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  1. story

    ... ok. I was afraid of scene change. I wasn't expecting that we will see who's hand it is and STILL know just as little ... Do they still REMEMBER what they knew of Jerry's work before reset? Except there seem to be THREE entities. Although they may just pretend that ... or it may be Pandora pretending all three ... or Voltaire pretending all three ... ... but I'm starting to suspect this might after all be someone new. Or at least relatively new, like Sirleck's vampires. It WOULD make sense for vampires to try to attack the summoner ... Susan can't summon anything which won't fit into her trunk. This seems bigger. ( ... and of course there are few more reasons why it's unlikely ...) Especially considering it was likely already several hours ago.
  2. story

    I didn't mean Mrs. Pompoms killed him. I just meant he could have died. There's no evidence Susan has had any contact with him since she told her mom about his cheating, and I'm guessing Susan was around five then. That's lots of time for an accident or illness to carry him off, or for someone else to murder him. That kind of random deaths only happens in real life. Quite the contrary, I would expect she wouldn't let him near her daughter. Note that those good times vere BEFORE the divorce. That's actually good question. Dan, is there any afterlife in EGS? I got the feeling those cousins are considerably younger. And, to speculate even more, maybe those not-bad shows included Friendship is Magic. Or Frozen. Unlikely, but it's true it's not the most unlikely theory presented here. Only few hours till next comics ... hopefully ... and hopefully it wouldn't be scene change ...
  3. np

    I wonder, could Grace fully extend her bushy tail and make it look like r - e - a - l - l - y long hair ? Maaaaybe, but I think it would be simpler for her to just transform to actually have r - e - a - l - l - y long hair.
  4. np

    I guess that is where the Dominion are ahead of us. But as far as I am concerned, they can stay in the Gamma quadrant. That's what those cloaked self-replicating mines are for.
  5. story

    I see what you did there… ... whoa. I'm constantly surprising myself. I didn't use that consciously ... Even if we are right with her being Adrian Raven's descendant, she's ordinary enough. We know Mrs. Pompoms didn't spend too much in jail. On the other hand, we also know Mrs. Pompoms is rich ... maybe she had good lawyer. Do you have photos? On second though, if you do, don't mention it on internet until they are caught.
  6. story

    Any president of North Korea qualify for the "crazy" part, but I doubt about the "mastermind" part. From Batman, what about Riddler? Unless she's got an Immortal friend who vowed to protect Susan and assumes Jerry might be infringing on that vow...that'd be too convoluted and we've already got 5 immortals running around her, add another one and Dan could probably start a spinoff comic. Well, more that half of major cast is still mortal, so ... Hmmmm ... I like the idea of Mr. Pompoms doing nature vs nurture experiment ... although I don't think he wanted Susan to caught him cheating before part 2: without getting Mrs. Pompoms pregnant second time, he doesn't have anyone to compare the child conceived when Susan caught him with. There is also NANASE. Sure, it seems that Susan was affected by that France experience worse, but still, Nanase is part of the vow. If you ARE pirate and lacks both hands, you are unlikely to be good at drawing. Or at anything pirate might have in "job description". On the other hand, you probably wasn't that good to begin with, that's why you ended without both hands ... Practical Susan is very unlikely to have long nails. Granted, she DOES have long hair, but long nails seem even less practical.
  7. np

    So, you're saying yes, it would be lazy? Yes. George has been working out a lot between panel 2 and 3, the boy changed to girl, the color of comics on desk changed, the wall is mirrored and of course Grace changed clothes. All of them, so she was risking. And I think her hairs are wavier but that may be just angle.
  8. story

    How? The one who is grabbing him may stay on astral plane. He doesn't need to scream: he only need to imply he could wake up Susan if the grabber would follow him to material plane. I think she killed that vampire quite thoroughly, but yes it could be his brother ... or friend. I mean not literal brother but someone who considers him his brother. Abner was just lucky. I think we need to call professionals. Charlotte's Angels.
  9. story

    Pandora doesn't have more reasons to grab him than Helena and Demetrius. And Voltaire? Being black is not his style. Maybe Magus? But he doesn't have reason to BE there, much less grabbing immortal. Mrs. Pompoms? She would be likely to have long nails, but she's NOT likely to be able to see astral plane. Not-Tengu got out of jail faster than expected and somehow found Jerry helped defeating him? Ok, that might be even less logical than Mrs. Pompoms. I would ask if his reason for following Nanase and Diane instead of Susan on New Year was because Nanase might've been in danger OR that Nanase might've been on party, but I think the answer is clear. Hmmm ... does he mean that if he finds out the Diane connection he will consider the vow fulfilled or that he will consider it reason enough for pause? And who we have no idea where he is and who might not remember all women he slept with 18 years ago. And Jerry can't even actually ask him. His idea is to stalk him and hope to find something randomly. I don't think it has high chance for success ... on the other hand, it's true that we don't exactly have that many better ideas. Wait: what about spying on him, find where is he hiding his journal and then look into journal? He MIGHT be keeping journal, right? ... ok probably not.
  10. story

    Important to whom? I suspect important according to the local tourism office. The buildings in city with most historical research papers written about them and so on.
  11. story

    Reminds me some tourists who asked me where they are on (city) map. I looked for a while and then pointed ten centimetres from the north edge. They bought too small map, apparently.
  12. I have strong suspicion that the three black belts Greg already had helped shape his awakening more than the specific anime he was watching. IF that even was single anime - I suspect it was multiple different series.
  13. Well, he had just lost a girlfriend so it is not an entire impossibility. I would guess sadness or bitterness would be more likely. I suspect I don't have anything to binge-watch on such opportunity ... I guess I would be more likely to read webcomics. Although I do have X-Men Animated and X-Men Evolution ... hmmmm ...
  14. I had always assumed that to be the case. Well angst plus vision quest, a rather powerful combo in many esoteric traditions. I didn't though it was ANGST-induced. But yes, it's obviously description of awakening. Since Alita is from the future, maybe there's a reason Alita looks like your roommate... Well considering Alita lost memory ...
  15. story

    I meant that the computer navigation is useless outside car. You do have the option of just looking at the maps on a GPSr, you know. You don't have to go to the Get Directions item and tell it where you're going, if you have more faith in your own navigating skills than the computer's. ;-) Exactly. Also, as I said, outside car I do. The computer navigation / Get Directions is usually usable for car, but not when you go by foot. Unless you want to go on roads, which you usually don't.