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  1. Been a while, hasn't it? Nintendo dropped their latest Direct and besides the expected Kirby update and Undertale confirmations, we got a few Splat Bombshells. First, the next Splatoon 2 update comes with a paid DLC which adds playable Octolings! That's right; not only can you go into multiplayer as one of the bad guy types, but you get a whole new story mode centered around playing as one! Second, SMASH BROS. FOR SWITCH FEATURING INKLINGS 2018! Now if only I had a Switch...
  2. Friday June 8, 2018

    Megalodon: "Everybody sees a scale and thinks 'dragon'. ALWAYS the dragons." Basilisk: "Mmhm." T. rex: "Hear hear."
  3. What Are You Watching?

    I'm at the theaters. Gonna watch Avengers: Infinity War. Oop, phones off gotta go bye!
  4. What Are You Listening To?

    So I finally dusted off my old RuneScape account that I haven't used since 2010-ish. They remixed and reorchestrated most of the music in the update from RuneScape 2 to RuneScape 3, and while I'm not a fan of what they did to "Sea Shanty II", most of it's a significant improvement. Case in point: Harmony
  5. Well, we lost the old one of these. Might as well put it back up.
  6. What Are You Watching?

    I don't know how this ended up in my recommendations, but here's this thing. Basically: LEGO train multi-track drifting, set to "Deja Vu" from Initial D. Catchy song. I'd put it in the 'listening' thread with a lyrics video (here's a link to one), but I felt this was more fun to show than a bunch of words. Also, tire company Goodyear is working on spherical tires, like from the I, Robot movie. I can picture someone driving sideways (literally sideways) to this music.
  7. Questions for Q&A 8

    Guys, you're all wrong! That's the species. Her family name is Hominidae.
  8. Story, Monday March 19, 2018

    Yeaheah! Way to go, Ellen! ...or whoever it is. Still, way to go! Diamond broke, but I'm wondering if the shards still work. Then we'd get our plural "Ellens", though Ellen still needs to transform first (or maybe not? Magus did modify it a bit). Jury's out, though.
  9. Things That Are Just Annoying

    Today's highlight: replacing the water heater. Followed by pizza, but that's not this thread.
  10. Questions for Q&A 8

    And now that the actual game is over... What are the 6 cards that weren't played (not counting the other Reset and Swap that never got played, of course), and what were their effects? What are the full effects of the cards that were played, but the effects of which just never came up? Fox, Bunny, Tall, Sensei, Nurse, Police, Cheetah, Poodle, Shrink, and Lifeguard haven't had their effects shown or stated at all. What cards have the Cat or Dog animal modifiers? What cards have the Big or Small size modifiers? What cards have Attract or Repel modifiers? What cards could make use of those shortcuts that never came up? Clarification on card effects that were stated in commentary but not in a completely clear way: The commentary describing Squirrel implies it can move backwards as well. Is this true, or is it forwards only? Some more clarity on Saint Bernard's ability to remove 1-Types that share a space with it. Pretty much I wanna know more about this Goomanji game that we don't already know.
  11. NP Wednesday, Mar 14, 2018

    And with that, all 2-, 3-, and 0-type cards are known. This leaves only three 1-Type Animal cards, one 1-Type Physical card, and two 1-Type Clothing cards, or a total of six cards still unknown. Takin' all bets!
  12. Questions for Q&A 8

    Could be, or it could also be that she has to simply know it's in there. (Another question for Dan!) I understand her not being able to summon something she doesn't know about, but if she opens it, sees that there's a bug, closes it, then tries to summon the bug, what would happen?
  13. Questions for Q&A 8

    Of course. That's why I used water as my example instead of a sandwich. Though, on the note of Susan's summoning chest... What if a bug crawls in there somehow, and she tries to summon that? Or if Nanase takes control of one of the fairy dolls in there, and Susan summons the fairy doll Nanase is using? Or someone shrinks and steps inside (Squirrel!Grace, perhaps?)? Add "Living things" and "People" to my list up there.
  14. NP Friday Mar 9, 2018

