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  1. Story Monday December 2, 2019

    Exactly - and on top of that, Susan likely wasn't using her powers much even when NOT around Tedd, Ellen's only attack didn't looked useful in fight, Grace only started to learn how to use her powers ... ... ok, what I said might be little TOO much, it's true that even less strong abilities would help, but still, at that point it wasn't exactly obvious even to people who hanged around them regularly ... or to the future main eight itself. And, yes, Lord Tedd and General Shade Tail certainly didn't spend SO much time looking at them. Probably the best of their abilities they saw was the battle with Goo itself, and frankly, I don't think the main eight shown much ability there. It's possible the Goo would win if it didn't panicked seeing Grace's antennae.
  2. Story Monday December 2, 2019

    That wouldn't be immediately apparent to anyone who didn't already knew Nanase is going to get guardian form, Ellen dragon power, Elliot superhero spell and Susan is descendant of Pandora. In short, anyone who would have more information than the borderline psychic Pandora herself at that point. Also, I don't think General Shade Tail would count this indirect strengthening even if he WOULD know all of that. Granted, the goo incident probably played role in Tedd eventually developing his gauntlet, which General Shade Tail WOULD count.
  3. Story Monday December 2, 2019

    Possibly because he does not want to kill? The Goo may have thought it had been sent to kill. But perhaps killing other Tedds was never Lord Tedd's intention? Also because he has just ONE General Shade Tail but those Goo nuclei could be mass-produced. It's hard to say because at one point we have a Lord Tedd who's clearly angered by the fact the goo failed it's objective That doesn't mean the objective is to kill Tedd. Perhaps the outcome Lord Tedd wanted was that the Goo will be destroyed BY TEDD and he was disappointed Ellen did it.
  4. Story Monday December 2, 2019

    I didn't say that Nioi created it though, just that it was possible she was using it under orders to search for universes to send the demon nuclei too, and then secretly searched for a universe for Kaoli to "grow up" in. Sure you din't said it, but sounds little like the list for Tedd was just sideefect ... Depends how exactly that "second life" stuff works. If it was just memory transfer, yes, but if it was somehow bidirectional, they may remember to share their life with someone from different universe. That's possible alternative, yes, but personally I would consider more likely Nioi got the universe hopping magic from Tedd. Remember that she used some item to open the gate.
  5. Story Monday December 2, 2019

    Dragon sirens certainly need mentioning, but the context would be Magus-Ellen. ... oh. Which reminds me another obvious-in-hindsight reason why second life universe couldn't be Magus's one. Because Magus is Ellen an Terra is Tedd ... and in second universe, Ellen and Tedd looked closer to their major universe counterparts. I wonder if Tedd is really exceptional mad scientist or every seer would react the same on getting hands on CMD.
  6. Story Monday December 2, 2019

    Which Kaoli? There are at least two: the Kaoli from the second life universe, and the Kaoli created by the dewitchery diamond of Nioi's universe. Now that I think of it, there isn't any real reason for the real Ellen and Kaoli of the second life universe to meet the Ellen of the Mopervese and the Kaoli who Nioi accidentally created. It's the accidental Kaoli who shared the second-life dreams of Ellen whom Ellen was promised to meet. We actually know more about the second life universe than about Lord Tedds. At least in terms of "Ellen would definitely mention this". Specifically, she would DEFINITELY mention dragon sirens.
  7. Story Monday December 2, 2019

    Dan gave us four reference links in his commentary for that page, and it is one of the final comics in Sister 3. And Dan made Ellen say "overdue for a visit". It's only a mere seventeen months later in our time, so I have some hope Kaoli will be the next surprise guest. Connecting her with the door must rely on speculation, but Kaoli is essentially a variation of Nioi, who made her exit through a magical door in Painted Black. Kaoli could logically have the same kind of magic. Wouldn't be first time Dan put something in comics before realizing it would be years before he can continue with that ... Personally, I would hope that we will solve the matter with griffins before returning to Magus. Though if it turned out that Magus' "departure" from his world caused Terra to freak out and decide that becoming male would make her stronger, then Terra could be Lord Tedd. BUT then where did General Shade Tail come from? I'd assume that in Magus' world there was no Project Lycanthrope with created Shade Tail and probably no Damien either so that would be contradictory to Terra=Lord Tedd Yeah, we didn't saw much of Lord Tedd's universe but it seems much more about technology than Magus's one. I think you have it backwards. Lord Tedd created the technology to search universes with the goal of finding weak Tedds. Nioi was either one of people using that technology as Tedd's employee, or was using it when Tedd didn't needed it, and that's how she was able to search for the alternate universe Ellen and Kaoli could share ... AFTER Tedd already send demon nuclei to several universes including our Tedd's one. Kaoli is anticipated to return Kaoli knows something about travel between universes That makes her far more of an "Expert" than any of the Basement Bunch If I had to ask someone to drive me somewhere in America, and my choices were an adult from Paris who just arrived in the USA today and a nine year old American kid who had only ever driven bumper cars... There is enough place in most cars to have one person driving it, one navigating and one paying the trip. Just saying.
  8. Friday, November 29, 2019

