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Found 233 results

  1. Duplicate, please delete.
  2. Sketchbook Comic for Friday, February 17, 2023 Elliot is transforming into a more or less duplicate of Ashley, but the transition appears to still be in process. His hair is defying gravity. (Gravity does not appreciate the sentiment.) Also, details are off, which could be because he is still transforming. His face shape is face shape is rounder, his boobs are bigger, and his hips are wider; overall he looks a bit bigger. The thing at his knee level looks like a skirt or pants dropping, which seems odd; in the comics so far, they typically resize, and his hips look like they'd still hold up a skirt or pants. Part of the transition? Ashley likes how she looks.
  3. Comic for Wednesday, Jan 11, 2023 Diane has interesting eyes. In the first panel, the iris an pupil have reappeared, but the eyeball has grown larger, requiring a larger socket. Unless they've flattened front to back, they are shoving deep into her head. In the last panel, they have returned to a normal size, but the sclera is now black, and the iris and pupil are white. She must be functionally blind at that point. Diane says her brain is processing all the information, but I think it is healing the damage from the first panel. So, she's a shapeshifter, but still on the learning curve. Arguably, none of that happened, it's just a way of expressing her surprise. Mmm, I suppose it's effective. She always seemed to be more in control of herself until recently. I think there are slightly more than two panels. The middle cloud thing, "Ellen is a cursed duplicate of Elliot created by the Dewitchery Diamond", is intended to be read after you take in Diane's reaction in the panel; I even had to scroll down a bit to see it all. There is a mental pause between the main panel and the text cloud, so it's being used as a second panel, of sorts. Dan might call it a three panel comic today. Noah, your furniture is on fire. Is whatever is happening in the background of the first panel what set the fires? Neither Noah nor Diane seem particularly concerned about this. I would be quite concerned, but I live in a different universe.
  4. NP Comic for Thursday, November 3, 2022 George assumes Ellen is Elliot, wacky high jinks don't actually ensue. Also Elliot only appears in George's imagination. He really needs to walk into the store. Actually, George thinks Ellen is transgender; he doesn't know about magic transformations in general (probably assumes Cheerleadra is a special case as a superhero). Elliot appearing in the store, even later, should convince him he's wrong. Maribel, the chicken has quarters. That is weird. Maybe they have corn vending machines? She likes old school video games? Something like Frogger, but with a chicken? (thus providing yet another answer to the perennial question).
  5. Comic for Wednesday, September 28, 2022 As Mlooney said, the story advances rapidly through the miracle of exposition. Elliot as an agent might be a bad thing, although training could help. Grace seems to be a natural.
  6. Comic for Monday, September 26, 2022 Shadowy figure montage looks like a good way to get a lot of comic done. It appears to be a version of Elliot. Tedd is rather urgent about that brownie. No need, Tedd, brownies are always well received. ... Now I want a brownie.
  7. Comic for Wednesday, September 7, 2022 Welp, this is an odd turn ... so many questions how this works on an physically biological level. It works OK on Star Trek, where everyone is rubber mask aliens. Uyruoms breed differently, unless Lavender installed the necessary plumbing through shapeshifting. Or do they keep a Uryuom egg in the corner of the bedroom? On a scale from one to ten, we will now be using the complex plane of hotness. "My girlfriend is a 9+3i" (9+3j for you EEs).
  8. Comic for Friday, September 16, 2022 I like how Edward's eye wear tracks his facial expression. We need that in our universe. Also how Elliot's hair blows in the basement breeze. They must have one helluva air circulation system.
  9. Comic for Wednesday, August 31, 2021 "Words, they be punchy things, with which not good I am, so teamwork, I can be annoying. For a bit. Ouch." "A man's got to know his limitations." - Harry Callahan "I need training. As a superhero (not a huge one). From a superhero sensei." Greg is training Grace. He might still be your best bet.
