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Comic 10/8/16 - Not All Acronyms are as Pithy as C.R.A.S.H.

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No surprise, but this comic was a LOT of fun to draw.  While I am trying to do more realistic anatomy, being able to show off my characters' more toony side is a lot of fun to draw, and lends itself to better comedy.  At one point, I was going to have Belt Boy merely raise his hand in that last panel, but I decided to exaggerate it and have him stand dramatically on the desk.  I think it's funnier, and it fits with BB's personality rather well.

The backgrounds were a lot of fun as well.  The last panel was originally going to be gold, but it looked too similar to the orange panel above it.  I decided on blue to contrast with the previous two panels, and to suggest that Belt Boy's psyche got a bit of relief from not holding in his heroic ambitions (although that relief will no doubt be short-lived!).  The first panel is a callback to Belt Boy's first meeting Enticia; she tried to seduce him with her powers, but Belt Boy was focused on getting to class on time, and everything was colored in grayscale save for the clock to emphasize his focus.  This time around, Belt Boy is focusing on his own problems, which is why he's the only thing in color.

And yes, that IS a Taz-Mania reference in the first panel. 

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