    She's having fun. Quoth Ashley, I don't think she does that much...
  15. Questions for Q&A 8

    How does Susan's summon-from-box spell interact with... Electronics? If she puts, say, a remote control in the box, then summons it, will it work the same? Basically I wanna know if the remote she used to lower the back of her couch could've been a summon. Food and drink? What if she drinks summoned water? What if she unsummons summoned water that's been drank? Writing utensils? If she writes with a summoned pen and then unsummons the pen, what happens to the ink? "I prepared explosive runes this morning." (And no, Susan listing the contents of her box doesn't discount the remote; she said she had "random junk" in there, and a one-button remote could easily fall into that category.)
  16. Story, Wednesday March 7, 2018

    They explained this a little while ago. Magus isn't sure how much of this Elliot will remember, so he needs someone to explain it to him once they separate. Thus, Ashley.
  17. Story, Monday March 5, 2018

    Well it looks like they fixed the acronym, at least. (for comparison: PTTAPUTASF) With "Ellens", plural, in the title, I think the plan here is this. Magus touches the Diamond. Then Magus in his new body uses a cosmetic spell on Ellen. Then Sirleck touches the Diamond and takes the new altered Ellen duplicate body. Then they leave and fight Abraham offscreen later. Think Abraham's gonna have another moral dilemma about killing Ellen after being convinced not to do so was the whole point of the previous Sister? Magus is probably fine, desperation and all that, but the problem is Abraham has to kill a body-snatcher aberration without killing its host and the option to do so may not come up. The question is whether Magus's possession means him (and, thus, his existing soul) will become the new Elliot duplicate's default soul, or not. And how body-snatcher aberration possession also works in regards to souls (though I think in that case, Sirleck's ability to keep his host's body alive after its death might come in handy, though he'd be rather miffed to get himself a shiny new body only for it to die too).
  18. A fan-made game manual for the Goomanji game as depicted in the EGS:NP arc, Goomanji 2, with revisions added for any future Goomanji arcs. This post will be updated as more rules are revealed. If I made an error, feel free to correct me and I'll revise this post accordingly. Please note that if Dan clarifies a rule or card on Twitter or Facebook or wherever, I won't be able to see it as I don't follow him outside the comic itself. Someone will have to relay that info. GOOMANJI BOARD The board consists of 24 spaces. Every corner is marked with a "3". Between the corners are five spaces: three "1" spaces and 2 "2" spaces. Each side is marked 3-1-2-1-2-1-3. Each 2 Space is connected to the 2 Space on the opposite side of the nearest corner by a "tunnel". Two 1 Spaces in the center of opposite sides are connected by a "river". GAME PIECES 1 Game Board 40 Cards: 8 1-Type Animal Transformation Cards 8 1-Type Physical Transformation Cards 8 1-Type Clothing Transformation Cards 3 2-Type Animal/Physical Transformation Cards 3 2-Type Animal/Clothing Transformation Cards 3 2-Type Physical/Clothing Transformation Cards 3 3-Type Animal/Physical/Clothing Transformation Cards 2 0-Type Reset Cards 2 0-Type Swap Cards 4 Player Pieces (Yellow x1, Orange x1, Blue x1, Green x1) 32 Property Tokens (Yellow x8, Orange x8, Blue x8, Green x8) 2 6-sided Dice of different colors Pieces used during playtesting not included. SETUP Players place their pieces on a 3-Space where, moving clockwise, it takes nine spaces to reach the 1-Space that marks the "river". Players roll dice to determine who goes first. Player turn order goes clockwise around the board. Players draw three cards to form their starting hands. Players move clockwise around the board. TURN A player's turn consists of three steps: Roll the dice and move the indicated number of spaces. Purchasing and Transformation If you have less than 3 cards in your hand at the end of your turn, draw to three. Certain card effects can modify each step and add additional steps. SCORING and VICTORY Each space on the board has a number. If a player purchases or steals a space, they gain that number of points. If a space is stolen from them, they lose that number of points. The first player to reach 8 points wins. PURCHASING and TRANSFORMATION When a player lands on a space, they have the option to purchase the space. Spaces are purchased by playing Transformation Cards. Each Transformation Card has up to three types: Animal, Physical, and Clothing. A player can have one of each type of transformation applied to them at any given moment. A space is purchased when the player that lands on it plays transformation cards that have enough unique types that match or exceed the number shown on the space. When you land on a space: If the space is unowned, you can purchase it by transforming yourself. If the space is unowned and you rolled doubles to reach it, you can purchase