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  1. Story Wednesday, July 10, 2019

    I don't think he's changed that much. "Nice" is there, but doesn't seem to be his core. I'd say principled, pragmatic, within his understanding, a bit set in his ways and inflexible, but not too much, he's adapted to changing dynamics.
  2. Story Wednesday, July 10, 2019

    I liked it, but for me it didn't stand out so much. I liked the card game a lot. To each their own. 3 hours ago, hkmaly said: The watches are technically a wand. Yes. Although Pandora distiguished, "Let's have you make a proper wand." 3 hours ago, hkmaly said: Yes, he can do a glasses-shaped wand with such spell, ... I would say, we can infer that he can. A. It's not that different, and B. That's probably what he was doing with the glasses early on. 3 hours ago, hkmaly said: I meant that Playing with Dolls is one of best and parts of EGS.
  3. Story Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019

    It's been years, but I've worked in places that had them, I've heard them called either. I've used a few, but much smaller and more bottle-like.
  4. Story Monday, July 8, 2019

    If you succeed too well, your instructor won't be able to give you a grade; it takes a bit of finesse.
  5. Story Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019

    I prefer to think of it as The Three Bears zone, rather than the break-in and enter perp. Ya gotta have standards.
  6. Story Monday, July 15, 2019

    Elliot knows that Melissa is aware of magic, and Justin should know that Noah is as well. I don't recall that anyone else (human) know about Rhoda and Catalina's magic. Susan is already invited. Diane could be invited by Susan or Nanase. A few of the crew were present for "you're a vampire slayer". I think Lucy might be a stretch at this point. We'll see.
  7. Story Monday, July 15, 2019

    Grace has gotten angsty lately.
  8. Story Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019

    If you want to cool Venus down, you need to remove the greenhouse effect. To do that, you either blow the atmosphere off (not completely, you're not going to be that efficient anyway), or put it in containers, a little bit at a time, and move it. Think gas bottles, but larger; railroad cars designed to move gases, for example. Scale up from there. There could be chemical alternatives, that would require shipping a lot of material there. 999,999,999,999 bottles of SO2 in the air, 999,999,999,999 bottles of SO2, Pick one up, ship it to Mars, 999,999,999,998 bottles of SO2 in the air.
  9. Story Wednesday, July 10, 2019

    Good point; Tedd knows Susan has magic. I do hope your tongue is firmly pressing against your cheek. I haven't, nor intend to, memorize every detail of EGS nor any other comic I read. That space is already full of "Kill the wabbit" and such. I could see him adding it as a feature to the glasses. At the very least wearing the spell as a watch. I'd bet cookies that there will be a loophole and Tedd will cast more. Of course, they'd be here, so I'd probably eat them anyway.
  10. Story Wednesday, July 10, 2019

    If I recall correctly, Tedd was the subject of a few hammer retrievals (and subsequent whacking). I don't recall which way he was facing, though, I suppose he could have missed the retrieval. Seems like he should have. Maybe he has to be aware that he wants to; actively analyzing, not passive knowledge. I don't think either has been stated.
  11. Story Monday, July 8, 2019

    It's not core requirement in US high schools. You probably won't see is as a for-credit course here until you hit it in a Political Science or Law program later.
  12. Story Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019

    I kind of agree with you about your specific point, but there is an undercurrent of "We'd never do anything we knew was dangerous", and in a broader sense our track record says that we will do quite a bit without fully understanding what we're doing, particularly if the effects are long term and don't kill us right out immediately. Technically, you'd still be correct, we didn't know it was dangerous. Check out early use of x-ray devices (may need to find "fluoroscope"), early work in chemistry with radioactive elements, "Radium Girls" painting numbers on clocks with radium paint, and health effects on troops handling chemical weapons. LHC has never personally bothered me, and people do get worked up over nonsense, but on the other hand, our own ignorance combined with our inherent hubris tends to be deadly. "You mean the historical documents?" ... "Surely, you don't believe Gilligan's Island is a ..." "Those poor people!" . . . "... and don't call me Shirley!"
  13. Story Wednesday, July 10, 2019

    You're right, from Tara's reaction, Diane must have some kind of aura. I would be curious to see what Luke sees as a panel. If I have this straight, Edward was the head of what Arthur is now; he's been moved sideways to be an "ambassador", but that does not seem to mean, "Left the FBI and joined the State Department', in fact appears to report to the same guy, and Wolf and Cranium haven't been moved at all, at least that we've seen. His new duties are not described in any detail, it almost seems like he has carte blanche to do whatever he deems necessary, that or he's gone rogue and is frequently acting on his own authority, aided and abetted by former underlings. The only real effect of the status change that we've seen is he wasn't the figurehead on TV. Arthur, on the other hand, does his department head job, but does not do hands on missions, kind of less of a magic cop and more of a savvy figurehead. So why are Edward, Wolf, and Cranium not magic cops but Arthur is? It does seem odd that Edward was able to involve himself with missions if he was the organizational head. We don't know the size of the organization, we only know of a few employees, always the same ones, but they could be the Moperville Hotspot branch. The size of the junk magic items warehouse seems to point to typical large government organization. Oh, we've seen his meetings, there's more people, and Lavender, who's not an alien ... actually, he still has his meetings ... still a magic cop. I think it's canon that they can do that, I recall someone making an off-handed remark that they could have, but I may be mistaken. If I find it, I'll post it. She seems to be past obsessing about Elliot, if that's what you mean. She seemed to think Ashley was more suited to Elliot than she herself was, and now she's pretty committed to Lucy; first date, but they've been friends for a long time. She wouldn't leap to that conclusion. She knows they can be difficult to spot (I think they all have been?), and that you might not be aware you have magic. She actually knows quite a bit.
  14. Story Wednesday, July 10, 2019

    Ah, that did not seem significant at the time, but yes, in retrospect ...
  15. Story Wednesday, July 10, 2019

    The third conversation about magic is not going to happen yet, I don't think. They have a lot on their plate, coming out to each other, getting to know one another in a new light, and establishing their relationship. I expect that magic will be a topic someday soon, but not on their first date. Lucy potentially has some exposure to magic; she knows Nanase, we don't know the extent of who has witnessed her floating. Apparently, it is not common knowledge. You've got to wonder why, if a few people have seen it, has it not become a pervasive rumor. She's also a bit in tune with accepting it, she plays fantasy video games. Seems she also hides what she's thinking; this could be a fall out of years of association with Diane, and Diane being both insightful and judgemental, although Lucy seems to share those traits, particularly being judgemental. Would she believe Diane, if Diane related events? Diane seems to have a handle on "Keep it on the down low", would she spill the beans? She's met the magic police, has probably been debriefed off screen and warned to keep quiet about what she's witnessed in lieu of a memory wipe. They may even have wiped some of what she'd seen, we really don't know. Would seeing the mark tell her much? I guess it could lead to "What is your magic?", but she doesn't know that Sam is aware of the mark nor what it grants him. She knows from her own mark that even knowing that she has it and what they do in a general sense, it was quite a bit of effort to figure out what her magic was, and she needed help to pin it down. Sam's is more clear cut, but she doesn't know that. (She might know that in general, other people's marks are more straight forward than hers.) Actually, I don't see them being honest with each other, either. Sam's mark is tied to Sam's gender identity, and Sam does not want to come out again; Sam is not going to speak up. And Sarah has been warned to not tell Edward, so she's probably going to withhold information on general principles. Sam is pretty much just an acquaintance she's interested in, not a trusted friend. She knows they're less close than she wants them to be.