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  1. Story, Friday May 15, 2020

    Well, there's 3 features they both share, the side-cut ponytail hairstyle (the ponytail of course looks like it does now because Dan likes using that look for people who are shocked), the earring is a small hoop style by the look of it, and the nose is the exact same shape. So either same person, or twin, not like we don't already have a few examples of pairs of characters that look alike, like Elliot/Ellen, Susan/Diane, Tedd/Nanase.
  2. Story Monday, May 11, 2020

    I was talking about the watch that Tedd gave Susan afterwards with other forms. None of the forms Susan requested would really be useful if she was already transformed, I mean sure they'd get her close to her original form, but I would expect that she wouldn't want her mom seeing her in any of them.
  3. Story Wednesday May 13, 2020

    I would expect that Diane giving Justin the pep talk would create another instance of "she's acting like Susan again!" which might have Justin mention Susan's pep talk like "it's funny how I've been getting the majority of relationship advice from the two of you" and maybe a "at least only one of us is transformed" would slip out.
  4. Story Wednesday May 13, 2020

    So Elliot's reacting did trigger memories, but then Justin managed to squash them with images of Luke. Looks like we're not getting a "pep talk from Susan: part 2" after all. Though would have been great if it was Diane this time around, she's seen Justin with Luke and would probably have been the better person to talk about that, could have also been an opportunity for Diane to figure out that Justin was "the girl" that Susan kissed.
  5. Story Monday, May 11, 2020

    I kinda suspect that Mama Kitsune doesn't talk about her high school years much, she probably didn't elaborate on why she didn't like Adrian as a teacher. I mean, we didn't see it, but Tedd could have felt that a modified hair spell would work better than a full on clone form variant just to change hair styles.
  6. Story Friday, May 8, 2020

    To be specific, the link I gave had Sarah say that he was in some of her classes. So it's likely he's in Senior year with them all as well.
  7. Story Monday, May 11, 2020

    Pure speculation, Elliot doesn't know that Justin felt so strongly about him at Grace's birthday party and the effect that Elliot had when he said Justin looked cute in female form, Elliot might have been thinking back on Grace's birthday, and is about to put foot squarely in mouth by inadvertently triggering those feelings again.
  8. Story Monday, May 11, 2020

    Don't know, but maybe it had something to do with what he was whispering to Ashley on the previous page? I would assume that he wasn't paying attention to Justin transforming (beyond maybe the super busty form), because he was busy whispering, and then transforming himself, then got to see Justin's final form. But is it even his final form?
  9. Story Monday, May 11, 2020

    I wonder if Diane would be up for trying out "Vladia hair"
  10. Story Monday, May 11, 2020

    It was one of the options she asked for, as well as a "black-blonde" option. If Tedd simply used a hair spell like Nanase's just for the two hair options and then a morphing spell for the body options, maybe Susan could mix and match a bit.
  11. Story Monday, May 11, 2020

    Who's mom would Ellen be referring to here? Apparently Dan accidentally designed Justin's form to look somewhat like Bakugo's mom from "My Hero Acedamia" : Dan on discord: I'm wondering if Elliot's reaction has reminded Justin that he still has feelings for Elliot, does Susan need to give another pep talk? If Ellen's basing her hot mom comment on her own mother, then Susan's and Nanase's looks are understandable. Nanase's mom is hot, when she's been made to look 18 and given cat features though. Maybe this is another "second life" memory though? But then the question would still be who's mom? I feel like Tedd's mom was out of the picture even in that universe, unless it was Edward that left Tedd and Noriko was a better mother, would still be extremely awkward. Archie's or Kaoli's moms are probably seyunolu as well, dunno if they'd be comparable. Well, aside from blonde Susan being taller than Diane. Does Tedd still have the backup files of the forms she gave Susan 3 weeks ago?
  12. Story Friday, May 8, 2020

    Matt goes to north, so he'd only potentially recognize Tedd again, certainly Elliot, Susan and Sarah if they don't transform. Though if Matt delivered pizza to Justin before, that'd change things. Also Matt had to have turned 18 in the past year, he was 17 at Grace's birthday and apparently wasn't supposed to be making deliveries, but my guess would be that the regular delivery person called in sick and Matt was the only other person available to cover it. He should certainly be old enough by now to have been making deliveries legally for a few months.
  13. Story Friday, May 8, 2020

