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  1. Here is. Her skirt may be shorter than Cheerleadra's.
  2. Last TWB post for a while As a brony, I find this one just as amusing as hell.
  3. Hazelnut coffee, with hazelnut cream and cream. Used the last of my hazelnut cream however.
  4. Unless they like short skirts that is.
  5. I've decided to make a "mad scientist" shop/catalog for my maybe finished by the end of the year RPG. The current working name "Mortimer and Rodger's Weapons and Supplies." This means I'm going to need rules for air powered chemical delivery systems (aka paintballs). I'm also going through the back issues of TWB to find all the odd stuff that Doc and Rodger have built or had around. [edit] the total number of items in that list is 101. That does include a few things that aren't technically theirs.
  6. That is part of what makes it funny.
  7. OMG That really sucks. At least it should be getting towards the end of tree pollen season.
  8. Here is Oh goody, Writer's Block and inside jokes on video games. My cup of joy may overflow.
  9. Another "The Whiteboard" that amuses me every time I see it. I'm not sure which is funnier, Doc in panel two or Swampy with the cross in panel 3.
  10. Oh, man, don't get yourself into that situation. Did your back muscles go on you or did your quads spasm? Putting this here as a follow-up. Hip and/or back pain almost totally gone and I haven't taken any pain drugs in over 16 hours. Still get intermittent muscle spasms, but meh, can live with that.
  11. Not at the time you were posting.
  12. Only semi-related rant follows. Stop calling games "Real Time Strategy" games when they are obviously not Real Time, but in fact very much accelerated time.
  13. I'm metaphorically slapping myself upside the head. Nanase had not occurred to me as an option for pseudo-Cheerleadera. That makes sense but does violate my world view of "It's freaking new person."
  14. loving language

    Slight change to your statement. Eastern gorillas are Gorilla beringei For maximum gorilla, a Western lowland gorilla is Gorilla gorilla gorilla.
  15. So, at least one person that DGB knows and has some sort of influence on has flight as a power and possibly enhanced strength as well. They might have a disguise power as well, or someone else has disguise other as a power. Next question, when do we meet these people? And no, in my world view, it's not one of the agents we have seen so far.
  16. I got XFCE4 to play nice with other applications.
  17. Thank you. I've downloaded the latest revision, and all seems well. Bravo. I've also done this, even if I'm not running on machines that virus are a problem. It never hurts to be safe. If I've never said how good your patch is, let me say it now. It makes this forum useable. Something I am reminded of whenever I try to use on the tablet.
  18. Nope. Of course I'm either running Linux or OSX behind a fairly butch firewall.
  19. Yes, but not the good kind of Goonish. Somethingawful.com goons.
  20. As much as I don't like Writer's Block, I've got to agree with his logic. Budget beholder is acting clueless here.
  21. story

    That is to me at least, the best part of today's strip.
  22. I'm not quite sure why this bothers me as much as it does, but Rodger has it backward. You get tone, then a lock. Must be the 16S in me coming out.
  23. Just finished the 500 degrees part of a roast beef. So, yeah, beef chunks for meals for the next three or four days. [Edit] Finished cooking, just had a few slices. I think I have the rub down now. I might try fat side up next time to see what that does.
  24. Not the back. Lower down
  25. The good news is I am now stone free, at least for a while. The bad news is I had a muscle spasm last night so hard I have muscle pain on both sides of my hips. Thankfully they are responding well to my normal analgesics, as long as I remember to take them on time.