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  1. Story Monday 4-23-2018

    You know, I think you are absolutely correct. That makes a lot of sense. Actually, that could very well be possible too, I had thought that the diamond's destruction would have released an "eeeeeeeek!"worthy monster, but having the energy released from it activate dormant artifacts, even ones made in the recent system makes sense too.
  2. NP Monday April 23, 2018

    Yeah cus when Justin questioned that DD should be attracted to Ducks, DD's response was "shouldn't you be attracted to women?" Althought the title of that page is "He came to distract, but he stayed to party." so DD's male unless Dan changed it somewhere.
  3. Story Monday 4-23-2018

    Well, so far the artifacts we've seen haven't been too dangerous, I mean it's quite possible the golem could be reasoned with, the wand doesn't seem murderous either, and the magpie is probably mostly annoying. Of course the golem might have reacted badly to getting hit in the head with Kevin, but it might also have seen Ashley as someone trying to protect Ellen (which technically she was) so the golem might consider Ashley's "attack" a case of misunderstanding and try to communicate with her. Getting attacked by the Magpie though....might produce different results. Also, according to Dan's commentary, the Magpie was created during the most recent magic system, and within Arthur's lifetime (and the main 8's parents were likely babies/children as well). So it would have probably be classed as a useless object like the Diamond was, rather than an inert one. Thinking about it though, Kevin might be from the recent system as well, at least from the earlier period like when Abraham made the diamond. So for those artifacts, it might have been more the commotion that trigger their activation rather than old magic being accessible. Ashley's probably going to find herself surrounded by artifacts that want her to be their master, the thought of so much power over magical objects was too much for her.
  4. This Day In History

    It's actually funny how Justin has this fantasy about Tedd considering he had to assure Tedd that he(as well as other gay guys) wouldn't be attracted to him because of his androgynous appearance.
  5. More Speculation.

    I'm reviving my theory that Helena and Demetrius are the "friends" that Edward enlisted in the investigation of Pandora and her "Egg/Hawk" warning. Magus' arrival into the main universe was several months before Susan and Nanase's trip to France, Helena and Demetrius were chasing Magus, the whole "you do not belong here!" stuff would have been because the nature of Pandora's warning gave the impression that Magus was a threat that needed to be dealt with. Of course Helena and Demetrius would have been taking the "shoot first ask questions later" but if they had reason enough to believe that asking wouldn't get anything...
  6. Story Friday April 20, 2018

    A Magic equivalent of SKYNET?
  7. Story Friday April 20, 2018

    I'm curious...I was about to ask what makes a Seer awakened, I had originally thought that Seers didn't need to awaken, but it might be obvious enough that they do since the WoM stated that one of the requirments for a Seer to be eligible for the meeting would be to have used magic. So my question would be when was the first time Tedd used magic? Initial response probably would be when he first "saw" someone using magic, but given his family that would mean many chances throughout Tedd's childhood. But, the very first time might have been when Tedd first resisted the Magic Analysis Wand, thought it's also quite possible that Tedd "saw" the wand's effect at that moment as well but it was likely that moment that unlocked Tedd's Seer potential if he wasn't born already awakened.
  8. It was a combination of things. A perfect storm if you will.
  9. To be fair, Elliot and Ellen didn't really know Susan when she first started being included in the group, and it's possible that As Elliot got to know Susan more he probably set up his own list of things not to say or do that could hurt their friendship. Also to be fair, Ellen might have been getting mixed signals from Susan, she did come across as being seductive when she invited Ellen to her bedroom and took her shirt off. I can imagine when Susan made her request for Ellen to transform her, Ellen probably thought "Oh is that all? Sure!"
  10. That also suggests that Susan insisted at least multiple times. Cus you know Elliot wouldn't feel right about it otherwise.
  11. Patreon April 21, 2018: Strechies!

    Don't forget, she can also run super fast!
  12. Dan's said the third goonmanji will likely be with males though.
  13. Story Wednesday, Apr 18, 2018

    It doesn't mean they didn't or there wasn't either. I'm not saying Dan's copying what other people are doing with the idea, I'm saying he's taking elements of it and putting his own spin, most stories only suggest aliens as being the inspiration for various mythology and religion, Dan though has primarily suggested Magic and fairies, as being that inspiration in EGS but with Aliens also being a fixture, one can't assume that they are strictly a recent arrival. they might not have influenced humans simultaneously, but one could have replaced the other at various points in history. We also have brief snippets of alternate realities to suggest possibilities as well, Magus' universe having magic public suggesting that someone convinced the WoM to end the cycle of changing sooner, the SL universe where Uryuoms have coexisted with humans for centuries or longer without secrecy. And all these realities represent possible outcomes that the main universe could have had if things had happened differently. So yeah there's good enough reason to speculate how far back Uryuoms have had contact with humans and whether humans were influenced by them in some way. Fairies would have influenced religion and mythology, but Uryuoms might have had an influence in other areas, especially if they didn't want to be treated as gods.
  14. Story Wednesday, Apr 18, 2018

    That kinda proves the fact that Human's take inspiration from previous examples, you got H.G Wells coming up with a description, where he got that from though, was it truly conjecture about how Humans could evolve, or did he himself take inspiration from other examples in order to write his stories. My point is that other media took that description and used it as inspiration for other works, Dan most likely used that description to create Uryuoms, it stands to reason that if Humans in EGS could base religions on Fairies acting like Gods, they could also base other works and such on interactions with Aliens, especially since EGS has both sci-fi (aliens, alternate realities) and fantasy (magic, fairies) elements then Human history in EGS should likely have a mix of both.
  15. Story Friday April 20, 2018

    That would certainly fit a "modern knowledge, modern garb" type effect. If the wand automatically used it upon reactivating.