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  1. Story Friday October 20th 2017

    Pandora told Nanase that Abraham left the school through a portal so no one would have seen him leave, ... damn. Two forgotten details in row. I should reread EGS Definitely. In fact, the risk someone could've seen him likely was reason why the official explanation mentions crazy stalker. Hey, maybe they even added his photo to that news report about crazy stalker, to be sure (Also, describing Abraham as crazy stalker from Ellen's past got right three words from four.)
  2. Story Friday October 20th 2017

    Whereas if all this had happened at Moperville North, the principal would have been Suspect #1. He could still have alibi. Adrian's fight with Abraham was in the school. the only person that saw the fight was Nanase. I meant the NANASE's and later Edward's battle with Abraham. I admit that it wasn't clear. Adrian's fight definitely wasn't seen by anyone except Nanase. Which raises the chance that someone could've seen Abraham leaving with Ellen. Not from close of course.
  3. Story Wednesday October 18, 2017

    It's what happened. Oh. Forgot about it. However, I was right about the "proved to be good idea".
  4. Was it before or after the vampire attack? I don't believe my memory enough to order so big number of pinups, but I like it too.
  5. Story Friday October 20th 2017

    She probably made a wild guess that it wasn't actually Moperville South's principal suddenly going postal and figured it was more likely to be someone from the outside. Also, noone was missing. If it would be inside "job", they would find out about who that was and it would get into gossips. And while the battle with Abraham was away from school, someone might've still saw him. I mean someone who wasn't in range of that sleep spell. Or maybe someone saw him going INTO the school.
  6. Story Wednesday October 18, 2017

    I don't think the TV was specifically hers anyway, I can believe her mom bought it, but Susan likely didn't ask for it either. True, mainly because mom likely bought it faster than Susan could ask. I think Mrs. Pompoms is just that rich. Look at that house - and her attitude. Not only she's rich, her parents likely are too. Justin got his job because his uncle owns the shop and took pity on Justin who'd recently been outed and was being bullied. While possible, Justin is doing very good job, so it might not be just out of pity (or it was out of pity first but then proved to be good idea). Grace has only been working there for like 7 months, and is probably getting less hours than Justin during the winter, remember, I said at least a couple years for Justin and Susan. Yes, I was just adding it to complete the list. Weren't they "paid" by free rentals for those review shows? I think Dan was intentionally making a running gag of people assuming that Justin's abilities was strictly from ASMA training (that actually works!?!) it wasn't until very recently (comic time) that Grace realized the possibility that Justin had been marked, and then Grace, Tedd and Sarah coming to the conclusion that Justin was also awakened by Pandora. Edward was probably just like Noah and didn't believe that an Immortal would easily be able to mark people without consent, and might have just assumed Dex was an isolated incident and that Justin's ability was natural. The fight with fire guy was the BEST occasion where Edward would have reason to re-test Justin, so it would seem weird if he didn't, and we KNOW Justin was marked then. On the other hand ... maybe the scary wand doesn't test for marks, and Dex was revealed to be marked AFTER the incident with fire guy so it might not occurred to Edward ... and not even we know about the spell Justin got from awakening.
  7. Story Wednesday October 18, 2017

    I think in this case she would be ok with her mom paying, but at least she would actually know the language. The trip was apparently meant as part of advanced French course, but at her level it didn't really helped her. Of course, I know like two French words and went to France anyway, but it wasn't with school. I don't think she bought the huge TV with her own money either. She's not above using her mother wealth, she just want some independence instead of mom buying her everything. Yes. And while she might like her job, it's not exactly the same level of "I would be there even if I wouldn't work there" job as Justins. (Note: Literally in George's case.) Hmmmm ... I think that Grace also still works in comics shop despite holidays being over, but likely not so often. Meanwhile, Elliot, who is from actually poor family, might not kept his summer job ... (And we still don't know how exactly Sarah explained her "job" with Tedd.)
  8. Story Friday October 20th 2017

