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      Welcome, everyone, to the new 910CMX Community Forums. I'm still working on getting them running, so things may change.  If you're a 910 Comic creator and need your forum recreated, let me know and I'll get on it right away.  I'll do my best to make this new place as fun as the last one!
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Pharaoh RutinTutin

NP Tuesday June 08, 2021

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Powerful magic used for small mundane advantages?

Sounds good to me

For some reason, this made me think of an old (1970s) Archie comic where Sabrina was magically zapping the trash out to the curb, only to be reprimanded by a senior witch.  If she was living among mortals, her magic had to remain secret.  So the next day she was carrying the trash can (using magic to make it feather light) only to have Reggie arrive to show off how he's the big man by carrying the trash for her.  As soon as he grabbed the can, Sabrina canceled the spell and Reggie threw out his back.

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I'm less than thrilled by the cow-girl form in the 2nd panel, but I'm generally less than thrilled by that transformation. 

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