it by transforming another player of your choosing. If the space is owned by another player, you can steal it from them by transforming them. The transformations you use must match the types of the transformations the other player currently has on them in addition to matching the number. If the space is owned by another player and you do not steal it, they can choose to transform you instead. This will reduce the cards they can use during their own turn, however. If you own the space, you can remove all transformations from yourself. In order to transform someone (including yourself) who is already transformed, the transformations used must either be of a type the target is not currently transformed by, or match the types of the transformations they are already under. 1-Type Transformations can be overwritten by any transformation of the same type. 2-Type Transformations can be overwritten by any combination of 1-Types that combined share the types of the 2-Type; by any other 2-Type Transformation regardless of types; and by any 3-Type transformation. 3-Type Transformations can be overwritten by any combination of cards that have all three types between them. The transformation cards affecting each player are kept with that player, separate from their hand. When a transformation is removed, a card is discarded, or a 0-Type card is used, the relevant card(s) is placed in a discard pile. When most cards have been drawn from the deck, the discard pile is shuffled and placed at the bottom of the deck. Dan: "Discarded cards eventually get shuffled in..." [Mon, Dec 11, 2017] A possible revision may take effect in future versions: If a player has ended two consecutive turns in the same form, they must draw a card and immediately play it to transform themselves, replacing the current forms applied to them with the result of the drawn card." Dan: "I think a rule for future versions of this (...) is that if you've ended two of your turns in the same form, you draw a card that you must then immediately use to transform yourself, ignoring normal restrictions on what can replace what. The intent of the game is for forms to be brief, and Rhoda has had that form FOREVERRRRRRR. It would also mean that, at most, you'd have to deal having a 3-type card form for two of your turns." [Fri, Jan 19, 2018] EFFECTS Most cards have additional effects that alter player movement, purchasing ability, and cards drawn. Attract: If a player has Attract, other players move towards them, even if it means they move counterclockwise. If a player moving towards the player they're Attracted to reaches the space the Attract player is on but still has spaces left in their roll, they continue moving past the Attract player. If there is equal reason to move in either direction, players move clockwise. Attract (All): All players are affected. Attract (Dog): Only players with the Dog modifier are affected Repel: If a player has Repel, other players move away from them, even if it means they move counterclockwise. If a player moving away from the Repel player reaches the exact opposite side of the board from the Repel player but still has spaces left in their movement roll, they continue moving past the opposite point. If a player starts their turn on the space the Repel player is on, they default to moving counterclockwise. Repel (All): All players are affected. Repel (Cat): Only players with the Cat modifier are affected Blockage [unofficial name]: Players cannot move past a Blockage without a size modifier, even if they have spaces remaining in their dice roll. Big: Big players create Blockages and can move past Blockages. Small: Small players can move past Blockages. Rhoda: "Um, I'm on the same space as Susan [who has Repel (All)], so... Opposite of normal? Gotcha." [Fri, Jan 5, 2018] Dan: "The rule of thumb I decided on was that moving the 'wrong' way (counterclockwise) wins by default if there's a conflict (thereby giving the exception to what's normal more opportunity to happen). As such, whether Attract or Repel would win out would depend on player's positions on the board, which means a player could be drawn to a form one turn, and be repelled the next." [Wed, Jan 3, 2018] Dan: "Incidentally, if a cat form was in play, it would be repelled by Rhoda's dog form (move away from Rhoda), and Rhoda would be attracted to the cat form (move towards that player)." [Fri, Nov 24, 2017] CARDS There are 40 cards, 36 of which are Transformation Cards. The remaining four are two Reset cards and two Swap cards. (due to the rules not being entirely defined, only effects directly stated in the comic or commentary will be listed until clarified) 1-Type Animal Cards Squirrel Add one to your movement roll. Dan: "Squirrels are known for getting places they want to get to..." [Thu, Nov 16, 2017] Susan: "I roll a three, but using my squirrel girl ability, I add one to my roll, making it four!" [Wed, Dec 13, 2017] Dan: "...if you can add (or subtract) one from your roll..." [Wed, Dec 13, 2017] Fox Skunk Repel (All): All players move away from you. Bunny Honey Badger You are unaffected by both Attract and Repel. Hanma: "Honey Badger doesn't give a carp about attract or repel, and is immune to both." [Thu, Feb 1, 2018] . . . 