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  1. Well, we lost the old one of these. Might as well put it back up.
  2. And I've never hoist the mainstay, and I've never swabbed the poopdeck, and I've never veered a'starboard 'cause I've never sailed at all, and I've never walked the gangplank, and I've never owned a parrot, and I've never been to Boston in the fall.
  3. And then I find myself doing surprisingly well with the N-Zap '89, a 1989-coloration Nintendo Zapper repurposed into an ink gun. The N-Zap is a Shooter-type weapon. Shooters generally have medium range and a high rate of fire. Holding the fire button let's you shoot continuously until you run out of ink. The N-Zap covers turf quickly and can kill enemies quickly at close range, but it's less accurate further away, so if you're going for kills, play tactically. The '89's sub is the Sprinkler, which sprinkles ink around it, even when you go do something else. Good for covering turf to build up your special and for serving as bait to lure enemies in (plus the Sprinkler splatters do deal damage, so getting a kill with it is rare but possible). And between the decent ink coverage of the N-Zap and the Sprinkler, you find yourself getting your Inkstrike quite often. >:) I might be a fan of Inkstrikes. Meanwhile, in Hyrule, I took down a Silver Lynel. Lynels have lots of health, good weapons, and very smart A.I. Silver Lynels have the strongest equipment in the game, barring the Hylian Shield and the Bow of Light (and even then, if you get lucky with bonuses...) and more health than the final boss. Having good armor helps, but against a Silver Lynel, it's generally a war of attrition; can you win before you run out of weapons or healing items?
  4. A thread for discussion of video games. The previous thread expired, you see. So, my brother downloaded The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Wii U. And do you wanna know what happened? First of all, you can still cut grass, and you can still break pots. Sold. Second: One of the first powers you get is the Magnesis Rune, which lets you lift metal objects remotely. My brother used it to clear out an enemy camp by smacking them with a metal box a bunch! It was hilarious! Third: When we finally got off the starting area, we saw foxes running around! We can totally ignore the story and go fox hunting if we want! And now, a few things hidden under spoilers. If you want to play the game blind, stay away. ======== Story Spoiler: ======== Boss Spoiler: To summarize: do the water boss last, not because it's frustrating, but because it's awesome. ======== Musical Reference Spoilers:
  5. Granted. However, it introduces another kid-appeal character on par with Jar Jar that ruins the movie in the eyes of die-hard fans, resulting in the biggest Internet s[tweet!]-storm this side of SOPA. I wish the Lactaid brand would distribute lactose-free chocolate milk (which they do make) to stores in the Houston area.
  6. Splatoon this time. If the colorful multiplayer-focused team shooter with collectible hats didn't already give off a Team Fortress 2 vibe, say hello to Sasha. Or rather, the Heavy Splatling. I used to main the Splat Roller, an oversized paint roller that inks turf as you go. Instant kill if you roll over someone, and survivable but considerable damage if you swing the roller to throw a splatter of ink. Short range weapon, obviously. Its secondary weapon or "sub-weapon" is the Suction Bomb, which sticks to any surface and has a large blast radius but a long fuse. Throw it over a wall, stick it behind a corner to surprise a pursuer, or put it next to the little indicator that says someone is jumping back to the action so when they get back it splats them immediately. And it's special weapon (comparable to an ult in Smite or a final smash in Smash Bros.) is the Killer Wail, a sonic laser of death that splats foes but doesn't ink any turf. Great for clearing out narrow pathways and sniper spots. I liked the roller because it has high ink coverage and because I'm not good at shooter games in general, so a melee weapon that leaves an escape route as I walk felt like a good idea. I picked the Splat Roller specifically because the other rollers had either horribly slow ink flings, leaving a huge opening for them, or specials that didn't work well for me. Having a somewhat decent fling and a helpful ranged special worked well for me, especially when I hung back to ink turf