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  1. When you flip a light switch, you expect the light to turn on. Tell that to my grandparents. They have the switch set in the "on" so the ceiling fan can run for air circulation. They have the light off because the room doesn't need light when nobody's in it, plus you can just go pull the chain if you want light. The problem is this is the shop (formerly an actual workshop room when Grandpa was more of a handyman, now it's more of a storage room for various tools, parts, and junk) is the room we're in the least, so why do we need air circulation either? And I hate tripping over stuff just to turn a light on. And we always need the fan on in a room we're almost never in but never have the fan on in a room we're always in (the living room)? Not sense make!
  2. Now leaving my brother's graduation! Woo!
  3. A thread for discussion of video games. The previous thread expired, you see. So, my brother downloaded The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Wii U. And do you wanna know what happened? First of all, you can still cut grass, and you can still break pots. Sold. Second: One of the first powers you get is the Magnesis Rune, which lets you lift metal objects remotely. My brother used it to clear out an enemy camp by smacking them with a metal box a bunch! It was hilarious! Third: When we finally got off the starting area, we saw foxes running around! We can totally ignore the story and go fox hunting if we want! And now, a few things hidden under spoilers. If you want to play the game blind, stay away. ======== Story Spoiler: ======== Boss Spoiler: To summarize: do the water boss last, not because it's frustrating, but because it's awesome. ======== Musical Reference Spoilers:
  4. I'm not sure if he does. I think he's still relatively new to Warframe.
  5. Huh. I guess I'm not almost gone. I guess I thought there wasn't a lot of space for attachments to begin with. I thought the maximum space allotted for attachments was much higher than it is, which is why I stopped using it when I hit 0.26MB remaining since I thought that was a mere sliver. Turns out it's just over half my space. Thanks a bunch! This is a bit more worrisome...
  6. You know how shooters usually have multiple game modes? There's usually Deathmatch, which is "first to X kills wins", as well as Capture the Flag (bring the enemy flag to your goal), King of the Hill (stay alive as long as you can in a certain location; longest time wins), Payload (get something to a goal at the enemy's side), and more. Well, Splatoon has those too. "Turf Wars" is the only gametype in Regular Battles, where the objective is to cover turf. If your team has more turf covered than the enemy team at the end of a 3-minute time limit, you win. Ranked Battles, however, are a lot more focused. There's three gametypes in Ranked: Splat Zones, Rainmaker, and Tower Control. There are two ways to win a Ranked Battle: Complete the objective, or stay in the lead until the game's 5-minute timer runs out. Splat Zones functions like the King of the Hill game mode, only you have to cover the zone in ink rather than simply stand on it. Tower Control is a Payload type, where the Tower moves along a fixed path towards a goal near the enemy spawn point, but only when you're standing on it, meaning if the Tower's moving, it's basically a big bull's-eye. My first foray into Ranked was the Rainmaker gametype. Like Tower Control, it's kind of a Payload gametype. The titular Rainmaker is in the center of the map and has to be brought to a goal near the other team's spawn. But the catch is whoever picks up the Rainmaker has reduced run and swim speed; is visible to all players on the map, when swimming, and through walls, painting a very big target on their face; and replaces their entire weapon kit with the Rainmaker's weapon, making it hard to fight back, especially against snipers, high fire rates, and close-range anything. This lasts until the next time they die. So this mode is basically "Protect the President at all costs!" You have to go in knowing you could be the one to grab the Rainmaker and thus become a target that can't easily fight back. And I can safely say... While I was expecting Rainmaker to be a lot more "I'm Dead" and was hoping to use Splat Zones as my introduction to Ranked, the results...weren't that bad, actually. Things turned out pretty okay. That said, while I did okay, it is "Ranked" Battles for a reason. This was my first time in Ranked, so my rank was fairly low. The game puts you with players that have similar ranks. I dread going into Ranked at higher ranks. All the snipers. All of them. In other news, my brother's thinking of getting a Nintendo Switch so we can play Mario Kart. I wholeheartedly approve. I'm looking forward to Splatoon 2 and ARMS as well.
  7. I hit my "directly post the picture into the post" limit ages ago. I get around it with the 910cmx image gallery, which doesn't seem to have a limit.
