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  1. story

    I this is more along the lines of the past few months (comic time) Ellen's been "You need to loosen up more" and now she's "Whoa! that's too loose."
  2. No wonder American military spending is soo high, each of the branches apparently refuses to lend their equipment to each other.
  3. story

    Considering they know that Pandora/Box is responsible for the energy clog and marking people and is the reason Magic is close to changing. The fact that she's enlisted Sarah in helping unclog the nexus with the promise of helping her awaken would be enough for them to believe she's stopped marking people. But yeah, this goes along with what Edward said about letting people have access to wands with beneficial spells, their use would still allow people to awaken and get more spells, and it's not guaranteed that those spells wouldn't be abused in some way.
  4. It's soo confusing when the Navy has it's own Air Force...
  5. That particular phalic object was carrying airmen, not seamen.
  6. http://www.egscomics.com/?id=2352 I love how Elliot is just "Nobody's perfect" when defending "Box".
  7. np

    That's why I'm thinking Tedd originally programmed FV5 to have a set height of 5'4" so like if Rhoda got zapped she'd gain 4", but because there's that limit of 79.37%, the bigger the person, the less likely that 79.37% height/half volume will result in a 5'4" form. And yeah I was specifically using height in my examples without considering half volume, but I think Dan's implying that it is also Greg's overall bulk that would prevent the TFG and Ellen's normal powered beam from getting him to the intended scale of FV5. So maybe Justin could be properly FV5'd to 5"4 after all because he's much leaner than Greg, but George might still have different results due to being overweight. Rich is overweight as well, but he's short enough for it not to matter, he's either already 5'4" or 5'6", hard to tell in the previous comic.
  8. np

    So...what Dan's saying...is that FV5ing someone like Greg would result in a not quite proper FV5 unless Ellen amps up the beam? I know back in MV5 Ellen mentioned FV5 had a set height, which I think is 5'4", there might be some leeway though and someone like Justin at 6' even might become 5'6", but someone like George who's I think is 6'3" might end up being 5'9" when FV5'd, and Greg being 6'6" would probably be 5'11"-6'. but Ellen's beam with extra oomph would force it closer to the intended 5'4". Even more energy would remove antennae from a greater chimera.
  9. The only thing you should use local for is keeping an eye on how many people are in system, make it a separate window and make the chat side as small as possible but keeping players decently visible. Handy when going into lowsec, though it is useless when going into wormholes.
  10. That bit that's circled? The little wedge under the edge of Rich's shirt? Looks like a lighter shade than Rich's pants. So I think you're right.
  11. Larry's hips might be the same size, but she's shorter so they proportionally look bigger. But yeah, Rich is thinner overall so her shirt is probably all that's covering her now.
  12. Well I don't think she could create 2 FV5 beams at once (unless that's the new info that Dan plans on revealing Friday) so in order to transform both at the same time, she'd need to be in physical contact with both that the beam envelopes them, like how Ellen FV5'd her, Sarah and Sarah!Grace in the pinup.
  13. Yeah, thing is though, there's Barrens chat, and then there's Jita chat which takes Barrens chat to a whole new level.
  14. So this past Saturday, some friends convinced me to buy GTA V to play with them, it cost $70 CDN on Steam, Monday I'm getting ready to load it up and notice a news announcment stating that GTA V was on sale for 40% off... I coulda saved $30 if I wanted a couple days lol. Anyway, today I happened to see that Fallout 4 is on sale for 67% off so I could get it for $26 instead of the $80 full price, and the season pass (all DLC including any that may be released later) is 40% off so basically getting the game + DLC was cheaper than just buying the base game at full price, I wasn't passing up this opportunity only to buy it later at full price then kick myself when it went on sale 3 days later. Impulse game buying is great, eh?
  15. I think if Sirleck knew that Adrian was Pandora's son, he would have avoided Adrian like the plague because he knows that Pandora is well passed her reset time as he referred to her as and "ancient crazy Immortal" and judging by the comment, she probably threatened him to assist Magus in the original plan. But since he thinks that Adrian's related to either Helena or Demetrius, two Immortals that he knows were improperly reset and probably not much of a real threat to him, and so he feels free to put Adrian in danger. Voltaire is probably counting on Pandora finding out about Sirleck's attempt to kill Adrian and going into a rage, she'll go after Sirleck for sure because he's an aberration, but she may also go after Abner because Sirleck may say who told him about Adrian,even though it was Voltaire pretending to be Abner. Remember, this is part of Plan CM and since Plan A specifically said it "would have gotten the job don with one murder", Plan CM could presumably involve multiple murders, either by vampires or by Pandora. The page where Sirleck is checking Adrian's background is more to do with trying to gauge what kind of person he is which may hint at "would he be worth possessing?" but the next page (the one you linked) definitely suggests that possession isn't on the table, I think the plan is still to possess Magus once he gets a body to possess, and he's throwing all the money he has into attacking Adrian to ensure that Magus has a clear shot at getting Ellen to zap Elliot. Once Sirleck has Magus under his control, he could use whatever abilities he thinks Magus has to rebuild his wealth faster than the embezzlement method he had been using.