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  1. story

    He may want to do some additional experiment? Maybe the "what's the point" question is why he's not exactly enthusiastic about it. I think she wanted to talk with him, so yes she intended to reveal herself. PS: Anyone having link to where it was said? I though it was sometime around Susan mentioning she's Tiffany but seems it wasn't. I think it was mentioned once on "lunch" in school and once much later Grace used whole name addressing Tedd. PPS: Found it.
  2. story

    Exactly. And personally I would suspect Tedd is NOT aware. Although ... wait. Tedd doesn't like to think about his mother. Maybe he is repressing some memories but when Pandora mentions it he will remember. Wait again. Tedd is named Tedd Drew Verres ... does it mean "Drew" was Adrian's idea? I don't think EGS is THAT kind of comedy. Not enough people slipping on bananas, for example.
  3. story

    Of course she wouldn't be talking about details. But just mentioning he's her grant-godson implies she has child. The alarm doesn't need to be audible. And she was invisible in all other cases. Yes, obviously, wards detecting magic wouldn't detect her. Doesn't mean those are only wards Edward installed. ESPECIALLY after Voltaire showed up.
  4. story

    Is that really that obvious? Maybe the way Uryuom power (which is technically magic, the analyzer wand is mistaking it for magic for example) works for Uryuom IS in the list of possibilities Earth magic may work for humans after reset. Like, not the possibility most likely to be chosen, but Uryuom might get to where they are only due some reset. What makes you think the other half of world didn't had any reset? Maybe it wasn't always so ok with being public, or maybe it had other reasons for reseting. Of course, that makes both systems being same LESS likely, not more. And I already mentioned: Griffins obviously can use spells and are able to research magic ; they may be magical creatures, but only regarding their flying (and possibly some other aspects of their bodies), not their spells. They can loose that if their magic resets again, but it's unlikely it will AND the last reset was probably even more in past than last reset on "our" half of Earth. Agree. Griffins still being able to use magic - and not even complaining about something working differently - is another argument (first being the magic flowing between halves) for the "core" magic being same and just the interaction with "humans" changing. Our only disagreement is how strictly "humans" should be taken. I think that it would include any other earth-native sapient animal (like, maybe dolphins? Maybe they can awaken just as humans? Angst-induced awakening because whalers killed their parents? Where the legends about merfolks came from on EGS? Is apologizing to dolphin magic users for coral reefs destruction something Edward is now supposed to do, as part of his diplomacy job?) ... and, more importantly, I think that aberrations, former humans, still work by same rules as humans. Oh, and werewolves would too, if Pandora didn't killed them all.
  5. story

    Question is if she deliberately decided to risk Tedd will connect her identities or if she just didn't though about it. I would suspect the later. I mean, it would totally look weird if she would appear as child and talked like this and possibly declared herself his grant-godmother - wait, is she going to tell him about having son? Hmmm ... will Edward's wards alert him of immortal being present in house? ... they probably can't detect immortals when invisible, but maybe when visible?
  6. story

    Uryuom? I know, unlikely, but it IS separate set of rules, meaning there doesn't see to be shortage of rules. Still, I think the rules are not per "species" but per "home". That Griffins don't have different rules than other creatures on their half of Earth (assuming there ARE other creatures - maybe it's inhabited just by Griffins, at least when only counting sentient creatures). Immortals (and ancients) ARE something different, yes. We know magic is out in open on other half AND royalty have strong magic. She definitely doesn't need to hide. Dame Tara has official title! She's not hiding, she's documented. Sigh ... if it's Magus's home, then all theories about him being Elliot's alternate are much less likely. Also, it would suggests he is much closer to home than he believes. Is creating and recycling magic connected to the two halves universes or it's completely separate question? What is the reason magic is flowing between the halves?
  7. story

    Andrea is convinced EVERY universe have two sides and she may have several pages of Greek symbols to prove that. Yes. However, it does NOT imply second half can't be reset. It just doesn't have any reason to AND it would be separate event, not part of this half's magic reset.
  8. story

    And the other griffins will like you better. Which has some potential to be good for your health. Well if that griffin you decide to measure will be Andrea, then definitely.
  9. story

