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  1. Well, by her own admission Ellen isn't the sharpest pencil in the box. Although she was the one who figured out how to defeat Not-Tengu by running down the amgient energy he was using.
  2. Cranium recognized Not-Tengu from his missing eye, so someone must have been close enough and conscious to see that wound, most likely the person who inflicted that wound. Either that or someone found Not-Tengu's eye lying around after the battle. And the only thing we know about Noriko's magic is that she can summon magical weapons; we don't know if Noriko can fly. So maybe Not-Tengu was smart enough to fly away from Noriko, although it's questionable whether he would be able to see well enough or even be conscious. Losing that eye indicates that Not-Tengu's monster form has one weakness: His eyes. The Goo could just grow more eyes in its shell. And it now occurs to me that if Ellen had her flashlight spell at that time, she might have been able to blind his remaining eye with it, or for that matter, temporarily blind any opponent. Maybe Dan will realize that before he finishes his current NP arc about Ellen's powers. Losing an eye also suggests danger to that thing that kind of looks like a big walnut sitting right behind your eyes could be in danger. Not-Tengu should have at least been in shock after taking that wound, and pretty likely passed out. Too bad he didn't have an invisible force field like Greg's, although to be fair we only know that Greg's field is Jeremy-proof. I think a more likely scenario is that Noriko went to help or try to help some of Not-Tengu's victims and left him enough time to recover enough to make his escape.
  3. Perhaps the fight between Noriko and Not-Tengu occured at the Reichenbach Falls?
  4. Probably, although Not-Tengu (Dan used it himself, so it's his official name until Dan says otherwise) obviously escaped alive, so it's a fair guess that he got his own licks in. I don't think Edward would keep Noriko's death secret from Tedd unless he had reason not to. Not-Tengu's battle with Noriko seemed to be a recent event from Agent Cranium's outburst, and his defeat by Ellen and Nanase happened as little as seventeen days ago, Moperville time. Noriko could have died in hospital in the interval. If she did, Edward could also be waiting until, say, the end of the school week to tell Tedd. That said, I don't want Noriko to die and I don't think Dan will kill her off, at least yet. But Dan could surprise us all, even me, the author of a Sailor Moon fanfiction where I killed off Chibi-Usa.
  5. Pandora has decided to wait until Saturday, Moperville time, before talking to her son again. As I've said before, this could set up the classic trope of an action postponed until it will be forever too late. If Pandora waits for tomorrow, Moperville time, whatever is going to happen tonight may mean Pandora will not exist tomorrow, or at least Pandora in the form we are getting to know so well by now. There are other people Pandora might decide to visit before the big whatever coming up later. Most people in Moperville are asleep now or should be. Pandora might have been thinking of talking to Susan, but Susan was asleep. So it's something like 1 AM in Moperville in this scene. 1 AM in Moperville is 8 AM in France, assuming the MopEarth uses similar time zones to our world's. I was considering ending this post with the last paragraph, but I'm going to be explicit: I'm talking about Pandora talking with Noriko. The way that Pandora looks away from Tedd in the last panel of this comic may indicate she knows more about Noriko than she really wants to tell Tedd now, but I don't think Pandora has met with Noriko at least since she left Tedd and Edward, and maybe never before. Why? For one thing, Noriko seems to be still alive unless that's another awful secret Edward is keeping. For another, Pandora must have talked with Adrian about the situation and he would have tried to get her to leave Noriko alone. Going directly from this scene to a scene with Pandora and Noriko would be a natural transition given that we've gone from a previous scene with Pandora and Sarah to this one with Pandora and Tedd. The wand looks to me like a good scene ender, especially if Dan has special plans for the spell on that wand. Pandora doesn't seem to have any specific intelligence about Sirleck and Magus' plans for this evening and doesn't seem to have identified Voltaire as the culprit who tried to kill Tedd's friend. Again, the best evidence is that Voltaire hasn't been torn to shreds as yet. But Pandora knows Tedd is being targeted, so that wand may come in very handy before the end of the day. Why spoil the surprise for us readers now? I kind of think this hypothetical meeting between Pandora and Noriko may not be portrayed before the big whatever. Why? Because if there was ever a better time for Noriko to return than just in time for the big battle if there's going to be a big battle, I don't see it. Dan kind of pulled a similar surprise at the climax of Painted Black when Nanase returned as a fairy.
