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  1. Story Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019

    I never once said Grace's 18th birthday was a Sunday.... I was setting Grace's 18th birthday as a known date that's already been set in stone by Dan, in Painted Black Dr Scuiridae said her birthday was Saturday, and Q&A#4 showed that Sister 2 ended Wednesday March 13th so Saturday would be March 9th, we also know based on the dates given in the Q&A that year 1 was not a leap year, I was then extrapolating her 19th, 20th, etc birthdays based on those particular years being leap years or not. Your initial response was assuming that I was taking the day that Grace's birthday fell on in the first year of the comic and only adding 1 day if year 2 was a leap year, but I wasn't, I was saying that if we expected year 2 to be a leap year but Dan mentions Grace's 19th birthday being on a Sunday, then we'd know it wasn't a leap year, because a leap year would have meant Grace's 19th being Monday.
  2. Story Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019

    Um, her 18th birthday was on a Saturday though, that was during the first year of the comic, now we're in the second year, if it's a leap year her 19th birthday will be on Monday, otherwise, it'll be Sunday. I just looked it up on my calendar using 2019 at year 1 and 2020 (a leap year) as year 2. If we use 2013 a year 1, year 2 (2014) Grace's 19th birthday will be a Sunday, year 3 (2015) Grace's 20th will be a Monday, and year 4 (2016, A leap year) Grace's 21st will be a Wednesday. If we use 2002 at year 1, year 2 (2003) Grace's 19th would still be on a Sunday, year 3 (2004, a leap year) then Grace's 20th would be on a Tuesday.
  3. NP Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019

    The gauntlets would be enchanted to give the bonus damage, even if the claws are covered, the enchantment would take the base damage+Grace's perk and then apply the bonus on top. Mind you if the gauntlets aren't enchanted but give a flat damage which is based on Grace's strength+gauntlet material (ie leather gloves vs iron gauntlets vs steel, etc) then there is the question of how claw damage bonus is applied, usually for the sake of gameplay claw bonus would be included regardless of whether it made any sense. Though I wouldn't be surprised if a game would be like "yeah, you get the bonus claw damage, but that gets negated by handwear", but Dan did mention in the previous comic that in Skyrim, Khajit with the bonus damage did better in the early game than someone using low tier weapons, but ended up getting surpassed by higher tier weapons and perk levels, like the one handed weapons perk has a 20% per perk level damage increase plus other perks that would make even an iron sword more useful than claws.
  4. Story Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019

    I dunno if Edward would insist that Tedd continue his research at home or not, on the one hand it might be distracting, but might also make it less stressful, on the other hand, Dan may keep it at Tedd's for the sake of not having to deal with having to figure out how Tedd would get to and from a lab between school and such, it's possible that while a lab building would be made available, there'd probably be staff there and Tedd could work from home while communicating with said staff over email or video conferencing (with a secured VPN set up between them of course). As far as Ashley being scared off by stories of how perverted Tedd can be, well he's nowhere near as bad as he used to be, but I get the feeling based on Ashley's stories, that she could be just as pervy, and if it does turn out that Tedd was Ashley's internet girlfriend, well that could be the cause of some of the awkwardness that Dan warned us about, but at the same time once they get over that hurdle, it's pretty much guaranteed they'll get along fine.
  5. Story Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019

    I didn't mean in relation to the previous year, I mean in relation to if it wasn't a leap year, like Grace's birthday was March 9th which was a Saturday, if we're following the calendar from the either 2002 or 2013, then the next year (2003/2014) should have Grace's 19th birthday on Sunday, but the next year (2004/2015) will be where things get different because if it's 2004 then Grace's 20th birthday would be on a Tuesday, but if it's 2015 then would be on a Monday. If we go by the 2019 timeframe, and the current year is 2020, then of course Grace's 19th birthday would fall on Monday instead of Sunday. I feel we're pretty much saying the same thing though, just different ways.
  6. Story Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019

    Dan had mentioned that once a leap year comes into play then the simplest explanation would be to assume that the EGS verse treats leap years differently or something. Like when the comic first started, 2004 was the leap year which if we're following the comic from 2002, and are now into 2003, then the next year would be a leap. However if we follow it as starting in 2013 and are now into 2014, then the leap year won't be till 2016 which is 2 years away comic time. 2020 is a leap year so it could be possible to have the first year be 2019 since Dan hasn't gotten into February of the second year yet BUT, Dan also stated that if he were to place EGS within a specific time frame, it'd be after the Star Trek 2009 but before Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which takes us back to the 2013-14 time frame, also because Dan didn't have the first year be a leap year, the way he's been vague about what the exact date is in comic lately (he used to do month and day of the month up until the Family Tree story and then has been just doing day of the week since, so as long as he does that, we probably won't even know if the story passed a leap day or not, unless he happens do mention another milestone day like Grace's birthday being on a particular day and we're like "wait a moment, that should be a day later if this year was a leap year".
  7. Story Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019

    If we're going by the idea that the current year in EGS is 2014, the current scene is taking place on the 25th of January, meaning the party Elliot wants to have will be on February 1st, Ellen's "birthday" would be January 30 which is Thursday. Unless Dan skips the week right to the party, we might see Elliot talking to Ellen about it and maybe him asking if she wouldn't mind using her "birthday" as a reason to invite Ashley, if Elliot doesn't want Ashley to know the party is specifically to get her to open up about what's bothering her, having it disguised (or maybe actual if the idea of 2 birthdays a year appeals to her) as a birthday party would be a good plan.
  8. Story Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019

    As far as we know, the basement at Elliot's/Ellen's is mostly unfinished and is where their exercise equipment are. It's also seemed implied that there's a spare room that could have been given to Ellen, but Elliot insisted that Ellen had just as much right to his bedroom as he did. It's also implied that the spare room is now being used to do the Review Show in(stated in commentary). Anyway, considering Ashley's going to be training to be a wizard with Tedd supervising, she's going to be spending time at Tedd's house often so it makes sense that this party could also be used to show Ashley all the stuff she'll be seeing later. I don't think Elliot's ever had Tedd over at his place, everytime there's a scene with the two, I've always assumed it was at Tedd's.
  9. EGS Strip Slaying

    Been a while since we had a Skyrim related slay.
  10. Story Monday, April 22, 2019

    Yeah, context is key here. Anyway, after I posted my previous comment, I noticed that Elliot's hair looked shorter than it did the last time we saw him, a Tweet to Dan confirms it.
  11. Story Monday, April 22, 2019

    Knowing Elliot, he's probably aware that something's bothering Ashley because she's not being very cheerful and even her awkwardness is off, but he's not wanting to push her to talk about it, at least not at school. As opposed to the worst, best boyfriend ever?
  12. Story Friday, April 19, 2019

    It's the same thing, she can't enjoy them as harmless fantasies because they can potentially become reality. She's had these fantasies for a while and her only outlet had been to write about them. If she was to get any spells that let her do the things she'd fantasized about, just writing about them might not be good enough especially in a spur of the moment situation where someone is bugging her with ethnicity or labels. Kinda like how Susan worried about Catalina going on a hammer spree.
  13. Story Friday, April 19, 2019

    That's pretty much what I said earlier though.
  14. Story Friday, April 19, 2019

    Ashley always thought it'd be wrong to transform people against their will, it was the reason Pandora couldn't mark her with any transformation spell despite Ashley's huge interest in it.
  15. Story Friday, April 19, 2019

    We know what Susan thinks about the movies, also what Justin thinks of them. As for Discovery....I'm not sure, I watched the season 2 finale last night, and even I have mixed feelings about it.