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Comic 7/23/16 - These Boots Were Made for Being Walked On

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As I've grown as a writer, I've been worried about making Belt Boy (and his relationship with Titanium Maiden) seem too perfect, like a Mary Sue. Perfect is not funny. It's boring. Trying to be perfect - and failing - is funny and relateable, and in case you haven't guessed, that's the concept behind this storyline.
Belt Boy always means well, but one thing I learned from looking back on my high school days is that even well-meaning people can be obnoxious, especially when they're teenagers who are still learning more complex social and moral rules. Belt Boy has a problem that I had in high school (and that, to some degree, I still deal with), and that's being oblivious. While not the worst character flaw to have, it can make some people feel offended, ignored, or unimportant when you don't pay attention to them or prioritize other things over them. Conflict arises in stories where one character's wants/needs conflict with another's; in this instance, Belt Boy has let his obsession over being perfect take priority over TM and Cannon's wanting to be heard. As Belt Boy's always a do-gooder and being heard is a basic emotional need, these issues seem totally within character for Belt Boy and TM (I hate it when a cartoon character randomly develops a character flaw for one episode just so they can awkwardly cram a moral in there).

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