  10. Comic for Friday, August 26, 2022 Tedd as the voice of reason is weird, because it is such a shift in trajectory without a discernible causal event. He's been doing it for a while, it seems to be an outgrowth of his modding and hardware savvy, but might be due to working with guinea pig minions such as Sarah, and being put in awkward situations often enough to develop some sense of accountability. He's right, and ultimately more helpful than Grace. Grace's positive point of view would leave Elliot wondering; Tedd nailed it and Elliot can move on to dealing with a new perspective. I guess the shadowy figure says this wisdom is something that took tangible form through Tedd's interactions with Arthur. Is there a back story, or have we already seen it? Tedd's interactions with Arthur have not been particularly unpleasant. Hmm, he didn't even need to thwack Elliot. Kudos, kid! Grace came close, but doesn't quite see it. Either that, or Arthur has invasive mind control capabilities. He's out of his body and speaking through Tedd. That would also explain the change, and maybe why Jay doesn't get along with him.
  11. Comic for Wednesday, August 24, 2022 Part of Grace is also briefly visible. Emo Elliot displays angst and inconsistency with how he is often portrayed. For a dude who is often willing to step into a fight, he sure isn't willing to step into a fight. As Liam said, he did the right thing. There is no reason to doubt that now. Had he not done so, things would have gone badly. The last two panels make even less sense, sorry. Best explanation - they raided the beer in the fridge. Punting a rabbit into orbit is too weird. If you assume a similar gravitation as our Earth, you wouldn't begin to come close, and the structural integrity of the bunny carcass would be insufficient to allow it. But substitute your much hated small critter in the statement, and it might be funny, rather than cowardly. It doesn't seem much worse that zapping flies and mosquitoes. Speaking of dead critters, this horse seems beat to death already. My only conclusion is that Elliot is such a Boy Scout that Evileadra isn't even evil.
  12. Comic for Monday, August 22, 2022 Comic does not meaningfully advance the story. Yelling over the phone can apparently distort glasses. Who knew? I wonder at this point how 'read in' Elliot's parents are. "#%@!" seems to say they know quite a bit of detail.
  13. Comic for Friday, August 19, 2022 So it would seem that Elliot is learning a lesson skewed away from reality. Self sacrifice can be noble; it should not be a goal at the outset. (Granted, extreme circumstances might warrant even that. I recall a plot line somewhere where the person sacrificing themselves for a group gain had a terminal illness an a short time remaining.) There is a reason George C. Scott's opening speech in Patton resonates: "No son of a bitch ever won a war by dying for his country. You make the other son of a bitch die for his country." It is, after all, intuitively obvious, once framed that way. Yet Elliot's take away is the opposite of the lesson that was demonstrated; he's still focused on sacrifice as a good thing. I suspect Elliot is being set up for a future growth opportunity plot line where he gains some wisdom about this. He needs more Liz point of view in his life. (Liz would have been a better match for him than Ashley, she is too much like him, but there's no going back; Ashley being dumped would upset Liz, so Liz is not happening.) Elliot's approach, especially when he's Cheerleadra, is a half-assed plan that puts him in a situation that is over his head. He also shows a lack of thinking things through when he's defending someone, Tedd frequently, in discussions. Being part of a show with Susan, where they analyze films is good for him, it makes him use his head; it might be one of his few intellectual outlets. Other than that, being unaware is a good part of his shtick. He actually has a lot in common with Catalina, but she is more aware. Sarah was right, he was not taking the initiative in their relationship; Ellen, with his memories saw him as a stick in the mud, but he takes initiative with Ashley. It seems that the bar is lower because she is a reflection of himself. I don't understand why that should matter; Sarah seemed quite supportive, but he must have had some internalized fear of overstepping some boundary. Or maybe his character is just nor fully developed, changes as plot need dictates. Albeit, unlike many of the other characters, Elliot has not made a sudden sharp change of direction in his personality. Curiouser and curiouser.
  14. Comic for Wednesday, August 17, 2022 You could kidnap them all, Tara.
  15. Comic for Friday, August 5, 2022

