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  1. Seriously, "armor similar to that of males but made for a female body shape" is much more sensible and does much more for suspension of disbelief.
  2. In practical terms, "real time" in games means that the timer (and the action) never stops during play--that is, you can't perform any actions in-game while the clock is paused (or you can't pause it at all), as opposed to those games where you can pause the action and adjust your assets and then restart, or to turn-based games.
  3. True. Cheerleadra has been shown to be able to fly significantly faster than street traffic, but not blurringly fast.
  4. Damn you, now you've gotten me hooked on The Whiteboard and I've been on an archive binge all week! As for the page you linked, Doc certainly does arcane things when brewing his caffeinated beverages, but the "trademark evil laugh" thing does not seem to be his style so much.
  5. In Family Feud, the objective is not to choose the answer that is the most logical, but rather to guess what answers the people polled have selected. Facts don't matter--what matters is whether the poll agrees with you. This makes it a bit like predicting the stock market, since you are trying to predict what the other actors (investors) are doing.
  6. It's not the stability that is treasonous--it's the lack of wanting the USA to be on top of the heap that they call treasonous. Internationalism and Globalization are just fine with many, as long as it's their people who get to call the shots.
  7. Of course, we know that Reality is Unrealistic . . .
  8. story

    For calming people down, it's hard to beat calming pies.
  9. story

    Oh yes, the contrast between Elliot's rage and Ellen's half-bored calm, made all the sweeter because up until a year ago they were the same person.
  10. Hmm, if pollen levels are that bad, have you tried wearing one of those surgical face masks when going outside to filter it out? My mother does that when pollen is bad here.
  11. story

    I just love Ellen's absolute deadpan reaction to Elliot's rage.
  12. As with American pilots, all of the better-trained Japanese pilots were officers, which typically meant that they did indeed come from better families (since blue-collar or lower types didn't generally get admitted to the Academy). This also meant that they were raised from birth in the whole "death before dishonor" traditional culture, to the degree that a substantial fraction might actually commit suicide via their own swords/sidearms if commanded to do so after having shamed themselves. It certainly didn't help their survival that the propaganda that the Imperial Government used on its own citizens and soldiers said that Americans would torture and kill any prisoners, thus making "fight to the last breath and never surrender" seem more appealing by comparison. There was also the matter that the Imperial Government from the Meiji era until WWII was basically running on theocracy hijacked by realpolitik--the legitimacy of the Emperor is based in the Shinto religion (specifically, that he is a descendant of Jimmu, the first Emperor, crowned in 660 BC, who was regarded as the son of the Solar Goddess, Amaterasu). As such, not only was questioning the Emperor's Will considered to be blasphemy, but so was questioning the government (based on the idea that the Emperor would surely correct his ministers and generals if they ever defied him--of course we saw how obedient the top leaders were when they intercepted 12 out of the 13 notices of surrender that he sent out). Anyway, insubordination pretty much ranged from unthinkable to "brings instant charges of high treason", since defying the Emperor's (interpreted) Will basically amounted to apostasy from Shinto.
  13. All you need is the ability to manipulate probabilities in order to get the desired outcome. Just toss a really hot cup of tea in your finite improbability generator, and voila, out comes an infinite improbability generator!
  14. We have no evidence yet that Cheerleadra is capable of supersonic speed. We know that she can fly across town a lot faster than a vehicle driving between the same endpoints in the middle of a light snowfall (seen at New Year's Eve), but that still doesn't necessarily exceed a hundred knots, and you need over six hundred to break the sound barrier at low altitude. Long before it gets near sonic speed in water, any solid body will start to cavitate--that is, the pressure behind it will drop so low that vapor bubbles will spontaneously form. These bubbles would seriously interfere with the formation and spread of the shock waves that would result from supersonic movement.