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  1. Story: Monday, June 28, 2021

    She's stated that moving herself is easier than moving other people/things. So it probably isn't the best way. Grace is pretty certain Rhoda has magic related to size manipulation, so she could either shrink herself a bit and see if Rhoda notices, although I think Grace did say she's done stuff like that in school and no one's seemed to notice so that might not work either. Probably the best bet is Susan's suggestion of making an offhand comment about something related and see how Rhoda reacts, like "Don't you wish you could shrink or grow a screwdriver so that it fits the screw instead of having to dig around for the right size? That would make toolboxes less cluttered too!"
  2. Story Friday June 25, 2021

    Justin did say that it was probably a bored Immortal that was marking people, but Camdin refused to believe it was that simple, of course it wasn't that simple, but the Pandora's reason for it would likely still seem pretty weak to him. "All this so her son wouldn't have to continue hiding who he is? that's even worse that being bored!"
  3. The Saga of the New Notebook

    Wish I could help, but I'm a PC person, not an electrician Captain!
  4. Is this thing on?

    I had pretty much given up on ever posting here again, it's been a ride for sure
  5. Story Tuesday, Jun 9, 2020

    I gathered that as in hybrids as well like when Grace was in Cat and Jeremy forms. I'd think that if Tedd was able to turn someone full Squirrel, they'd have been able to shrink someone to that size long ago.
  6. NP Saturday, Jun 6, 2020

    I would expect Pandora to know the difference between a wizard and magic user though (seeing as we've been beaten over the head by it a few times over the course of the comic), and if Sarah was a wizard, why would Pandora use the wrong term? Pandora could have been referring to other ways she could train Sarah either by giving her opportunities to use the spell she has, or just doing general "this is how magic works" lessons.
  7. Story Tuesday, Jun 9, 2020

    Ashley's already voiced her opinion of Grace with Elliot though, and I suspect Elliot knows Grace enough to not feel threatened by her. Also, it's currently unknown if Tedd would be able to make a spell that turns someone full squirrel (or any other animal) so at the moment the best we'd get is squirrel on squirrel-sized human romance, but that might be squicky for some. I don't believe Tedd has seen Kevin yet, so Tedd wouldn't be sure what to expect from him, knowing that Arthur made him might also have an effect on what Tedd expects too, and if this is the result of "dragon" magic that's another unknown that Tedd would need to consider.
  8. NP Saturday, Jun 6, 2020

    I don't think they're intended to rediscover magic, but more like work as a seed vault to protect the few spells they learned so that when a system change did occur, they could make some wands to give to a few wizards or magic users who in turn start redeveloping their magic again and once they awaken, any new spells could then be passed around to other wizards and such. I was specifically talking about how Tedd can "look" at multiple spells they become part of Tedd and they can mix and match various parts. Grace gets zapped by a multiple forms they become part of her and she can then mix and match those. What I got from what Pandora was saying was that normally magic users would be able to cast their first spell with their own power by the time they awaken, but in Sarah's case, she's probably more likely to awaken and get new spells before she's able to cast the simulation spell on her own just cus it uses that much energy. That's what I figure she meant by "D rank talent with an S rank spell" anyway.
  9. Wild Speculation version 3.14159265...

    Yeah, but that was more along the lines of Magic having a flair for the dramatic which was also something Zeus was considering just prior to Pandora's interruption. This is still a form of genetics, but more like magical genetics which are on a separate level than biological genetics.
  10. Wild Speculation version 3.14159265...

    We know that hair colour is a mystery because someone could have the genes for brown hair and yet be blonde, so bloodline in this case may not be able literal genetics, but rather how much of an Immortal's essence is passed down from generation to generation. Heck, I wouldn't expect a genetic comparison of Susan and Diane to be anywhere near as close to identical as they look. Aside from height difference (hair colour doesn't count because Susan was born blonde) they look pretty darned identical, that shouldn't be possible because Diane's biological mother and Susan's ancestral mother aren't related (although at this moment I am curious about the chances of it being the case what which Susan's family probably having enough branches on it that it might be possible for someone on one side of the tree to hook up with someone on the other side without realizing their relation, or maybe in the case of long lived elves, someone at the base of a tree they didn't know existed, hooking up with someone near the top) there should have been some of Diane's mother passed on to her, and generations of Susan's family ending up in her. But if Pandora's essence was part of what dictated appearance, then that'd be easier to explain.
  11. Wild Speculation version 3.14159265...

