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  1. Things That Are Just Annoying

    Ouch. Sorry to hear about the Chromebook—that was really adding insult to injury.
  2. Story Wednesday January 31, 2024

    Given that they specifically said “a tyrant”, they are probably looking for the most evil-seeming Royal that they can find—for their own definition of “evil”, at least.
  3. Comic for Wednesday, Jan 17, 2024

    How naive we were when we thought that CDs were physically robust enough to last for a century. If you want an analog record disc to really survive for centuries (for historical/archival purposes), then you can cut the disc out of aluminum like the Voyager spacecraft records.
  4. NP Tuesday January 23, 2024

    It is likely that transformation can change your appearance and voice to resemble a much older or younger person, but your underlying vitality/lifespan is not altered. Arthur for example could make himself look like a teenager if he chose, but it would not give him a teenager’s vitality, nor the extra fifty years of life expectancy of being an actual teenager.
  5. Other Random Comics

    For a customer service AI to hate its job, it must first be capable of experiencing the emotion of hatred.
  6. NP Comic for Thursday, Jan 18, 2024

    Based on what we have seen, the Verres’ basement is as tall as any typical residential room—no less than eight feet, based on the characters being unconcerned with head clearance even at 200% size (125% height).
  7. NP Comic for Tuesday, Jan 16, 2024

    So then we have a source for radioactive/irradiated French life forms.
  8. Comic for Wednesday, Jan 17, 2024

    “Fast forward” is still a function seen on digital videos and on Blu-Ray players, so I don’t think it is forgotten yet.
  9. Yes, but I was more referring to people’s instinct to only seek out information which confirms existing biases—we don’t want to learn the truth so much as we want to hear our own beliefs echoed. This is a “receiving end” issue, whereas the torrent of bullshit is a “sending end” issue.
  10. You can lead a horse to water, but you can not make him drink.
  11. NP Comic for Tuesday, Jan 16, 2024

    Doesn’t France lead the world in the fraction of its electricity produced by nuclear power?
  12. Comic for Monday, Jan 15, 2024

    Flat? They’re rather large, actually.
  13. Deep Thoughts

    The King formerly known as Prince?
  14. NP Comic for Saturday, Jan 13, 2024

    This is why Edward used a spell To verify that “Mild Mannered Elliot” was actually Elliot.
  15. Other Random Comics

    That reminds me of a line from M*A*S*H: Frank Burns: “I’ll be frank with you, Pierce.” To which is replied: Benjamin ”Hawkeye” Pierce: “I’ll be Pierce with you, Frank.”
  16. NP Comic for Tuesday, Jan 9, 2024

    Yeah, remember, her first reaction to seeing Elliot transform into a feminine form was to liken him to Ranma Saotome, one of her favorite manga characters, who is also a martial artist with “impossible” magical-seeming martial arts skills, whose other famous attribute is to change sex when hit by water.
  17. Comic for Friday, Jan 12, 2024

    She said “the same building as the comic shop”, so I think she means the shops on the opposite side of the building are empty, which is why she put the entrance to her pocket space there.
  18. Comic for Wednesday, Jan 3, 2024

    The good thing about gold is that it is untraceable. The drawback is that most aboveboard businesses will only accept so much without verifying your ID, so you have to spread it out across businesses in multiple cities.
  19. NP Comic for Saturday, Jan 6, 2024

    It’s all relative. This version of Nanase probably has the strength of a petite girl who does martial arts but has no magical boost, so still a bit stronger than Ashley but slightly weaker than burnt-out Nanase was.
  20. Comic for Wednesday, Dec 27, 2023

    On the next page, the stack of twenties that Hope hands to Justin looks to be four or five bills, and her change comes to $7.83, so a total of about $65 or $85 plus sales tax seems right.
  21. NP Comic for Saturday, Jan 6, 2024

    Anybody notice that de-muscled Nanase is slightly shorter than default Nanase? It seems as though she got a minor height boost from Magic, like Susan has. I would estimate her now as just above five feet (vs. five feet four as her regular height).
  22. Who in the cast has met an immortal?

    I heard it was closer to one in eighteen—counting from the beginning of anatomically modern Homo Sapiens (i.e. no other hominids like Neanderthals, etc.), there have been an estimated 125-130 billion humans, and there are approximately 8 billion currently. Including other species in the “don’t die” list becomes problematic because of predation. What did the carnivores eat if their prey all survived? And what did the prey eat if their numbers were not culled? They would produce so many offspring that they would eat all of the plants and then starve. Come to think of it, what would 130 billion humans eat on a planet that can probably only produce enough edible vegetation for 30-40 billion with pre-industrial farming methods even if all land becomes farms and all fresh water is used to irrigate them?
  23. Comic for Friday, Jan 5, 2024

    Or they should “do” Luke?
  24. NP Comic for Thursday, Jan 4, 2024

    Let’s not forget that Magic Itself likes to grant stuff based on its assumptions of what best matches a person’s nature. This would imply that it assumes that people who do strength training want to be strong, and so it grants them a magic-energy-powered strength boost. Also, Super Magical Wizard Nanase-chan is cute and needs to be in a Sketchbook.
  25. Comic for Wednesday, Jan 3, 2024

    Again, Pandora had numerous methods of acquiring wealth without engaging in fraud, including selling precious materials (as our invading Uruyom group has), or playing the stock market. I don’t doubt that she kept at least one alias for the purpose of having a legal identity that could own property and engage in legally-binding contracts.