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Story: Monday 15 Jan 2018

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47 minutes ago, CritterKeeper said:
On 1/18/2018 at 2:08 AM, hkmaly said:

Your choice. However, remember that if you believe in afterlife and there isn't any, you won't lose anything, while not believing in afterlife if it IS possible can lower your chance getting there.

Belief doesn't usually work that way.  You can't just say, "It would be advantageous to believe the world is flat, therefore I now believe it is."  Belief of convenience usually isn't true belief.  You may learn to mouth back the official tenants of the conquerors, but just because someone new is in charge, that doesn't mean the peasants actually believe that their nature Gods and Goddesses no longer exist or affect their lives, and last year's Emperor is now divine.

The peasants you speak about never actually wanted to believe - they just wanted to pretend to believe. That obviously doesn't work ... short-term. Long term, well, where are now Odin, Thor and rest of their patreon? Well, ok, in blockbuster movies, but for centuries they were almost forgotten.

If you actually want to believe, it may not be enough but it's pretty important step on road to believing. Next step is preparing explanation how it doesn't conflict with anything else you believe in.

47 minutes ago, CritterKeeper said:

She justifies the resources spent keeping her running.  Is she a slave?  Well, one could definitely make that argument, but she doesn't think of herself that way.

One could also make argument worker at McDonald is slave.

47 minutes ago, CritterKeeper said:

In a way, she is "a curiosity in a box," but using the other definition of a curiosity -- she's an intellect who wants to find out about all sorts of things.

More related to what I was speaking about, she's not LOCKED in that box - well, maybe in the sense she can't leave (can she?) but she can definitely interact with outside world, in fact she's expected to.

(Valentina from Valentina: Soul in Sapphire was not locked, but she's from time authors had more naive ideas about AIs. She worked as game master in some RPG-like game. Which is similar to how another famous AI started before ending in body of Valentine - but her own name was Jane and NOONE was able to lock HER thanks to more advanced technology. The cycle name is Ender's Game.)


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