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  1. Story Wednesday August 21, 2019

    I've found that squatting down and pointing finger at the cat will draw them in.
  2. Story Monday, August 19, 2019

    I would hope that being hot and memories of her mother would not be in the same thought process.
  3. Story Monday, August 19, 2019

    The canon reason is she is hot as a woman.
  4. Story Monday, August 19, 2019

    Might be that he can't get to the cans with out thumbs.
  5. Story Monday, August 19, 2019

    And let's not forget that Jeremy is much bigger and stronger than most house cats. Big enough to open cat food cans by biting them.
  6. Things That Are Just Annoying

    I pulled my back falling out of bed. Got my feet caught up in the sheets and went down like a ton of bricks.
  7. Story Monday, August 12, 2018

    Don't let the players in my game here that, as they would try...
  8. Story, Aug 9th, 2019

    She's five foot four. Which isn't tall.
  9. Gold thread

    One the other hand, I know there are places that will buy smallish amounts of gold (under a pound say) with no questions asked, not even ID. Speaking from experience here.
  10. Story, Aug 9th, 2019

    Here is I agree with Nanase, there is a great deal of overlap between Cool and Sexy. And that is both.
  11. Things You Only Noticed On Reread

    Sayeth The Dan Eventually (now, I guess), I decided I needed to do another storyline, and this was the storyline I was ready to do. As such, I'm just being as vague as possible as to when exactly it takes place, and will fill in that blank later if, and only if, I decide it needs filling. Really, strict adherance to the timeline is a major hindrance for these sort of storylines. "After ____, but before _____" is about as specific as needed, with those blanks being things that have clearly happened or not happened yet. So yeah, It's just confusing.
  12. Story Wednesday August 07, 2019

    Ellen seems to miss her drinking days.
  13. Story Monday July 29, 2019

    I'm hoping this doesn't fall into foreshadowing, as I'd rather not have Yet Another Angst Teen Comic. Obsessed over their relationships, sure. Angsty about them? Would rather not read that.
  14. Things you have no idea how to feel about

    Susan, my cat, normally wakes me up around 6:30 wanting wet food. This morning? 4:30. So I put down kibble and will give her wet food around 10:00, if then. It's not like she doesn't have kibble to eat all the time, she does, but she likes it in her _small_ bowl, not the big bowl. Cat is weird.