    I'm saying based on the statement of "without him knowing" there could have been partners that he slept with, and then remained in contact long enough to know they didn't get pregnant, whereas with Diane's mom, Adrian said they had agreed it was a one time thing and that she never came back to him when she got pregnant, Susan's ancestor could have been similar. Also, what are the chances there were 1 or more times where Adrian slept with someone, if she happened to sleep with someone else within a couple days and then later found out she was pregnant, just assumed that the father was the other man? The last time Susan thought about it, she realized that she could find men and women equally attractive, so technically she doesn't need to transform. However.... The fact that Justin is still firmly into men regardless of form, would mean that Susan would have to consider transforming if she were interested in doing things with Justin again. But as I said before, she doesn't have to want to do things to still think the form is attractive. Diane though, looks like she wants to do all the things.
  14. Story Friday, May 8, 2020

    Just gonna throw this in here too: https://twitter.com/egsafterdark/status/1259132391995604993
  15. Story Friday, May 8, 2020

    Considering the history between Susan and Justin, Justin has been the only that Susan's been physical with, yes the circumstances were unique, but Susan could probably logically say that he's familiar territory, at the same time though, Justin had said that he didn't want to ruin their friendship and Susan would certainly agree, however I don't see why she wouldn't think that Justin looks attractive here, at least to look at. Diane wasn't worried about telling her family she'd be dating a girl, in fact, she told them the same day her and Lucy became a couple. Other than that, Dan was just responding to someone commenting that Diane was thirsty based on her reaction, so basically all we got is that Dan agreed with it. Bad phrase on my part, basically I was implying the possibility that Susan's dad has had multiple affairs, and it doesn't necessarily mean remarrying, he could be hooking up with married women, but that's pure speculation. Also possible that Susan's mom has a well paying career too. That's true, he did say there wasn't a lot of moments where it could happen without him knowing. doesn't mean he only slept with two women in his life. Panel 2 is basically Justin's FV1 form, Tedd suggested that Justin start out by not picturing any particular forms and then build from there. She might imagine Elliot in her previous form with Justin in panel 3 form.
  16. Story Friday, May 8, 2020

    She looks more interested than concerned to me, like an "Ooooh what's this?" kind of expression. I dunno about pained, but she certainly could be thinking the form goes a bit overboard for what Justin wanted. Ellen's got other qualities that Nanase loves, but Nanase also blushed at a female Justin before. Grace being enthusiastic about transforming isn't new, she's probably just happy that Justin's doing it. Given Elliot whispering in her ear, maybe she's getting ideas for something for later. Both? Maybe Tedd's giving more advice on how Justin can further adjust the form? Maybe Tedd's making a comment about Justin thinking about Elliot's earlier busty form? Heck maybe that panel 3 form is the result of someone sabotaging things. Dan's stated that this party has been an eyeopener for Diane in terms of what she's interested in, I can only imagine the things she'll want Rhoda to do with her and Lucy when Rhoda tells her she can do size change magic and such. Also Dan's confirmed on Discord that Diane is "very thirsty" It was suggested that Elliot's lack of interest in having sex is more of a safety measure due to knowing how his Mom had to drop out of college when she got pregnant with him. Wanting to make sure he's ready to start a family is not a bad thing. And Elliot's parents know Elliot's at that age, it's not that weird for them to want him to use protection, though "keeping it between girls" was an unexpected suggestion. Ellen was burned on the idea of sex with men, I don't think she'd be opposed to sex with Nanase, and there's been a few instances where Ellen's implied having "sexy plans". Also Nanase was quick to suggest to Sarah that "being the same sex" was a better alternative to abstinence. They just started dating, in fact they just had their first date yesterday (in comic time), but they've apparently been about as discreet about their kissing as Nanase used to be about using magic in school, Of course Diane's held off on sex because she wanted to find the right person to have a family with first (which got put on hold when she started getting jaded about dating) she might not rush things with Lucy, but at the same time, Nanase's wisdom above would apply here too. Rhoda is shy around people she doesn't know, she also held back how she felt about girls out of fear of being rejected by Diane, and we saw her reaction to finding out that fear was unfounded. I think Rhoda and Catalina have done a great deal of experimentation. And again, both being female has perks. Susan has been thinking about it, sure she's currently not interesting in being a participant of "things" but she's not completely opposed to "things" in general and she's expressed the desire to get over a lot of the stuff that's preventing her from enjoying her life, maybe one day she'll find someone to start a family with, that's up to her. I think the conclusion she came to at Grace's birthday in regards to her dad is probably the best we'll get to her having some level of understanding, since she was able to apply her experience as a male to what her dad might have also experienced, of course it's possible that he is a deadbeat dad who's been having fling after fling, but maybe Susan's opened up to the possibility that it might have just been a one time moment of weakness. I don't think so, being raised in such environments have been known to result in webcomics of a much different tone.(linked to the first comic just in case) Can't really use swapping shirts as evidence when Nanase is capable of doing the swapping magically. Either Adrian didn't get much action, did get lots of action and the fact that "less likely for a half-breed to become, or get someone pregnant" and Susan and Diane happen to be the only times when Adrian wasn't firing blanks, or maybe there are a few more half-relatives scattered about. I'm not really expecting to see any other relatives showing up in the comic unless it happens to be Susan's dad or Diane's mom. Panel 1. You're right, it absolutely does look like something happened with that skirt. "This is the most impulsive thing I've done." - perhaps Sarah was right, Elliot was holding back with her. Panel 2 &3. We stopped, we didn't want to stop, and we both recognized we would loose control if we didn't. Panel 4. We feel continuing is inappropriate, because even though we're obviously attracted to each other, we are just getting to know each other. I think it's a fair point, sex can overshadow other aspects of a relationship; I suppose it depends on the individuals. Panel 5 & 6. If we stay here, we are going to continue. If we want to not do that, we should leave. There is something autobiographical in fictional writing, in a meta sense. You get a flavor of the person behind the comic, some sense of their beliefs and struggles with issues, some more so than others. I have the notion that this sequence of events means something to Dan, because it encapsulates how many of his characters respond to relationship. I think the makeout session got to the point where Ashley was just starting to pull off Elliot's shirt and the scene we saw had Elliot tucking the shirt back under the band of the skirt. Heavy petting could have also just caused the shirt to become untucked. Also it hasn't been mentioned yet here and I had missed it too until it was pointed out on discord, but between each panel of Justin's transformations, there's more "click"s.
  17. Things You Only Noticed On Reread

