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  1. The pain issues has resolved. I have a freaking kidney stone, right kidney, feels big. I am not a happy camper. I'm also not on the device where :my_cup_of_joy_overflows: would work, but yeah...
  2. I woke up this morning feeling like I had been beaten by sticks and a mild migraine. Drugs sort of working. Bleh.
  3. Hmmm. Needed to do a reload of Firefox, but I think we have decided that is what happens any way. very much gruntled.
  4. Seriously, however, is the original smiley. The OG of Emoji as it were. |-)
  5. Hmmmm. Looks like you missed a few Key Points. :-) Good Work.
  6. Stewart Wieck, one of the founders of White Wolf died. While the Storyteller system wasn't my chosen RPG style, it was an important part of the background radiation of my life. Mr. Wieck wasn't on my face book friends list, but he was on about half my friends list.
  7. Heaven and Hell This is a duet album of Meat Loaf and Bonnie Tyler. And it's as epic as you think it might be.
  8. That depends on how you have the "advanced" setting set on you browser, of course. Back when I gave a damn about a select set of web sites, I had my browsers1 set to "do not cache, anything, any time, any where". Drove other people nuts when they tried to, oh, play a youtube video on my machine. You didn't get a video as much as a slide show. The Pointy Haired Owner once told me to turn the cache back on because I was using another machine to watch some mandatory "training" videos. When I explained why, he grunted. Next day I fond I had a 2nd machine on my desk and a note attached that I was not to muck with the settings on it. Of course it was a G4 iMac, so it wasn't that big of a win. 1I had every browser that would run on OSX Tiger loaded on that machine. Something like 15. And another dozen or so in virtual windows machines. Ah, good time. No, wait, not good. Strike that.
  9. That song always triggers "The Fighting Hamsters of Calontir" to me.
  10. Green tea. Because I'm out of sugar.
  11. The worse termination notice I ever got was when they set my email account to bounce with "Mr. Looney is no longer with the company" and killed my password. Also no notice.
  12. For this trick, I need a special keyboard and at least one extra hand. And sorry, some of you might have to leave the internet for a while.
  13. Thanks both of you. I'm in postdrome now, so life, if not good, is better.
  14. Again, not in Prof's class, but today was a bad migraine day. Not that it was that strong, just damn persistent. And only reacted about half as well as it should have to my drug ladder. Right now I'm in "under control due to drugs, but not postdrome" which, frankly, sucks. Because when the drugs start to fall off, life gets ugly. And I have 2 hours until I can take my next dose. :not_gruntled:
  15. np

    Spells aside, blonde Rhoda? Can we see more of her, please Mr. The Dan?
  16. Only because we don't have a "Things that make you rage against the heavens" thread.
  17. Wait, testing what might as well be my default OK Rage works, what about happy, happy, joy, joy? So close. How about my standard stuff? :/me: :the_list: Oh, wait There we go. :gruntled: :less_than_gruntled: :not_my_happy_face: OK @HarJIT, you see what you need to fix now Plus :my_cup_of_joy_overflows: All kidding about my mutant brain aside, good work dude.
  18. OK, that's weird. It "fixed" it when I quoted, but the original is still broken. About to try something odd.
  19. Snort. I just found out that my gift direct from Marc Miller himself Traveller Dice set have the 2-5 and 3-4 pairs reversed from a standard die. Waiting on a cpan upgrade to finish does weird things to my head.
  20. More stick poking That worked. Seems that a restart of Firefox may have been in order :mutant: Damn. Hoped that last one would go "Grrr Arrrrg" :-)
  21. Now that's weird. Pokes with stick. OK then.
  22. Seem to not be working on Firefox on Linux (ub 16.04)
  23. Fixed on edit. OK, you seem to need to restart firefox, no mater what the monkey is telling you about it being active for it to be active. Just putting it out there.
  24. And needing Lawyer, Guns and Money. He rocked hard.