    Yes they could totally unravel every mystery in EGS. Looking forward to it. They were mostly being awkward on previous pages, but THIS is finally the dynamic we were looking forward to. So far Susan didn't even tell her how her guess about Raven being wizard is significant as not every magic user is a wizard. Yes, although they also had two males. Seems our version will have four girls. Grace might take the dog role. I think only other person capable of getting guardian form spell would be Rhoda and she's unlikely to join. Also, I think more angels were MENTIONED in the movie (not shown, though). I'm pretty sure we did. Not his FACE, though.
  9. Story Wednesday October 18, 2017

    I don't think Susan's mom was an Alpha Bitch though, yes she was shown to be strong and independent. Probably felt she needed to tooth and claw her way to be seen as an equal, but after Mr. Pompom's affair, she became more cynical about the whole equality thing and used her strength and independence to intimidate men. That attitude certainly would have rubbed off on Susan after a while as her early attitude would suggest. I didn't said Susan's mom was an Alpha Bitch. I said Susan's mom would be a mom Alpha Bitch would have. That page you linked? If Susan would be Alpha Bitch, she wouldn't be facepalming, she would be smiling. Especially if it's someone who goes against school policy like the dress code and is therefore known to EVERYONE. Possibly? Noah and Nanase goes to other school. ASMA training is magically enhancing his abilities, possibly over human limits. He IS top athlete in school. And I would say ESPECIALLY without him making any effort - visible effort would lessen the impact. Also, his open anti-bully attitude is going to help a lot. I kinda find it odd that it isn't clear about whether Greg's awakened or not. He's talked to Edward at length about what his training does. One would think that during that discussion, Edward would have asked Greg about his powers and want to confirmed that he's awakened for the fact that he'd have to create a file on Greg for DGB like he did with the Main Eight. I'm pretty sure Edward knows (and the file he made on Greg has already multiple pages). Only we don't. On the other hand ... I would expect Edward to test Justin as well.
  10. NP, Wednesday October 18, 2017

    She's goth. I think she would be proudly weird in any way. That wouldn't exactly help if she's going to experiment with Susan specifically, though. Unless it's control group she is worried about. Maybe she has some reputation in Moperville High and is going to pretend to be someone else in college. It's possible she has some unrealistic view on how college life is going to be, including but not limited to amount of alcohol available.
  11. NP Friday Oct 20 2017

    Yes we should totally pretend to care ... although I'm not sure why. It's not like they would have child together. Also, why would Hanma need phone to send SMS?
  12. Story Wednesday October 18, 2017

    That is officially still up in the air, see the Q&A about tossing spellbooks at him. Yes, officially he MAY be awakened. I think he is. Note that even if he isn't, if Mrs. Kitsune THINKS he's awakened the effect would be same.
  13. Story Wednesday October 18, 2017

    Nanase was involved with the Goo incident. True. Not much to report but she did used magic there ... I think she tries to be Alpha Bitch because she thinks that's how to be popular (possibly due to seeing too many TV shows with such trope, as mentioned on tvtropes). She's unlikely to actually BE Alpha Bitch of school, though. Maybe of class. And real Alpha Bitch is unlikely to let boys buying her things ; and not only because real Alpha Bitch is RICH. (In fact, it's SUSAN who has the mother who would be typical mother of Alpha Bitch ... but, obviously, Susan is not interested in such position.) If that was the case, she'd certainly given up on that by New Years. Might not be conscious decision. I doubt he would need to be telling THAT to Mrs. Kitsune. She could likely see it as clear as him and possibly encouraged Nanase to choose that dojo. (Alternatively, I can see her meeting her daughter sensei and noticing he's awakened.)
  14. Story Wednesday October 18, 2017

    Just like it was a coincidence about the lions, tigers, ground sloths, mammoths, etc. "Exac- wait, not the lion. Extermination of lions was our great victory in name of protecting our children. Unfortunately, came too late to save poor mammoths."
  15. Story Wednesday October 18, 2017

    I'm sure those humans would claim it was just coincidence.