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  1. Story Monday, June 24, 2019

    It's quite possible he simply won't show Sarah and Sam's night because we already know that Sam's got a decision to make, whether or not to tell Sarah he just wants to be friends. and we'd likely find out if he did or not at the party the next day if Sarah's in a good mood or not or if Sarah wants to back out of attending. I guess Justin/Luke and Diane/Lucy doesn't have to be seen either, they go bowling, they have fun, and the two couples might not even cross paths.
  2. Story Monday, June 24, 2019

    Sarah's also seeing Sam Friday night and there's a chance that Sam might tell Sarah how he feels about dating (I don't expect him to tell her he's trans though). I dunno if we'll actually see any of this in this storyline or if Dan's gonna reserve those dates for either NP or after the party story, it'd for sure be a real tease to not follow up on what Liz wants to talk to Elliot about though.
  3. Story Monday, June 24, 2019

    While there's never been a scene with Elliot talking to Liz before, he obviously knows who she is since he commented "Oh wait, she's with Liz" when he was about to go talk to Ashley about the party. Ashley and Susan don't appear to be wearing the same clothing they wore during what I assume was Wednesday, although it's hard to say with Susan since those were Nature/Nurture representations or which Nature's clothing seems to match but I'd have expected the contrast to be different betweem Nature, Nuture and Susan with Susan's clothing colour being a middleground or something. I guess it's also possible that Ashley had a second set of clothes to change into after gym class so that she wasn't wearing the same thing before and after gym. Dan did comment that it's been 29 pages and the party hasn't started yet so he might be trying to fast forward which in which case having Liz question Sarah and Susan, and watch review show episode be on Thursday and her confronting Elliot be Friday morning would make a lot of sense.
  4. Story Monday, June 24, 2019

    No, she started watching them somewhere between Ashley telling her she got a date with Elliot and the first date itself (the first link was on the day of the first date so it'd be redundant to link again). I suspect she'd only seen a few at the time and was getting caught up on more for the purpose of gauging what to think of Elliot. I thought about that afterwards, that Liz has determined that Elliot is actually involved in magic stuffs and the "other possibility" is that she thinks that Ashley's earlier talk about her stories is that she's getting herself involved in magic by being with Elliot, and Liz probably gonna be like "don't you dare corrupt her!" or something. If Liz was marked by Pandora, this is probably the best time to reveal it, Liz confronting Elliot instead of talking to Ashley might suggest she's more certain that Elliot knows about magic and maybe less certain that Ashley knows or else she could have just asked Ashley directly.
  5. NP Monday, Jun 24, 2019

    I think it's more the case that Nanase Craft and even Goonmanji 2 were non canon fun, this is sounding to be touching on more serious topics so there is probably a need to clarity.
  6. Story Monday, June 24, 2019

    If that's an illusion spell at work, I fully expect Elliot to comment on her using magic, but I think it's more likely Dan giving use a dramatic background to emphasize Liz confronting Elliot. He actually was somewhat scared, because he knew he couldn't fight her properly and he certainly didn't want her catching him. If Liz saw what happened between Elliot and Catalina, she'd know that he has no problem if people thought he was gay, the only problem would be if she was being homophobic, which I doubt because she didn't say anything about Ashley having had a girlfriend (on the internet) once, and while Elliot isn't absolutely straight, being partly bisexual wouldn't harm any relationship with Ashley, especially because Ashley's also attracted to both males and females, and it would be hypocritical for Liz to be ok with Ashley being attracted to both but not ok with Elliot being slightly attracted to males. As I stated in my previous paragraph, Elliot thinks males can be attractive, but as stated about Justin, doesn't have any desire to do things with them. Ellen's probably closer to being willing to do things with guys than Elliot is. Here's the thing, Liz only asked Sarah and Susan about Elliot, Sarah's statement kinda paints Elliot as lazy. Susan might have used a tone that made Liz think there was something else that Susan's not telling her. I dunno if "I like Quill" is enough to determine that Elliot must be gay though, but I don't think Liz asked the right questions, like she could have asked about the get together that Ashley told her about in the first panel, then she'd know that Ashley hasn't told Elliot what been bothering her either and he's only trying to help cheer her up. She didn't talk to Tedd so I dunno if that means that Liz doesn't trust another (sometimes)guy's opinion of Elliot or what.
  7. NP Friday, Jun 21, 2019

