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  1. story

    Not this again. Care to throw the flight of bumblebees into the "must be magic" category as well? We just don't know enough about Griffin aerodynamics to fully appreciate how the system works. As soon as we get our hands on another griffin, we need to engage in some old fashioned vivisection.
  2. Justin, Ellen is working hard to establish her dangerous street cred. And you just had to let everyone know that none of these "Crazy Ellen" stunts were spontaneous surprises? We the bunnies know just how dangerous Ellen really can be. We've seen her training with Sensei Greg, solving mysteries, and battling monsters. But most of the people in town know her from her attempt at giving a PMS speech at MNHS and attempting to comfort a distraught Grace at MSHS.
  3. The Gong Show returns https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/arts-and-entertainment/wp/2017/06/21/abc-revives-the-gong-show-but-does-it-still-work-in-a-world-rife-with-amateurs/?utm_term=.1103421e74c6 Will anyone fill the shoes of Eugene Patton (April 25, 1932 – March 9, 2015), aka Gene Gene the Dancing Machine?
  4. Could Ellen further modify her beam effects by experimenting with different gestures? This might be the time for Ellen to learn Sign Language... Disturbing thought #9035768 - In the upcoming conflict, there will be an explosion. Someone close to Ellen will be deafened (possibly temporarily, but not necessarily). As a gesture of moral support, Ellen learns ASL along side the patient.
  5. I thought Coffee was more like breathing.
  6. story

    If Sarah knows that Adrian is half immortal, then from Sarah's limited sources, he would be the prime candidate to be the son of Box. The only other candidates from people of whom Sarah is aware are Jerry and the Immortals at the mall. Anyone else would be too distant to be of any concern to Sarah and she would dismiss that possibility as boring. http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=1811
  7. Maybe Razzberry Berets?
  8. Charlotte likes spooky stuff. From a distance. While Diane acts like she is not interested Charlotte's research, she is actually a MUCH more enthusiastic participant. Diane is excited about being changed. This does not necessarily mean that she wants to remain changed.
  9. I must engage in one of my own addictive / compulsive behaviors Waiter! What is this fly doing in my tea? The Backstroke.
  10. story

    I think Noah is the only one who built his own ark hive.
  11. weather

    We've been getting back into the Florida pattern of some rain every afternoon. Four days last week, a rainbow was visible where I was working. But only once was the Violet line distinct. I blame the FCC for taking Violets out of our rainbows.
  12. So Ellen's spell effects depend not only upon which hand she uses, but on the positon of her fingers on said hand. This could be interesting... - But now my mind betrays me. I was attempting to imagine Ellen in a situation where she needed a specific spell effect, but her arm was immobilized and her fingers were splinted. But then I thought, what horrible series of events would leave Ellen that injured in the first place? And the scenario that keeps coming back to me is Nanase and Ellen juggling bowling balls. But those two wouldn't do that. Would they? That stunt would get them banned for life from any bowling alley where they tried it.
  13. story

    Susan hugged Jerry, but he was facing imminent reset anyway so there wasn't much the other Immortals could do to him. So Box hugged Sarah. Does this officially confirm that Sarah is the most huggable member of the cast? Even more so than Jeremy? The member of the cast most likely to hug is still Grace. Edit: This comic is actually dated Sunday, June 18, 2017. Will that be a problem in the long term records?
  14. Doesn't Denmark have institutional cafeterias where dull, grey, overcooked slabs of mystery meat are the only things that they serve no matter what it may say on the menu? As long as a civilized people have that or similar outlets, the regular commercial retailers should never see the "expired" food.
  15. Demanding? Hungry? Noisy? Messy? Good grief. That's almost as bad as having me as a houseguest.