  8. Okay, so his appendix is apparently enlarged, but not inflamed, and since his pain went down instead of up he was sent home. This kinda worries me. It's his appendix. We caught it earlier than we caught mine. Why leave it knowing it's bad and could get worse? Apparently, the reason he had to go to the children's hospital is because he had to get an ultrasound to check his innards, and the doctor didn't know how to give one to a 13-year-old and didn't want an incorrect reading. Never mind that he's five-foot-six and 170 pounds. He's too young. Ship him to the children's hospital. Also, why an ultrasound and not a CT scan?
  9. Well, we lost the old one of these. Might as well put it back up.
  10. So even though my brother's in the hospital, he still wants someone to look after his Tamagotchi Warframe animal companion while he's gone. I was tempted to just let our middle brother handle that since, unlike me, mid-bro actually cares about plays Warframe.
  11. Just got a call. Still waiting to find out what the soreness is, if it's appendicitis or something else. Thanks. (he's 13, and apparently that still qualifies him for children's hospitals instead of regular ones) [EDIT] Just got another call. He does not have appendicitis. Thank God. He gets to keep his internal organs. For now.
  12. So now it's my brother's turn to go to the hospital to check a soreness in his side. Youngest brother. Last I heard he was being moved by ambulance to the nearest children's hospital. That was yesterday evening.
  13. Maybe they're future-proofing in case medicine or technology advances enough to extend the human lifespan or do the whole "brain-uploading" thing or what have you.
  14. I feel like I'm the only one posting here solely to keep it from getting too old and forcing me to make a third one lest the mods get after me for necroposting. Anywho, I decided to switch to the starting weapon for a change. The Splattershot Jr. Compared to the Splattershot, it has less range, less accuracy, and less damage per shot, in exchange for a wider spread of ink, higher rate of fire, and less ink consumed per shot. Since new players might find themselves up against more experienced players quite often, the Jr. had to be capable of standing up to other weapon sets, so they gave it a sub and special that made it pretty viable no matter how good or bad you were. Its sub is the Splat Bomb again, good for checking corners, clearing an area before you advance, cleaning out sniper perches, scaring the enemy into moving where you want them to... Splat Bombs are fairly versatile. Its special is the Bubbler, a protective forcefield that lasts for about four-and-a-half seconds. If you get close enough to an ally with a Bubbler active, they will also get a Bubbler. Bubblers let you survive a near-death experience, take on two enemies at once with less risk, defend allies in a support role, protect you while you try to jump away, and more. Between the Jr.'s rate of fire and wide ink spread, the Bubbler comes up a lot, making it perfect for newcomers and veterans alike. My experience with the Jr.... It's kinda hit and miss. I'm not consistently getting obscene amounts of turf because I don't have that Inkstrike, but I was doing alright. Lower win-loss ratio, but surprisingly higher kill-death ratio. Gotta love that Bubbler. Then, I was wondering if I could activate the Bubbler while Super-Jumping. All players can Super-Jump, which sends them to an ally or to spawn. There's a sub-weapon called the Squid Beakon that is basically a placeable temporary Super-Jump point, so I switched to the Krak-On Splat Roller (a roller that has the Squid Beakon as its sub), went into training mode, placed a Beakon, then switched to the Jr., built up my special, jumped to the Beakon, and kept mashing the "Use Your Special" button until it worked. When you Super-Jump, there's an icon at the spot where you're going to land, which is a big target for any nearby enemies to try and shoot. I've personally stood still next to a Super-Jump icon firing at it, so when they landed they got a face full of ink bullets, killing them instantly. With a Bubbler, activating it shortly before hitting the ground means I would survive that and possibly splat the enemy too. Unfortunately, when I went into a match, I realized I'd forgotten to change back to another weapon. I still had the Krak-On Splat Roller (when you exit training mode, you have the same weapon set that you went in with, even if you switch to another weapon while in training). Since I entered with the Krak-On, I left with the Krak-On). Still, I decided to give it a shot. The Krak-On Splat Roller is identical to the vanilla Splat Roller in terms of stats, only differing in its sub and special. What is its special? It's the Kraken. The Kraken turns you into a triple-sized invincible squid that can swim through any inkable surface, even enemy ink. As the Kraken you can't use your regular weapons, but jumping performs an instant-kill spin attack. I avoided Kraken weapon kits because I thought them difficult to use, but I decided to give it a try. I think I did alright, but I kept not getting my special 'cause I kept dying. I tried to place Beakons, but I felt like I was the only one using them. On the subject of Squid Beakons, the most annoying thing to see is a Squid Beakon placed on or next to spawn. You can already super-jump to spawn why do you need a beakon there? Maybe, maybe they're used to placing Sprinklers on spawn and forgot they'd switched to a Beakon weapon, but it's still annoying.
