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  1. Story Friday August 16, 2019

    Yeah, even on a 80486 with 8mb of RAM the *.exe filesize could not exceed 640k and with drivers for mouse, CDrom, sound, etc also needing part of that 640k, being able to manipulate the config.sys and autoexec.bat files were necessary.
  2. NP Monday August 19, 2019

    If it's wood, it can be identified by the colour (unless it's stained/painted) and grain, I wonder if it's too late to get into a woodworking course for the final semester of school?
  3. Story Wednesday August 21, 2019

    Elliot knew of Tedd before 4th grade though, Ellen compared Noah to being "3rd grade Tedd awkward", and I think Second Life Ellen knowing Tedd all the way back in kindergarten can be an indication that Tedd and Elliot have been in the same class together from that point too, it's just that in the main universe Elliot didn't step up to Tedd's defense and become friends with him until the 4th grade. Though I guess from Tedd's perspective, if he had been avoiding interacting with classmates (like we saw in the SL page), there's a good chance he didn't pay attention to who was who (other than maybe Tony who picked on him frequently) so Elliot coming to his defense in 4th grade would have been Tedd's first contact with Elliot. Hmm...considering Ellen felt the need to hug Tedd after the first night of SL dreams, do you think that maybe she felt bit guilty for Elliot(and by extension, herself) not having reached out to Tedd sooner?
  4. NP Wednesday August 21, 2019

    A dream fueled by Grace's fantasy. I mean, Dan links back to Grace's fantasy in the dream commentary as emphasis.
  5. NP Wednesday August 21, 2019

    Can't you see? This is chemistry!
  6. Story Wednesday August 21, 2019

    I dunno how long the Dunkels have had Brownie, but if they had her longer than Tedd's had Jeremy, I'd be surprise if Tedd hadn't seen her before. And before anyone says that maybe Tedd had never been to Elliot's before, I gotta wonder who Edward would have trusted to watch over Tedd while away on "government business"? it might have been split between the Dunkels and Kitsunes, maybe not evenly split, like the Dunkels might have in case the Kitsunes weren't able.
  7. NP Monday August 19, 2019

    I'm just saying watches are more readily available, Tedd's just got the one actual wand at the moment.
  8. NP Monday August 19, 2019

    It's this part that I'm making note of, if Grace can now use wands (and watches for that matter) she may not need to learn how to suppress her Uryuom power. That would make it a retcon though wouldn't it? I'm not sure if that would be the case with the Q&A being so close to the arc the reveals Grace being able to resize her clothes. If it was back in Q&A#5 (being directly after New and Old Flames) I'd me more inclined to believe that it might have really been referencing Noah.
  9. NP Monday August 19, 2019

    It may have been difficult to awaken before the Magic "change", but considering she's able to resize clothing now, and that foreshadowing with the pyro Uryuom, it might be easier than they thought? In fact, they way Amanda says "This information probably isn't relevant to anything important" I initially thought she might have been referencing Noah because he's apparently accomplished becoming a magic user, but it might have been foreshadowing Grace being able to resize clothes an possibly other stuff.
  10. Story Friday August 16, 2019

    Was it the same Putt-Putt that tried suing Mojang because a player created a custom map named Putt-Putt in Minecraft?
  11. Story Wednesday August 21, 2019

    I'm leaning towards Jeremy being brought home after Tedd got the TFG, I mean, I can't be absolutely certain of it, but a lack of Jeremy in the Tam et Tedd flashback is what I'm basing that on. I don't think Ashley went as far as "KITTY!" like Susan did, but yeah, holding your hand over the cat's head like that isn't an inviting gesture. A bit of a tangent though; considering Justin's reaction to seeing Diane being showing "Susan-like" behaviour, I can't help but feel we should see Susan show "Diane-like" behaviour as some point, I think we've seen moments that might qualify (Nanase's reaction to Susan giggling seems to be a good indicator, and I don't think "KITTY!" counts though, as I think that's beyond even "Diane-like" behaviour), but how would Justin react?
  12. Story Monday, August 12, 2018

