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  1. NP Monday October 8, 2018

    Dan mention Skyrim and people assuming that it was just rats after getting an arrow to the chest. But there's also this:
  2. Story Monday October 8, 2018

    She's still putting the boys on the spot for lying though, not sure if she's reached Tedd Level Badassery just yet though, still got a couple comics to find out.
  3. This Day In History

    One could say that the recall was "total"...... I may have misquoted that, I only remember that people made Total Recall references when that happened, I don't exactly remember how the jokes were delivered.
  4. NP Friday October 5, 2018

    It's probably the same as Elliot's secret ID forms and the goonmanji 2 mental effects in that they really only show if the person lets them show, so in this case Susan was letting the cheerfulness run things until she thought she was in trouble, since Tensaided seems to be ok with Susan being transform, she'll probably return to being cheerful though a bit more aware of safety.
  5. Story Friday October 5, 2018

    She stated trying to deny anything likely wouldn't work, unless she manages to put the majority of the boys on the spot about lying, she'd probably have to use Tedd levels of badassery there though.
  6. Story, Wednesday Oct 3, 2018

    I'm certain it would reverse when used again on a male that Ellen's FV5'd, because she flat out refused to turn Tedd back to normal, I don't think that would have made for a good punishment if she couldn't have been considered an easy way to reverse the effect to begin with. Mind you Tedd probably didn't think being turned into a girl would be much of a punishment anyway, especially considering how Grace reacted to it.
  7. Sometimes I'll get in the zone while playing a game or something and end up holding it in longer that I really should. "Just a few more and then I'll go to the bathroom!"
  8. Story Monday October 1, 2018

    Is it really a retcon if it was the author's intention for something to be a certain way from the beginning but added clarification later?
  9. Story Monday October 1, 2018

    Dan has recently edited this comic to indicate that Diane did in fact make it to her previous class.
  10. Story Monday October 1, 2018

    Either we just believe the alternative happened, which is pretty much what we were doing, or go with the first explanation and she only spent like 5 minutes talking to herself.
  11. Things That Are Just Annoying

    In the Heavy Gear game I was in, during vehicle combat it, we never split targets unless we were certain 1 player could take out 1 target on their own (though in some cases 1 player could take out more than one if the enemy happened to bunch together enough for an AOE weapon) most of our weapons though had an ROF(Rate of Fire) value of at least 2 meaning you could either use the full ROF to get a +1 to your attack on a single target or attack 3 targets in a turn with walking fire. The nice thing about that is each attack adds a -1 to the target's dodge roll so we get 3 players attack the same 3 targets with ROF+2 weapons the third attack will be dodged at -2 which is much better than each player attacking their own target with only +1 to their attack. The other nice thing about vehicle combat is the damage mechanics where each successful attack is either a light of heavy damage based on the weapons damage modifier multiplied by the difference between the attack and dodge rolls (for example a attack of 8 with a weapon that does x10 damage and a dodge of 6 is a difference of 2 which would mean the target takes 20 damage)against the target's armor (target's armor is 10, damage under that doesn't get through, over that but under say 15 is light damage, over 15 is heavy), and the type of damage is rolled against a table using RNG to determine if it's structural (crew, armor) weapons(including ammo storage), movement (powertrain, wheels/actuators, thrust) or AUX (sensors, coms, stealth), a lot of time is we can take out an enemy's movement system, we can usually finish it off with one person though if the movement hit takes out the powertrain that pretty much shuts the vehicle down completely, take out the weapons and they can still spot for the enemy but otherwise we can focus fire on something else, any AUX stuff can usually render the target blind which is great when attacking autonomous or remote controlled units because they can't shoot what they can't see, hitting structured most likely is a crew death which is great if the vehicle is piloted because it usually means we have a mostly intact vehicle to take back for either spare parts of to use in the next mission after a bit of cleanup. crew hit on remote controlled units are not so good and had been the bane of our group many times.
  12. Shipping News

    The whole, Monogamy vs Polygamy issue the way I see it, boils down to sex, those that are all "Polygamy is immoral!" don't like the idea of a person having sex with multiple partners. Take sex out of the equation and it's just a bunch of close friends, add children to that and it's a bunch of close friends sharing the responsibility of raising said children. That's pretty much Uryuoms in general (Lavender might be an exception though) they build relationships through mental connections rather than physical so an Uryuom family would essentially be a bunch of close friends that have children together in a non sexual way. Of course that's just using one example of polygamy, mileage may vary for others.
  13. Story Monday October 1, 2018

