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  1. Story, Friday February 9, 2018

    Well, Heka is supposed to be the avatar of the God of Magic, or something like that. Perhaps this means that he is a servant of the Will of Magic?
  2. Story, Friday February 9, 2018

    I think the WoM's lack of understanding of corporeal experience is more along the lines of the Immortals' lack of understanding of mortal ethics--it's not 100% alien, but there are important nuances that are simply missed often enough to require a human's input as a double check.
  3. Story Wednesday January 31, 2018

    That applies for intercity travel, but I was referring to commuter travel. Why is it that, even though I live in a town of 45 thousand people that is surrounded on three sides by a city of two hundred thousand, there is not a single bus line that stops within two kilometers of my house? My house is NOT located on the edge of anything--in fact I have to go more than two kilometers away in order to find ANY unbuilt space other than neighborhood parks.
  4. Story Wednesday January 31, 2018

    I thought it was because everybody is in a rush to get to their workplaces. Requiring most workers to start work at the same time of day, plus building the housing and the workplaces far apart, plus severely inadequate mass transit, equals half of the population needing to traverse the roads simultaneously.
  5. Story, Wednesday February 7, 2018

    The next question on my mind is: will Tedd consider the Will of Magic to be to blame for Pandora's "death"? If so, then Tedd is going to be extremely angry at WoM.
  6. Story Wednesday January 31, 2018

    During rush hour, nobody is going to be going 65 in California. Traffic congestion must be taken into account, and the first and fifth most congested traffic areas in the WORLD are the Los Angeles area and San Francisco area.
  7. Story, Monday February 5, 2018

    According to Pandora, Magic is a butt face.
  8. Story, Monday February 5, 2018

    Arthur has pretty much implied all along that his nightmare scenario would be a sudden massive global supervillian crime wave with untold numbers of them popping up fast enough to overwhelm any defenses. Imagine EVERY city on the planet suddenly having dozens of active people like Not-Tengu or the vampires on the rampage in a single night.
  9. Story Monday January 29, 2018

    The amount of magic is stupendous in comparison to a few thousand Immortals casting a big spell, but when spread to seven and a half billion people it gets rather thin.
  10. Patreon Feb 4 2018: Beach Trip

    I think this is the first time we have seen a male Ashley?
  11. Story, Friday February 2, 2018

    If, as has been implied, 99% of Seers do not ordinarily become active magic users, then it follows that the great majority of them probably are born to parents who are not themselves Awakened. Certainly what we have seen in EGS so far implies that the normal concentration of Awakened people is around one per hundreds of population (not counting of course Pandora and Voltaire's extra empowering in and around Moperville).
  12. Story Monday January 29, 2018

    Their very immortality is likely one source for their difficulty in understanding human norms of ethics and morals--first of all, other than their "resets", or being totally annihilated, it seems that nothing can cause them unrecoverable physical harm. This would almost certainly make them rather cavalier about inflicting less-than-lethal harm upon anybody. Their longer timelines and magical abilities would probably reduce their estimation of the value of material objects/property as well--they would view non-unique items as replaceable, and wouldn't quite "get" that a house burning down means bankruptcy for its owner for example, nor would they instinctively grasp the progression of "no money = no food = starvation". This would be exacerbated by Immortals' tendency towards holding onto past eras--prior to the mid-19th century, rebuilding a house for example would be mainly a matter of the wood and labor as opposed to a matter of raising several years' worth of income, and the poverty/starvation issue would have been less important when going out and hunting (or getting a cheap homestead in 17th-19th century New World) was an option as opposed to "everything is acquired via purchasing with money" that predominates today. And as for social/sexual morals, the cycle of Resetting (or the extremely long "lifespans" of those who don't Reset) would probably lead to a de-emphasis on "eternal" social commitments--as with Pandora, a relationship with a Mortal would only last until the Mortal is dead, and it is likely that a relationship between Immortals would only last until one of them Resets--it would be more serial marriage than Eternal Soul Mates. The idea of being obliged or committed to a person or a goal "forever" may not occur to them most of the time. Finally, as Pandora has stated, Immortals rarely convene in large groups, preferring to interact with each other individually most of the time. This leaves them rather weak on large-group dynamics, especially where social position is determined by something other than mass consensus or "powerful/charismatic dominate because they can".
  13. Story Monday January 29, 2018

    We all do so collectively--Hack has shown himself to be responsive to the community in those thankfully rare instances where the general opinion is that he is overstepping.
  14. Story Monday January 29, 2018

    Now that is a good thought, especially given that human population is probably now about ten times what it was the last time that Magic changed. Consider that Sarah's spell makes a noticeable dent in local ambient energy levels for each casting of it, even in a dangerously-high energy density zone, and about five or six hundred castings of it over a week and a half or so was deemed by Pandora to lower the energy level citywide sufficiently to allow the dam to be dismantled safely. Having all thirty-odd thousand people in Moperville trying to draw on external energy would probably draw it down to "energy desert" levels. Regarding Arthur's arguments for restoring secrecy, his entire career is built on preventing "magic-powered drama" from happening, which runs counter to one of Magic's assumed major goals. Arthur needs to keep in mind that secrecy is merely a means to an end for Magic, and not an end unto itself.
  15. Story Friday January 26, 2018

    Shaka, when the walls fell.