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  1. np

    There are plenty of other things being broadcast that may make extra terrestrials want to exterminate us, I'd say more, but the politics thread is locked at the moment. Extra terrestrials would probably not understand our politics anyway. Or they may fail to distinguish between real politics, Galactic Senate on Coruscant, Imperial Court of Padishah Emperors and Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. Viruses basically-certainly would not be able to, being so reliant on the intricacies of cell function and the genome, hence e.g. bacteriophages cannot directly harm eukaryotes. So we're thinking bacteria, fungi, … which would not (initially) be adapted to parasitising the extraterrestrial life, but the extraterrestrial life would not be adapted or immunised against them [the microorganisms] colonising them [the extraterrestrials] and potentially causing harm either. Yes: the more specifically something is adapted, the less dangerous it will likely be - but some bacteria are rather generic. Something generally harmless for us can be deadly for them. Putrefying bacteria comes to mind.
  2. np

    The whole backstory seems convoluted really, and maybe best explained by video: If THIS is the BEST explanation, it's not worth trying to find out WTF. Right. Just about any inorganic material and most simple organic molecules (such as hydrocarbons) can be readily acquired from a lifeless planet, moon, comet, or asteroid. Lifeless, unarmed and with MUCH shallower gravitation well. It's extremely unlikely anything more complicated that the organic molecules from comets would be useful for you. Of course, you may be able to process simple stuff like sugar (with 50% probability actually) or alcohol, but those ARE on comets. Proteins? Fats? No. And sugar will NOT be worth it if you need to get it from gravity well of Earth. Of course, in most sci-fi, aliens are not only able to process each other food, they can actually like the taste (making luxury food possibility); they can also have sex and children with humans. ... ok, that may work. However, you need to be VERY careful about decontamination. Local microbes PROBABLY wouldn't be able to infect you, but ... there will be lot of them. One might be lucky. And the reason to subjugate is probably to boost your ego, because you likely have robotics advanced enough you don't need them as slave workers. There is another option: research. Aliens might be interested in our biosphere because comparing it to their own will help them understand both. ... considering they invaded inhabited planet for that, the goal for that research is likely biological weapon. Actually, maybe they are attacking us just because they want to test their strategy and weapons before attacking that other species which they really hate. Alternatively, as you already mentioned, they may actually hate us. Perhaps something we broadcasted was insulting to them. Like ... Jar Jar?
  3. What makes you think she KNOWS? She may just guessed correctly. The "Because he's Tedd" explanation that Elliot gave to Ellen in http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=673 probably indicates that both Elliot and Ellen are accustomed to the "Tedd likes to wear female forms" idea by this point, though Elliot couldn't understand what cooking had to do with being female precisely because he knew that gender stereotypes such as cooking mean bullcrap when talking about a person who can change between male and female bodies on demand. Hmmmm ... well it was something over one month, so there was likely some interaction between them we didn't see ... and possibly some event which helped Grace guess the initial reaction, because she doesn't seem to pay attention in the apron case.
  4. np

    And the question of HOW can one of them be android in alternate universe is clearly answered: it's not CLOSE alternate universe, it's 100 years in future (the comic is happening in year 20XY, isn't it?) How did they answered the question why the robots are on earth there? Because that "natural resources" doesn't seem so likely to me, it seems we will deplete those far sooner.
  5. YOU try to hit target while flying for first time. It doesn't seem so stressed to me, but if it is, it could easily be caused by inexperience with flying.
  6. VPN. I could search google, but I don't have personal experience with anything and you can search google too, so I don't see the point. There are definitely lot of offered options, although many are paid. (Actually ... I do have experience with openvpn, but just the software, not the service they apparently also offer, and buying own server just to use it definitely wouldn't be cheapest possibility.)
  7. Obliviousness/naivety seems to be a common theme for many toymakers. I think the key words are plausible deniability. Also, I can totally imagine the meeting where everyone realizes the problem but noone is brave enough to say it out loud. (Seriously - not only it would be embarrassing, they can also be sued for sexual harassment.) I think it was extremely good idea and, as mentioned on one of the deleted reviews, every girl should get one. If they are old enough to enjoy it, you would be naive to think they didn't tried already with something else. (Also, the surest way to make them try more? Forbid it.) Relevant comment on a relevant (old) thread. Yeah, very good note.
  8. np

    Depends on how much alternate the reality is. The reality of game IS alternate to the reality where you play it (from). Not close alternate, but still ...
  9. np

    Right. That's why it could be Grace. I wasn't sure about her, as it would make more sense with Susan and Charlotte Edit: Elliot though she's robot.
  10. Oh. Didn't noticed. Thanks. Is youtube-dl blocked as well? EDIT: probably yes. The girl is Filia Ul Copt if not even that can be found from that video.
  11. np

    Going back to the ECO game I mentioned before, it kinda has a Majora's Mask twist in that there's a meteor that will hit the world you're in after 30 real days (game time passes more like minecraft so a game day is 20 minutes or so) So basically the goal of the game is to manage resources while learn new skills and technologies and try progress as far as possible before the end of the world. Some people I've seen play mention trying to build a bunker underground to try to survive the impact, but I dunno if it's actually possible. Bunker? What about technology to divert the meteor or colonize other planets? EDIT: Actually, the wiki for ECO mentions meteor is supposed to be prevented by technology.
  12. Not sure if that's an actual cape, it appears to be part of that person's body. Exactly. But it LOOKS like one ... There is similar girl here (14:08 ... how can you make those links which send you in middle of video?) Ups. Fixed.
  13. np

    Even in non-open world, the urgent quests rarely end up being as urgent as presented. Game designers rarely dare to actually put player on timeout. Although ... maybe it would be nice idea to have a game where the main goal is to defeat the force of Winter and you could spend lot of time farming and developing but after several years of game time you would notice that the winters are colder and colder ... Board games are usually considerably less open than computer games, yes ...
  14. I think I read about some herbivorous monster using this tactic before, but maybe I'm just mixing it with the fact that hippos, herbivorous, are the most dangerous animal in Africa (well, large animal. I suppose malaria is worse).
  15. My own favorite outfit for a standard "flying brick" needs a cape -- and a clunky, clumsily-draped, full-length one at that. It converts into a stretcher by way of poles in the lining and a handle for use in flight. This reminds me another reason why to have a cape ... although I'm not sure it can be described as wearing one.