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  1. Sketchbook April 6 2020

    ... does this have something to do with why classic Disney characters like Mickey and Donald wear only a few items, not full outfits? Couldn't find stuff that fit themselves? It is odd that Goofy is the one that knows how to dress himself.
  2. Story Monday April 6 2020

    Elliot is overreacting, just tell her already. It seems likely that Susan's question will lead to various bean containers being upended. One showstopper might be, "How much can I share about Mr. Raven without his permission?"
  3. Story Friday April 3rd 2020

    He knows he did not remove anything. He knows he, merged with Elliot and appearing to be Elliot, used the Dewitchery Diamond, and broke it. He knows Ellen was formed similarly, and it was not held against her, although, they did not break it at that time. He can infer that Elliot, Ellen, and Ashley were interrogated, and would have told the authorities what he was up to, that it was benign, that he destroyed a dangerous aberration, and dealt with an immediate spontaneous threat. What exactly would he think they had against him? Abducting Ashley? He ultimately let her choose to participate. Arthur had no reason that we know of to deport Adrian, apparently, pending revelation of the unstated story behind the falling out. It may have been Arthur being inflexible about some point, or it may well have been at Edwards behest. It's also not clear that he is allowed back in the US, or why he even cares. I don't know 'Why Russia?" - seems dumb, but not enough information.
  4. Sketchbook April 6 2020

    Within my take on Dan's magic paradigm, that seems weird, but not impossible. Tea should be affecting the imbiber more directly, not just adjusting accoutrements, and a rather specific one; why not the panties as well? How smart is the frickin' tea that it can distinguish that? Also in regard to giganticism, it looked smaller than a four oz cup to me, although, to be fair, I generally don't see cups with less than six oz capacity. Looking on a commercial restaurant supply website, you can get cups down to 4 oz, and they look tiny. I am recalling where I've seen ones that small, coffee sample machines. But you are right, the one in her hand could be four oz. Oh, this I didn't know, you can get lids for paper four oz coffee cups. Will wonders never cease? It's been ages since I had one in my hand, but I think I recall the four oz cups being small enough that you could not fully grip it with four fingers, your pinky would curl under. If that's the case, she's holding a six oz (if she's normal size). Revised assessment, the cup is not a problem, and now I want to get some smaller cups and look at them in hands.
  5. Story Friday April 3rd 2020

    If he has observed how our travel works, he has the financial resources to travel. OTOH, I don't think his fear of the magic police, if any, is as much of a motivation as make amends and get home. He hasn't really done much wrong for the magic police to be tracking him, as was discussed; "He mad a young woman cry" is a personal motivation for Arthur, but it's not illegal. He doesn't want to deal with them, he scrambled out, but he's not an idiot, so he's probably aware that if he had to, they don't have much on him. He might not want to try to convince them he's from another universe; it would normally be a tough sell. "Lazy" is not a label I'd pin on him. He showed enormous perseverance in a hostile realm with no resources, and cleverly manipulated a powerful aberration to carry out what he needed done. He seems to be able to take care of himself quite well, and to plan ahead. Actually, for being a counterpart of Elliot, he also seems to be more situationally aware.
  6. NP Thur March 19 2020

    It's demented, but makes some good points.
  7. Sketchbook April 6 2020

    Hmm, you think they are still connected as pants, then I'd have to revisit the giganticism angle, now the cup works, but the couch should be smaller. I guess it's better. Also, the panties make sense now. But why did only the pants not grow with her?
  8. Sketchbook April 6 2020

    The first impression is great. If you look at it too long, you might notice jarring details. The cup is too small (or is she a giant? No, the seat looks normal). That appears to be smaller than anything I've seen sold. Her left boob is misshapen, there is a bulge pointing skyward toward above the cup, at about two o'clock. It does not lay right, should be more like four o'clock. The leggings; well perhaps remnants of transformed pants, so they at a pass, until she stands up. The hair, too massive, it's still expanding as it flows off behind the arm of the couch. The degrees of upper and lower skimpification are inconsistent. But, maybe, 'reasons'. Granted, there are many of Dan's comics that are less realistic, but they come with more of a buy-in to some mechanism, that in context makes sense. This, as a one off, appears to have one transformative element, and it does not justify the anomalies. I agree with your first impression, though.
  9. NP Thur March 19 2020

    I don't think the Jesus portrayed in the Gospels would like most churches. How many times did he say, "Don't judge"; what are churches known for ... ? Good point. If I recall correctly, you have yourself to blame that I now know about this webcomic.
  10. NP Sat March 21 2020

    I use Ad Blocker Plus, I don't recall issues with TV Tropes, but I've had other sites block access requesting I turn off ad blocker.
  11. NP Thur March 19 2020

    IT is not largely driven by technical excellence, it is often moved by marketing. Otherwise, would we even have Microsoft today? Zilog had a good thing going in the 8 bit era. Clean design, superset of the original mainstay of the serious micro, and it kept them going for a few years. The Z8000 was a good design, much better than the 8086, but Zilog was not a semiconductor powerhouse. The 68000 from Motorola was similar, and Motorola had the chops to sell it, and the Mac of the era and the Amiga are not slouches. Both were years ahead of 8086 and Microsoft operating systems. The failure of both to dominate the field is a failure of marketing. Intel would be dead as well, except they spent (presumably still do) and enormous amount on research and eventually caught up and surpassed. And they did some things well; I like their graceful overheating mitigation through throttling and shut down vs AMD's "We'll do it cheap" pop the IC approach. That all said, it has to be admitted that one of the reasons, maybe the only one, that the 8086 was chosen was it was the first and it was available. Intel has always been a leader. I love the iAPX432. I don't know what to call that; not so much a failure of marketing, rather maybe an abandonment. The damn chip set was decades ahead of its time. And that hints at the problems. Chip set; I don't recall how many but I'm thinking around four, and you needed a separate boot and configuration processor. Totally non-standard paradigm, too. Nonstandard architectures have come, had their day, and gone. (Database machines, like Britain Lee and Teradata, and Lisp machines) Maybe it will never be a thing. Same time frame, Intel also had a beautiful single chip signal processing microcomputer. I don't remember the number. Everything, including analog I/O, on one chip. I suspect, given the clock speeds of the day, that it was too slow for anything we'd consider to be useful. I know I went looking for it a few years later, and the had already dropped it.
  12. Story Friday April 3rd 2020

    ... deliberately. I concur. Elliot could easily do so without thinking. He misses details sometimes that the other characters get.
  13. Story Friday April 3rd 2020

    She should at least be in a different part of town or from a pizza shop other than the one they normally order from as we haven't seen her before. But Magus does not seem to need distance, his is a powerful magic user and has masked the room he's in where the doorway does not exist unless he wants it. He might well still be local, especially if he feels he still owes apologies and favors.
  14. Story Friday April 3rd 2020

    When the focus was on her, she was practicing like crazy. That should help her mitigate the loss of ambient power. I assume at some point Pandora's reboot will show up to continue training her; will likely provide some sort of artificial boost, if need be.
  15. NP Thur 2 April 2020

    Yeah, she went whole pig on catching up, no?