    Looking at Andrea, I would guess she is not in risk of not being able to fly, BUT she can lose her spells. IF she wouldn't be using rules of the second half of universe anyway. It's question if there ARE any other earth species capable of using magic. Or, if they are, if Disco Wizard knows about them. I repeat that it's very likely aberrations still counts as humans for purpose of magic reset. Similarly how Nanase still counts as human even when fairy and/or angel. If they could be targeted separately, then vampire attack at moperville might cause THEIR magic to reset instead of humans one. Would be consistent both with how Disco Wizard talks about it and with the fact that second half of universe is using same magic but different rules. (BTW ... what if there are no humans in second half of universe? Not in the "never existing" sense, but maybe those two halves used to be closer, then humans concentrated on one half and other magic-using species like griffins and dragons on other half ...)
  10. ...and maybe corrupt an innocent Grace I think that that attempt at giving PMS speech was not that much popular. The stories about corrupting innocent Grace meanwhile might spread. Also, with Nanase's popularity, I think lot of people would know she's Nanase's newest attempt at dating. And finally, them solving mysteries made them local celebrities. Most people wouldn't know much details about the cases they solved, and they probably didn't used much magic anyway, but they would be known. Probably not as much as Elliot and Susan the movie reviewers, though.
  11. story

    I don't think there are separate Wills of Magic for squirrels, hedgehogs, owls, cat, snakes ... Uryuoms are from different planet. Griffins are from different half of universe. Meanwhile, aberrations used to be humans. I think that all earth-native species will be affected affected. (Note: biggest question is if this includes fairies ...) I wouldn't be completely sure about that ... their wings are fairly large, if they would be really light, they MIGHT fly on physics alone ... although, yes, unlikely. (Eagles can have 2m wingspan and weight over 6kg ; domestic cats can weight around 5kg if not fat ; tigers weight over 150kg ...) That would be not only unneeded, but counter-effective. We can learn everything needed from measuring live griffin, we can get bone structure from X-rays for example. And with live griffin, we can make some motion capture as well.
  12. Looking closely at your bullet analogy, the main point would be she stopped him safely, while his eventual endpoint might stopped him flat and cooked.
  13. story

    Edward himself said "whatever his goals might be, covering up the truth about this incident isn't among them" - he didn't said he's acting strange, he suspected him of some hidden motivation. Of course, being possessed IS one possible source of hidden motivation, but not ONLY one. That sounds nice except there is high probability the magical reset will affect former humans (therefore, aberrations) as well. And, unlike humans, it may KILL them. (For "why", think about what is Will of magic motivation behind magic reset. It makes no sense to take magic from humans and leave it to monsters - outcome will be clear, where would be the drama? And it WILL mean magic going public, although not the WAY to get magic, unless you count becoming aberrations a way to get magic and that, again, doesn't seem like the point magic which made transformations ridiculously safe would like to be making.)
  14. story

    I'm stll not convinced they're jerks. I'm actually neither, but I think Edward would agree with Jerry on this. (My working hypothesis is that they just didn't noticed 16 years old are no longer considered adults.) It's not that this knowledge would be so dangerous. OR that getting information from immortals would be so easy. Her having summoning affinity is totally sufficient reason to mark her. No need for more. Seems more likely recruiting people (in wide sense) to fight vampires is their usual modus operandi. I don't think they already rediscovered (or remembered) enough to understand DGB chain of command. IMHO only reason Arthur won't do anything is that he is waiting for reset. But unlike his previous behaviour, where he can justify his inaction by need of secrecy, I'm sure if his superiors knew about multiple vampires in Moperville and him not doing anything with it he would be fired. And possibly fired ON as well. (Also, it's not like he's knowing what Sirleck plans ... maybe he WILL do something if he realizes what will happen.) He ASKED. Doesn't mean he assumed. Maybe if she didn't, he was going to suggest some convenient half-truth to tell. Or maybe he would say the same as with Tedd. Also, did you notice Grace did NOT answered the question? I mean, we know she told Ellen, but ADRIAN might still not.
  15. Nanase wasn't really deafened, but the sound waves were such that they threw off her center of balance and caused her to lose consciousness. I though she was ALSO deafened temporarily, but maybe not.