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  1. I remember, back in my youth, chocolate flavored Malt-O-Meal. Grits are close to the plain version. So I decided to try grits with my Nutella. Result, not bad, will do again, but need to add a little more for the full effect.
  2. Holy crap. I don't know what to say. I thought some of those drugs were ones you can't safely just stop taking. Does your shrink know about this?
  3. weather

    Because I am stranger than most, I will normally say "pigging like a sweat"
  4. weather

    Broken Arrow, OK Weather Observed at 6:05 pm CST Local Pollen Alert 66°F Feels Like 66° Partly Cloudy Wind E 3 mph Humidity 22% Dew Point 26°F Pressure 30.18 in Visibility 10.0 mi Warmer than the other 3 base line places I check. Not sure I like how this editor works. Meh.
  5. I just found out that there is going to be a "Gor" RPG. Yes, the John Norman series of books Gor. FATAL might have a challenger for the title of "Worse RPG Ever". And Chris Field might drop a few ranks in worse published RPG author.
  6. That was my thought as well.
  7. For the first time in many years, I have an internet connected device that has a functional GPS. Remind me not to take it with me if and when I go on a crime spree.
  8. I let my coffee get cold. I [redacted] hate cold coffee.
  9. How come I don't get that sort of result when I roll a nat 20?
  10. story

    I don't think so, mainly because she is in Egypt right now and because she seems to have a soft spot for Tedd's friends. Of course she might not be aware that Jerry is on Susan's side so she might be in defense of Susan right now. Of course The Dan is under a bridge right now, so it will be a few days before we know one way or another.
  11. weather

    We are having a thunderstorm. Oddly my body didn't give me any warning. No body aching and, thankfully, no migraine. Must not have had that much of a pressure change. Meh count this as a win.
  12. story

    That is less than optimal.
  13. So do I. Maybe if she put some short hair in her magic chest of summoning.
  14. /me gets out the list. Stops, actually pretty funny. Puts list away.
  15. Anddddd just as I got my files in order, my back goes out. [redacted]
  16. Wizards of the Coast, in their mercy, released D&D 5 as an SRD. This is cool. They released it as a PDF file, not a zillion RTF files like they did for 3.x This also cool. At least I though it was cool... What isn't cool, and is in fact annoying as [redacted] is that if you cut and paste from their PDF file, there is a tab and a ^M (carriage-return) after EACH FREAKING WORD. Thank all things lawful good some one converted the thing into Restructured Text and put it up on GitHub. I'm less than totally gruntled by needing to add yet another mark up langage to my list of things I have to use, but at least a dot rst file is just flat text. And I found a GUI type editor for is. STOP PRESS Pandoc will do a direct conversion of a dot rst file to LaTeX. Granted it wants to make a whole document out of it, but I can remove the preamble and be ready to go.
  17. np

    My recon trainer would have his water bottle checked for LSD. And use the term "What hell just happened here?1" about 2 times a minute for some time. 1 That was one of milder things he said when a trainee was less than perfect on a task.
  18. And damn did it work. The Q is one of the best sleep aids of all the many drugs I take.
  19. The Q is calling me and I shall not resist that call for I feel the cough coming for me.
  20. In postdrome. With any luck no more for a week or so, but there is a front coming.
  21. I did mention "Round Up" which is pretty effective vs poison ivy. I just hope they don't decide to take a weed whacker to it. That Would Be Very Much A Bad Thing.
  22. Why almost all my migraine medication has caffeine in it. For about 2% of the population there is the possibility of "rebound migraines" from taking caffeine, but, thank all things lawful good, I a not part of that unlucky 2% From the National Headache Foundation's web site:
  23. I got very freaking lucky. Knocked it down to "meh, I might have a headache, I don't know, maybe?" I'm not in postdrome, so it's possible that in a few hours I might be back to hating life, but right now it's a freaking win.
  24. For Reasons, I'm not getting to do my weekly shopping trips. This has resulted in me running out of liquid dairy products. To fix this I bought a pound of dried heavy cream. I added 1 teaspoon (what it said was a serving) to a mug of tea that I would normally put about 1/8th cup of milk or half and half in. Result? Tasty, but a bit to much dairy. Looks like I'll be trying a half teaspoon next time.
  25. I thought I had to go the the leasing office for a package. As it happens I didn't, but that's not why I'm posting. I took the path between the buildings, mainly so I watch the red-eared slider (Trachemys scripta elegans) in our fake pond. Saw 14 maybe 16 assuming that the two splashes I saw were a pair jumping into the pond. No gosling, but they aren't always around. The why I don't know what to feel about is the 6 foot tall poison ivy (Toxicodendron radicans) bush growing right next to the path. I told the dude at the desk and he said he would have the lawn crew look into it.