    Comic for Friday, August 5, 2022 Shock at using squirrel, because squirrels are awesome, so why doesn't Grace run in front of cars and freeze and get hit? What would she be like if they used a trash panda instead of a squirrel? Love the 'Thwack'. He needed that.
  16. Comic for Wednesday, August 10, 2022 Elliot has potential as comedy relief. I wonder why 'trespassers' are mentioned. Dwight, Virginia, and Liam should be almost back to their side.
  17. Comic for Wednesday, August 3, 2022 Tara is less than impressed with the diplomat. Elliot is caught up in hero worship, but Grace has some issues with what just happened, too. Fortunately, she is quickly distracted. It would appear that griffins are not the only mythical critter on the other side. Andrea's lack of reaction to Edward's cutting his hand seems due to some empathy on her part; she can relate to doing something risky to research an interest.
  18. Comic for Monday, August 1, 2022

    Comic for Monday, August 1, 2022 Yay! Dan's back! I feel like the last line should have been a Ron White moment, "No, sorry, we can't fix stupid." (Although acknowledging it wasn't actually stupid, it sure seems to call out a level of criticism.) Also not how I'd imagine shocked griffins verbally reacting. It doesn't seem otherworldly enough. I do like their expressions in panel five. Good call applying the scientific method, Edward. We can see where Tedd gets it from. Also, points for carrying a pocket knife. I've done that for most of my life, but like wearing a watch it is gone by the wayside, but for different reasons, some pressure in the workplace to not have a blade of any sort.
  19. Comic for Friday, July 22, 2022

    Comic for Friday, July 22, 2022 Take the time you need, Dan, we'll survive. Grace is definitely part alien, she does not think quite like every body else.
  20. Comic for Wednesday, July 20, 2022 Andrea is cute in panel 1. Why are everyone's expectations so low, and prone to instill suspicion? Is Elliot having a character development episode over this arc?
  21. Comic for Monday, July 18, 2022

    Comic for Monday, July 18, 2022 Edward explains a few minor points. (Yawn) Edward is talking to birds. Wait, what? He's talking to griffins, which are not just birds. Yes, but he's talking to their heads, which are birds.
  22. Comic for Friday July 01, 2022

    Comic for Friday July 01, 2022 How does a giant space turtle from far away know about the local magic clog?
  23. Comic for Wednesday, June 22, 2022 I like the direction this is taking, but there are some seriously inconsistent plot holes. Andrea and Tara saw Nanase as Royalty, due to her aura. Given that she denied it, their conclusion should have been that the political situation on the EGS side was not like the one on their side, that the situation that caused their political situation had never arisen in the EGS universe. Liam would have been advised of this, so he should not have viewed a Royalty aura on this side as actual Royalty, in any case not as Royalty on his side, and not been compelled to attack Edward. In any case, knowing of Nanase, they were endangering her, and would have arranged the mind control to not do so, would have put some safety limits on the control commands. Seems simpler to influence and rearrange to guard schedule. Dwight again goes clearly in the Barney Fife camp. I'm pretty sure Virginia is in on it, specifically why Liam trusts her goes beyond her loyalty to being a co-conspirator. Given the EGS Uyuom limitations on magic, and assuming hers are similar, she is probably not the mind controller.
  24. https://www.egscomics.com/sketchbook/2022-007 I wouldn't be particularly fond of this if it were just the image, but I like the story, and the image is a good illustration for it.
  25. Comic for Wednesday June 8, 2022

    Comic for Wednesday June 8, 2022 Revisiting resolved issues? Dwight making more sense than Liam is definitely a bad sign. The one thing Elliot might apologize for is his (her?) intent to end Liam, lacking the knowledge of Liam's mind control. I'm thinking it would be unwise to bring this up. Thinking about cake in the midst of a tense interchange, ADHD? Just hunger? My impression is that griffins are obligate carnivores, would cake appeal to them? Maybe he means a meat cake? If they were talking about a bar of soap, it could be "The cake is a lye."