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5/18/19 - No Rest for the Formerly Wicked

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Shadowy Sentinel learned long ago that crime doesn't pay... but heroism has longer work hours.

Before I get into the details of today's strip, I want to address two things. First of all, we're BACK, BABY! I didn't want to say anything and jinx it until I got something online, but I got a new external hard drive, and I managed to free up enough space to get things working better. And so I have a new comic up, just before my birthday!

That brings me to the other thing I want to address: this is your LAST CHANCE to enter my birthday #contest! I'll accept entries all the way up through 11:59PM EST on May 19th. I've gotten a few entries for the regular contest, but I haven't gotten ANY entries for the Generated Fan Art category, so if you want a chance at winning that category, just make a video game character that looks like one of my heroes! Good luck!


Okay, on to the details of today's strip! I haven't drawn Shadowy Sentinel in ages, and I found myself updating her appearance a little - mostly her hairstyle. It's still a bit angular close to her head, but then becomes loose and wavy the further it gets from its starting point - kinda representative on how she started as a tough, harsh villain, but eventually softened when she became a hero. Artistically, it probably shows I've slowly moved away from my comic's anime-related roots as I've developed my own style.

There's a little less variety with the background colors here. I wanted to emphasize that it's getting late, plus Shadowy Sentinel seems at home with a dark, cool-colored background. Not sure how comforting a dark room is for students she's counseling, though... Also, I gave her door a keyhole on her side, but not the outside. This was initially an accident; I was going to put the keyhole on both sides, but then realized I hadn't drawn one on the previous page. My official, rationalized reasons for the keyhole being on the inside are to ensure privacy during counseling sessions, and in case of a supervillain lockdown.

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