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  1. I don't get this one, what she says in the "slay" is the same as the original, only real difference is the other dialog was removed.
  2. np

    I would expect they would be able to recognize the fact that there are hostilities between several countries and even civil unrest, and if they've been watching us for some time, they should have a decent idea about the geopolitical landscape.
  3. np

    There are plenty of other things being broadcast that may make extra terrestrials want to exterminate us, I'd say more, but the politics thread is locked at the moment.
  4. The key thing though, is interaction. In the case of Elliot and Tedd, ever since that first time, Elliot has been in the presence of f!Tedd numerous times. another instance would be Grace's birthday when Elliot found f!Tedd in an apron having finished baking Grace's cake and Elliot having a tough time understanding why Tedd would need to be female to do that. The concept of f!Tedd was still new to Elliot so he didn't know what to think of it. As time passed and especially after Elliot started having to spend time as a female as well, Elliot grew accustomed to f!Tedd and obviously at some point (likely during the 6 month time skip) Elliot realized that there's more to why Tedd likes being in female forms and that Tedd isn't hurting anyone by doing so and Tedd isn't doing it because of some fetish. On a similar scale stuff like that's happened on these forums, where we all talk about the stuff that interests us, stuff that bothers us, etc, we're learning about what makes each other tick. Sure, we may get the occasional person that joins and wants to cause trouble but we had diligent moderators to help keep the peace. Youtube comments are a trickier beast though, moderators rarely step in unless it's something particularly grievous like death threats or something, though it usually takes many complaints to get something done about it, so you get a large number of people that post BS to stir up trouble, cause flame wars or just get attention for themselves. Despite the fact that Elliot said numerous times in review show videos that he had a girlfriend that wasn't Susan, there were very likely people posting about him and Susan anyway, also they didn't have to do the video with them mentioning Elliot and Sarah's breakup either, and chances are there's be some people posting speculation about why Elliot stopped talking about his girlfriend. If Elliot and Susan did another show addressing the rumour that Elliot was gay, heck if Elliot and Susan address any rumours on their show, it would not stop people posting them in the comments. The hope would be that it would at least minimize the number of people jumping on those types of bandwagons. I forget which Youtuber it was, might have been CaptainSparkles or one of the Yogscast, but a few years back I remember there being a flamewar in comments where a person posted about something hurtful about the youtuber and then a few others jumped on agreeing with the original poster and they would all attack anyone who tried to defend the youtuber or call the original poster out on lying about what they said. It turned out that the original poster had created several alt accounts and was trying to make his original post look credible, the only reason it failed was because the poster goofed and didn't switch accounts when they wanted to make it look like one account was responding to another.
  5. np

    Nope, and Charlotte went to South so there was no chance of passing each other in school. I guess if Charlotte rented movies they could have met at the video store, but there's likely more than one video store so even those chances aren't great. The whole backstory seems convoluted really, and maybe best explained by video:
  6. In Elliot's defense if he's going to think he was being a bigoted jerk with his comment the first time he saw Tedd as a girl, he wasn't anywhere near as harsh as some others have and could be. Grace is probably going to make a point somewhere along the lines of Elliot giving a knee jerk reaction at first but over time gaining an understanding and acceptance of Tedd's behaviour which there's recent proof of. Basically the people making the comments don't really know the people they're making comments about so those comments shouldn't be taken seriously.
  7. http://www.egscomics.com/egsnp.php?id=595 Susan and Charlotte certainly look human to me, so Grace must be the android after all. Sounds like the plot for the game Nier: Automata, where Earth has been overrun by alien machines and humans had fled to the moon and are trying to fight back using android warriors. Will know for sure when we see Grace if she has a little robot companion and a big arse sword or something.
  8. Yeah, it starts off easy, just a matter of sticking to roads and avoiding mobs, then you get into zones where mobs are 20 levels higher and it's a matter of outrunning them. Then the mobs are 40 levels higher and you get one shot by a ranged attack and it's now become a corpse run where you get back to your body and respawn at the maximum range it allows and in the direction you need to go and hope you make it 10 steps before you get shot again.
  9. Playing FFXI solo would have been more bearable if it didn't take away XP and levels for dying. I beta tested a bit of FFXIV:Realm Reborn and didn't notice deaths being as harsh, but then again, the solo experience felt much more like WoW and so it was more survivable.
  10. A guild I was in did a race from the Forsaken starting area (obviously we all had to create Forsaken characters for this) and from level 1 run all the way to Booty Bay, the first one there got a Mekgineer's Chopper. I was third and was just behind second place getting there. And yeah we all gained several levels from exploration XP. This was during Wrath of the Lich King.
  11. Back in the early days of WoW if you played Alliance, you were given quests in the level 20-30 range to go over to Thousand Needles and Tanaris. You had to run through The Barrens to get there, and without a mount because you didn't get one till level 40. If you played a Night Elf, there's a chance you might have been questing in Darkshore already so it's just a matter of walking the entire length of the Barrens which took at least 20 minutes or so. If you was Human, Dwarf or Gnome though, you had to either get to Booty Bay which means running through the higher level Stranglethorn Vale zone which is about an 10 minute or so run on it's own if you don't get ganked, and then take the boat to Ratchet which is at about the halfway point of the Barrens. Or run through the Wetlands to get to Menethil Harbor and take the boat to Dustwallow Marsh which is also a higher level zone that takes about 10 minutes or so to cross on foot, and you exit just south of Ratchet so it doesn't really cut travel time much. Basically, you were in for a long run regardless and Warlocks had to do it at level 20 if they were to get their voidwalker summon. Later, Blizzard dropped the level requirement for getting the first tier mounts from 40 to 30 and then again to 20 and the second tier faster mounts went from 60 to 40, as well as the Cataclysm expansion split the Barrens in half and redid the quest structure so that quest hubs made more sense and an NPC in one zone wasn't sending you to the other side of the world to pick up lunch or something for them. Large zones are fine if there's a lot to see and do in them, but the Barrens pretty much lived up to it's name pre-cataclysm.
  12. Wait. I just got past the part where Doc OD's on caffeine again to run back to the shop for paint, and then goes into a caffeine withdraw/sleepwalk and takes over the field with a prototype marker minigun. That was "yesterday"? I had seen bits and pieces from you posting here, but I was under the impression Swampy was moving a second time. Welp, at least the comic does a pretty good job with breaking the fourth wall without breaking the fourth wall. Is Red talking about the players waiting for the next game to start, or the readers waiting for the next story? We may never know.... Update: Just got caught up, yep, it's taken that long from the first mention of moving to actually getting Swampy packed up. Doc's may have started the comic 4 months after Dan, started EGS, but I'm pretty sure Doc has Dan beat on how long a day can be stretched out..
  13. You know what I find amusing about The Whiteboard? Doc run a paintball supply and repair shop, and yet he's always buying the paint he uses at Red's field from Red instead of bringing his own. Though to be honest, I'm surprised Doc and Roger haven't attempted to manufacture their own paintballs.
  14. Obliviousness/naivety seems to be a common theme for many toymakers. Mattel made a flying broom toy back in the early 2000's for their Harry Potter line and seemed to make the assumption that having it vibrate would give the sense that it was magical. It was discontinued pretty quick after it was brought to their attention that sex shops were selling the brooms as well, and parents were reporting that their teenage daughters were playing with it more than their younger siblings, heck the radio show I was listening to at the time was talking about it and a mother that called in admitted to playing with it herself a few times. Like seriously, someone must have considered what might happen if anyone put a vibrating object between their legs.