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  1. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "Yay! The Human got up. I was worried about him when he fell on his butt. He says the pill he took for vertigo is working like a charm" - Explorer the Cat.
  2. Things That Are Just Annoying

    Meclizne works like a charm. I almost heard a click when it cut in. Went from feeling more than a little dizzy to more or less normal in less than 30 seconds. Still staying in bed for a while however.
  3. Things That Are Just Annoying

    I set up slowly, like I've been told to do. Didn't feel dizzy. Took one step towards the bathroom, suddenly had a down rush and fell on my butt. More or less crawled to the bathroom. Set on the toilet to do bathroom things. Slow got up and took my morning meds and a anti vertigo pill. Moved very slowly back to bed. Staying here for while.
  4. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "Thinking about the day." - Explorer the Cat.
  5. NP Tuesday February 06, 2024

    Of course she was. Had to keep that 4.0 GPA or her mother would land on her like a ton of bricks
  6. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "Playing some hide-n-sneak with The Human" - Explorer the Cat
  7. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "Gonna do some running! Then get on the desk to help The Human! Then eat and nap!" - Explorer the Cat
  8. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "Doing some bird watching!" - Explorer the Cat.
  9. Comic for Wednesday, Jan 17, 2024

    This might explain why the Emperor of the 3rd Empire of Man sits on the iridium throne1. 1Traveller TTRPG reference.
  10. NP Comic for Thursday, Feb 1, 2024

    "What was that? This requires total consecration" - Fist full of Yen
  11. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "Starting my daily run about. After I'm done with that I'll get on the desk and help The Human!" - Explorer the Cat.
  12. Things That Are Just Annoying

    Well it's not as bad as it could be. Makes me stay out of bed longer, which is something I need to do.
  13. Sketchbook January 22, 2024

    Like a said, there are positions that don't get close to food.
  14. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    Due to the fun and games I had yesterday (short version. Massive vertigo while on a bike, ended up hospital) by the time I was up for taking pictures of Explorer she went into her midday hide mode. Maybe tonight.
  15. Things That Are Just Annoying

