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  1. Monday, Oct 14, 2019

    I think she didn't - that Sarah noticed because as artist she study anatomy. I think she limited that explanation to the ability to "see" magic, yes. Actually, when she said what she's SPECIFICALLY afraid of, Tedd was somewhat less certain ... Everything we've seen from Diane in the past couple story makes me believe that she would catch on and likely not have any issue with it. Sure, hearing about Elliot being able to turn into a female was a shock, but she wasn't totally put off by it, it just seemed like the Cheerleadra 2.0 form disturbed her but the general thought of Elliot having that spell didn't. So I would expect that if Tedd introduced herself in girl form, Diane would likely jump to the "Tedd's transformed" assumption, but if Elliot or someone else mentioned Tedd being Genderfluid I'm certain Diane would understand. Yeah, between Elliot and her own character development, she's unlikely to have issues with it ... but Tedd doesn't know that. It's mainly that hair and certain body features really but it's possible Diane could see some resemblance in the face, as Sarah did. Sarah only commented when Tedd changed hair to form resembling Nanase ... granted, his current look IS closer to that, while Nanase's different that it used to be ...
  2. Friday, October 11, 2019

    Out of curiosity, do you normally say "in TV" in your area/language? I've only ever heard it phrased "on TV" in American English... Though actually, given what it looks like, "in" does make more sense. Yes, although thinking about it, I've usually heard it phrased "on TV" in English ... I'm not sure how aware of that Dan is, but it clearly isn't enough to stop him from giving characters that ought to be side characters tons of development, to the point where some of them border on being main characters themselves. I'm not saying this expansion of the cast is a good thing, I'm just predicting what seems most likely based on Dan's writing style. Well, he might be aware but unable to stop himself I'd call eight "plenty" (particularly as Dan has a hard enough time juggling the current 8)... ... true, from this angle it would be plenty ... Melissa never looked to be on path to main character to me. Grace's siblings, well, maybe ... we still don't know who's Greg girlfriend don't we?
  3. NP Monday October 14, 2019

    So the most obvious option won. But blacksmith is one of few occupations where you can have buff people not involved in deliberate bodybuilding or fighting. Well, he did mentioned option to have kids in previous page comments ... although that might mean that he will skip the "Susan in bed" and go directly to kids. Regarding comment: the issue with personal space is that real people can differentiate between you being close deliberately or just randomly ... and when you are close because you need to get somewhere and they are in way. Programming all of that would be quite a lot of work and not worth it.
  4. Monday, Oct 14, 2019

    Susan has known Tedd as a girl since Grace's birthday party, where Susan got to experience being a boy. Susan actually has a Tedd fairy doll now. Diane, however, is a stranger to Tedd, so, yes. Susan has known Tedd as someone who changes to girl for fun. I suspect she didn't told her she found what "genderfluid" means. Diane has detective sense. I think she WILL notice when he's boy. Also, Susan might not be explaining that. She doesn't have that much experience with Tedd so it may not occur to her how likely it is she will be girl. ... also, while it's true Tedd and Nanase look similar, their current look is not exactly maximizing the similarity.
  5. Monday, Oct 14, 2019

    http://egscomics.com/comic/party-074 Ok ... STILL no mention of defense. Sigh. And, Grace too late noticed that Tedd is not completely OK with Diane coming ... and looking at reddit comments, the reasoning make sense. I'm not sure Tedd is ok to explain herself to SUSAN, much less Diane. On the other hand, as mentioned in commentary, both choices were not exactly good. The party was already not ideal for private stuff and it will be worse ... but it's not good time for telling Susan no.
  6. Friday, October 11, 2019

