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  1. Comic Wednesday May 08, 2024

    Wouldn't "Tedd seems well adjusted" be more appropriate?
  2. Generic Table top gaming.

    Attribution for these activities reflect on Hasbro, which owns WotC with a heavy hand. If you follow John Kovalic's Dork Tower comic, he covered Hasbro's 'thinking' about this a couple of weeks ago.
  3. Discussion of Military, real or fictional

  4. Comic Friday May 03, 2024

    "Grazing in the grass, can you dig it baby?"
  5. Comic Friday May 03, 2024

    The cattle got loose and were found feeding in a field of canabis. The steaks were high.
  6. Comic Wednesday May 01, 2024

    His cheating is already discovered by Hope. I imagine Tedd may also take notice. Odds are, Pandora marked him. Does it follow that Hope can unmark him? Might she tamper with the spell's parameters to mislead him?
  7. NP Saturday May 04, 2024

    I think you're right about that.
  8. NP Saturday April 27, 2024

    Someone said she's in the sky with diamond, but that hasn't happened in the comic yet.
  9. NP Saturday April 27, 2024

    Which is still better than a giant bore.
  10. Comic for Monday, Apr 22 2024

    I find this comic odd. Tedd has in the past been able to observe spells being cast, and known how they worked. This time, he sees a static spell effect and knows what it is. He has never had this ability in the comic before, it was uniquely Luke's. A possibility is that Sam is not a male, but is constantly maintaining the illusion, much like pouring milk over an object to make it white rather than painting it. The commentary hints at this. Seems terribly inconsistent. Also, why did he not sense that Hope reeks of magic?
  11. Sad news

    Nichelle Nichols passed away. 89 years old, not a bad run. Not a whole lot of TOS cast left, William Shatner, George Takei, and Walter Koenig.
  12. Comic for Friday, Apr 19 2024

    IT seems like she's going to become part of the core group, and be on their level in some way.
  13. Sad news

    I meant counseling as individuals, moving forward. Actually, was just referring to him, he's the only one he has control over. It's a pity she rejects counseling. It sounds like she needs the assistance. Does she get any treatment at all?
  14. NP for Saturday, Apr 20 2024

    Getting into one of the grooves (gutters) is easy. Staying out of them is what takes some practice.
  15. What Are You Ingesting?

    I splurged at Hmart today, tried Korean sushi, which is less fish based. It was yummy, and not entirely like the sushi I'm used to. I also bought a curry pastry from the bakery/coffee shop, it was good, would buy again. I tried a yellow dragon fruit, curious if it tasted different than the other ones I see at Food Lion, a.k.a 'white dragon fruit', although the outsides are not white. (They also had red, but it was twice the price, so, no.) The yellow dragon fruit was essentially similar, but sweeter and more flavorful. These are not Asian, but Hmart has the best selection of produce of any supermarket in the area. I spent more than I intended, but am happy with my purchases.
  16. Sad news

    Your son needs some space to deal with this; at the very least, in order to learn from it. Being too helpful can thwart his growth. I am not a fan of divorce, but sometimes it is desirable, even necessary, and delaying causes more pain. This one I know, lived it. From what I've seen, if they can break up amicably and agreeably, they are both better off. That would assume no kids are involved. This did not start with her '"emotional affair'. That also had a reason to be, so she was already unhappy. It doesn't mean your son did anything wrong. She may be just immature. He might ask himself, "Did I contribute to our breakup?" "Should I have seen this coming?" "What should I look for in future relationships?". You might help him most with the last one. If he was a factor, he should own up to it and seek assistance. Counseling can help (but be selective, he should be sure it's helping).
  17. Comic for Monday, Apr 1, 2024

    Cats generally do not fare well in those cartoons either.
  18. NP for Saturday, Apr 20 2024

    That's a tune I have not heard in a while. Used to be ubiquitous.
  19. Comic for Monday, Apr 1, 2024

    Taking another glance at this comic today (looking to see if there was a new Sketchbook comic), I noticed that this comic violates cartoon logic. The first three panels are spot on, but they the result is body modification; it should have been a trap door opening and dropping her through. (Had she been a coyote, dropping an anvil or grand piano from the ceiling onto her head would have been acceptable, provided the [ACME] label is clearly affixed and visible.) This is why, as a cartoonist, you still need to to adequate research.
  20. Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

    Seriously worth it. I'm looking for a Novovax COVID shot this weekend. Got my RSV shot two weeks ago.
  21. Generic Table top gaming.

    We're not looking for an excuse to buy more dice?
  22. Comic for Friday, Apr 12 2024

    Hope's reaction to Sam is interesting. I expect she recalls marking him as a her. I don't think she would have a problem with that, so she's just surprised by recognizing the change.
  23. Discussion of Military, real or fictional

    This does not end well for Putin. If Russia is having trouble taking the Ukraine, they are not going to fare well against a united Europe. And it will hopefully galvanize the US, as Pearl Harbor did, and eliminate the MAGGAT waffling. Once Russia backs down, he's toast. A man with a limited skill set, slanted heavily toward 'bluster' . . . that sounds oddly familiar . . .
  24. Discussion of Military, real or fictional

    NATO. You need it more than ever.
  25. Sad news

    OJ Simpson passed away. I suppose there will be those who think he got his due, others who think he escaped justice. Sad end for a man who once held great promise and respect.