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  1. Story Wednesday August 16th, 2017

    Wait. Not "suggest". "Imply" is the word I meant.
  2. NP Friday Aug 18 2017

    I'm not sure what you speak about but the number you are looking for starts as 2.71828182845904523536028747135266249775724709369995...
  3. Story Wednesday August 16th, 2017

    That's a funny way to spell vim Vim was written in Netherlands. Vi was written on University of California, Berkeley. Also, note that I said Emacs was the best PRANK. Not the best editor. In fact, I was trying to suggest that calling Emacs editor was the prank.
  4. Story Friday August 18, 2017

    I'm pretty sure only thing less likely than Pandora turning mortal is time travel. Also, I don't think it would be permanent - in best case, it would give her another two hundred years before she will get to the "no longer safe" level of craziness. Basically, it would still be kind of reset, she just plans to "hack" it to keep the emotional connections. While that's interesting idea, nothing she said suggest she would try something like this.
  5. NP Friday Aug 18 2017

    Grace had similar problem. On internet, doesn't matter how absurd something is, you can never be sure it's not meant seriously. So, sometimes it's safer to answer seriously even if you (or me in this case) suspect it's not serious. (Also, sometimes I answer seriously even if I'm SURE it's not serious because I think it's FUNNIER, but this wasn't such case.) Unlikely. I think she will appear related to Tedd's attempt to bring back hammers. Well after current story arc.
  6. Story Wednesday August 16th, 2017

    First time in hundreds of years, certainly, not the first time in her lifetime though. She was being introspective at 150 years old when she was considering an early reset, but found nothing of those 150 years to be worth passing on to her next life. Meeting Blaike made her realize there was so much she could do. I fully agree that Pandora hasn't properly mourned Blaike's death, I think it'd be hard for anyone to mourn a loss like that. Her being an Immortal might give her more options for how to deal with it, but emotionally, I don't think she's any different than Humans. She's definitely different than Humans - but she's trying hard to NOT be. It's also amazing how easy it is. But it's necessary. Anyone actually empathizing with all the pain in the world would get crazy extremely fast. I would argue that this empathy was STILL caused by Blaike, despite her not really knowing him yet. It's likely she didn't interacted that long with any of her previous victims. Also, her victims were likely reacting predictably, which made them less "people" to Pandora. But note that it's much HARDER to make prank this way. (Also, note some other MIT hacks: RSA, Apollo Guidance Computer, Radar, Lisp, GNU and - the best prank of all - Emacs.)
  7. NP Friday Aug 18 2017

    The whole thing is canon, turns out Immortals can create a pocket dimension that's similar to Sarah's simulation spell, and Hanma's going to take Susan, and the others into it to do the playtesting. When Susan returns, Tensaided will just think she took a 5 minute bathroom break. Dan explicitly said it isn't and that in canon, characters chosen to play would react differently. Even in pocket dimension. The whole Hanma's discussion with Jerry, meanwhile, likely happened or will happen almost same in canon.
  8. Story Friday August 18, 2017

    Given that Pandora explicitly said when the creator of the dewitchery diamond came to Moperville, I set aside my allegiance with Magus I would conclude that not only she did NOT steered Magus to that path to attract Abraham but in fact didn't predicted it will cause Abraham to arrive. It is likely she WANTED him to survive. It was supposed to be punishment, not getting rid of him. IF she would be trying to kill him, she wouldn't bother talking to him afterwards. Actually the last frame looks like she's activating her near-physic mode. "Will be" is the keyword. She probably isn't aware of the attack yet, but she MAY either predict it almost too late or at least deduce Sirleck and Magus are behind it the moment it happened. But her main concern would likely be Voltaire (meaning, the immortal responsible for Tara's attack on Elliot - she doesn't know his name yet. Probably.) There's too much narrative build-up around Lord Tedd for him to be killed off-panel. It just wouldn't make good narrative. Though it is certainly possible that Edward believes Lord Tedd to be dead. Dan introduced Lord Tedd too early, but he IS planed part of story so Dan definitely can't kill him off-panel. Also, I doubt DGB is able to operate in other worlds. I also doubt it would be easy for Pandora. What DGB might be doing is some sort of monitoring of dimensional breaches - Edward might say that Tedd can't be behind it because there were no dimensional breach detected (or all breaches were checked and cared for). (Also, IF DGB would attack Lord Tedd in his home universe, he would probably easily destroy the attack force. Or, maybe general Shade Tail would destroy the attack force and Lord Tedd wouldn't even notice.)
  9. NP Friday Aug 18 2017

    My summary what parts of this is canon from previous topic confirmed.
  10. NP Fri Aug 11, 2017

    Wellll ... he IS able to create wands and he DOES have lot of power ... so maybe?
  11. NP Wednesday August 9, 2017

    It doesn't seem to be necessary step, but both those steps are on her way, so technically ...
  12. Story Monday August 14, 2017

    I'm more thinking it's the "borderline" part which blindsides her. That even without empathy and kindness she would be surprised by it because she was not paying attention. Personally, I find all talk about dying being good and natural as "sour grapes". But maybe I will be looking at it differently when I will be 100 ... or 1000 ... ... or 1000000000 ... or ... ... well, maybe they have that knowledge confirmed by their clairvoyance. Because otherwise it would definitely seem that they can't know until they try.
  13. NP Wednesday August 9, 2017

    proof of concept in the sense of "Can I do an artifact that makes things better (or more fun) and not worse?" Nah ... she's sure hammers are fantastic concept and nothing could go wrong with them, she only needs guidance because she's doing something else.
  14. NP Fri Aug 11, 2017

    And the next page Hanma stated "Something anyone can summon from anywhere might be a bit too much for me. right now." so while she could make an artifact that say allowed Americans to summon hammers, it wouldn't be the same as the original which allowed Susan and Nanase to summon them in France. Note that Hanma MIGHT have better idea about her own power than Jerry Also, the original artifact might've been limited - while the range was big enough, it's possible that there was reason why we only saw few people using it. Hanma isn't powerful enough to create that kind of artifact yet, Jerry was 75 when he made the original hammer statue and empowered it, I dunno how long he would have had the power to do so but I'll guess at anywhere after 50 years could be possible. Dan probably could have been literal in Hanma being 14 years old or maybe she's actually closer to 20 depending on when in the 90's she reset and when the comic takes place. Tedd could have to wait 30-50 years It's quite possible that when Hanma appears in CANON it will be to recreate hammers for Tedd. In such case, we will be likely waiting for it longer than for Lord Tedd appearing again ...
  15. NP Monday August 14, 2017

    Surprisingly, more than one shapeshifter can exist.