    I feel like if there were people crazy enough to stick around to see the whole event, then there would like have been some that would even stay to tell reporters, the news Sarah and other people read should have reflected that. Not necessarily ... and they might not be interviewed if they didn't sound coherent enough or put too much of "hello mum I'm in TV". Yes. Or, well, not, although I would really like to see some of that. There were already multiple cases when Dan used some uncertainties in past stories to build new story from. For example, the doll Nanase left in school turned out to be important as a clue for Charlotte ... but it could've just as easily disappear. So, we won't be sure how much of that incident was filmed and who saw that until it turns out in future story. I still think that Charlotte is informed about it better than Sarah. He's well behind Rhoda and Catalina, but I suspect that Noah will one day be part of the main cast. In fact, between the big deal Dan made of him when he was introduced, and the fact that he was made to be Elliot's friend, I suspect that Dan has always intended him to become a major character if not one of the main group, it just hasn't worked out that way (yet). Yes, this has all signs of "being in plan for long time, didn't expected it will take so long to get to it". This may be big "if". Ellen and Nanase's adventures might be excellent NP material if there weren't lot of even better NP material available. If Dan ever finishes "main story of EGS" (which he probably wouldn't, as there is no single story to finish), he would have easily ten times more material for sidestories. She basically ONLY gets more focus AND chance to get into group WHEN it will be revealed she has magic and what magic it is. So far, the relationships worked that way, and with Luke and Sam having magic it can continue to work ... but on the other hand, the group is harder to manage the bigger it is. Akiko is prime "next generation" material. Her chance to appear in comics is right next to chance to see Nanase and Ellen's child. It would sure be nice but unless the research in immortality gets major progress Dan doesn't have much chance to live so long. Rhea doesn't seem important. Kitty and Felix might get NP story but probably not more. There are already people closer to main cast with similar powers. But even if they all would appear, it's still ... 8. Doesn't seem like "plenty". Germahn Labs crew is older generation. In fact, based on the only canon note about them we have, they might be even older than Verres and other parents. Granted, it's difficult to read the minds of fictional characters, and there is no canonical statement, but pre-change Diane was openly bitchy, and Grace has always been empathetic and friendly to pretty much everyone. Diane has know Rhoda for a while, but not a long while; a few years. There was some friction in their clique, and Rhoda was the only partially included one. Diane was condescending the few times we've seen them interact; Grace doesn't do that. It's not clear how much time Rhoda spent with Diane (and Lucy), but conjecture says, apparently not much outside of school; they didn't comment that she spent less time with them when she started tutoring or got a girlfriend. The length of tutoring sessions is also indeterminate, it could vary by an order of magnitude from around twenty minutes to a a couple of hours. Given the investment in travel time, probably more like at least an hour. We also don't know the frequency, but I'm going to assume a minimum of one a week. That's a solid hour or so of close face time in a non-judgemental setting to develop some sort of rapport. There is some evidence in their few casual encounters that they enjoy these sessions and look forward to seeing each other. I would conjecture that is not merely for the sake of the material being studied. Also, the tutoring has been going on for over one school year, a significant fraction of the time Diane has known Rhoda, and probably beyond the need to continuing tutoring, given Grace and Rhoda's abilities (Rhoda is a talented magic user who has trained herself by experimentation, not a shabby feat). Do I know for sure that Grace is closer to Rhoda than Diane is? No. Do I have reason to believe she is? Yes. Your argumentation sounds solid. However, I would add that WE saw more about the friction in their clique than Grace has (unless Rhoda was talking about it, and I don't think she's such type, based on how she kept her relationship with Catalina separate from Diane ...). So, I would still consider reasonable to assume Grace is underestimating her friendship with Rhoda or overestimating Diane's. Or, she might just want multiple angles.
  7. Friday, October 11, 2019

    He's not that old, but I still think his chance to be counted is same as Edward Verres or Adrian Raven's himself. I was under the impression that the mall had been evacuated I though it's only called evacuation if it's organized, and not when just everyone ran away. Or Susan was more memorable Sarah probably watched just normal news. CHARLOTTE watched the youtube videos done by people who found all recordings of the event and analyzed it frame by frame. Something like when they analyze trailers to new blockbuster movies. (Well, expected-to-be-blockbusters at least.) Or maybe she was CREATING those. We still don't know if Arthur managed to confiscate all security cameras footage. NEXT page shows Pandora discussing with Susan and Adrian. Someone might've noticed that. And some people with camera phones are stupid enough to risk more than professional war reporters. And frankly, I'm not exactly sure that Dan wanted to draw more bystanders than absolutely necessary ... ... although there likely wasn't anyone around for the final discussion.
  8. Friday, October 11, 2019

    I'm not talking about Mr. Verres' "keep everything to you eight and there won't be any problems" (or whatever the exact quote is), I'm talking about how the characters see themselves, and how us readers see them. And I don't think either the group or we need Mr. Verres permission to think of Ashley and Diane as part of the group. I am reader and while I didn't NEED Mr. Verres's permission I just say I wouldn't mind waiting for it. Or for any other moment actually solidifying the group. Frankly, the not-sharing of information about Pandora made the main eight stop feeling as consistent group to me. Actually, I wouldn't say "plenty". Charlotte and Noah, who else? Hmmm ... maybe Liz or Lucy, but that feels even more remote. And both Luke and Sam have issues. Sam doesn't seem to be capable of opening anytime soon and Luke is likely still keeping the existence of other groups he's part of secret from Justin.
  9. Wednesday, October 9, 2019

