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  1. NP Saturday June 22, 2024

    I'm wondered if Camden will conclude that Lucy was the scary cat-girl.
  2. Comic for Thursday, Jun 13, 2024

    And Little Orphan Annie joins the cast. I wonder if Dan has to pay royalties?
  3. Comic Thursday April 25, 2024

    Lately, Rich strikes me less as a "bad guy", than as tragically misinformed. Line Cutter Lad looks like a genuine jerk.
  4. Comic Wednesday April 24, 2024

    Now that Magic is no longer a secret, the reason for some of the "shadow" part has gone poof. I don't know that means they'll reform, Agent Bishop doesn't seem like she has the imagination.
  5. Comic Wednesday April 10, 2024

    Jay has an interesting (where did it come from?) cynicism about people's motivations, and a (resulting?) fear of them. She'll will never get to be a friend of Tedd's, if that's her goal, without tempering those back.
  6. Comic for Monday, Apr 8, 2024

    Jay will never figure this group out until she loses her preconceptions.
  7. Comic for Friday, Mar 22 2024

    I believed that Grace's startled reaction was a sudden memory from the shared dream. Possible dead-naming never occurred to me. I guess I'm officially old.
  8. Comic Monday March 18, 2024

    Almost spooky, isn't it?
  9. Comic Monday March 18, 2024

    Jay seems easy: She wants to meet Tedd. Grace probably told her he'd be there, possibly after Jay expressed doubts about his existence. Hope is less transparent to me. She can't just appear in Sarah's room anymore, that might be a part of it. Maybe she wants to see if Sarah would like her as Hope, instead of Pandora, and wants to meet her again without the Human-Immortal power imbalance as part of the equation?
  10. Monday March 11, 2024

    I enjoyed them both when a film club I'm in watched both versions. It was particularly interesting to see the differences in the ways two men of such varying comedic styles played the lead character.
  11. Comic for Friday, Mar 8, 2024

    Here. Now all we need is for Diane and Susan's dad to show up to complete the local Doppelganger Society. Seriously, why does the presence of Susan cause so much consternation at the comic shop?
  12. Comic February 28, 2024

    Her memories of Adrian alone must cover centuries. Hope has a lot to process.
  13. Comic for Monday, Mar 4, 2024

    So. Arthur is Jay's source of information about Tedd and company. I think someone speculated about that when she delivered pizza to the Verres residence, hoping to meet Tedd. That they're on close enough terms for that is interesting. Does Arthur want Jay to keep and eye on them, or does he simply not want Jay to stumble into the situation unwary?
  14. NP for Tuesday, Feb 27, 2024

    Nanase has a future as a Life Coach.
  15. NP Saturday February 24, 2024

    Has Ashley ever seen Elliot's cat form?