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  1. NP Wednesday December 11, 2019

    The game's probably like "See, what you just did will only lead to the bandits getting out and causing more problems later cus they're bandits and that's all they'll ever do, it would have been better in the long run to just kill them" Even Dan said on discord that the game is punishing Susan.
  2. NP Wednesday December 11, 2019

    There was an ooooold roguelike game called Castle of the Winds that different types of storage ranging from bags (3 sizes), backpacks (also 3 sizes) and chests (you guessed it, also also 3 sizes), the all had set weight and bulk (volume) limits but could generally hold more than the external space they took up, which mean you could nest several large backpacks in a large chest and essentially carry more than the chest would on it's own. also the storage items come in enchanted flavours too which had increased capacities.
  3. Story Wednesday December 11, 2019

    You basically saved me the trouble of finding the Elliot example. Though there really is no shortage when it comes to Elliot.
  4. Story Wednesday December 11, 2019

    I think this proves the glove is still useful Tedd. Being able to fine tune what a spell does rather than just putting the raw spell on the wand and leaving it entirely up to the caster would prevent embarrassing moments like this. Of course in a wizard training situation, having the raw spell would be best for teaching a caster control of their imaginations, picturing exactly what they want to happen instead of just... Well it probably would have gone exactly how Nanase pictured if Tedd hadn't set a minimum looseness. Maybe Diane's seen Sword in the Stone as well?
  5. This Day In History

    Between that and "Les Habitants" all other suggestions weren't anymore original. Anyway, you can knock the name, but you can't knock the 24 times they've won Lord Stanley's Mug.
  6. Story Monday December 2, 2019

    The idea of Lord Tedd trying to motivate other Tedd's to become stronger is something I thought of, what bugs me though is that is doesn't fit the the plot point of General Shade Tail corrupting Lord Tedd. If Lord Tedd was sending those cells out because General Shade Tail was influencing him to do so, but he was intentionally allowing them to fail (and acting angry about it to put up appearances) then that should be an indicator that Lord Tedd knows that General Shade Tail is bad news and so Nioi's venture into the main universe would imply that she doesn't know he knows, because she was acting like she was in the main universe without his knowing. The idea of multiple Lord Tedds really shouldn't be a surprise, we've seen multiple different versions of Tedd already, each one showing different upbringings but still some similarities (Beta Tedd dating Beta Ellen, Second Life Tedd having a crush on SL Ellen, Our Tedd definitely has strong feelings for Our Elliot) but Our Tedd was also the target of an Immortal's attempt to manipulate the system and who knows how Tedd would have reacted if Voltaire succeeded in killing Elliot, Tedd even thought about what might have been if Elliot had never been there early on. Lord Tedd is probably not entirely unique, in that there are probably more than 1 Tedd who grew up without anyone like Elliot to keep them from doing things they wouldn't have normally done. Some may have turned out OK, but if others ended up with a bad crowd or gave in to the desire to lash out at people that bully them, maybe Nioi saw one of those universes where Tedd had gotten really bad and felt that her Tedd was on a similar path because of General Shade Tail.
  7. Story Monday December 2, 2019

    It's hard to say because at one point we have a Lord Tedd who's clearly angered by the fact the goo failed it's objective, but then the next time we see Lord Tedd we're questioning how it's possible for him to be like that. New theory, there's actually 2 Lord Tedd universes, and the one that sent the goo is already fully corrupted, while Nioi's Tedd hasn't been yet.
  8. Story Monday December 2, 2019

    I didn't say that Nioi created it though, just that it was possible she was using it under orders to search for universes to send the demon nuclei too, and then secretly searched for a universe for Kaoli to "grow up" in. I suspect that the Second Life universe Ellen and Kaoli have no idea what's going on in other universes, at least not yet as it would probably take someone from another universe actually approaching them for whatever reason., so I don't expect second life Kaoli to be the one appearing.
  9. Story Monday December 2, 2019

    Though if it turned out that Magus' "departure" from his world caused Terra to freak out and decide that becoming male would make her stronger, then Terra could be Lord Tedd. BUT then where did General Shade Tail come from? I'd assume that in Magus' world there was no Project Lycanthrope with created Shade Tail and probably no Damien either so that would be contradictory to Terra=Lord Tedd But it is quite possible that Terra was targeted by Lord Tedd's supposed agenda to kill all "weak" Tedds and Magus getting banished was to get rid of possible obstacles just like how the goo decided Elliot was in the way of killing our Tedd. Dan stated somewhere (I think twitter) that the demon nuclei (goo) that Ellen destroyed was the closest to succeeding out of all the others sent out so it's probably safe to assume that Terra was able to defend herself in Magus' absence if she was also attacked. In any case Terra being targeted could mean that Nioi/Kaoli might have coordinates or whatever to Magus' universe, heck Nioi supposedly spent a good deal of time searching alternate universes for one that Ellen and Kaoli could share memories of so maybe she was the one that gave Lord Tedd the list of universes to send the demon nuclei to?
  10. Story Monday December 2, 2019

    Not from same universe but Ellen suggested Kaoli as someone who'd know how to get Magus to his universe so that's a good enough reason to put them together in an arc.
  11. Story Monday December 2, 2019

    I feel the Kaoli's appearance in relation to Magus should belong in a separate arc like Sister 4 and maybe finally involve Lord Tedd, and as an added bonus, be when Tedd learns that Van is their half brother (Van knows Tedd's a half-sibling and saw Tedd as female in the meeting with the WoM so Van could consider Tedd a sister and well Tedd being genderfluid would allow them to cover both roles easily anyway)
  12. Story Monday December 2, 2019

    This is what happens when Seer programs in metric but the user thinks in imperial.
  13. Story Monday December 2, 2019

    There's not other logical reason for it to click, the door isn't on hinges so it wouldn't even swing open without crashing to the floor on top of whoever "opens" it.
  14. NP Monday December 02, 2019

    Minus the horns (and tail) I mean.
  15. NP Monday December 02, 2019

    Elder Scrolls Online used to base quests available on the player's level, even the main questline had it's segments level gated meaning the questgiver (who is basically the equivalent of Arthur here) would give you a task, and when you completed it would say "I'll contact you after I've figure out our next move" and they you have to level up a few times before you either get an ingame mail or telepathic message calling you back. But then the ESO devs rolled out an update that let players play any quest at any level and now the guy is like "I'll contact you after I've figured out our next move, I've figured out our next move, come back and we'll discuss it" before you've even moved 2 steps from him. Honestly, I think this is a look that Tedd would have.