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  1. Yes. Meanwhile, makeup that completely covers the person's natural appearance just screams "I am ashamed of my natural face" to people.
  2. Hmm, Sith Founders. Both Sith and Founders have a core philosophy based upon dominating and exploiting everyone that they can, along with contempt for those whom they dominate as being "inferior", so yes I can see the Founders adopting Sith philosophy if they are capable of becoming Force-users. On another note, in the fifth panel of http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=1095 if you look close at Principal Verruckt's head, you can see the dividing line between his actual hair and the toupee.
  3. Well, perhaps "People with the better collections of weapons". There is a quality vs. quantity trade-off, unless the quality difference is extreme (e.g. the short period in which the USA had nuclear monopoly). During the Cold War, the USA fielded higher-quality weapons, and the USSR countered by fielding greater numbers of weapons: enough infantry and armored vehicles that it was a foregone conclusion that in a war, they would be able to seize West Germany all the way to the Fulda Gap before NATO could even react. As for the gold, well, unless the soldiers/warriors are getting all of their supplies and pay via looting, then somebody is paying for them, and the guys who write the paychecks would be the ones pulling the strings and hence making the rules.
  4. Oh, that's something I had overlooked. Nanase had dated a lot of guys before Elliot, and changed guys frequently, which is probably where Susan got the whole "Nanase is a slut" thing from.
  5. Well, considering that most shapes OTHER than a flat rectangle with a screen would seem pretty dumb given that we already use rectangular shapes for almost all of our display screens . . .
  6. Me neither, but I don't think I've ever been NOT sweating since high school, no matter how cold the temperature . . .
  7. Well, any magical elements may have been expunged from all "official" histories in the regular EGS world, given that from the 18th century onward the policy of most governments seems to have been to convince the general population that magic is fictional. Thus, the whole part about the attacking army planning to use fire spells and whatnot would have been covered up. Hmm, a random thought: what if firearms had been originally developed specifically to substitute for the lost battle magics?
  8. Ooh, you grow your own chives? Nice.
  9. Wasn't it said somewhere that several percent of the modern population of Eurasia are PERSONALLY descended from Ghengis Khan? It is quite possible that, given enough centuries, a single individual's genes can permeate at least one major racial group (barring such barriers as the total lack of intermixing between Eurasians and American Indians before the 16th century and between Eurasians and Aboriginal Australians before the 18th century).
  10. Hmm, descended from what now? Perhaps the "lie" is the bit about Elves being unable to reproduce, and the reality is that they can breed under certain circumstances? (they apparently can't simply sleep with just any mortal human--either the human needs some particular attribute, or else some certain thing must be done to ensure offspring) By this I mean that all naturally-born Wizards/Affinities would have some fraction of "Fairy" genes in them . . .
  11. np

    I think that Dan is trying to slip in a couple of extra changes outside of the ones that he is calling our attention to.
  12. That's a good point--the chemistry teacher's reaction to hearing that the Goo had come to life was not disbelief, but rather a facepalm, implying that headache-inducing antics were less of a novelty and more of an ongoing annoyance.
  13. I am unfamiliar with this Frank Miller, and my attempts at Googling have given me several dozen different men by that name. Does anybody have a reference that I could look up?
  14. Isn't "so many ideas that you can't make order out of the chaos" pretty much the definition of Writer's Sphere?
  15. Yes, because it's impossible to do things with today's technology that the technology of fifty years ago could not do. In that case, the Web, desktop computers, and smartphones don't exist.