while the others took the front lines. Trouble is, me playing the roller meant the only things that didn't out-range me were other rollers (the Inkbrushes, to be specific). Snipers in particular were a pain. Walls are also a weakness to rollers, so anyone on a high perch tended to be out of my reach with me in their crosshairs regardless of what weapon they used. There are tons of good roller users, so it was just me that sucked at it, not the weapon set. I'd be lucky to cover 600 points of turf in one match. After switching to the Heavy Splatling, I'm regularly covering 800 to 1000 points or more per match. Booyah! Splatlings are miniguns with considerable range, and the longer you charge them, the longer they fire before needing to charge again. The Heavy Splatling in particular comes with the Splash Wall as its sub. A temporary curtain of raining ink that blocks enemy shots while letting friendly shots through unimpeded. It buys time to charge a shot or fire a special, let's you approach snipers with less risk, and blocks narrow hallways. It's special is the Inkstrike, which is practically an air strike tornado vortex of ink. Use it to kick snipers off their perch and into your range, fire it deep into their turf so they have to waste time covering it when they respawn... Oh how I love to set one of those off in the last second of the match when they can do absolutely nothing to stop it. I still do the "hang back and cover turf" thing and I'm not the best at aiming, but this kit's working well for me, so I'm gonna stick with it. Plus, it's a minigun. Also the victory animation for when you win with a minigun is you hug the barrel like it's a teddy bear. ^.^
  7. I am two and a half years behind in updating my Powers story. I wish I had your kind of writer's block.
  8. My third half of a sub sandwich and the technicolor blood of my enemies. I'll leave you to guess the context.
  9. I did say my next set would be something else... Waluigi is back! Now the forum is funny again! (are emoticons broken? the demonic duck didn't work) Intentionally bad editing is a staple of my Waluigi slays. I'd be terrified too. Another Waluigi panel. Real funny. Look at all that glorious empty space! Waluigi is both pleased and not pleased! Mostly Waluigi with something that barely even qualifies as an EGS panel? Sounds about right. Mostly EGS with something that barely even qualifies as a Waluigi panel? Sounds about right. Waluigi hates this! The most work I ever did for an intentionally terrible editing job. Waluigi likes this. The most recent Waluigi slay I ever made. I had like four slays that used the "Waluigi's Back" panel and one that used a similar "Waluigi is back from vacation" panel. I settled on this one being the funniest. And now, back to your regularly-scheduled Waluigi. I mean slays.
  10. The most recent Waluigi slay I made.
  11. I seriously had like four slays that had the "Waluigi is Back" panel and had to choose which one to re-upload.
  12. The most work I ever did for the crappiest edit ever.
  13. Another Waluigi panel. Real funny.
  14. Dear God, what has Waluigi done?
  15. Quack
  16. One thing the Waluigi pages have going for them is intentionally bad editing.
  17. Expecting a regular update? TOO BAD! WALUIGI TIME!
  18. Auto-correct has the weirdest suggestions. In the Zelda series, one of the many races is the Gerudo. See how it's spelled? My phone auto-corrected this to "Fetus".
  19. More Zelda: After a lot of mining, trading, raiding the castle, and sidequests, I ended up with a massive horde of gems to sell whenever I want. Probably sitting on twenty-thousand Rupees worth of gems. I bought a set of armor in a northeastern town and then went further north to buy some Ancient Arrows (which are Super Effective against Guardians). So I got to the place... Stopped... Turned around and headed south. I can't buy arrows without Rupees. :P
  20. np

    It's totally Bender. The other two, on the other hand... Any ideas? I know the left one isn't R2-D2; the head isn't domed enough, but other than that, I got nothing.
  21. It still takes a while to cross the map, but that's part of the appeal. Keeps the world big. The horse I eventually did get was the Royal Stallion. I named him Sleipnir. Funny enough: in our group save file, the first horse we registered we named Rolf. Because that's my horse. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go take a picture of a laser spear.