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6/4/16 - Some Things Ya' Don't Wanna Know

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After a few weeks of celebrating my birthday and the comic's 10th anniversary, the story comics are back, baby! :-)
In case you're new to my comic, I want to make it clear that this gag is poking fun at the fact that Gelatin Boy is, in fact, made of gelatin, and is a legless blob from the waist down. This is NOT making fun of transpersons, who TOTALLY deserve the right to use whatever bathroom matches their gender identity.
On a related note, some of you may have noticed this bathroom sign resembling that from the "Ally Need is Love" storyline, except that was a unisex bathroom and this is a boys only bathroom. I decided that C.R.A.S.H. would have both gender-specific AND unisex bathrooms. Because why not? If they can afford exercise rooms with laser jai-alai courts, they can afford a few extra plumbing fixtures.
The signs for both bathrooms were my own attempt at making a somewhat original-looking bathroom sign. Believe it or not, back in high school I actually met graphic designer Roger Cook - the man who designed many of the signs we see every day... including the stick figure men and women on bathroom signs. I felt that it would be respectful to a fellow artist to acknowledge his art without ripping off of it, so I did my own, more superhero-y take on bathroom symbols.
One last thing... When I wrote Belt Boy's first line in this strip, there was a certain rhythm to it, so that he was rhyming the words "negatory" and "lavatory". I wish I could have made that fact obvious, short of seperated his lines into stanzas like in a song or poem (which I thought was overdoing it a bit). Did you catch that rhyme, by any chance...?

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