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  1. The Weather.

    I live in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. Sure, this region dips low enough to be on the same latitude as the northern US states, but still this time of year normally sees temperatures in the mid-high teens (Celsius), low 20's at most. Right now, at 9:15pm EST it is 25C, it was over 30C this afternoon with the humidity making it feel like 40c. Tomorrow it's going to be a high of 33C feeling like 41C. Monday's expected to be 31 feeling like 38, Tuesday 30 feeling like 36, then the cold front rolls in Wednesday for 24 feeling 29, Thursday will lose the humidity so 19C will feel like 19C, Friday will be 17C and next Saturday is expected to be a high of 15C with a WIND CHILL making it feel like 14.
  2. Story, September 20, 2017

    As I said, Arthur never once said anything about magic, he said "the misinformed would call them wizards". it's pretty much saying "you might think that they're wizards, but they aren't" because saying that they are wizards or mages would imply the ability to learn because people who think wizards would think of learning spells by studying and such. But instead it sounded like he's saying these people just one day realized they could do amazing things. The main thing Arthur was trying to do make people believe that getting powers like that was rare and not something one could do themself. Maybe he was hoping that the majority of people would assume comic book examples like Mutants or something. I maintain that Arthur has realized that his announcement had failed, and there isn't anything more he can do to prevent the system change, either the majority of people eventually forget about it, or they push things and cause the change. This comic basically reinforces that, Arthur believes that if the FBI stays out of things, then people wouldn't figure out just how easy it is to get special powers as well as keep the fact there are whole organizations that had known for ages.
  3. Things You Find Amusing

    Good luck Doc. Speaking of sports, TSN (The Sports Network up here in Canada) has apparently started doing Monty Pythonesque routines with the return of Jay and Dan who'd spent the past few years working for Fox Sports. http://www.tsn.ca/jay-and-dan/video/jay-and-dan-ask-will-a-canadian-team-win-the-stanley-cup-this-year~1212031
  4. Story, September 20, 2017

    Thing is, Arthur didn't say anything about magic, what he was saying made it sound like the "people with power" weren't common and that their power wasn't explainable. Basically what I took from it was "Yes what happened happened, there may be others with special abilities, but it's not what you may think it is". He had stated later that the existence of magic couldn't be denied for much longer anyway, it was accessibility to magic that was the main secret. If you think about it Moperville has had weird things happen a lot, the students of MSHS never questioned how Nanase could float and the physics teacher was more annoyed that she could rather than curious as to why she could. It would seem like, for the most part the population of Moperville has gotten to the point where weird stuff is going to happen and they're just rolling with it, after Pandora's appearance on TV it started attracting more people to the city which meant exposure was going up so Arthur's initial response would be to reinforce the "just roll with it" mentality and hope that people eventually get bored with it. If Arthur at some point realized that an Immortal was going around marking people, he might feel that his original interview was useless, and that more people were gaining access to magic anyway.
  5. NP Wednesday September 20, 2017

    Catalina gave Mama Kitsune the cat features, Rhoda did the age regression. "By our powers combined, we are Catada!!" "...er....Rhodalina??" ::shrugs::
  6. Story, Monday September 18, 2017

    It's more to do with their proximity to each other when crap hit's the fan, Magus needs them close while Helena and Demetrius are distracted. It's all about timing the vampire attack while Elliot and Ellen are together. It would make sense to have Ellen want to stay home as well to get to know Ashley more, and maybe they'll talk about magic, Ellen could be feeling a bit playful and Magus could amplify that to make her want to show off her FV5 beam* and end up zapping Elliot. *or maybe one of her other beams, it might not matter what she uses on Elliot, it just needs to be a beam spell.
  7. The sleeper NPCs that can be found at gates or stations can be real trouble though, sometimes it might seem like you can take em, but then they bring in reinforcements with the possibility of them dropping a battleship with a doomsday weapon on you.
  8. Story, September 20, 2017

    I doubt Arthur is in contact with Voltaire, the paranormal division know what Immortals are capable of. Also I doubt Voltaire would need to be told who Adrian is, if he's been following Pandora's actions closely as he seemed to be (which the pendant Dex had is very strong evidence of it) he likely knew about Adrian's relation to Pandora before Arthur took over Edward's position. I would believe that either some record of the last change survived the centuries, either through various monastic organizations (Knight's Templar>Freemasons for example?) I don't think Arthur wants magic to change, originally it seemed like he wanted to minimize exposure, but after the mall incident he knows there's nothing he can really do to prevent it so he's taken the stance of just letting it happen rather than forcing it to happen sooner. That's the vibe I'm getting. I was referring to the mall incident making them known, though the public would have been aware of magical beings that can appear out of nowhere through Pandora's appearance on the news, the mall incident gave the people a name for them and some probably heard the talk about guiding and empowering. I dunno about Voltaire knowing about Adrian before Adrian arrived in Moperville but that's probably not important anyway. And Voltaire pretended to be Abner who just found out about him, big difference.
  9. Story, September 20, 2017

    The appearance of the fake Cheerleadra. More like Cheerleadra in general, people already knew she existed so more sightings wouldn't have much of an effect on the overall knowledge of magic as say, the existence of magical intelligent griffins, Immortals and soon Vampires.
  10. Story, Monday September 18, 2017

    I do wonder if Edward could tell then that Susan had some magic and felt that getting her into the circle would make it easier to keep track of her, or maybe felt if Tedd had more friends with magic capability, they'd be able to protect him if Edward isn't around. If Ellen didn't invite Susan along, Nanase wouldn't have had someone to talk to about being attracted to Ellen and realizing she was gay. If that didn't happen, even if Susan was still invited to Grace's party, the dynamic wouldn't be the same, Elliot and Ellen wouldn't know that Nanase was gay so Ellen wouldn't try to push Nanase to open up to her. Susan probably wouldn't have asked Nanase to pick out Ellen's outfit for her, etc.
  11. Story, Monday September 18, 2017

    Actually, it was Edward that suggested inviting Susan (AKA, that angry young woman). Which would suggest that Edward had already done a background check on her, which isn't surprising since she'd already been in the Verres' house twice by that point and seen and heard things.
  12. Story, Wednesday September 13, 2017

    I would imagine that Helena and Demetrius would have had solidly constructed weapons in the original chest for Susan to use, they probably created them themself so I doubt they'd be cheap replicas and yet their summons versions were only good for 1 good hit. Mind you that was immediately after she was marked. We did see Susan using a summoned sword during the goo fight and she still had it after Grace did her thing, so it might be possible that as she used her magic more she was able to keep the summoned items longer. And after she awakened, it's possible her summoned weapons would be as durable if not more durable than their real versions.
  13. Story, Monday September 18, 2017

    While it's true that Panel 4 seems to be a convincing argument for Nanase getting Ellen to think of going somewhere else, there was no alternate location suggested so it's not garanteed. Nanase's statement in Panel 5 though might make Ellen want to stay home and get to know Ashley more. Remember it was Ellen that invited Susan along for their night out when Nanase and Susan didn't get along very well at the time, and now look at them. Ellen has a way of getting people together.
  14. NP Sept 18, 2017

    Catalina does seem justified in her reaction, I would expect this to chance once Hanma mentions that Susan has been helping her design this game. Also, Dan seems to have skipped a page here, Friday's comic ID is #668 and this one's #670, I wonder why there isn't a #669?
  15. Things You Find Amusing

    I'm gonna need some verification here, I was just hitting "like" on the last 3 posts here and could have swore I saw the word "seconded" flash by the cursor when I clicked one. Anyone else notice that or am I just seeing things? Would certainly be amusing if true.