1-Type Physical Cards Busty Your minimum end-of-turn hand size is increased to 4. If you have less than 4 cards in your hand at the end of your turn, draw until you have 4. Rhoda: "And with Busty, I draw until I have four cards at the end of my turn!" [Fri, Nov 10, 2017] Ditzy You can use multiple cards of the same type as if they were different types. If you do, roll to see which among the same-type cards takes effect. Susan: "I'm only using it because it lets me use multiple cards of the same type as though they were different types, the card, or cards, actually sticking chosen at random!" [Thu, Nov 16, 2017] Dan: "During actual playtesting, I settled this by assigning each card to a six-sided die, and going with whichever rolled highest." [Wed, Dec 13, 2017] Tall Small Small: Can pass blockages Energize Draw 1 card before rolling for movement. Hanma: "Energize means Susan gets to draw an additional card before she moves!" [Thu, Feb 1, 2018] Hippy Creates a Blockage. Dan: "Funnily enough, 'Hippy' happens to have the same blocking ability, but doesn't make the player 'big' (all it has is 'may block regularly sized players')." [Sun, Feb 11, 2018] Heavy Subtract 2 from your movement roll . 1-Type Clothing Cards Sensei Furry No gameplay effect Dan: "Furry is an oddity of a clothing card. Basically, it has no effect that matters to gameplay..." [Wed, Dec 13, 2017] Nurse Magician If someone tries to transform you, discard 1 card to force them to transform themselves. Hanma: "Magician means if someone tries to transform her, she can discard a card to make them transform themselves instead!" [Thu, Feb 1, 2018] Genie At the start of any other player's turn, they can ask you to transform them. You must then choose one or more cards to transform them, replacing all current transformations on them. You may then redraw that number of cards. . . Police Due to a misprint, it is treated like a 2-Type Physical/Clothing card in initial playtesting. Hanma: "Um... I originally wanted Police to be a physical-clothing card, but it looks like I changed everything but its type by mistake, so... It is a physical-clothing card, but I meant to make it just clothing..." [Wed, Jan 10, 2018] 2-Type Animal/Physical Cards Cowgirl Ashley: "+1 ATTRACT FOR EACH TURN IT'S IN PLAY!" +1 Attract for each turn it's in play (max: 9) Attract (All): All players move towards you. Ashley and Hanma: "Is there a limit to the, um... attract boosts?" "I never thought it'd come up, but every effect like that caps at nine. Single digits only." [Fri, Dec 8, 2017] Elephant Big: Creates a Blockage. Can pass Blockages. Dan: "Elephant is "Big", and has the ability that makes it so the play can choose to block the movement of regularly sized players." [Sun, Feb 11, 2018] Cheetah 2-Type Animal/Clothing Cards Golden Cheerleader Dog: Has Repel (Cat). All players with the Cat modifier move away from you. At the end of your turn, the player with the highest Attract value draws a card. If there is a tie (including if no players have Attract), roll to determine who amongst the tied players draws. Saint Bernard Dan: "The Saint Bernard card has an effect involving the option to remove a 1-type form if on the same space" "...everyone having the option to remove 1-type cards if on the same space as Saint Bernard." [Wed, Dec 6, 2017] Poodle 2-Type Physical/Clothing Cards Kid You are unaffected by Attract. You cannot have the Attract modifier. When rolling for movement, choose the die with the lowest value and move that number of spaces. Dan: "The Kid card cancels attract effects. A player with kid ignores, and cannot have, the attract ability." [Mon, Jan 1, 2018] Susan: "Kid makes it so I only use the lowest number I roll for movement, so... A five and a one. I move one." [Mon, Jan 8, 2018] Shrink Lifeguard 3-Type Animal/Physical/Clothing Cards Mouse When rolling for movement, divide the result by two (rounded down) and move that number of spaces. Small: Can sneak past Blockages. Catalina: "UM, FORE! You know, the golf "fore", not... I rolled a six, not four. Which means I move three because Mouse..." [Mon, Jan 22, 2018] Dan: "Mouse makes the player move half as many spaces as they normally would, rounded down." [Mon, Jan 22, 2018] Dan: "...and Mouse also counted as 'Small'." [Sun, Feb 11, 2018] Pony Kitty Pet Your movement is 6; rolling is unnecessary Rhoda: "Oh. Right. Pet Kitty means I move six spaces no matter what." [Mon, March 12, 2018] 0-Type Cards Reset Remove all transformations you are currently under. Reset Remove all transformations you are currently under. Swap You swap all of your transformations with those of another player. You can purchase spaces with your new transformations so long as they meet the usual requirements. Swap You swap all of your transformations with those of another player. You can purchase spaces with your new transformations so long as they meet the usual requirements.
  19. How to Play: Goomanji

