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  1. NP Thursday November 25, 2021

    The pie was, in theory, home made, however it was with bought pie dough and canned filling, so really all it was "home assembled and cooked". Followed the directions on the back of the filling can more or less to the letter.
  2. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "This is my favorite box to sit on. Please put it back after you unpack it." - Explorer the Cat
  3. Appointment made for getting Explorer, my cat, fixed. Soonest they can do her is Feb 26, which is a little longer than I wanted, but I can live with that.
  4. NP Thursday November 25, 2021

    "As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly"
  5. NP Thursday November 25, 2021

    I didn't do turkey this year. Had a nice beef roast, mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus, broccoli and cherry pie. My brother and I did the cooking and my niece did the cleanup. Plus it was her apartment we were using. Had minimal leftovers, mainly beef and pie, as 3 people really can't eat a whole pie in one sitting. I'm having it for lunch and supper today.
  6. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "The Human thought he moved the box that let me get up here away. I can still jump up to the top of the bookcase with out it. I'm a jumping fool!" - Explorer the Cat.
  7. NP Thursday November 25, 2021

    This is true. I bet they all read EGS and learn about each other. Diane know that Grace was freaked out by finding out about WWII. She should know, via Rhoda if nothing else, that Grace is a pacifist.
  8. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "Don't point that flashy thing at me. I'm going to get breakfast, so leave me alone" - Explorer the Cat.
  9. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    Explorer seems to be happy a lot, just not when I have the camera out. She really doesn't like the thing.
  10. NP Thursday November 25, 2021

    Diane is blunt at times. She probably saw Grace last strip and wanted to know why Grace, of all people, was being violent.
  11. Story Wednesday November 24, 2021

    I agree with this and it seems that Arthur does as well.
  12. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "I'm not grumpy this morning. Your grumpy" - Explorer the Cat
  13. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "You haven't moved this box yet. I'm going chill out on it today" - Explorer the Cat
  14. Story Wednesday November 24, 2021

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Arthur is a good man in a difficult place. At least he knows that he is choosing evil, even if it the lesser of several evils. With each strip he is shown to be more and more like my political views.
  15. NP Tuesday November 23, 2021

    I identify more with Grace than I ever have before.
  16. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    True, but she likes boxes with in the bigger box.
  17. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "The Human need to finish the bookcase and get rid of the book box. Then he needs to get rid of the empty boxes, but leave me one or two. In each room" - Explorer the Cat. (edited)
  18. Story Monday November 22, 2021

    Yeah, but that falls into the you have to do something to get the information. If out of the blue, someones tells you a piece of classified information, you are not subject to arrest. The person that told you is however.
  19. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "The Human as made getting in the chair more trouble than it's worth. I'll nap here on the bed" - Explorer the Cat.
  20. Things That Are Just Annoying

    Based on voting habits, President Biden was elected BY the people born after 9/11/2001
  21. Story Monday November 22, 2021

    Keeping information secret isn't the same as mass arrests of people that "might do something bad because they know something". You could even make sharing the information a crime, but not, in general knowing something. Current US law is like that. It's not illegal to know about military secrets, however it is illegal to share them.
  22. Story Monday November 22, 2021

    Everybody has the ability to hurt some one or violate the rights of others. Until and unless they actively do something to violate the rights of others there isn't much the powers that be can do about it. The whole of American jurisprudence is more or less based on that.
  23. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "I'll sit on the desk for a while. Then I'm going to go eat something, then run around the house. Then I'll take a nap" - Explorer the Cat.
  24. Things That Are Just Annoying

    It was late Victorian, early Edwardian. I want to say it was build in the late 1890 but it could have been early 1900's
  25. NP Saturday, November 20, 2021

    Raiders are a subset of pirates, assuming you don't mean the military types.