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      Welcome, everyone, to the new 910CMX Community Forums. I'm still working on getting them running, so things may change.  If you're a 910 Comic creator and need your forum recreated, let me know and I'll get on it right away.  I'll do my best to make this new place as fun as the last one!

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Found 143 results

  1. Comic for Wednesday, November 30, 2022 "I am the very model of a crazy individual, I rant, but to myself, of things that are quite trivial, I stew in all my anger 'cause I do not see another way, When I find my nemesis I'm surely gonna make him pay, The very thought of seeing him just makes me want to seethe inside, Earlier we met up, then I made him run away and hide, We'll meet up and I'll ask him if he thinks that he is eating well, He'll say, "Yes, I ate a prize winning chicken named Mirabel.", But when it comes right down to it, the reason for this folderall is, I am the very model of a crazy individual." - Diane "I certify this to be true (maybe not the Mirabel part)." - Noah
  2. Comic for Monday, November 28, 2022 Diane, you make a few valid point, but again, based on scant information, and much speculation. Gather relevant information before passing judgement. "Has Noah talked to know one ...?, Is he living alone ...? Is he even old enough ...?" - Gather. Your. Facts. (Especially because you are a comic strip character, and we want to know, too.) "What the hell, bio-dad" - That is some Olympic level jumping to conclusions. "... Say something before leaving town." - He left word specifically for you. Noah offered to explain. You chose to ignore it. Maybe you should have kept your temper and heard him out. You have been avoiding Adrian Raven for days? Weeks? Then you suddenly make your mind up that you want to talk to him, and he's not available, and you are angry at him? He's beholden to a schedule you just made up in the last half hour in your own mind? Narcissist much? Now you are compounding your errors. Great. This should go well. The guy sitting in front of Diane has no right eye. No indication of even an eye socket in panel one. I find this profoundly disturbing.
  3. Comic for Wednesday, November 23, 2022 Normally? I guess Diane is realizing that her being angry at Noah has more to do with herself than with him. Jerks? Is Adrian Raven the reason for the plural? She should be happy about Lucy. That does not appear to have sunk in. Even her initial reaction to Grace in panel 2 is a little off. At least she's open to Grace. And Grace is handling the situation well. Noah seemed a bit traumatized. I wonder how Lucy is doing.
  4. Comic for Friday, November 18, 2022 So, in panel 2, a fog with bubbles sweeps down the hall, further obscuring the pair so that in panel 3, we see only their silhouette. I have to conclude that the pressure from Lucy's hug caused Diane to pass gas in panel 2, hence her shocked expression, and the need for 'lies, lots and lots of obvious lies'. Fortunately, it dissipated quickly. Lucy seems to hardly have noticed (or she's just being polite). In the final panel, Diane continues to have strange, shark-like dentation. Perhaps this is because of her Immortal shape-shifting grandparent, though we have never seen Adrian Raven with teeth like these. This aspect of Diane has only emerged recently. Lucy is a brave woman to French kiss her. Also, she is glowing. Tedd glows when they're happy, Diane glows when she has a revelation about being behind the curve? At least they are back together. For now. But Diane is still hiding. She's not taking it well.
  5. Comic for Wednesday, November 16, 2022 Momma bear mode activated! But still so messed up. No acknowledgement or awareness of the anxiety that Diane's avoidance was causing (except by Noah), and he did indeed relieve that. Diane in the last panel makes even less sense. She has no idea who Noah is nor what his motives are. She needs to chill a bunch. Meh, whatever happens to them at this point, they have earned it.
  6. Comic for Friday, November 11, 2022 I find it gratifying that the last batch of comics made no sense to Lucy either. About time someone called Diane out on her out-of-character antics. Mel Brooks would be proud of the way she's taking a sledge hammer to the fourth wall. I wonder who their ISP provider is that gets a feed from our universe? Of course, she's part of the crime. What's with this 'I happen to be here after your high speed chase through the halls'. I like her outfit. "There had to have been a better way to put that."... There had to be a lot better way to put much of your last few minutes, Diane. Noah, at least, is handling it well. The part space alien (space apes) is the voice of reason. Lovely. I suppose he has good self control because he has experience with anger management. So he is free, indeed. I am curious about what Lucy is actually upset about, is she seeing this as Diane being interested in a boy, explaining her recent distance? And why is she wandering the halls? At least this seems to be moving toward actual story telling and resolution. Although how is Noah going to reveal, yet keep his promise?
  7. Comic for Wednesday, November 9, 2022 Unfortunately, the lead-in comics to today seem to be canon. So far, I do not like this version of Diane. Noah's not great either. At least they are talking. Noah is surprised about her ears, but he knows she's Noah's daughter. ??? Maybe the chicken flew into this comic, and they won't find her in NP.
  8. Comic for Monday, November 7, 2022 again, sense. this no comic makes Once Diane has been, up until the last few comics, a paragon of cool rationality. Suddenly, she's a emotional basket case hot head with no self control. Noah, similarly, though a bit detached from the normal stream of humanity, has been cool, rational, a voice of reason, fearless, open, and friendly. Avoiding confrontation is not his thing.
  9. Comic for Wednesday, November 2, 2022 This comic ... the time flow does not fit how EGS time works. It's barely been a week; Raven would surely finish out the school year unless something pressing called him away. Other than that, i suspect Noah has already learned from Adrian Raven that Diane is his daughter, and he's following her because he wants to connect, but he's extremely skittish because he's been warned that she may not want to. So, from a plot point of view, Diane will meet him before Raven, hence 'Brother', although Noah is adopted, and not even officially. He could probably give her some good advice about relating to Raven, and some encouraging stories about Raven as a person. I am curious why Raven would leave the school. Perhaps he wanted to give Diane space. It seems odd, as he was working with Grace and Ellen and he was more available to Noah being at his school.
  10. Comic for Friday, October 28, 2022 She needs to just do it. Seems that she knows that.
  11. Comic for Wednesday, Oct 26, 2022

