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  1. Scatter some monsters around as well, get my trusty sword and shield, time to grind some XP!! ... Umm, wait, what kind of roleplaying ARE we talking about here?
  2. Wait... that hasn't happened yet? What the heck are we doing guys? Get going! Chop chop!
  3. To be fair, Sarah could have easily been referring to the train wreck of Matt Cohen attempting to ask Susan on a date.
  4. np

    Really hard to tell if it is longer or not, Grace's arm blocks the view in the third panel. All I can tell is that both panels show her hair going to her lower back. If it does go just a little lower, that can be attribute to her head tilting back from having been previously looking down at the counter, that would drop the hair down a little bit.
  5. np

    That's Tensaided, not George.
  6. np

    So, you're saying yes, it would be lazy?
  7. np

    There's a segment in this video that's kinda like that, I don't think any of these really work on a change blindness standpoint, but using twins to create confusion can still be fun.
  8. http://www.egscomics.com/egsnp.php?id=607 Umm....Hmm... Where to begin? Would it be lazy to just say everything's changed?
  9. story

    As far as I can remember, Big Cheese came up with the crazy convoluted schemes, and Jerry Atric attempted to make them less convoluted.
  10. story

    The last time he rationalized slacking off worked. If you're referring to the moment in Family Tree, then Jerry assumed that what he had done fulfilled his previous self's vow and he was free and clear, I doubt even finding the connection between Susan and Diane would instantly free him of the vow either. It might take Susan telling Jerry that he's fulfilled his vow, which could be after Jerry finds the connection, it could be 30 years later, or she dies of old age. Who knows?
  11. story

    Maybe Pandora noticed Jerry and mistakes him for the one that tried to get Elliot killed? She doesn't know it was Voltaire (she likely doesn't know, or remember Voltaire). Of course she should probably realize that Jerry had fairly recently reset and manipulating others into killing might not be on the list of thing a young immortal wants to try. Other possibility is she's aware of his vow to Susan and Nanase so she might consider him useful in helping find the one who tried to get Elliot killed, snatching him up that way definitely seems like a Pandora way to say "Hello". Magus would be interesting, he doesn't trust Immortals, but he doesn't trust Sirleck either and after his last meeting with Sirleck, I wouldn't be surprised if Magus regrets his choice so much that asking for an Immortal's help is looking better again. At the very least Magus might consider a freshly reset Immortal to be let likely to jerk him around and if he's careful with what he says, he could convince Jerry to help deal with Sirleck. Of course, if that's the case, then Magus needs to trim his nails. Unless she's got an Immortal friend who vowed to protect Susan and assumes Jerry might be infringing on that vow...that'd be too convoluted and we've already got 5 immortals running around her, add another one and Dan could probably start a spinoff comic. I doubt we'll see him again, he was a plot point to bring attention to Noriko, Tedd and Nanase. Beyond that, I don't see Dan having a reason to bring him back, unless for a flashback. Plot twist: Mr. Pompoms has been keeping track of Susan and Diane for the past 18 years and has a room full of various pictures of them growing up. He intentionally impregnated two women, made sure Diane was put up for adoption and made sure Susan caught him cheating. Either this is a nature vs nurture experiment, or he wanted both to be conditioned a certain way for a specific purpose. Maybe he was counting on them meeting which would explain why both would still be living in Moperville. Abner was just lucky. I think we need to call professionals. Charlotte's Angels. Abner wasn't lucky, he had Voltaire telling him everything, but still, Abner does seem to be familiar with the paranormal, whether he's a wizard or mage or neither is something we'll hopefully find out soon. It's entirely possible that Pandora told Magus, she would have warned him that Elliot was being watched by two Immortals, and added that they were recently improperly reset which means they should be easy to distract. I vote Big Cheese from Samurai Pizza Cats.
  12. http://www.egscomics.com/?id=2339 Uh oh. So uh, who does that shadowy hand belong to? Pandora's possibly still talking to Heka in Egypt, or maybe not, if travel instant for such a distance? That leaves either Voltaire having found out about Jerry and possibly worried that his meddling with Susan might interfere with Voltaire's plans, Not sure why Helena and Demetrius would grab him, unless they just wanted to be overly dramatic but really they just want to talk. Fingernails though could be a hint. Oh, and for the record, Jerry 2.0 has so far crashed ONE party.
  13. For the record, I consider this comic 100% canon.
  14. ::googles:: Ahh that does bear a strong resemblance to your previous forum avatar.
  15. story

    Here's the thing, it used to be that my dad would drive, and my mom would try to read the map. Going someplace we'd never been before require several pull overs so that dad could go "we're here, let me know when we're about to get here." Once dad got a GPS, he could set the directions himself, and if there's a mistake he could only blame himself.