    "Ronin" is someone that could be a good guy, if he stopped being friends with Tony. It's like I get the feeling that it was originally Tony, Ronin and Elliot that were friends when they were younger, and Elliot and Ronin had a lot in common, but when it came to Tony's behaviour, only Elliot had the ability to tell him to shove off.
  18. Story Friday, May 8, 2020

    I too, am wondering what Elliot's whispering, is it a suggestion for something they could do later? Panel 3 Justin is pretty much identical in form and outfit to Susan's "Bubble Tea" form. Last three panels seem to be trying out Diane's and Tedd's suggestions from earlier before settling on something in between, like panel 8 would have combined Diane's suggestion for hair length, shirt and dress, with Tedd's "no height change", bigger boobs and over shirt, but then panel 9 had Justin want to be shorter but went too short, then panel 10 was correcting that.
  19. NP Thursday, May 7, 2020

    Well, he's on discord now, the worry (or hope depending on who you ask) is that he's secretly viewing the NFSW channels and getting ideas for risque transformations.
  20. NP Thursday, May 7, 2020

    I'm reminded of someone asking Dan to stop drawing chibi versions of the cast, and Dan's response was more chibis.
  21. NP Thursday, May 7, 2020

    Parable is heavily inspired by the Fable games, but not copying them exactly, Quality of Life mods exist for other games that allow modding.
  22. NP Thursday, May 7, 2020

    Well Dan didn't directly confirm or deny anything, but after I mentioned on discord that I was thinking the "cheats" in question were actually mods that changed the distribution and effectiveness of things like potions, Dan responded with "Making it so you can modify robot companions before level 15, just as a random example." So I'm inclined to believe that Susan was playing a modded version of the game. Now, Fable 2 isn't available on PC and a quick check doesn't say anything about it being moddable on console, but Fable Anniversary Edition (Fable 1 remastered) is on PC and moddable, though Dan could also be pulling from Fallout 4 (given the reference to removing the level requirement for modifying robot companions) in that regard.
  23. NP Tuesday, May 5, 2020

    I don't think she was uncomfortable, given that she was shorter than Nanase in "Playing with Dolls" and she ended up taking that form(among others) in a watch home with her. It's probably more likely that she felt the need to question the logic behind it.
  24. Story Wednesday May 06, 2020

    There's the Fusion Paste as well that would have given Nanase some Justin features in both male and female flavours.
  25. NP Tuesday, May 5, 2020

    Actually, looking back through, you're right, if Diane is her normal height here, then level 2 ranged is same height. Level 1 is probably Rhoda's height then.