  15. Now for a Splatoon weapon I don't play... The Aerospray is a type of shooter with a very high rate of fire and a wide ink spread. These things are great at covering turf... So when the average player gets something like 500 points of turf per match, with good players getting 700, 900, or even 1100 points, it frustrates me to see an Aerospray user get a mere 95! Like, they were actually in the game and went out to do stuff and everything! I saw this Aerospray guy on the other team walking forwards, not even shooting when there was no reason not to. He was basically a free kill. Like, what gives, dude? I'm wondering if he's a Call of Duty player, thinking that shooting the ground and not a person is a waste of ammo. In other news, I've been slowly learning the Japanese alphabet just so I can pronounce these other players' names. So far I have three vowels down...
  16. I've been doing good with the Wasabi Splattershot lately. The Splattershot is the basic weapon all shooter-type weapons get compared to. Medium range, decent rate of fire, and moderate accuracy make it truly the jack-of-all-trades here. It's such an average weapon that it's good for any stage and any playstyle. The three Splattershot kits differ in their sub and special, and the Wasabi kit is built around covering turf. It's sub is the Splat Bomb, which is basically a grenade. I like to throw it over a wall and move on, but they're also great for clearing sniper perches and checking around corners. And it's special is the Inkstrike. I just love Inkstrikes so much. Back in Hyrule, I got the classic green tunic, which, despite its iconic look, is not the best piece of armor in the game; the Ancient armor is just as good and has better bonus effects, while the Champion's Tunic has even higher defense. I've also gotten better at fighting Silver Lynels and am trying to farm dragon parts. ...what? I don't play many video games. This is all I got.
  17. You're playing the new Zelda game. You head northwest to Rito Village. Perhaps you want to see how different they are compared to how they were in The Wind Waker. Or perhaps you're just there to progress the story. Regardless, you cross the bridges and approach the village. The background music starts to kick in, and you listen. You hear a quiet piano riff, then a calming flute. Strings begin to build up to something. Then, the guitar kicks in. And it hits you. The overwhelming wave of nostalgia. Throughout the game, you come across a Rito named Kass, a wandering minstrel with a lot of stories to tell from ages past. Sometimes he's in front of a stable playing Epona's Song. Other times he's out in the wild somewhere, ready to give you a hint as to where a nearby shrine is located. Once you find all of his puzzles out there, he'll return to Rito Village to play along with the background music. Talk to him, and he'll play one final song. An add-on to his usual theme, it quickly turns into something a little more...nostalgic.
  18. Splatoon's "waiting for a match" music, followed by one of its many kickin' battle tracks, then either the victory fanfare or defeat fanfare. Wash, rinse, and repeat.
  19. Mom and grandparents are on a small trip out of state for a friend's retirement party... Brothers are off to school... I'm the only one here... ... ... ... ... FRAT PARTY! *nah; Splatoon, Star Wars, and sleep*
  20. Plans in motion... I think that's because Dan hasn't been here since at least a year before the Crash. He has no presence on the forums, so he can hardly call them "the official forum for EGS". I'm sure he made a tweet or tumblr post explaining in more detail. If I remember correctly, he left due to the hostile attitudes of some forum members that were banned afterwards. Sirleck has the element of surprise. That's -4 to the butler's initiative. Plus Sirleck is about to do a full-body grapple, giving Butler a severe dexterity penalty. I have doubts on Butler's ability to fight back. Enough to break his nose, probably. He landed on his face, and it looks like there's blood splatter.
  21. Accidentally typing 'v' instead of the space bar on my phone, followed by auto-correct. Turning "...and it gets the point across..." into "...and it Herschel point across...". Thank God for the backspace key, but it's annoyingly inconvenient. My other phone has an odd obsession with ordinal numbers and is especially fond of replacing 'with' with '29th'.
  22. And I've never hoist the mainstay, and I've never swabbed the poopdeck, and I've never veered a'starboard 'cause I've never sailed at all, and I've never walked the gangplank, and I've never owned a parrot, and I've never been to Boston in the fall.
