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Comic for Tuesday, Jun 22, 2021

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I've always had problems, at least in ttRPG, that higher level monsters or characters can see through illusions with more ease than lower level creatures.  Why?  Unless they are strongly anti magical, why would they be better at it than an observant peasant or house pet?    Seems that Tedd wants this mechanic in cRPG as well.

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Invisibility, Transformation, Disguise, Illusion, Impersonation, Cloaking, Mimicry, Parroting, Parody, Somebody-Else's-Problem field

There are lots of variations on the concept

Back in the days of Tabletop RPGs it was hard enough for the typical GM to keep up with all the ways the players tried to make themselves appear inconspicuous. How much more difficult is it when playing against AIs or gaming consoles that won't allow themselves to be fast talked or bribed with pizza?

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