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  1. I just woke up with the left-hand side of my head stuffed up. So, I took a pseudoephedrine and a Benadryl which means I'm going to have a weird mental state for awhile. I am less than fully gruntled by this.
  2. np

    Have Susan and Charlotte met in canon? Thinking about it, Susan, Charlotte, and Grace would make a good team. Susan and Charlotte for sciences bits, Grace for brawn. Which is not to say Grace isn't intelligent, just, well, she is mondo overpowered.
  3. Grace's super power. Calming Elliot down. Also, I approve of wavy Grace hair. And I know The Dan listen to me, due to the previous chibi debacle.
  4. Not planning on it being a long time before I have it looked at.
  5. I seem to have pulled my back out while shopping. I have too many hurty bits in the lower left quadrant of my back of late. Need to find a clinic that is taking new MediCare patients and have that looked at.
  6. Just got back from The Outback. Less than meh. Plus the service sucked, so I suspect David and I will not be returning. On the plus side, their cheese fries are actually rather good.
  7. The USSR and the Russians after that seem to get by with 3. Driver, Gunner, and Commander. They have an autoloader that replaces the loader. The western version is 4, with a human loader. The fact that almost every time there has been a battle between FSU tanks and NATO tanks the western tanks have won may or may not be related to this.
  8. I'm starting to have "tickle" in the back of my throat. I strongly suspect that I'm going to have a sore throat or even a cold within the next 12 to 24 hours. I'm off to take a proactive dose of NyQuil. I suspect I'm going to be missing most of tomorrow. [edit] Damn that red version tastes way nasty.
  9. Well yesterday, webcomic time, they did bring 3 pallets of paintballs to the field. Other than that, I think they buy paint to help Red stay in business.
  10. Trying to transfer a little under 1.5 gigs from my laptop to the tablet without a flash drive. This is taking more effort than it should. All my cloud drives are taking too long, enough too long that the tablet gives up. Doing a sftp to the laptop is slow as a slow thing going from the laptop to the tablet as it is going from the iMac to the tablet. As the last hope, I'm using Chrome to upload to my Gdrive then trying that from the tablet. #1stworldgeekproblems.
  11. An open rant to publisher, designers, and authors of role-playing game supplements: For the love of all things lawful good do the following: Hire an editor. Or at least use a mechanical one. At a bare minimum use a spell checker. Don't wrap text around images. It doesn't look cool, and it makes things hard to read. Even if you don't have an editor, have someone with normal eyesight look at your page layout to spot weird issues. Use full justification or use ragged right. Don't do both on the same page. Use the same font size for the body of your text. Don't change it mid-paragraph. When you cut and paste from one description to another, make sure you replace the item names in the description. You don't need to have a reproduction section for every species of monster or player character race. We don't need more world killers. The Tarrasque is open game content in the 3.x SRD, the Pathfinder SRD, and the 5th ed SRD. Don't need more like it. If anything, just add your special touch, like it can fly or can live in space. The f-bomb shouldn't be used as a general-purpose adjective. If you are going to use it, please restrict it to the normal sexual meaning or excited utterances. Don't toss it around like copper pieces. Speaking of copper pieces, assuming a gold piece is equal to a current US dollar is just silly. A bog standard RPG gold piece weighs 9 grams.1 That puts its value at around $360 today. No one wants to read about coprophagia. And really, no one to play a character that has that as a major part of its racial backstory. If you are trying to be gender neutral either use singular they or alternate between male and female pronouns, but don't use all three in the same paragraph when talking about the same thing. Advanced space-going civilizations will not have high-tech melee weapons. And if they do they will not be katanas. Monomolecular weapons are impossible. Stop using them Chainsaw like swords, axes, and pole arms are silly. Stop it. Shotguns don't have nearly the spread of shot you think they do. Consult this handy chart for the actual size. Learn the difference between an Armored Personnel Carrier, a Tank, and a Self Propelled Gun. Understand why multi-turret tanks went out of style in the late 20's early 30's of the 20th century. Understand why a two-person crew of an armored fighting vehicle with a main gun is a bad idea. Thank you. Signed: a person who reads way too many RPG PDF files 1Most version of D&D, to include Pathfinder, put "coins" at 50 per lb. That works out to almost exactly 9 grams per coin.
  12. This set of 4 TWB strips. 1st, establishing that Swampy has socks: 2nd: Showing that he still has socks: And this explaining what the "old socks" are
  13. Point of information. The "Dogs in Black" are not DHS, they are "nongovernmental agents" This is from the cast page. Should be able to, however adjusting the coordinance of the targeting system seems to be a little dangerous and time-consuming.
  14. If you don't mix it well the last swallow is a bit weird, I'll grant that.
  15. Oh yeah, that goes in it.