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  1. story

    While this doesn't answer the question of whether or not it'll only be Humans that are affected, the Word of Dan did say the other half was safe: So, that implies that either the WoM only cares about magic being used by few on one half, or each half has it's own WoM. Wild theory here. What if the creation of the Dewitchery Diamond caused the world to split? They would technically be duplicates, but because of physics and all that, they ended up being on separate planes of existance so that they could continue to share the same physical space. In the case of the WoM, we can probably use Elliot and Ellen as an example and say that the WoM on the main half doesn't want to be the center of attention, but on the other half, the WoM is more impulsive and "look at me!!", They wouldn't be exactly like Elliot and Ellen of course, but if one Will decided it needed to differentiated itself from the other Will...
  2. story

    Maybe the WoM only worries about Humans, other creatures can have their magic, they have no problems with keeping it secret, but Humans are the ones who don't know how to keep it to themselves. In all seriousness though what Disco Wizard describes about "species with magic interwoven into their very nature" might apply to more than just Uryuoms, Griffins could also be such species. But the other thing about Disco Wizard's speech is he specifically talks about magic changing for only Humans. So I wouldn't be surprised if the WoM can just single out Humans as the only thing affect by a change. I don't think Magic as a whole will change, the only thing that will change is how Humans can interact with it.
  3. The goose was completely unscripted, they apparently tried a couple times to shoo it away but it wouldn't leave. " During the video, a singular goose is frequently seen wandering near the band, unperturbed by their performance. The goose is known to park regulars as Maria, though the band and production crew dubbed it "Orange Bill."The goose was initially territorial towards the band during the initial practice a few days before the full shoot, but eventually came to "adopt" the band, and stayed with the four during much of the video."
  4. story

    Nope, passed away in 2007
  5. Yeah, OKGO has done some amazing work. It's crazy because a lot of their videos seem to be done in one take so to get everything to flow just right is just insane. Also the scale of some of their work is mind boggling too.
  6. Here's some interesting Canadian WTFery: https://www.theweathernetwork.com/news/articles/yukons-famed-sour-toe-stolen-with-80000/83402/ First off, why would that story be on The Weather Network? Second, why would anyone steal something like that? And third, why would anyone drink something that has something like that in it?
  7. story

    I'm stll not convinced they're jerks. Wait a moment...The claimed that they were in France because they were following someone, they couldn't remember if it was Susan or Nanase, but what if they had found out the truth about Susan's heritage. Maybe their untimely resets were to prevent that knowledge from getting to others? It could also be the reason they chose to mark her and awaken Nanase, because they felt that they would need to be able to defend themselves later. The fact that they seem to be easily distracted by vampires might be more to do with what they had learned before they were forced to reset, they might not remember exactly why, but they feel that there shouldn't be as many vampires in Moperville as there have been, and they probably can't expect Arthur to have the paranormal division do much about it, Edward probably can't guarantee any action would be taken either, he said he would tell them, but unless he was referring to a separate group that specializes in vampire/monster hunting that's not in the FBI, I'm not sure I could trust Arthur to do anything Adrian also assumed Grace would tell Ellen, of course Grace did tell Ellen, but Adrian expected it despite telling Grace to not tell anyone.
  8. Nanase wasn't really deafened, but the sound waves were such that they threw off her center of balance and caused her to lose consciousness.
  9. story

    Yeah, Edward had an opportunity to ask Adrian if he knows what his mother is up to when Adrian called him asking for help with the boar. It's probably the best evidence that Edward either doesn't connect the creepy girl in the woods and on TV with Pandora, or Adrian's never introduced him to her. It's possible they had found out about Pandora. But were unfortunately forced to reset before they could report back to Edward. She was, until Adrian found out she was dating Tedd and insisted she tell him. It's possible that after the fact, it didn't matter anymore, Adrian knew that his true identity was known by more than one student, Grace never said who exactly, but I imagine Adrian could guess later on that Ellen and Nanase would likely know.
  10. Her explanation can also be interpreted that she didn't cause him to arrive either, but she noticed his arrival and moved in to investigate.
  11. story

    Well, Sarah did actual say "Is she Raven's mother?" rather than "She is Raven's mother!" so yeah she's guessing based on what she knows, she only knows about Adrian being an elf, there may be other elves in the world, but Adrian's in Moperville, Box is in Moperville, and Box is responsible for the ambient energy and magic marks in Moperville. That would be enough to make anyone wonder if they're related. Edward knows Adrian as well and he might have been introduced to Pandora as Adrian's mother, but he might not realize that the child that appeared in the woods and on TV is her. I would suspect that if Edward did know that it was Adrian's mother causing problems in Moperville, he'd be on Adrian's case to get her to stop. This just occurred to me, If Grace has told Sarah about her experience with Adrian and the boar, being under an illusion that made her look a lot like Susan, and being told that Elves can't have children. Sarah is in a position to guess what Box was talking about, the lie she passed on, the "of course they were his!" line. Though Sarah might jump to the conclusion that Adrian is Susan's dad which might not be too far from the truth (more likely grandfather or maybe great grandfather) but Sarah doesn't know enough in this case to be as accurate.
  12. http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=2363 Sarah figured out Box is Adrian's mother!
  13. I still don't believe that Magus knows that Sirleck's targeted Adrian for the vampire attack, Voltaire's the one pulling the strings in that regard, the whole thing may end up making things even worse for Magus.
  14. Yeah, I know, but he can't do anything to her in his current predicament, he may initially question if Pandora has other motives, but Pandora would have the ability to prove what she says is true. She needs an olive branch.
  15. Box probably is the best chance of getting Ellen to willingly zap Elliot, Box knows what Magus needs to happen to get back into the physical realm, Sarah is in a position to believe her as well because Box really doesn't look like she wants to mess up what they have going right now. It does depend how Friday pans out though, if Adrian survives but Magus fails again, I had theorized about it before that Pandora might decided to make up for her jerking Magus around the way she did before by just helping him like he had asked.