    Me reading the comic: Hey...did Dan accidentally draw Diane flat chested in the first panel? Me reading the commentary: Oh! He made her younger as if she's imagining herself that way. I wonder if we're going to know which classes she's missed at some point
  14. NP Monday October 1, 2018

    Hopefully not. If he was, I would deduce it is Good Tom. The closest possibility would be Gerald because of the muscles but that's about it since the face and hair don't look anything like him. but we are talking transformation teas here plus it's also been 7 years plus a day since Gerald's last appearance (the NP was released on patreon early), so who knows
  15. NP Friday Sep 28, 2018

    The controversy comes in the fact that there are Canadians that believe Trudeau (our Prime Minister) should have minded his own business on the subject because Saudi Arabia was a big trade partner for a while especially in terms oil and getting that dropped would result in gas prices going up here, basically it boiled down to a group of people would who rather have affordable gas over women's rights, which to me, is pretty sad...
  16. NP Friday Sep 28, 2018

    You are really underestimating these women if you think they are not desperately fighting for themselves. Or why else would you constantly be reading of arrests being made and brutal punishments inflicted on the offenders... There's also the recent controversy over Saudi Arabia cutting relations with Canada because we showed concern over the imprisonment of women's rights activists.
  17. Story Friday September 28, 2018

    I dunno for sure, since it's meant to be an online representation, but the look on Lucy's face and the "You're joking, right?" might be taken as Lucy getting worried that Diane might getting sick of double dating with her.
  18. Ellen's "official" backstory is that she's Elliot's long lost sister, it was also what everyone thought Diane was to Susan, Ellen also wondered if Diane was Susan's cousin, Diane was essentially abandoned by her birth mother, and Noriko pretty much abandoned Tedd. The "younger" part really doesn't matter when you consider the plot point is the same just told slightly differently.
  19. I wouldn't mind seeing an actual summer/fall story arc, since Dan skipped that the previous year, it'd make for a shorter timeskip for sure but given one of the loose ends, I don't expect Dan to hold off too long on addressing it. Unless of course he address that before the skip, but he hasn't really indicated that possibility yet.
  20. When compared to this, she kinda does. I'm pretty sure Dan stated that Greg was in his late twenties so that would limit possible relation speculation to Rhea being his long lost younger sister, half sister who's mother abandoned, or a cousin, but I think those plot points have already been used.
  21. NP Thursday September 27, 2018

    Revenge of the Magic Tea! That's all I got.
  22. NP Monday Sep 24, 2018

    Crap, I just realized that Dan missed an opportunity to do a callback to the "Claire" secret identity Grace had, though I know Dan was going for the "painfully obvious" gag here so I guess he gets a pass. ...This time....
  23. Story Wednesday September 26, 2018

    Some of that would also be a case of "I'll just be a few seconds" where the parent plans on being in and out of someplace and so doesn't want to go through the hassle of getting the baby out and then putting them back in moments later.
  24. Story Wednesday September 26, 2018

    More like he's figured it out from Grace. There can probably only be one person that Justin knows that fits the description. Ellen figured it out and heck, Elliot hasn't actually met Rhoda and figured out she was Catalina's girlfriend. Susan was of course the first to find out cus she learned it from the source despite attempts to keep it secret, and it's probably because of why Catalina wanted it kept secret that Susan would have likely felt that it'd be wrong to tell others especially considering what Justin had told her. It's possible that everyone (even Diane, the person Rhoda most wanted to not find out about her liking girls)figured it out on their own because both Catalina and Rhoda were bad at hiding their relationship.
  25. Things That Are Just Annoying

    I don't know how it is down in the US but in Canada as far as I know, bikes (either pedal or electric) are considered vehicles and must be treated as such, meaning you can't ride a bike on the sidewalk, though you must walk it across at crosswalks. Out on the road, bikes have every right to be on the asphalt as a car and when passing a cyclist, the driver must give at least 3 feet of space between them. A lot of municipalities are even adding cycling lanes to streets and roadways where possible.