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  1. No, that is an unavoidable side effect of stone carved documents. Because of the permanent nature of stone carved documents, we only allowed the carvers with the best penmanship (Chisslemanship?) to make the official records. Messages like Edward's depend upon the author's ability to write illegibly.
  2. The spiritual, social, economic, and political power of the various temple cults were supposedly dependent upon the approval of the Pharaoh, being the living embodiment of the gods (usually Ra, but others were included). In practice, various temples were usurping the Pharaoh's authority. Amenophis' plot was reclaiming the authority from the temples back to the throne by using a marvelous pretext of Monotheism. If there is only one god, then these other temples are useless. Right? If he was attempting to force a change in magic, it didn't work. The old system was back in place soon enough.
  3. So when there is a big magic reset, the available seers record EVERYTHING they can about the new system. The magic users who are able to adapt to the new system fastest put themselves in positions where they can use this advantage by silencing the seers. Other seers take the hint and stop recording their insights of the changes in magic. Although that cycle could be broken if the best seer analyzing the changes in magic was also the most powerful wizard deciding who gets to learn how to use the new magic. Another possible path to Lord Tedd?
  4. We saw him cast a detection/identification spell on Mild Mannered Elliot. And as far as I'm concerned, the Rorschach note and inexhaustible charts are magical abilities.
  5. I once had a neighbor who deliberately planted catnip in her flower garden. Then she spent the whole year complaining about how the cats were getting into her garden and tearing it up.
  6. Of course it's paperback. Hardcover first editions tend to be expensive.
  7. There is no title or author noted on the cover of that book. Of course, if the cover said "Julie Newmar's Field Guide to Feminizing Felinization", Charlotte would probably have judged the book to be too silly to be believed and passed over that volume. Once again demonstrating why one should not judge a book by its cover.
  8. Pandora and Voltaire are current personifications of Eris and Greyface? https://www.principiadiscordia.com/book/49.php Don't open if you're at work, near children, or with the hopelessly clueless
  9. Hail Eris
  10. I remember those sticky albums. They were a contributing factor to my dislike of photography as a hobby and personal / family historical archives.
  11. I'd tell more, but the most interesting people I meet are inside my head.
  12. A random speculation hit my brain while waiting for my shift to end. I know this was discussed WAAAAYYYY back before the most recent forum crash. But I still find the question intriguing. Down the road a long way, I expect Tedd and Grace to marry and have kids. It would not surprise me at all if Tedd and Grace each took a turn carrying a child nine months in the human manner. It also seems possible that they might try for one (or more) via Uryuom egg. If they chose that option, they could seek additional genetic material for their child. From whom would Tedd and Grace request genetic material? What relationship would those people have to the child(ren)? My thought is that Grace and Tedd would clearly be Mom and Momanddad to the child, so the other contributors would probably be "uncles" and "aunts" in the sense that they are close adult relatives. And the specific Uryuomco titles probably don't translate to English easily. But who would they approach in the first place?
  13. This still doesn't tell us exactly who or what must give permission for Nanase to use her Guardian form. Or for Ellen to copy that form. If divine intervention is really necessary, I would guess this is the work of The Gods of Curling.
  14. Pandora attempted to manipulate Magus and Edward into killing Abraham for petty vengeance. Voltaire attempted to manipulate Tara into killing Elliot as part of a sinister plot. Which is really worse?
  15. Would Dan switch the action away from Pandora just as she makes her 99th appearance?