    In the Heavy Gear game I was in, our GM made an adversary that supposedly rivaled our team sociopath. During the course of the campaign it pretty much became a contest to see who was more sadistic. When we finally cornered the guy, our Sociopath's method of interrogation involved cutting off the guy's fingers, frying them in butter, and then feeding them back to the guy. It was pretty clear who won.
  8. Story Friday, June 21, 2019

    She might be basing the assumption on Susan's refusal to join in on the MV5 design process.
  9. Story Friday, June 21, 2019

    That was specifically in regard to revealing that Tedd and Sarah have seen each other naked multiple times. Which is more understandable cus Susan already knew that Sarah was assisting Tedd with his experiments. It just seems like it would be a case where if Susan was potentially disapproving of Sarah transforming, I wouldn't blame Tedd for calling Susan out as a hypocrite. It's not about controversy, it's simply about someone making fun of the movies, like if they're not as serious about it as you or something, kinda like how Tedd made fun of Susan being a Star Trek fan, except without the resulting slapfighting.
  10. Story Friday, June 21, 2019

    She mentions showing off "A" curvy fox form, we know Sarah's spends a lot of time at Tedd's place, either helping with his experiment which tend to include various forms, or just hanging out with Grace which we know the two have designed at least one form without Tedd being there, so it's likely that she's designed other forms with the help of Tedd and Grace. She could also be thinking of a new form that she hasn't made yet but would like to show Ashley the process. Also, as a result of spending more time with Tedd, are we sure it's not Sarah that's acting more like Tedd nowadays?
  11. Story Friday, June 21, 2019

    He mentions seeing a movie from a franchise so it's easy to think it's a movie franchise as well, and there are plenty of them as I gave examples of. Re-reading the commentary, I'm pretty sure the mention of rainbows is specific to the preceding part of the commentary where Dan assumed the reader would comment on Sarah being selfish, clarifying what he's conveying, and everyone being in agreement, then he changes the subject to an experience with seeing a moving with a friend. So there's probably a good chance the rainbow bit is not a clue to what movie Dan is talking about.
  12. Story Friday, June 21, 2019

    I didn't think Sarah getting into the whole transformation life was a new revelation, she admitted a while back that she had been interested in it for some time before "The Incident", we know there's been mishaps along the way but it would appear that Sarah isn't letting accidental nudity get in the way. Speaking of Playing with Dolls, I asked Dan about it and Dan stated that the odds weren't good for Susan ever telling Sarah she got a watch with various forms (including a "hippy" form) from Tedd, but what's stopping Tedd from telling Sarah that, it didn't seem like the events of Playing with Dolls were a "don't tell anyone we did this" situation. Tedd and Susan didn't really have the best relationship early on remember? Susan assumed Tedd would twist anything she'd say into something perverse, and Tedd assumed Susan would twist anything Tedd said into anti male propaganda, even after they started becoming more friendly towards each other there were probably plenty of moments where Susan eye-rolled about something Tedd said or did, and we know of 2 instances of slap-fights between them over nerdy subjects. He mentioned movie franchise, I don't recall MLP having a series of movies, I would be inclined to think he means Star Trek, but could also be Star Wars, or the Avengers (including all the side MCU movies)
  13. Story Wednesday, Jun 19, 2019

    It's probably more than that, like I said before, she just found out that Pandora and Adrian are her biological relatives. Pandora being an Immortal probably means nothing to her compared to having just met your grandmother for the first time and then watching her technically die within minutes. Maybe the sword was already a fixture in the house that Susan just tossed into the chest, she likely didn't expect to have to use it for more than intimidation at least until after she was done school and maybe had more time to learn how to fight. It could also have been a kneejerk reaction shortly after returning home but hadn't put any serious thought into it.
  14. Story Wednesday, Jun 19, 2019

    Only because her and Diane agreed to not talk about it, but Diane's probably closer to being able to talk about it than Susan is, which is why I think Diane's probably going to give Susan a kick in the arse about this.
  15. Story Wednesday, Jun 19, 2019

    I noticed, and Nurture was quick to talk about seeing Diane again instead of acknowledging it, it's more evidence that Susan's trying to bury what happened, rather than face it.