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  1. NP Wednesday August 21, 2019

    The courses were not as compartmentalized. And everything was wrapped up in what you might dismiss as Mysticism or Art. But there was a solid base of astronomy, botany, chemistry, geometry, hydrology, medicine, physics, and zoology which not only supported the pyramids, but provided foundation stones for later empires in Africa, Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome.
  2. NP Monday August 19, 2019

    If the shop teacher is younger (under 35 or still has at least 9 fingers) there is a good chance that he knows nothing of wood beyond what is available at the local big-box home improvement store.
  3. NP Wednesday August 21, 2019

    https://egscomics.com/egsnp/shs-15 For Science? This is not how we were taught Science in my school.
  4. Story Friday August 16, 2019

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2e11tPlNLnc If I remember, the Putt-Putt company made their brand name so synonymous with miniature golf that many people would refer to any miniature golf as putt-putt, even if a given course wasn't a Putt-Putt franchise. This led to a lot of litigation that only served to drain the fun out of miniature golf.
  5. Story Wednesday August 21, 2019

    This just shows that Ashley's education has large gaps. Old Possum, through the human TS Elliot, already told us everything we need to know about The Ad-dressing of Cats https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UaVMk4hXGo
  6. NP Friday, Aug 16, 2019

    Why use pure Oxygen and not ordinary air? $10,000 per pound. In the era of the Space Shuttle, the cost of launching payload into orbit was approximately $10,000 per pound. The price, proportionally, would possibly be higher back in the Apollo era. So why load up pressurized tanks full of inert gasses the astronauts did not need to breathe? There is a long tradition in almost every human endeavour of ignoring possible problems, if the preventive solution would be difficult or expensive, until after an actual disaster demonstrates the need to implement that solution.
  7. Story Wednesday August 21, 2019

    https://egscomics.com/comic/party-051 So one day Edward Verres brought home a kitten with hedgehog spines (the spiky hairs) and Tedd never bothered to ask from where it originated. If this was in Tedd's "Mute" phase, it probably was just one of many questions that simply didn't rise to the threshold of vocalization. And, as always for cats, if you actually want to be near the cat, the cat wants nothing to do with you.
  8. Story Monday, August 19, 2019

    Justin realized that Susan had no experience with cats. Thus it is possible Susan did not realize just how unusual Jeremy is.
  9. NP Monday August 19, 2019

    https://egscomics.com/egsnp/shs-14 This reminds me a lot of how Ellen would tease Elliot early on. Nothing significant will happen. This is all about making Tedd uncomfortable and watching the reaction.
  10. Story Monday, August 19, 2019

    Oy! Why did I not see this from the beginning? Ashley was prepared to expect and accept significant strangeness from the PEOPLE at the party. No one said anything about the monster pet. Ashley, Just be grateful you weren't here for "KITTY"! No, I am not providing the link. That would be almost as cruel as TV Tropes.
  11. NP Friday, Aug 16, 2019

    Are you forgetting... Kryptonite-X that gave animals super powers and created the Legion of Super Pets? Jewel Kryptonite that let Phantom Zone villains telekinetically ignite or detonate anything flammable on Earth? Pink Kryptonite that would turn Kryptonians Gay? (Yes, DC really published that story) Yes there were more... As for how Kryptonite Radiation affected Kryptonians so much more that other life forms, in my mind it seemed similar to how Carbon Monoxide is so much deadlier than Carbon Dioxide to humans. Human hemoglobin can transport Oxygen, but would chemically rather hold on to Carbon Dioxide. It is one of the most difficult things our lungs do is to coax the CO2 out to be replaced with O2. But CO binds with hemoglobin much more strongly than O2 or CO2. If CO gets into the Red Blood Cells, they won't give it up to the cells or the lungs. Kryptonians use Solar radiation to charge their cells. But Kryptonite radiation, although deadly, is absorbed by Kryptonian cells far more readily than Solar radiation. Of course, that analogy is strictly my own head cannon based on a single semester of introductory biology in the 1980s.
  12. What Are You Watching?

    Whilst browsing the Ewe Toob, I came across an early Muppet appearance on Ed Sullivan. Back when Cookie Monster was constructed with Teeth. Henson, Oz, et al reused a LOT of material in the first few seasons of the Muppet Show that they had previously performed on Ed Sullivan, Jimmy Dean, The Tonight Show, Saturday Night Live, Sesame Street, and a whole lot of variety shows, talk shows, and specials. Yet some how it seemed "Fresh" then and is still entertaining. Meanwhile, most of what is on television today is tiresome before I even see it.
  13. NP Friday, Aug 16, 2019

    Elliot has seen the Uryuom suits plenty of times. Ellen, Nanase, and Grace were wearing them when they came to rescue Elliot from the Nest. Grace was wearing the suit at the attack on the Dojo and when they responded to the New Year's Eve distress call.
  14. NP Friday, Aug 16, 2019

    First thought upon seeing the first panel was of this oldie. This comic could use a soundtrack...
  15. Story Friday August 16, 2019

    Tedd might be a girl Ok, Elliot may have revealed something that Tedd should have been allowed to choose when to tell Ashley. On the other hand, by having her mind blown before going in, Ashley may now be able to roll with the other oddities beyond the door.