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Comic 11/25/17 - Saw-REE!

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Today's comic is rather surprising!  We see a rare moment of courage from Gelatin Boy, followed by a rare moment of introspection from Cannon!  Anything could happen now!  But what IS going to happen will need to wait until next week...!

By the way, I do plan on doing story comics this week and the next three, up until the 23rd, when I'll do my annual Christmas filler *Knock on wood*.  I know that the last month was bogged down with quite a few fillers, between the Halloween two-parter, Election Day, and Thanksgiving, and I'm itching to continue this story.

Gelatin Boy and Cannon's actions, as I mentioned, are a bit surprising, but not entirely out-of-character for them.  GB may not be as snarky as Cannon, but he's definitely more negative.  Usually, he's down on himself, but his outlook on most things is pretty pessimistic.  While he's frustrated with a lot of people right now, he's not willing to stand up to most of them.  There's no way he's standing up to Jackknife because he's a bully.  He doesn't want to stand up to his friends, because he doesn't want them to be upset at him.  Cannon, on the other hand, is a classmate with whom he has had limited interactions with so far, and he's pretty sure Cannon - despite his attitude - wouldn't attack him like Jackknife would, so he sees no downside to lashing out at Cannon.

Cannon tends to be very protective of his ego (I intentionally designed him with bulky armor over his skinny physique as a metaphor for that, in fact!).  He talks himself up a lot (especially around the ladies), and is quick to aim sarcasm or blame at others.  He also hates bringing up a lot of issues regarding his past, specifically those surrounding his lost hand (Which he's very sensitive about people seeing).  However, he's also very loyal and protective of his best friend.  It seems that when his ego, his past, and his loyalty collide, loyalty comes out on top. 

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