  23. And then I find myself doing surprisingly well with the N-Zap '89, a 1989-coloration Nintendo Zapper repurposed into an ink gun. The N-Zap is a Shooter-type weapon. Shooters generally have medium range and a high rate of fire. Holding the fire button let's you shoot continuously until you run out of ink. The N-Zap covers turf quickly and can kill enemies quickly at close range, but it's less accurate further away, so if you're going for kills, play tactically. The '89's sub is the Sprinkler, which sprinkles ink around it, even when you go do something else. Good for covering turf to build up your special and for serving as bait to lure enemies in (plus the Sprinkler splatters do deal damage, so getting a kill with it is rare but possible). And between the decent ink coverage of the N-Zap and the Sprinkler, you find yourself getting your Inkstrike quite often. >:) I might be a fan of Inkstrikes. Meanwhile, in Hyrule, I took down a Silver Lynel. Lynels have lots of health, good weapons, and very smart A.I. Silver Lynels have the strongest equipment in the game, barring the Hylian Shield and the Bow of Light (and even then, if you get lucky with bonuses...) and more health than the final boss. Having good armor helps, but against a Silver Lynel, it's generally a war of attrition; can you win before you run out of weapons or healing items?
  24. Granted. However, it introduces another kid-appeal character on par with Jar Jar that ruins the movie in the eyes of die-hard fans, resulting in the biggest Internet s[tweet!]-storm this side of SOPA. I wish the Lactaid brand would distribute lactose-free chocolate milk (which they do make) to stores in the Houston area.
  25. Splatoon this time. If the colorful multiplayer-focused team shooter with collectible hats didn't already give off a Team Fortress 2 vibe, say hello to Sasha. Or rather, the Heavy Splatling. I used to main the Splat Roller, an oversized paint roller that inks turf as you go. Instant kill if you roll over someone, and survivable but considerable damage if you swing the roller to throw a splatter of ink. Short range weapon, obviously. Its secondary weapon or "sub-weapon" is the Suction Bomb, which sticks to any surface and has a large blast radius but a long fuse. Throw it over a wall, stick it behind a corner to surprise a pursuer, or put it next to the little indicator that says someone is jumping back to the action so when they get back it splats them immediately. And it's special weapon (comparable to an ult in Smite or a final smash in Smash Bros.) is the Killer Wail, a sonic laser of death that splats foes but doesn't ink any turf. Great for clearing out narrow pathways and sniper spots. I liked the roller because it has high ink coverage and because I'm not good at shooter games in general, so a melee weapon that leaves an escape route as I walk felt like a good idea. I picked the Splat Roller specifically because the other rollers had either horribly slow ink flings, leaving a huge opening for them, or specials that didn't work well for me. Having a somewhat decent fling and a helpful ranged special worked well for me, especially when I hung back to ink turf while the others took the front lines. Trouble is, me playing the roller meant the only things that didn't out-range me were other rollers (the Inkbrushes, to be specific). Snipers in particular were a pain. Walls are also a weakness to rollers, so anyone on a high perch tended to be out of my reach with me in their crosshairs regardless of what weapon they used. There are tons of good roller users, so it was just me that sucked at it, not the weapon set. I'd be lucky to cover 600 points of turf in one match. After switching to the Heavy Splatling, I'm regularly covering 800 to 1000 points or more per match. Booyah! Splatlings are miniguns with considerable range, and the longer you charge them, the longer they fire before needing to charge again. The Heavy Splatling in particular comes with the Splash Wall as its sub. A temporary curtain of raining ink that blocks enemy shots while letting friendly shots through unimpeded. It buys time to charge a shot or fire a special, let's you approach snipers with less risk, and blocks narrow hallways. It's special is the Inkstrike, which is practically an air strike tornado vortex of ink. Use it to kick snipers off their perch and into your range, fire it deep into their turf so they have to waste time covering it when they respawn... Oh how I love to set one of those off in the last second of the match when they can do absolutely nothing to stop it. I still do the "hang back and cover turf" thing and I'm not the best at aiming, but this kit's working well for me, so I'm gonna stick with it. Plus, it's a minigun. Also the victory animation for when you win with a minigun is you hug the barrel like it's a teddy bear. ^.^