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  1. Story Friday August 16, 2019

    640k was indeed enough for anyone--anyone who was running the models of IBM PC that existed at the time that this statement was made. Those were still the days in which a computer operating system was designed around a specific hardware program (e.g. the System 360 series of mainframes had their own OS). It was more or less assumed that by the time the hardware limits became a problem, a new OS would have superseded DOS.
  2. Story Monday, August 19, 2019

    I would argue that vampires are inhuman beings.
  3. Story Monday, August 12, 2018

    If intentions mean nothing and results everything, then there is no separation between negligence resulting in death vs. premeditated murder. The result is the same—the death of the victim. What does it matter if the person liable for the death had malice aforethought as opposed to neglecting to properly maintain the brakes on his car?
  4. NP Monday August 19, 2019

    I think the point was that Grace couldn't fly while transformed into a Cheerleadra lookalike--Grace needs to use her own Human/Squirrel/Lespuko form in order to fly.
  5. Story Monday, August 19, 2019

    I meant Susan--Susan had already seen Grace using her powers in the Omega Goo battle, so seeing Jeremy after that was a much smaller shock.
  6. Story Monday, August 19, 2019

    Well, really, is a half-cat half-hedgehog any weirder than a quarter-human-quarter-squirrel-quarter-uryoum-quarter-lespuko shapeshifting girl?
  7. NP Monday August 19, 2019

    Good point--Grace can only fly in an "Omega" form that exhibits her Lespuko traits.
  8. NP Friday, Aug 16, 2019

    The blue kryptonite affected Bizarro because it was created using the same process that created Bizarro-Superman, thus it was Bizarro kryptonite.
  9. Story Monday, August 19, 2019

    Good point--and if the organization had any plans to breed them, then they might have created some females as well. I wonder if Arthur also has one of these hedge-cats in his home . . .
  10. NP Friday, Aug 16, 2019

    True, but it's no less plausible than Superman being ultra-powerful in the first place . . .
  11. Story Monday, August 12, 2018

    I was reading it as Diane saying "It's an insane fantasy to imagine ME hunting monsters".
  12. Story Monday, August 19, 2019

    Well, I more meant that the Tedd that we see in today's page is Tedd just being herself as opposed to play-acting. This is more like Tedd is letting her inner self out instead of just putting on a new shape. This is not Tedd playing at being a girl; this is Tedd actually being a girl.
  13. NP Friday, Aug 16, 2019

    Nowhere in Superman comics was it said that kryptonite is 100% harmless to Earth life. The radiation from it is shown as being just about as dangerous to Earth people as handling refined subcritical pieces of uranium--for example, Lex Luthor wore a ring with a fragment of Kryptonite in it to keep Superman away, and developed leukemia from it. Given that kryptonite has also been described as a significantly more potent nuclear power source than uranium or plutonium (Metallo was able to run for years on a fragment of kryptonite, whereas he needed to change his uranium-based fuel units every single day), it suggests that the kryptonite radiation mostly just passes through normal Earth-life like neutrinos, only striking a few molecules here and there, whereas the more resistant Kryptonian matter (made super-resilient by the yellow-sunlight exposure) doesn't let it pass through and instead interacts with it more heavily.
  14. Story Monday, August 19, 2019

    I like Tedd's current appearance--it says "This is me, a perfectly normal appearance for me to have" as opposed to the earlier "This is an artificial form designed to look sexy" seen on Grace's birthday. Tedd has really started just being "herself" ever since realizing her own genderfluidness in "Squirrel Prophet".
  15. NP Friday, Aug 16, 2019

    All isotopes of lead other than Pb-210 are either stable or have a half-life of three hours or less (and thus are long gone in any sample that hasn't been massively irradiated within the last week). Pb-210 exists as an intermediate decay product of uranium decay at parts-per-billion concentrations, but with its 22-year half-life, you won't see it in natural rocks lacking in uranium. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isotopes_of_lead