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  1. Especially the EGS-themed smileys that users have made and contributed to the community.
  2. No, but it is very common with real-life identical twins for their dominant hand to be mirrored.
  3. np

    Sugar-free Shrink Soda? Anyway, I wonder if Ellen's beam will work in reverse and let her enlarge a target to double size as well.
  4. The Kitsunes seem to be a bit too pureblooded Japanese for Adrian to be in their ancestry. For example, that they speak Japanese fluently at home implies that they haven't been living in America for too many generations--Nanase's great-grandparents may have come over as young adults after WWII. I doubt that the majority of their ancestors were in America before the passing of the various Oriental Exclusion Acts early in the 20th century.
  5. Well, it was Elliot who got the Supergirl spell. Now, if this spell allowed Ellen to emit colorful light and not just white light, then it would be a Green Lantern spell as well . . .
  6. Most do, but those who don't are still fully capable of making other people's lives unpleasant.
  7. Someone might also want to steal your computer just to harass you--when I was in high school, students would steal each other's textbooks and homework and whatnot just to laugh at the victim's misfortune.
  8. Yeah, but Sam would be at least the third boy to whom Sarah has felt attracted who has a female body at least part of the time...
  9. We'd invent teleport blockers to prevent burglary, not just for privacy.
  10. I agree--it has probably been many years since Pandora has had anybody besides her son showing honest concern for her as a person instead of just thinking of her in terms of her being a potentially-dangerous-potentially-useful Fae/Immortal.
  11. A law student, perhaps?
  12. She turned me into a newt! . . . . . . . I got better.
  13. 3rd? It involves quartering soldiers in your home?
  14. Running theaters like that would probably require that they acquire the rights to show entire libraries of films similar to how streaming services like Netflix, etc. function. The current financial paradigm is that the theaters pay high amounts of money per title. It is likely that the existing paradigm will remain in place for "new" films (e.g. those released within the past twelve months), while older films that have finished their initial theater run could be added to the library service.
  15. I think that you might mean Brown Dwarf. A Black Dwarf is a White Dwarf or Red Dwarf that ran out of fuel and died. A Brown Dwarf is an object that never started hydrogen fusion in the first place.