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  1. Story Monday April 6 2020

    Always a problem for someone who doesn't want to hurt friends.
  2. Story Monday April 6 2020

    Elliot's reacting based on the fact that Susan had made it clear that she'll tell them about what happened when she's ready, because Elliot is Elliot, she's thinking that bringing up the magic change will leading into that territory and that Susan might feel forced to reveal stuff before she'd ready or that she'll just leave the party. Elliot had made the decision to let Susan open up on her own terms but feels she's in danger of going against that decision.
  3. Sketchbook April 6 2020

    My guess, they might not be actual pants anymore, but 2 separate pieces of clothing similar to what we saw Witch Ashley wearing as detached sleeves.
  4. Sketchbook April 6 2020

    A lot of what you see could be the result of the perspective we're given, as in the viewer is looking up from the floor. So her boobs might look differently than they would if we were looking from above or at an even level. Doing a search of common coffee cup sizes, it seems like they'd range from 4oz to 32oz. Considering we know magic tea has cumulative effects, I would not be surprised if the Tea Shop would sell a 4oz cup for people that would only like minor changes. Sarah either has a 6oz cup or an 8oz cup in her hand and the first cup she drank probably gave her the equivalent of an FV5 figure, and this second cup is like if Ellen had zapped herself, of course I don't think the resize ability of Ellen's beam would do to her clothes what the tea is doing to Sarah's.
  5. NP Sat April 4 2020

    So, the dialog coming from the shadowy figure doesn't seem very Noah-like, I mean having a fixation on Grace probably is (because he canonically sees her as a hero), but I don't see Noah referring to Rhoda as "Shorty-McPuppy-Girl", Tedd wouldn't treat Susan like that either (unless this game was modded by Tedd before they became friends). My only guess now is that this is another take "Grace the Goddess" and Susan is actually dreaming about being in a game world, and her subconscious is filling things in as she goes. Would explain why NPCs can look like people she knows, and why there's soo much meta knowledge being flung around.
  6. Story Friday April 3rd 2020

    The way she hesitates and then trails trails off when she says "I'd...miss my fairies..." could be taken as "I'm getting into territory in which she'll be talking about her feelings, and Sarah mentioned that she was having a hard time dealing with feelings, so maybe I should back off?"
  7. Story Friday April 3rd 2020

    Elliot knows there's something that happened to Susan that she hasn't been willing to talk about yet, her tone could be enough to give Elliot a reason to think the conversation is getting to close to.
  8. Story Friday April 3rd 2020

    Even if Elliot never told Susan about the magic "not change" before, Susan's already heard it mention in regards to Grace being able to do new things earlier in this party. But all that basically amounts to is "magic kinda changed, but as far as we can tell it's made it easier for Grace to use magic"
  9. Story Friday April 3rd 2020

    Elliot's reaction could also be in regard's to Susan's comment about trying to not think about magic changing, reminding Elliot that Susan originally didn't want to come to the party because she might feel forced to talk about what happened to her. Elliot might be like "Oh no, is talking about my feelings making her feel obligated to talk about hers before she's ready to?" Like how Grace had to quickly change the subject when talking to Sarah before. I think she was aware of the possibility, I'm pretty sure they all talked about it in the week leading up to the incident, Sarah told Susan about her spell, is there any reason to think that she didn't also tell Susan that she was asked to use it frequently and why? OH, I just found confirmation, it was mentioned when Justin and Susan were talking about her upcoming meeting with Diane.
  10. NP Thur 2 April 2020

    Might still not be a bad guy, maybe they are the Hero of Magic or Skill (ranged), but maybe they're jealous that Susan's basically been given the title of "Main Hero" or whatever. Even Susan complained earlier that hammers were her thing when she was told that she would recruit a hammer wielding hero, this character could be of the type that believes they should be greater than the role they were given. I guess that kind of thinking could lead to villainous behaviour, but from a storytelling perspective, the idea of a character with an attitude that softens over time isn't a new even in EGS.
  11. NP Thur 2 April 2020

    Yeah this is another strong clue towards this character being Noah. Dan's hasn't been afraid of throwing fish at us before. I'd have figured Grace would have gotten past the "corn that isn't corn" stage by now, but it's possible.
  12. Story Wed 1 April 2020

    I took a business math course in high school, it was basically just creating spreadsheets. Mind you something like that is quite useful if you get a career in Eve Online
  13. Things That Are Just Annoying

    I've seen people use Tabletop Simulator for D&D (or other) games. You're probably thinking of Fantasy Grounds though, and hoooooooooooly crap that's a lot of money for all the DLC...
  14. Story Monday, Mar 30, 2020

    That's why I don't think it's an actual translator deal, but more of a tone the Ferengi use when referring to humans, like they feel humans are inferior to them so they intentionally say it like that. There was a few cases where Quark said human normally but those cases were either when talking about humans in general conversation or in the rare occasion where he's showing actual respect. The "Hu-mon" way usually comes out when expressing more negative opinions.
  15. Story Monday, Mar 30, 2020

    I only remember Hu-mon being a Ferengi thing. This isn't the first time for Grace either, back when Justin suggested that Grace apply for a job at Salty Crackers she asked if being a "Wo-man" would be a problem.