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6/1/19 - Belated Mermay 2019: Sugar Rush

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The bad news: Due to thunderstorms and continued computer issues (mostly the former), I wasn't able to begin the next comic.

The good news: I was able to do a belated Mermay picture (Technically, it was still May when I started the picture, so it counts)!

You may have seen some previous pictures of Titanium Maiden and Enticia as mermaids (if you've been following me closely on social media!), and now it's Sugar Rush's turn. Because she's so energetic, I decided to make her a dolphin. My girlfriend suggested that I specifically make her a white-sided dolphin, and I happily did so. Gotta say, that swirly pattern on her side seems appropriate for someone who usually wears a swirly insignia.

Speaking of Sugar Rush wearing swirls, you can't see her "mer-bra" in this picture, but I imagine she's wearing swirly nautilus shells instead of clamshells like TM and Enticia.

Next time, I'll probably do Dino-Mo... but I'm debating on whether she should be part Plesiosaurus, or part Megalodon. I'm also thinking that making Miss Sunflower resemble a stingray would be appropriate, too!

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