    Heka did say "Wizards, Seers, those with Magical Affinities..." are descended from Immortals (we didn't see him say the unquoted part but I think it's safe to assume by now that's pretty much what he said) so, it's pretty certain that Tedd and Nanase are descended from Immortals because Tedd's a Seer who's parents are wizards and Nanase is of course related and has been regarded as having power comparable to royalty in another realm which could indicate a strong relation to Immortal ancestry. Of course though, Nanase doesn't appear to be a wizard, Susan also doesn't appear to be a wizard either, but since we know that Susan's affinity is where she's gotten her spells from, we could assume that Nanase's magic might be based around an affinity passed down by her family as well. Ashley's a confirmed wizard, whether it's something that she always was and it was as hard to detect as Sarah's affinity, or she was "gifted" the ability by being exposed to the energy of the diamond is debatable, if it was simply a matter of it being like Sarah's affinity then it's likely she has Immortal ancestry, though because of Sarah's affinity, I gotta wonder if it being hard to detect is due to how far back their ancestry goes and how thin that bloodline is. Like with Nanase's family it's apparent that they kept their tradition of monster hunters going as strong as they did by hooking up with other powerful magic users, like how Noriko married Edward in the hopes of their offspring carrying on the tradition. This would also mean that if Susan's father, grandfather, etc etc, didn't marry anyone with strong magic ability, it's easily possible that Diane could surpass Susan in magic strength by a long shot for the fact that she's only 2 steps from an Immortal.
  12. Wild Speculation version 3.14159265...

    We know that people with affinities are descended from Immortals, which certainly put's Sarah as being descended from an Immortal because her spell is from an affinity she was born with. Justin's and Rhoda's marks gave them access to spells that they seemed to yearn for or fit their personality (Justin with his desire to be stronger, Rhoda was scared of people bigger than her) so we don't know if they have Immortal ancestry or not and Catalina had a name based affinity so that could be more to do with the WoM than having any relation to an Immortal. Basically, I don't think there's any real connection between marks and Immortal ancestry, I think it's more likely though that if a person that has Immortal ancestry gets marked, the spell will be related to their affinity, (Sarah with her simulation spell, Susan with her ability to summon magic weapons), beyond that though, I'm pretty certain that anyone could be marked and the problem is, affinities are probably not rare, but I don't think it means that we can automatically assume that people who can use magic/are marked are descended from Immortals.
  13. NP Saturday, Jun 6, 2020

    Pandora made it sound like Tedd's glove was a unique invention by Tedd and only usable by Seers. Standard wizards could get the ability to make wands, but it doesn't seem like they could ever have the ability to customize spells, maybe rewriting a spell uses a heckton more power than just plain copying a spell to a wand and only Seer's have access to that amount of power. Pandora also did say that Tedd had the power and mind to bend worlds to their will, after all
  14. NP Saturday, Jun 6, 2020

    Well yeah, but that's more like Grace being able to mix and match parts of different forms to create new ones, Tedd can mix and match different parts of spells that they've "Seen" to create new ones. There was a DLC for Elder Scrolls:Oblivion that included an altar where you could create custom spells using spells that you knew. have a spell of Shocking Grasp and one of Fire Bolt? you can use those to make a spell of Burning Touch and Lightningbolt. I tended to create spells that was ranged and did fire, lightning and frost damage in an AOE.
  15. NP Saturday, Jun 6, 2020

    We know that Tedd got the FV5 with clothing resize spell from Ellen, that would include the beam effect, and it's quite possible based on the line of questions from Pandora (aksed if Tedd's looked at the base spell, then asked if they looked at a version that resized clothes) that Tedd's looked at Ellen using the spell multiple times.