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3/14/20 - Once More With Feeling

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Rose's emotional roller coaster might cause someone whiplash... Sadness, false joy, depression, anger... This week's strip highlights a lot of Enticia's emotional range. I had to figure out how to draw her tears so they looked okay with her unique eye shape. Her angry face may be channeling a little Yellow Diamond from Steven Universe.

The third panel is grayed out to show how she doesn't feel much of anything, but it's not a pure gray. To fit with her flashbacks being in reds, pinks, and browns, the grays are actually very muted reds.

I'm particularly proud of the first panel, because DRAWING THREE CHARACTERS HUGGING IS NOT EASY. The complexity of posing the three of them at once required two sketch layers, where I usually use one.

Just a reminder that you still have a little over 2 months to enter my birthday contest! I want to see some fan art and fan avatars!


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