
  13. Story Friday June 15, 2018

    I think I need to borrow that I'M JOKING sign from Grace. Bitcoins are another "foolproof" path to wealth in the tradition of Tulipmania, the South Sea Bubble, and Bernie Madoff. The only question I have is whether or not Bitcoins are a complete fraud or just an idea that won't work.
  14. Story Friday June 15, 2018

    Say, anyone remember that Gunsmith Cats is set in Chicago? Rally Vincent trumps NASCAR and the WWF!
  15. Story Friday June 15, 2018

    Maybe Magus is paying with Bitcoins?