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Solutions to the vault

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I find this kind of discussion to be far more fun in a forum.  So, what other solutions do you see for these defenses?  What problems do you have with the solutions thus far posed?

For example, I don't see how Deus's solution can work since nothing that isn't alive can pass through the field, so, how does the item in the field make its way out?  A pipe like tube made of living matter, such as a bunch of bamboo shoots twisted around to create an opening through the middle that is shielded on all sides by (soon to be dead) living material would exploit the same hole in the logic Sciona used, without the added cost of murdering an associate in front of other associates who would then realize this was their last chance to turn on Sciona instead, before they were used to open other vaults.  Instead, what Deus did killed the bamboo while it passed through the field, and then destroyed that dead bamboo when it attempted to move back out, proving that the dagger didn't get out simply by the field only blocking travel in one direction.

My preferred ways to enter the vault would be A: stepping outside of the reality and then reentering inside the vault.  Protecting completely against that would be effectively impossible since anything outside of reality would be outside of whatever laws of nature you are exploiting to protect against intrusion.  Alternately, you could move into the past, before the vault was built, and hide yourself behind an atom or two, or shift slightly to the side in a non-euclidean direction(i'e' avoid the wards against travel by already being there, just hiding in a direction nobody looks.),  while you wait for the vault to be vulnerable thanks to your staged attacks, regardless of how long that wait might be.  A construct could be left in such a manner with something that will rupture the wards from the inside, should you not want to spend millennia playing Solitaire.

This forum sees very little use, but perhaps this will garner some interesting comments nonetheless.

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