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  1. A sweet bonding moment between Pandora and Tedd, and I get the feeling Monday will be the start of a new chapter.
  2. np

    That's what I assume Don was saying, that Ellen may eventually be able to copy abilities along with the form for herself, but being able to paste a form onto someone and them getting the abilities of it might be too OP
  3. I think this proves that even Fairies can be Human. At least emotionally. If you don't count werewolves as people, at least. Pandora did try to have Magus get Edward to kill Abraham.
  4. Pandora hasn't met face to face with Grace, but she knows about Grace and how she's been with Tedd, so much so that she considered Grace and Tedd practically married. I doubt Pandora ever intended on doing anything to Grace, but was just being overly dramatic about needing to find out who was contacting Grace in her dreams.
  5. So..cyclists over there are mostly like automobile drivers over here then.
  6. The problem was you apparently took the gas pill and not the anti-gas pill.
  7. I can believe this, the intentions might have been good, but the execution wasn't, then again, it might have been one of those situations that didn't have any good options for dealing with it. Maybe Noriko voiced her concern with Edward over Tedd's protection, Edward might have insisted they could do it together, Noriko felt that she needed to take a more active role, and Adrian sided with Noriko, which hurt Edward. That's about the best I can come up with at the moment, I still feel there are holes in the story about what happened but they're slowly being filled. I'm not sure if Pandora would be aware that Noriko may have had other children after Tedd, my guess would be that if Tedd's half sibling is 4-5 year younger than him then it's probably a safe bet that Noriko got pregnant after the divorce. But if it turns out she had an affair, then we may be justified in hating her again. Another possibility though, What if Tedd's sibling is Edward's and Noriko's as well, not certain of the logistics, but maybe the divorced ended up with her keeping custody of the sibling because they registered on the wand as having magic potential. In this case Edward would have been hurt enough to hide the truth about Noriko because he didn't want Tedd to think that she chose his brother or sister over him.
  8. OMG, if the feels weren't real when Pandora was talking to Sarah, they're definitely real now. Definitely. I think Tedd can see that Pandora is being completely genuine right now, when Sarah first told him that she promised to help her awaken if she helped with removing the dam, he was skeptical that she might have a hidden agenda. When she showed up in front of him moments earlier, he was scared that she was going to get trick him or something bad, and he might have felt justified in the fear when she did that speech about him being able to bend worlds to his will, but now she's broken down about how she feels she's failed to be a good mother, Tedd just can help but feel sorry for her. Now would this be a good time for Edward to walk in? Preferably having just listened to all of this?
  9. np

    Actually rethought things, it wouldn't be a trio of Graces, it'd be FV5'd Grace with a pair of FV5'd Gracelyns. If the Guardian form is now in Ellen's spellbook, Dan should be covering that before the end of this arc, but I'm not expecting it.
  10. While we know Sarah has a drivers license, it's safe to assume she's limited to her parent's car and so I don't believe she'd be able to use it to drive to school, more often than not it's been assumed that she either takes the bus, or Susan picks her up, and considering the time frame of The Incident, I don't think Susan would have been willing to stop by Tedd's in the morning.
  11. She technically also got paid by Pandora for being Tedd's friend. Tedd and Sarah certainly became closer after she started helping him with his experiments, and I'm pretty certain Pandora noticed. Not entirely sure that's the case, But! If Edward was hoping that Tedd would join him at the FBI, he'd be ok with letting Tedd do his research despite Tedd's habits, as it may be useful in the field. That's a good question, I would think that since the incident obviously took place at Tedd's, it would have to happen after school rather than in the morning. I'm guessing Sarah had to stay overnight and Edward may have had to call her parents with an excuse for Sarah staying overnight... Or this.
  12. np

