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  1. Ah, nooooo! Ten days after expiration... Why do I have to be lazy... Whatever. E3 reactions. ...I...didn't actually see the E3 presentations for anything other than Nintendo, but everyone's saying Microsoft and Sony lost badly to Nintendo. It went something like this: Microsoft: "Here's a better Xbox and some exclusives." Fans: *nods of being impressed* Sony: "Here's some good games that won't come out until next year." Fans: *nods of being impressed* Nintendo: "4" Fans: *standing ovation* So! What did those Japanese maniacs shell out this time? Xenoblade Chronicles 2 looks pretty neat. New Kirby game! Brings back the power-up combination mechanic from Kirby 64. Niiiiiiiiice! Also, four-player co-op is back. Pokken Tournament DX not enough? Well, they're making a core Pokemon game for the Switch! That's right; Pokemon gets a core game on a console! That enough for ya? One number: 4. Metroid Prime 4, to be specific. Hear that? That's the sound of Nintendo winning E3. With nothing but a logo. New Yoshi game! Arts and crafts this time. Cardboard and papercraft. Hidden secrets behind things in the background. Looks nice. Who's going to be in Fire Emblem Warriors? How about Marth from the original Fire Emblem, Chrom from FE: Awakening, and Corrin, Ryoma, and Xander from FE: Fates, on top of the new protagonists! Hyped yet? What does the Switch version of Skyrim have? Zelda gear. Master Sword, Hylian Shield, and Champion's Tunic confirmed. Fighting Alduin with the Master Sword? Awesome! We already knew much about the DLC packs. The new dungeon, Hard Mode, new armors, new pathfinding for the map, new enemy difficulty tier (dear Din, there are Gold Lynels now)... But here's something we didn't know: amiibo for the four Champions! Neat! They had some tournaments at E3 for Splatoon 2 and for ARMS. Great way to hype 'em up. Ever read that fanfiction where the Rabbids invade the Mario universe and team up with Mario and Mario gets a laser gun? Wait, that's not a fanfiction? It's a real thing? DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Wanna play Rocket League on the Switch but are worried there won't be enough players? Fear not! Cross-Platform Play! Use your Switch to play rocket-car-soccer against someone on their Xbox! If Nintendo didn't win E3 with Metroid Prime 4, they sure as heck won with Super Mario Odyssey and it's showstopping jazz number! Hats off to you, Nintendo, for being awesome. And that's not even getting into stuff they didn't show in the showcase, like the Metroid II remake, the Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga port, and a new game called Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido, plus the other new games they already revealed prior like Ever Oasis, Hey! Pikmin, and Miitopia.
  2. Things That Make You Happy

    Less 'happy', more 'immensely relieved'. A while ago, my laptop charger cord stopped working. You had to have it at exactly the right position for it to do anything, else it wouldn't work. So I put my files on a flash drive to use the family's main computer. Then the flash drive died a few days ago, leaving me with the worrying possibility of losing everything. The only hope was that I copied the files from my laptop instead of cut and pasted them. Well, I just got a new laptop charger yesterday, and my stuff's still there. YAY! ...well, I mean I lost things I've done on the flash drive since the move, but at least I still have most of it. Oh, and there's pizza in the fridge. Bonus!
  3. Computer General Discussion and Tech Help

    Yes and yes. That flash drive doesn't exist as far as entire other computers are concerned, and other flash drives work fine. Still nothing.
  4. Computer General Discussion and Tech Help

    So, anyone know what to do when your flash drive refuses to accept power? Because from what the Geek Squad experts can tell, mine isn't getting power when I plug it into a computer, and thus the computer doesn't recognize that I've plugged anything in at all. Is this gonna be a cheap fix, a pricey fix, or am I gonna have to give up on it?
  5. Things that make you worried.

    The possibility of losing all my files. I keep my files on a flash drive. Since my laptop charger stopped working, the only place to actually access the files is on the family's shared computer, and even though I have a separate profile there, I haven't copied my files to the computer (for security or memory purposes I couldn't say; they download a lot of games on the main profile but I'm kinda paranoid about people poking through my files, so...both?). The other day I was using my flash drive. Just typing some story stuff, ya know? Then the computer bluescreens and reboots. I open my profile again, it checks the drive as part of standart boot-up procedures, and it's like "Device may be damaged. Scan and fix? Y/N" or something like that. Standard stuff; I'd seen that prompt for a different flash drive on my laptop, so I know it's okay. I said "sure". I don't want my stuff damaged. It does the scan and says "no problems detected". I go back to what I was doing. Then when I'm done, I close everything, click "eject drive" so it's safe to remove it, wait for it to say it's safe to remove it, and then remove it. Don't wanna corrupt files by being hasty. Cut to today, I plug the flash drive in to get to my résumé and references for a job application. Doesn't recognize that the flash drive is plugged in. The flash drive has an orange light that lights up if it's in use. Didn't turn on. I try my profile, I try the main profile, I even try my brother's computer. Nope. So now I have three options, in increasing order of unacceptable-ness: either ask Google for help, take it to Best Buy or Fry's and hope they can figure it out, or lose everything. I'm <understatement>just a little bit upset</understatement> at the idea. [Edit] Okay, I tried a couple of Google solutions. Checking diskmgmt.msc and devmgmt.msc doesn't turn up anything. Using the command prompt to look for drives doesn't turn up anything. Downloading and using the EaseUS data recovery program didn't turn up anything. As far as the computer is concerned, I didn't plug anything in at all. Other flash drives work fine. I suppose the next step is asking Best Buy for a more informed (and expensive) answer. My résumé, my stories and notes, my Minecraft saves, my backlog of EGS strip slays, other things of varying importance... Not even 8 gigs worth of stuff, but it's my stuff.
  6. Well, we lost the old one of these. Might as well put it back up.
  7. EGS Strip Slaying

    Prophetic much?
  8. What Are You Listening To?