    The even worse thing is that they didn't need to do it. According to already-established Star Trek physics, since they're inside the event horizon (defined as the limit beyond which light is too slow to escape), they only need to engage their warp engines at a sufficiently high factor in order to escape, provided that they're not right on top of the singularity already. Since Voyager's top speed (warp 9.975 or whatever) comes out to around ten thousand times lightspeed, as long as they aren't more than a hundred times closer to the singularity than the event horizon, they should be able to escape via warp drive. I wouldn't be so sure how warp engines interacts with singularity ... Enterprise wasn't able to escape black hole even at maximum warp. Warp 9.975 is about how much you warp the space, it's ten thousand times lightspeed just in "normal" cases. <plays March of the Resistance by John Williams> Isn't that one futile?
  9. Friday, November 29, 2019

    So I get that if you compared a map of the universe at two different points in time, any change in position of galaxies between them would be unrelated to the expansion of the universe, only the scale would change; so from that point of view the expansion is not causing the galaxies to move. Mostly. Gravitation-bound objects like galaxies (galaxy clusters?) are expected to "shrunk" - gravitation will force them to keep fixed distances between their parts instead of expand with the scale. (I'm not entirely sure I understand how exactly that works when the speed of metric expansion change ... and I'm not sure physicists do.) Yes. Because "movement" has specific physical properties: kinetic energy, limit at speed of light, inertia ... metric expansion doesn't. There were several points where the speed metric expansion changed ... without any inertia involved. You can also look at it like this: movement is from point A to point B. Metric expansion will get you further away from A, but not a bit closer to B - in fact, it will get you further away from B as well.
  10. Friday, November 29, 2019

    So you're saying there is a difference between objects getting further apart and "moving away from one another"? I was under the impression that any change in distance between two objects could be considered "movement". Yes. The proper term is metric expansion. There is interesting detail that while nothing can move faster than light, there is no such limit on metric expansion, and there are whole galaxies currently "getting away" from us with speed faster than light. In fact, in our universe the concept of "stationary" is meaningless and what object we assign it to is completely arbitrary. You say I'm doing push-ups; I've defined that my back is stationary and I'm bench-pressing the planet. Yes. Assuming, again, that there is no faster-than-light travel OR that it's equivalent to time machine.
  11. Friday, November 29, 2019

    Maybe they used Star Trek: Voyager physics for it. That crap is awesome. I still marvel at how they escaped from a black hole's gravitational field by flying through a crack in the event horizon. Isn't much weirder than how Spock froze a volcano by cold fusion bomb. Not relevant to your point (I think) but I felt like pointing out that with the universe expanding and most objects between the size of an asteroid and a small galaxy orbiting something and either rotating or resting on something that is rotating, unless one of the objects you are examining is your referral point (fixed or otherwise), it's almost certain that both of your objects are moving in some way. Universe expanding would not matter: nothing is actually MOVING due to it - it just gets farther apart. However, you are right that nothing in universe is truly stationary: due to gravity having no cut-off distance, everything in universe is either falling into something, orbiting something or is "resting" on something bigger which does. Now ... about those referral points: If your referral point is orbiting something, you can "easily" prove that it does (with measurement devices precise enough), as orbiting is not inertial movement and you will be able to measure fictitious force caused by it. That's NOT true if you are falling: reference frame of free falling object is inertial. There is no experiment which would allow you to PROVE you are not stationary, although you would have lot of reasons to doubt it unless you have no way to look at stuff around you or you are extremely optimistic (or, possibly, religious). ... that is, no experiment unless you start experimenting with faster-than-light engine. Faster-than-light engine is either also time machine, or has some weird behaviour which allows you to prove you are falling and compute how fast exactly.
  12. Story Monday December 2, 2019

    She doesn't need the seer vision to see something unexpected happened ... but yes I totally expect she will be using the seer vision. It's true that Ashley doesn't look like she's enjoying it but no I don't think it's just visual gag.
  13. NP Monday December 02, 2019

    Exactly. Most events in most video games take place at the speed of plot. How much gameplay time or how many day-night cycles have passed is irrelevant, events happen when all the pieces are in place for them to occur the way they were meant to occur. Personally, I think of it as a somewhat confusing version of the concept of time being relative. If a crisis starts, you leave and do a bunch of other things, then return to find the crisis still in progress, it doesn't mean everyone was waiting for you, it means as far as the people involved in the crisis are concerned little or no time passed while you were away. It's closer to logical clock than just relative time. But yes: in our universe, event can't happen without it's cause preceding it. In game world, multiple causes may need to happen before the events. If one is missing, the event happening anyway would be causality paradox ... something like killing your grandfather before he knew your grandmother (in the biblical way).
  14. Story Monday December 2, 2019

    There's not other logical reason for it to click, the door isn't on hinges so it wouldn't even swing open without crashing to the floor on top of whoever "opens" it. You don't watch enough cartoons. Just because the door isn't on hinges doesn't mean it can't open. It just means that what will be behind them wouldn't be what's behind them ... As Grace said, "It's best not to dwell too much on that sort of thing." ... that's actually good way how to put it. In standard science research, you are able to guess details of what's happening by applying Occam's razors. In case of magic, it's harder, because what's happening might not be what would make most logical sense to happen - or at least, you can't see the logic without knowing some details about magic most people don't know. ... on the other hand, when you research quantum physics, the logic involved is alien enough your "Occam's razor"-based logic might be wrong too. Take EPR paradox for example: It was experientially proven that quantum mechanics violates either locality, realism or freedom of choice ... Occam's razor is really not good enough to suggests which of those would be most likely to not work.
  15. NP Monday December 02, 2019

    Honestly, I think this is a look that Tedd would have. (Looking at the horns ...) Lord Tedd?