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  1. Elliot's identity issues are important to Elliot and the characters closest to him/her, so it is valuable as character development. However, it does not advance the "big picture" (the Magic Reset and what is being done to cause/prevent it), which I think is what Tom was complaining about.
  2. Yes, Sirleck probably only cares if the vampires decide to chicken out due to the activity of Slayers. Other than that, they are pretty much cannon fodder to him.
  3. Given that some people commit suicide out of despair that they can not physically match their subjective sex, I would imagine that it would lead to an incredible degree of envy to find out about a person who can apparently alter their biological sex at will. Thoughts of "How can/Why can't I have that too?" would be strong.
  4. You're looking at "now" now. Everything that is happening "now" is happening now.
  5. Nah, the real irony is that the newly-welcomed members of US so often choose to engage in the same abuse of THEM that they themselves had previously suffered--e.g. you get hazed when you are a new initiate in a school, fraternity/sorority, or other organization, and then you engage in hazing of the NEXT group of newcomers in a perpetual cycle.
  6. Well, unless you have a means of extending the punishment into the afterlife, then "keep him imprisoned until he dies" is pretty much the longest sentence that he'll ever serve.
  7. I think that another part of it is that in girl form, "I'm not going to start worrying about my manly image now", i.e. Elliot feels free from having to conform to typical masculine stereotypes.
  8. Probably in the same universe where customers want to hear that bacon is only 100 calories per serving.
  9. Well, long videos were utterly impractical at the low data transfer rates available in 1989--IIRC modems for home use were only capable of 14.4 kb/s at that time. So it was either short or nothing, and they chose short.
  10. Neat. My mother was born and raised in Oakland too.
  11. So, we finally see Sirleck in his full glory. I wonder just how long that "tail" is.
  12. Blessed are the cheesemakers.
  13. The transparency of the nightie is also a bit over-the-top . . .
  14. weather

    I always wondered where the "sweat like a pig" similie came from to describe heavy sweating, given that pigs are physically incapable of sweating because they have no sweat glands.