    Well the only instances of spells being linked have been Rhoda and Catalina, and Ellen and Nanase*. And both were under specific circumstances. Catalina was affected by Rhoda's disguise by being inside Rhoda's jacket which was also being affected by the spell so we know that the spell encompassed Rhoda. In the example of the Sarah/Grace/Ellen pinup, Grace was morphed as Sarah, but because Grace doesn't morph through enchantment, Ellen's FV5 beam doesn't link them and turn Ellen into an FV5'd Sarah, If Sarah had used a watch to morph into Grace prior to the zap, then we may have ended up with a trio of Graces. Yeah, so a pasted Cheerleadra form on Ashley should last about as long as a standard transformation, either until Ashley resists, Ellen cancels it out, the amount of available ambient energy runs out (not much of a problem at the moment) or whatever set duration the spell gives the form. *Nanase's Guardian form being fully copied by Ellen (abilities and all) is a very unique situation because Dan isn't quite clear about whether it was a one time thing, like the WoM saying "You know what Ellen? I'll give it to you this time because you and Nanase are being very dramatic right now." or if the Guardian form allows itself to be copied like that. I don't really expect to see them do that again though, but who knows. I also do not expect scan/paste to work on a guardian form though, seems like that would be too OP. And yes I'm saying that the WoM would have had something to do with it because of the fact that Ellen was trolled afterwards by having her hair turn blonde instead of black like she expected. Also the fact that the last magic change with the warmongering horde suddenly losing the ability to shoot fire from their palms, thus allowing them to get slaughtered, would have been totally seen as an act of god by the people back then.
  13. We've never seen Sarah's mom, and I think we've only seen her dad a couple times very early on but nothing recent. I gotta wonder how Sarah explained her summer job to them, if they even demanded she get a summer job. A bit of a tangent here. But in terms of cast members with jobs, Justin, Grace and Susan seems to have part time jobs all year, Justin and Grace obviously working at the comic shop together, and Susan working at the video store. Nanase is probably assumed to be on call for babysitting all year as well with Summer being busier. So that leaves Elliot mainly working during the Summer at the video store but getting a smaller income through the year for doing the video review show with Susan, Sarah "working" (in quotes because she's not getting paid money) for Tedd, Tedd's technically self employed with his research but living off an allowance, and Ellen who was given the summer free to do what she wanted.
  14. np

    Well there's passive stuff like enhanced strength and agility, I don't know if the faster healing would be a constant thing or only be active when injured though, and then what if Elliot merged with his cellphone? I dunno, maybe the passive stuff has Elliot break even with the recovery rate, no gain, no loss, until he starts actively using abilities.
  15. np

    I don't think it's the same though, in the case of Rhoda and Catalina, Catalina was in very close proximity (inside Rhoda's jacket) when Rhoda added another enchantment to herself, it'd be along the lines of the pinup of Ellen FV5ing herself but catching Sarah and Grace with it as well because they were in physical contact with each other. The big difference is Rhoda and Catalina each had different enchantments on each other that got balanced out when they were linked by Rhoda's disguise. For the scan/paste, the scan doesn't enchant a person, If Ellen scanned Elliot in Cheerleadra form, Elliot isn't enchanted with a "you've been scanned" spell, if anything Ellen enchants herself to store the form, so if Ellen then pasted the Cheerleadra form onto Ashley, Ashley and Elliot wouldn't be linked by by enchantments. Ellen might be linked to Ashley though, but that kinda makes sense anyway since Ellen can revert Ashley back to normal in the same way a zapping someone she had FV5ed a second time would return them to normal. Now, stacking several enchants like Ellen scan/pasting Elliot's Cheerleadra form to Ashley, then doublehanding FV5 and making her taller would very likely affect how long the enchants on Ashley last in the same way that Rhoda and Catalina had multiple enchants on each other wouldn't last as long if there wasn't so much ambient energy and willpower to keep them going. If Ellen also pasted Cheerleadra on Diane, then hit her with a doublehanded shrink+heavy, Ashley and Diane can't be linked because their enchantments aren't balancing to an average height, weight, etc.