    I can't tell whether Noah is about to make Diane's day better or worse.
  12. Comic for Monday, October 24, 2022 Diane is not good at making up bullshit. Lucy is at her limit, needs some honest information. I guess that's how she'll get 'in'. Seriously, Diane, that's how relationships work; keeping secrets destroys them. Jay could give her pointers on using her persuasion spell.
  13. Comic for Friday, October 21, 2022 This is a very different persona for Diane. She is not as assertive, not as forthcoming with what's on her mind. Seems unhealthy in the long run.
  14. Comic for Wednesday, October 19, 2022 What is this comic? EGS NP++? Is it canon in EGS NP? It's been so long, I don't remember ... (Checking the notes at the bottom, apparently Dan is having memory issues with his comic as well. Bunny Diane was an odd surprise until I clicked the link.) Really, not too much dust on the old comic stream. Many go into hiatus for months or years; some permanently, TBD. Not much to say about the comic, it's a set up recap, maybe highlighting an aspect of Diane, maybe introducing it. She has not really been secretive up to this point, mostly callously shallow and very analytical. She seems to have a fairly healthy level of disregard for convention; one extreme is stifling, the other is just wrong. She has shown on numerous occasions that she cares for others in spite of the callous persona. This 'secrets' thing seems new. Nanase, of all people, should recognize the need. perhaps she's overcompensating. Enough. It's just one recap comic; the purpose will be revealed shortly.
  15. https://www.patreon.com/posts/just-not-sure-60871223 https://www.egscomics.com/sketchbook/2022-001 I like Rhoda's outfit here.
  16. NP Tuesday November 30, 2021

    NP Tuesday November 30, 2021 Amused epiphany: This could work on the Interwebs; more precise than smilies.
  17. NP Thursday November 25, 2021

    NP Thursday November 25, 2021 That does not seem like a phrase Diane would use for Grace appearing upset or depressed. I think of 'What crawled up your butt?' as being directed at someone unnecessarily prickly and antagonistic. Bruce Almighty has a butt monkey, but it crawls out first.
  18. Comic for Wednesday, Aug 25, 2021

    Story here. Not the way I thought Diane would learn how to divide by zero, but there it is. Will this make Diane lose her certainty that Rhoda would run to her the minute she got magic?
  19. Comic for Wednesday, Aug 18, 2021

    Story here. Well, now, looks like Rhoda's normal "Must tell Diane everything" subroutine got bypassed. When she and Catalina discovered their magics, she received both another confidante and someone else's secret to keep.
  20. NP Tuesday July 27, 2021

    https://www.egscomics.com/egsnp/teddgameopinions-035 Does Diane have multiple personalities, or is she a puppeteer in training?
  21. NP Saturday July 24, 2021

    https://www.egscomics.com/egsnp/teddgameopinions-034 There are several video games that, if you just played all the cut-scenes in sequence, would appear to be a decent animated short feature Are we in the realm of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure cartoons?
  22. NP Saturday May 29, 2021

    https://www.egscomics.com/egsnp/teddgameopinions-012 Sarah? Is there something you want to say about spiders?
  23. NP Thursday May 27, 2021

    https://www.egscomics.com/egsnp/teddgameopinions-011 Can you dislike spiders and still like Spiderman? Or, on the other spinnerette, could a hardened super-villain who had previously admired the descendants of Arachne develop a fear of, or an aversion to, our eight-legged escorts following an unpleasant encounter with a friendly neighborhood web slinger? Anyway, I'm certain there is some master debater out there who will insist that loudly doing something similar to the thing to which you object is a great argument strategy. So good plan Ms Brown
  24. https://www.egscomics.com/comic/party-164 Turns out Monday comics was NOT finished during the day The quote is from The Die is Cast, said by Chief O'Brien to Doctor Bashir. I must admit I needed to search for that. And it seems the party is very much for Ashley ... well, ok, the movie IS relevant to the magic which is topic of party, but I'm pretty sure everyone already saw that movie. Multiple times. Probably even Susan. And on Elliot's place, I would be at least little uncomfortable with my bisexual girlfriend bonding over romance with someone else like that. Especially considering she CAN have squirrel romance with Grace. Also, I would hope that Ashley's wizard training will be different, but truth is transformations are likely to be important part of it if Tedd is supposed to help at all ... well, at least not the upsetting ecosystems bit.
  25. https://www.egscomics.com/comic/party-163 Did Grace made her boobs even bigger to distract Diane from Susan's name? Seems it's working. Also, yes, the name Jay being masculine DOES seem suspicious, ESPECIALLY with the clarification mentioning that "Jack" was rejected BECAUSE there was female named Jack in Mass Effect 2 ... Oh, and yes, Grace made the point about how ineffective rumor would the big boobs be ...