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  1. Story Monday, December 10, 2018

    Sooo, her senses do that even with normal breast size? ... hmmm ... ok, I admit, her current breast size is not that much smaller than when she was playing with change blindness, and I'm not sure which breast size should be considered her normal ... Also, wasn't aware Sarah takes Pandora's death like this. Ok, explains why Grace changed topic few pages back. I wonder if Dan is aware that instead of replacing "over the counter leap" with "Non-prescription leap" the comics now contains "Non-Prescription Counter Leap" ...
  2. Story Friday December 07, 2018

    Like all the other laws of physics, it's more like a polite suggestion in the Moperverse. Just ask Mr. Bluel or Dr. Physics Professor. Yes, but so far it seems that the more laws of physics is spell breaking, the harder it's considered to be. However, there are hints that he got power to sense magical auras when actually wanting power to recognize gays. Or, possibly, homophobes.
  3. Story Friday December 07, 2018

    ... hamburgers which actually help with hunger might be S-level spell, considering how griffins reacted on fact Nanase's fairy dolls have persistence. Not speaking about that little thing called first law of thermodynamics.
  4. Story Friday December 07, 2018

    Definitely. Pandora herself said that market people are likely to use their spell by accident close after marking. He might have some trouble controlling his powers, although this being El Goonish Shive it wouldn't be so serious. However, in such case, wouldn't he be even MORE likely to try to contact Cheerleadra? If he has any. I mean, if he lives with his family, he may easily have own room, but, like, just room.
  5. NP Friday December 07, 2018

    Well, those are not THAT MUCH ridiculous things ... and Elliot is young and is not aware he can get thousands dollars for posing like this (not speaking about how much he can earn for, say, swimsuit modelling ; also, where else can they find model able to match the size of clothes? Ok, Grace, but she's not into modelling either). While commonly depicted as apple, the Forbidden fruit could just as easily be grape, pomegranate, fig, carob, etrog, citron, pear, mushrooms or some metaphor for something entirely else. Or, like, actual fruit of knowledge, which would be something noone saw since then ; I mean, I don't get sudden burst of knowledge when eating apple, and while some mushrooms may have effects like that, it still seems weak compared to the forbidden fruit ...
  6. Story Friday December 07, 2018

    Sooo ... we saw Susans, Elliots, Sarah's, Pandoras, Dianes, Graces ... did I forgot anyone? Possible. Though I'd imagine it'd be related to what's stated below. Initial test subjects would obviously be Tedd, Grace and Sarah. They already were experimented on AND have background checks done. Not sure if they HAVE any list of people for experiments like this, but it would certainly take some time to allow additional subject AND would require background check. No, that wouldn't help. Neither transform using any device - they are using magic. So, even if he accidentally finds out, it would still require another accident to reveal either that they have tech able to replicate that OR that they might be able to teach him magic. Another option is just that the arc is supposed to address not just Sarah and Sam, but also Luke and Justin, and there will be progress with THAT happening. In fact, there already WAS info about that. ... but, yes, it's named Secret of Sam ...
  7. NP Wednesday Dec 5, 2018

    Yeah but in the case of video games, many developers focus too much on the Video and not enough on the Game, I remember Metal Gear Solid 4 getting a lot of flak for long and numerous cutscenes punctuated by short bursts of gameplay. It's also interesting how many games are using more powerful computers of today to show SIMPLER maps than, say, Doom (original) or Duke Nukem 3D. And I know exactly where this trend leads to: Simplify the map to just one place where you will keep dropping the enemies to, in front of the hero.
  8. Sketchbook Thursday Nov 29, 2018

    Totally not true. See http://kiwihellenist.blogspot.com/2016/01/colours-in-homer-1-bronze-sky.html (This is where we get the adjective 'stentorian'.) Iliad 18.222 likewise refers to Achilleus' ὄπα χάλκεον 'bronze voice'. Next, Iliad 11.241-2 describes the death of Iphidamas as follows: And then there's Iliad 5.704, which refers to the war-god Ares as χάλκεος 'bronze'. It should be pretty transparent that the meaning is figurative in all of these passages. That being the case, it'd be daft to assume that when it gets used of the sky -- and only in the case of the sky -- it suddenly starts being a colour term. He might not mean color. Also, ... well, ok, so they didn't have word for exactly 'blue', but they DID have closer words than bronze.
  9. Story, Wednesday December 5, 2018

    yeah, but it was awkward when Nanase ran into her other exes while on the double date with Tedd and Grace. It was awkward because she was meeting them while on date with Ellen, but she was not DATING Justin. Or the other way around, that he was nice guy working in the shop so Justin introduced him to Nanase. And regarding him and Nanase never meeting on panel, well, how many times did we see Nanase in the comic shop? Twice? Most other character were seen there more often ... she may not visit the shop so often OR she may visit it off-panel, in which case we don't know if Gordon was there. After all, WE keep seeing Justin in shop all the time and we didn't see Gordon yet.
  10. NP Wednesday Dec 5, 2018

    So yes, touching red spot would only make that person change to human, which would make them fall to ground. Then they would need to try again. I'm wondering WHO told Elliot. Maybe Lisa? I mean, she has obvious motivation for making Elliot transform ...
  11. Story, Wednesday December 5, 2018

    Ok I totally though Justin and George are enough, but considering they are also studying school, it really couldn't work ... I don't think he's aware how close they are. Also, I think the comix business is more likely to stay than the video store, so it would be bad strategy for Justin to switch. What exactly would be awkward on it? That was before Elliot ... Nah, Dan only didn't realized "J" and "G" sound similar.
  12. NP Monday, Dec 3, 2018

    Haircuts cost money. Haircuts cost amount of money which can be concerning for high school student. Nanase Craft might be searching for artifacts for money but I don't think she's poor enough to consider haircut cost as problem.
  13. Sketchbook Tuesday Dec 4, 2018

    As if THAT would ever happen in THIS comic! Surprisingly, most transformations in this comic keeps palette ... or transform to palette of other already existing character. Yes. Hmmm ... didn't he tried to describe it somewhere or was it some other author? Maybe he doesn't plan visually ... or actually plans in grayscale ... or plans in colors which don't work in reality. Or maybe they would work in reality but not on computer screen - after all, computer screen can only show very few colors: In fact, I'm pretty sure Ellen's new hair color is outside the limited abilities of common monitors. There is barely any green inside, so ...
  14. Story Monday, December 3, 2018

    She certainly could, though we don't really know if she's remained serious about drawing comics and such, she hasn't really talked about it lately. We also don't know if it would be fun for her or otherwise worth it.
  15. Sketchbook Tuesday Dec 4, 2018

    I would definitely assume he's more of a perfectionist.