    I don't believe she had any intent on twisting what Justin said against him or make him feel bad about it, considering on the Friday, she didn't know what to say after Justin said they should talk, by Monday she didn't want to talk, I believe she spent the weekend thinking about what happened and coming to the conclusion that she didn't deserve any forgiveness, and hated the idea that it took saving Elliot to get Justin to want to talk to her, Justin's "After you outed me" seemed like proof of what she thought. As for the tears, I don't see any maliciousness in them, I'd argue that she caught herself getting emotional and cut herself off before she did something else she might regret, it would explain why she suddenly didn't want to talk. This isn't defending Melissa's past actions though and certainly not saying that you should forgive those actions, I just feel that in this particular instance, Justin might have seen Melissa being genuine for the first time in the past 2 years and that could be why he felt bad about it. I honestly was ready to have my previous post be my last on the subject, but I strongly felt that your description of that scene was off, I don't know if that's because this conversation overall has gotten emotions high. Everything else you said though, you're right, everyone is different so it's probably best to file this under agree to disagree... unless there's a better category for it that I'm unable to think of at the moment.
  13. Story Monday, August 12, 2018

    How you had been phrasing how you'd handle people like Diane, made me feel like you'd rather tell the person to "go to hell" despite them genuinely wanting to make up for any wrongs they've committed, which is why I asked what would be the point of changing if no one will let you. If that wasn't the message you were conveying though, then I read into it more than I should have and I apologize. And so it turns out that the two stances are so compatible that one can even achieve a synthesis between them. How remarkable. Perhaps being distrustful does not make me a frothing hatemonger after all. This probably doesn't apply anymore given what I said above, but I believe that how a person responds to an apology can have an impact on those giving the apology, In Justin's case, he openly accepted Diane's apology and while she was confused about his "selective amnesia", she was overall encouraged by the response and it probably lead to her wanting to suggest a date idea to Justin later, Justin could have driven the point home by reminding her of what she did, but that might have gone about as well as it did with Melissa, who knows, maybe that had an effect on how Justin handled Diane's apology, I know Melissa was bad if not worse case because of how close Justin and Melissa used to be and Melissa's behaviour after Justin was outed, but Melissa imposing her own removal from Justin's life obviously didn't sit well with him. On the other hand though, if Diane responded to a reminder like "I was trying to apologize, you didn't have to remind me of what I already know!" that could be a red flag that she might not be completely sincere or at least an good indication that a repeat incident is likely, and while I understand that it'd be good to catch that before it can happen, but it kinda feels like setting them up to fail maybe? I dunno Anyway, this whole discussion's had me thinking about the concept of forgiveness, what's forgivable, what's not, are there degrees of wrongs and where do you draw the line at what you can forgive, is there even a line, should there be a line, there doesn't appear to be a definite answer so this isn't an attack on you, I'm just having a hard time wrapping my head around things.
  14. NP Monday August 19, 2019

    I just remembered that this was a thing in Grace's mind. The best part about the possibility that this NP is canon, is it's canon that Elliot knows Grace ships her and Tedd. Sure, at the time, Elliot might have been weirded out by the thought of Grace using her clone form to play out a fantasy, but given time, after admitting to having some attraction to Tedd, Elliot might act on those feelings because she knows that Grace would love it. All that's left is figuring out how Ashley would feel about it, and since Dan's confirmed on patreon that this NP could easily take place after they've graduated high school, it either means Ashley's no longer in the picture for some reason, or Grace has talked about it with Ashley and Ashley's on board with Grace's ship as well.
  15. NP Monday August 19, 2019

    Yeah, but this might be an indication that Elliot's at least willing to go farther, I mean, she's still pressing against Tedd's body after all. I'm sure if Tedd's resisting, Elliot will back off. But maybe Tedd will admit that she finds Elliot attractive and Elliot admits the same and smooching commences. Then there's the subject of the commentary, and if this is just some written fantasy, then why does it have to be either Ashley or Grace, maybe they co-wrote it together?