    He could have been walking by the stairs to the main floor and heard Tedd and Grace talking, and since Grace's voice wasn't Elliot's, he had to go down and investigate. ... or that, yes
  10. Friday, October 11, 2019

    yeah, the stuff that happened at the mall with Susan and Diane wouldn't be known to Charlotte. Yes. She would know about the rumors that Diane killed a big snake monster and if that rumor is based on someone filming it with phone she likely saw that video ... but it's not likely someone filmed the discussion: it didn't looked that interesting. Well, unless you count that Pandora hovered in air. And even if someone DID filmed that, Pandora doesn't look THAT similar to her appearance in TV, so she can't really connect those. THAT coverage someone definitely recorded from TV and put on internet.
  11. Wednesday, October 9, 2019

    His speedy return was because the security guard at the PTTwhatever called him to say his son and Elliot had been caught. And a very hungry Jeremy made him go to the school. There was no indication whatsoever that Edward was alerted to unauthorized entry into the house. I meant that Edward arrived quite fast after GRACE arrived first time. Yes, I have no idea how Greg got away with breaking the door.
  12. Friday, October 11, 2019

    Except, obviously, the stuff about Pandora. About immortals she only know what she saw in TV and on internet ... on the other hand, I'm sure she watched those, Diane might not.
  13. Friday, October 11, 2019

    I think Grace may be closer to Rhoda than Diane is at this point, they probably spend more time together since the tutoring started. It's hard to compare who is closer friend. It's definitely not just about the time spent together. Also, Grace might evaluated who's closer friend differently than Rhoda would. Ellen and Nanase have been circumspect, as far as situations allowed. Non-Tengu did not exactly give them a lot of options. I suppose they might have dumped her prior to meeting the griffins, wait, no, she drove. The fairy doll to talk to the griffins was kind of necessary, and much of the rest if what she's witnessed was not about them. Nanase couldn't even clean up fairy dolls at the school, she was out of it. Oh, Diane already saw the fairy in action before the griffins ... along with FOX. Completely unnecessary. Also note that Ellen is double-FV5 there. They were showing her their magic just to boast. Ashley is mostly approved, pending whatever for Grace's background that she's already revealed. I don't think Diane has come up before to Edward. If he knew she was Adrian's daughter, he'd probably investigate her regardless of relationship to the group. Adrian might be obliged to volunteer that information; he's had contact with Arthur before. Well, we have precedent here: NOAH is not part of the group ... yet. Diane might end up with Noah ... OR Noah might end up being part of the group as well, as result of Adrian talking with Arthur and/or Edward. Their relationship is not good, but Diane's situation might force him to rethink. He's afraid he will have bad influence on Tedd and/or Grace, but if he will get more information about what they are doing, he may either decide it won't be so bad, or that the cat is already out of the bag and he can't make it worse.
  14. Friday, October 11, 2019

    Hmmm ... still nothing about the house security ... I'll mention it on reddit, perhaps Dan will read it there. Can someone tweet about it? Grace has been worried about how Rhoda would react to Grace telling her about herself, telling Ashley of course has been some help alleviating those concerns, but I'm pretty sure that knowing that Diane's already figured out that Shade Tail at New Years was Grace has great potential for being able to tell not only Diane that she's part Alien, but also give her confidence to tell Rhoda. Maybe Grace thinks that Diane knows about Rhoda having magic and has been helping her keep that secret? How would Diane react when Grace mentions that she believes Rhoda and Catalina have magic, has Grace even told Susan that yet? This might be only way to explain Grace's overreacting. I mean, she's aware about Rhoda's relationship with Diane, and might consider Diane important stepping stone. Like, maybe she thinks Diane would know how would Rhoda reacts? Also, they know how much of their own magic they already shown her ... which I'm still not sure if it was good idea. Or at least if Edward would approve. Maybe, but I would wait for Edward confirming it before considering it final ... I mean, it's unlikely Ashley and Diane wouldn't get accepted, but it's still possible that IF there would be upgrade of the group, someone else will be added as well.
  15. Wednesday, October 9, 2019

    Grace entered the house in weak form. As confirmed by Greg, her power goes up when she's transforming. Also, Edward arrived quite fast afterwards, don't you think so? Totally could been alert. And maybe Tedd inviting her in wasn't just formality ... (still wouldn't explain Greg ; seriously, Greg destroying the door seems like plot hole) And how often it changed? Is it just Edward upgrading the defenses to match rise in threat level, or is he regularly changing settings depending on what currently happens and if he's home? Also, someone is going to bring pizza ... but he's not supposed to enter the home. And is Diane unauthorized? Because I can totally see Edward predicting she will get into the circle faster than he would like ... on the other hand, this was faster than I would expect, so ...