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  1. NP Saturday February 24, 2024

    Has Ashley ever seen Elliot's cat form?
  2. Comic Friday February 23, 2024

    I suspect Jay has been trying and failing to meet Tedd, the Great and Mighty, for so long that she either began to doubt his existence, or told Grace that she thought Tedd was her Canadian boyfriend in order to motivate Grace into producing him. In any case, now that she finally sees him, Jay seems a bit disappointed.
  3. Comic Wednesday February 21, 2024

    Grace could be that excited about someone having a new hairstyle. Speaking of Hope, has Grace ever met Pandora when she was awake?
  4. Comic for Wednesday, Feb 14, 2024

    Hope is definitely out of her depth, the contrast with Pandora is almost painful to see. Would that we could see other "newborn" immortals to see if feelings of inadequacy are common or a result of her unique circumstances. Jerry/Zeus is the closest example we have, and I believe he had a bit more time to mature than Hope has had.
  5. Comic for Monday, Feb 12, 2024

    My thought is that a perhaps unexpected side effect of Pandora trying to retain her memories is that she feels horribly inadequate, always comparing what she is to what she was.
  6. NP Comic for Saturday, Feb 10, 2024

    I'd be astonished to learn that Sarah never tried something like this when she was working as Tedd's lab rat. Interesting question about Hope. We don't really know about Immortal magic, do we? Dan is only now getting specific about how building one's "magic muscles" works for Humans.
  7. Tedd is still Tedd. His mind goes to spell resistance, his imagination goes... elsewhere.
  8. Tedd's just figured out something important. Either a way for him to get magics spells of his own or a way to train magic resistance, I'm not sure which.
  9. Comic Wednesday February 07, 2024

    I get the idea that Hope is shy. Don't really know why that would be--sudden loss of remembered power?
  10. NP Comic for Thursday, Feb 1, 2024

    The sensei thwacking the student scene is a staple of martial arts movies.
  11. Perfect Nanase reaction. Also, quite an unconscious change for her, she's gone from thinking of Tedd as the weird cousin she avoids, to seeing him as the dispenser of magical goodies.
  12. Nanase is cut to the quick!
  13. Comic for Wednesday, Jan 24, 2024

    So, confirmed that there unicorns on their side, and that they have some sort of mind-control abilities.
  14. NP Comic for Saturday, Jan 20, 2024

    One of my hoped-for storylines would be for Grace and Lavender to have a long talk about the Uryoum "birds and bees."
  15. Comic for Wednesday, Jan 17, 2024

    Luke has an itch he hates to scratch. He knows it can hurt him, but he can't help it. Interesting.