    A 2-type can replace any other 2-type and any 1-type of the same type. This is the first instance of it doing both at the same time. Previously they used a 2-type that matched the types of the existing 2-type due to the "any 2-type can replace any other 2-type" rule being added mid-playtesting, while replacing the 1-type with a matching 1-type as usual. 2-types cannot replace 3-types. Emphasis mine.
  20. NP, Friday March 2, 2018

    So that means it's a Physical/Clothing card, the second one we've seen so far (first being Kid). Which also means it's the first case of a 2-type card replacing another 2-type of different types while also getting rid of a 1-type at the same time (prevoius 2-replaces-2 have been of matching types). I'll hold off until next comic to see if it's misprinted like Police was or if Catalina just misread the number. It happens.
  21. NP Monday February 26, 2018

    And that's the last of the 3-type cards. 8 unknown cards and 1 each of the Reset and Swap cards have yet to be played. Of the 32 cards we do know about, we do not know what 12 of them do (some probably have Attract (Dog), Repel (Cat), and Size: Small, but if Golden Cheerleader and Mouse are any indication, those cards probably have other effects on top of those). I've been keeping score with this game, and it looks like everyone should have 11 cards between them. But only 10 cards haven't been played. That means someone has a card that's been played before, which means the discards have been shuffled back in. So I went back and checked. Catalina drew the last cards of the original deck, so the 18 discarded cards had to have been shuffled to make a new deck, which Susan drew from at the start (Energize) of her next turn.
  22. Things That Are Just Annoying

    Lost power in another block of the house. This block includes my bedroom, my brothers' room, the attic lights, and the workshop. Stupid late 60's wiring.
  23. NP Wednesday Feb 21, 2018

    So we finally see a cat form. Unless there's some playtesting issues, dog forms like Rhoda and Catalina are going to repel cat forms like Ashley (so we might see a movement conflict), while cat forms like Ashley are going to attract dog forms like Rhoda and Catalina. (see November 24 comic commentary) On that note, I don't feel like going back several threads and pointing this out there, but anyone notice that all three Animal/Clothing cards are dog forms? We've also seen all three of the Animal/Physical cards, too. Nine cards to go until we know the full deck.
  24. Things That Are Just Annoying

    When I'm trying to move tabs on my browser and it pulls one into its own separate window for no reason.