  6. In raw power, probably not. With the restraints she chooses to (mostly) follow, Pandora or any other Immortal has a much narrower scope than a human magic user. Lord Tedd's only restraints appear to be the influence of General Shade Tail and Nioi; otherwise he looks like he's already conquered his own world and plans to move on to others, wiping out potential competition from the other Tedds (I wonder if the various Tesses are included.) But we've also had evidence from Jerry, Tedd, and Pandora herself that Immortals that forget their restraints can be incredibly destructive. There is one thing humans are definitely better at than Immortals or, for that matter, Vampires/Aberrations: teaming up. If my guess is right about the "Will of Magic" being an office or an automaton set up by the Immortals, the biggest motivation for this restriction might be that magical armies could be a danger to the Immortals themselves. Hey, notice that this fits in surprisingly well with the notion of gods continually putting upstart mortals like Adam and Prometheus in their places when they get too uppity? Looking through that lens, Tedd already has a potential cadre for a magical army of a dozen or so, which we're likely to see in action before the end of this Friday, Moperville Time.
  7. MUWAHAHAHA! You fell for my brilliant plan! While you were slaving away searching for Pandoras, I was taking a nap! That said, I'm voting for more Pandora Pinups, particularly in that Playboy Kitten costume she wore in Escape From the Mall.
  8. NP, arguably (I won't count them) but I only recall one appearance of Pandora in the Sketchbook, and no pinups.
  9. Pandora just became one of Tedd's favorite people. She's a mother who's stayed by her son for centuries.
  10. I wonder if Tedd in one of his catgirl forms could talk with Jeremy. I'm also wondering what spell is going to go on that wand.
  11. Perhaps another indication that Voltaire is crazier than Pandora.
  12. Dan has made a peculiar choice to illustrate that Tedd's Dad has powerful allies when you look at this page. Arthur is saying that "the problem" could be solved "for decades" with one more incident. If Arthur has figured out or been tipped off that Tedd is a seer and what that means, then a fully operational Tedd is not what is wanted to suppress magic for decades. Perhaps Arthur is another mortal being guided by Voltaire?
  13. If Noriko had a child by Adrian, and the child is a girl, and Adrian is also the real father of Susan and Diane, that girl would be a third sister, wouldn't she?
  14. Again, we've only seen one elf, unless there are others who don't know they're elves. I can think of two candidates.
  15. I suspect Dan's conception of Pandora has changed quite a lot. My "long nap" theory is a way to justify how monstrous she was behaving back in Sister II and how much more caring and responsible she's been acting since the beginning of this arc--and how much better she behaved before Blaike's death. However, it doesn't look to me that Pandora's conflicting feelings about what she should do or not do for her son is really any different from the conflicting feelings mortal parents who love their children have. What's really causing her special problems is the conflict between the restrictions on Immortal relations with humans and her attachment to her son. Let's look at the four Immortals we've seen so far. Old Jerry was essentially like pre-Blaike Pandora: The hammers were essentially a prank, more elaborate than chicken hats, but harmless. Helen and Demetrius have set themselves a mission, and they've made two questionable decisions (using Susan and Nanase in France, and getting distracted from guarding Elliot by the vampires and not finding a way to bring in professional help, that is, Dad's Government Business. But they don't seem to be on a vendetta like Pandora's werewolf extermination campaign, so they fall between Old Jerry and Scary Pandora. Voltaire has some goal, but exactly what it is, we don't know yet. He obviously doesn't like all the restrictions Immortal law place on what he can do with mortals. But why did he inform Sirleck about Adrian? While Sirleck might take that as meaning that Helena is Adrian's mother, Voltaire knows that his mother is Pandora. Why? Because Voltaire set up Pandora with the image on Dex's amulet. Whatever Voltaire's ultimate goal is, it probably involves targeting Pandora. I wouldn't be surprised to see Voltaire to appear again. A good relationship between Pandora and Tedd probably doesn't figure in his plans.