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  1. NP Saturday, Mar 28, 2020

    Does Fable have guns? If so, why didn't the bad guys in the evil temple use them? Or is this a question not to ask and to just roll with it?
  2. NP Saturday, Mar 28, 2020

    She seemed pretty capable using fire spells earlier, though if this character is also a max level magic user, they might still be a challenge. Isn't she maxed out at every thing?
  3. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    Because I'm up and moving around and using the workstation in the living room instead of reading the interwebs on my Chromebook in bed, Explorer the Cat is hanging out in my sock and underwear box. I think that is her more or less permanent place to hang out assuming she isn't hanging out with me in bed. Once I do decide to go to back to reading in bed, all I have to say is a single "kit-kit" and she wakes up, hops out of the box and come straight to me. I'm starting to think that she might think her name is "kit kit" because I use it a lot more around her than "Explorer"
  4. NP Saturday, Mar 28, 2020

    Yeah I thought that was a cool back ground for a time stop spell. Might steal it, in concept any way, for table top gaming reasons.
  5. Story Friday March 27 2020

    I've always taken it to be a person, granted normally female, that has more power of one sort or another than the rest of the characters in the work, which is why I said if there is a Mary Sue in EGS it's Grace, not Nanase. I don't personally believe that there is a Mary Sue in EGS, but the one character that does have the largest chance of being that would be Grace or pre-reset Pandora.
  6. The Weather.

    The rain has stopped, and they are giving a 40% chance of "scattered thunderstorms". The radar seems to show that this is the trailing edge of the storm front, so we might have a nice day after all. Not that I'm going outside. I mean I wouldn't even if I wasn't under a shelter in place order.
  7. Story Friday March 27 2020

    Good point. I had forgotten about the "while like this" bit.
  8. The Weather.

    The storm seems to be over, however it's still raining a bit. EtC has settled in to her normal nighttime resting spot of on my knees.
  9. Story Friday March 27 2020

    She just said she could lift a car, she didn't say she had to morph herself to do it. Not that big of a stretch to say she had to however.
  10. The Weather.

    Spoke too soon. Having a thunderstorm now, that they say will last a couple of hours. Explorer the Cat is being extra needy right now, but not trying to go under the covers.
  11. Story Friday March 27 2020

    I would think that would have some notice in the comic aside from this reference. Well, maybe. Depends on how her flight works. That is a possibility I still think, based on "tiny" that the 4 times your weight thing is based on her fairy form. .
  12. Here is. Look! Something like plot progression. Also looks like the bad guy isn't affected by "Susan's" slow spell.
  13. The Weather.

    Now down to 20% chance of rain with a chance of thunderstorm and the radar is clear. I think that thunder I heard is all that I'm going to get.