    Yesterday sucked and not the good way 1) rode my ebike to Walgreens to get a gallon of milk. They were out. This is a total of 1.6 miles. 2) Due to it being good weather and forecast to rain over the weekend I decided to ride to Braum's, the local ice cream and dairy store. It's about 1.5 miles to the store. Got to the store. Felt a little dizzy when I got of the bike. Went in and bought 2 gallons of milk because they had 2 for $6, 3) Put the milk jugs in my backpack. I've done this several times before. Strained my right arm a bit getting the pack on. Also a common thing. 4) Started to get out of the parking lot. Felt a little trouble going out the driveway. 5) Tried to turn to the east on the side rode. 6) Ended up going west for about 10 feet and fell over. 7) Could not stand up. 8) A guy who I didn't get his name saw me fall and stopped to help. He had a pick up, so I asked if he could give me a ride home. As it happens he was going north, so it would only be 2 block side trip for it. He agreed. 9) Tried to stand up. Could not. Asked him to help me get up. Didn't help. My legs were like rubber. After a few tries I asked him to call 911 as I didn't have my phone on me. Note to self, never go out with out it. He had a conversation with the 911 dispatcher, found out the ambulance could only take me to the hospital. Decided on getting the fire rescue people 10) They show up. Ask me a few question to establish that I was functional. I answered all of them correctly. 11) They take vitals to include blood sugar level. It was a bit high and my pulse rate was high even for me. I normally have a 100-103 rate, was 125. The waited 5 minutes and took them again. They noticed that I was "sweating bullets". They were not quite sure that I shouldn't go to the hospital ED. After some back and forth we decided that I should because I still couldn't stand up. Called for ambulance. Also called police to take my bike home and put it on my porch. Would not fit in the police car, so he left. 12) Ambulance arrived. Fire guy said they would take the bike home. Got loaded on the the ambulance. Still couldn't stand up. They got me loaded on there bed thing and went to the hospital. 13) Got put in a room. Nurse comes in and takes vitals, again with blood sugar level. All about the same. Doctor comes in, asks the same questions as the fire rescue guys did. Poked and prodded me. Did the strength test where you pull on her hand. Left the room 14) About 3 minutes later a nurse come in and says the doctor says I need IV fluids. Started drip. I asked for some thing to read. She came back with a novel about Burma. I had problems holding the book up. 15) About this time I could move my legs and if I didn't have an IV, the blood pressure cuff, and the blood oxygen meter attached to me, I felt like I might be able to stand up. 16) Took me in for a CT scan. Had issues getting on the bed of the scanner. After I got back I had control of my arms enough read novel 17) After about 5 minutes after the scan a nurse came and gave me a meclizne pill, for vertigo. Legs felt normal, but I was still dizzy AF. Was left alone for 10-15 minutes. Got to page 108. 18) Was feeling more or less normal. 19) Doctor comes in and says my CT scan was normal.20) Waited a few more minutes and the nurse comes in and disconnects me from all the tubes and wires. Says I can check out. Had a copay of $37.50 Asked her about how I could get home. She reminds me that the bus stops here. Little did I know at the time that it was the last bus running for the night. 21) Waited about 20 minutes for the bus. He arrives, asks me where I'm going, then starts blasting the local rock station on the radio. He turns it down and ask me if I wanted to get off at the justice center as it's only a few blocks from my destination and would save me 30 minutes. Passed on this as it's actually 6 blocks and I didn't feel like walking that far as the destination I asked for is literally across Pine from my house. Starts blasting rock again. Good thing I like rock. 22) Got home. The bike and back pack was on the porch blocking one of the doors. I tried to open the other locked door with my key. Had trouble getting key in hole, so I curse a bit and so I moved the bike and go in the unlocked door. Unknown to me I dropped my wallet/keys on the porch. Took bike into the living room where it's normally at. 23) Got in and freaked out about my wallet not being in the pocket of my hoody. Spent 30-45 minutes looking for it. Did not find it. Decided to look on the for it in the morning as my porch light was burned out. 24) Went to bed. Tried to pick up my Chromebook. Dropped it. Picked it up. It's bricked. Cussed some more and went to sleep thinking I would look for in the morning. 25) Got up in the rain. Went out and found the wallet/keys. And how was your day?
  16. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "I'm glad you don't have a migraine any more, but I'm still not in the way! You haven't finished making tea yet. I might move when you bring the tea mug in, maybe not!"
  17. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "Glad you got out of bed. But I'm under the desk now AND your tea isn't done. Not in your way!" - Explorer the Cat.
  18. New Music Release Thread

    Not my kind of music but I played while I was doing my morning chores. It made them more pleasant. Explorer jumped on the desk while it was playing, but I don't know if that was due to her normal jump on the desk or not.
  19. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "Deciding on what else I'm gonna do after I run around" - Explorer the Cat.
  20. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "Getting off the desk by way of The Human's leg. Gonna start doing some running!" - Explorer the Cat.
  21. Sketchbook January 22, 2024

    It's possible that Fox is the person on the register. There the tail wouldn't be a problem
  22. NP Comic for Thursday, Jan 25, 2024

    They ignore age, more or less in the current version. Now for previous edition there were +/- for age. But if you really wand a TTRPG with aging, there is Traveller
  23. Comic for Wednesday, Jan 24, 2024

    Well, we knew that Mist was from the other side and we knew that he was a unicorn from the end of the NP arc that wouldn't end. What we didn't know was he's not 100% unicorn
  24. Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

    That sucks. Makes my "my knees hurt and I tripped a sprained my ankle" seem like minor issue. All I had to do was take an OTC pain med and keep off my feed for about 36 hours.
  25. Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

    My knees still hurt due to weather. I just stood up took a step and twisted my left ankle. Limped to the bathroom did bathroom things then took pain meds, limp back to bed. The universe doesn't want me to get out of bed.