    Did you know that The Rock could sing? No? Well then, you're welcome. (enable captions for lyrics)
  9. What Are You Listening To?

    Downloading some famous movie themes by John Williams and some famous movie themes not by John Williams. Then I noticed this was in my recommendations again, so I decided to listen to it again. It's two tracks from the end of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, titled "Your Father Would Be Proud" and "Hope", cut together. I can't not tear up listening to this. Also, looking around, I found this. You ever hear that one song on TV but can't remember the name? Here's part 1. Hope it helps.
  10. What Are You Ingesting?

    I don't remember ever having grape soda. Either I've never had it, or I just plain don't remember when I did. Tastes alright.
  11. The Weather.

    Everything's fine. The house survived a lot better than it did in last year's storm (only because the flooding got bad enough to leak into the one room that was lower than the rest; it didn't flood nearly that badly this time, and we sandbagged spot anyway). We once again confirmed the leaky spots in the attic, but that's a problem for the slumlo- er, landlord, and the realtors. Heh. I should probably update that tag, shouldn't I? It's just plain inaccurate. Rations taste horrible; why didn't I ask for emergency donuts?
  12. The Weather.

    Heyyy! First time seeing blue sky all week! Almost forgot what it looked like.
  13. The Weather.

    Five day forecast: "Harvey". Seriously, the storm put it in park along the coast, so we're getting rain and clouds for the foreseeable future, and maybe strong winds depending on whether or not the eye gets closer or a tornado picks up. We'll see.
  14. Things you have no idea how to feel about

    So, a couple Fridays ago: after being lazy for like twelve years, I finally got it in gear and took my test to get my learner's permit. I can now legally drive a car with a licensed driver in the passenger seat. After some practice driving on actual roads with actual traffic, I would eventually (haven't done it yet, but eventually) go and take the actual driving test to get the full driver's license. Except the Department of Public Safety just up and mailed me my driver's license. No road test. Didn't even have to go to the DMV. Um... what? How does the DPS know I actually know how to drive, as opposed to just memorizing the driver's handbook? Is this why so many Houston drivers don't know how to signal or to give right-of-way to people who are changing lanes? Because the DPS just up and gives you the license? Is it because I'm 27? I'm old enough and that means I don't actually have to demonstrate proof that I know how to drive? Is that it? We're calling them tomorrow to see what's going on, and until we figure this out, I'm playing it safe and having a licensed driver with me. ...seriously. What?
  15. Things that make you worried.

    A couple Fridays ago I took the test to get my learner's permit (after what, twelve years since I was eligible?), and I passed, and I was legally able to drive so long as I had a licensed driver in the passenger seat. Driving on the nearest highway (actually a farm-to-market road, but it's wide enough to be considered a highway in my mind) is still nerve-wracking.
  16. Eclipse Stuff

    Down here in Houston we didn't get the total eclipse, but I did (hastily) make a pinhole projector and get a glimpse at it when it was near its peak.
  17. What Are You Ingesting?

    So I'm at an outlet mall. One of the stores is a little snack shop that sells stuff like soda and giant pretzels. They sell pizza pretzels. As in, it's made of pizza crust and has pepperoni slices. Yum.
  18. Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

    And just when you think things aren't urgent, waBam! Stiff sore lump on the right testic[wait, is that word on the censor list?]. I smell another medical bill in my near future.
  19. Things That Are Just Annoying

    So me and Mom finally got new box springs for our beds. Free under warranty. And mine breaks less than twelve hours later. All I did was sit down! This is standard use of beds! It should not break during standard use! Maybe Macy's should get their box springs somewhere else. Somewhere that actually uses quality materials and sturdy construction.
  20. Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

    Is there any disease that causes red spots all over? No swelling, so it's not an allergy. No itching, so not chicken pox or similar. No nausea. Just spots. My youngest brother got it last week, and the lack of other symptoms had the doctor baffled. Now I got 'em too. Any ideas?
  21. So the other day I did something incredible. I was using the N-Zap '89 in Turf Wars as usual. Between the decent coverage, the Sprinkler, and the Inkstrikes, usually I get something like 800 to 1100 points of turf with that weapon kit (not counting the victory bonus). ...1700. I don't know how, but somehow I got 1700 points. And I won, too, so with the victory bonus I came out of there with 2700 points. That's gotta be a record, or close to one. (I mean in ranked you get more points from victory bonuses alone, but for Turf Wars? Inconceivable!) In an unrelated match, I saw my first hacker. It was a minor thing--she got going before the match officially began and otherwise played fair--but still, that's a hack.
  22. Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

    So my eyes kinda hurt to look around. Then there's a lump under my skin on the back of my neck at the hairline, and another one in that little divot behind my ear, both on the right side. I did have a headache yesterday. The lumps and eye soreness weren't there at three this morning, but they were when I woke up at about eleven. Anyone know if this combination is hospital-worthy? Should I get it looked at anyway, just in case?
  23. What Are Your Brushes With Fame?

    "Diseased Man Snatches Madonna's Purse! More on page A5." I was on an episode of The Ramblin' Rod Show once...