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  1. Main Wed April 25 2018

    To use Tedd as an example, he made the wand that had FV5+clothing resize on it, if magic changed that wand would no longer work, it'd be inert, if he then remade the wand with the same spell, it'd be using the new system to work, not the old one, it's unlikely that Tedd would have been able create the wand with the previous system. If someone found old texts that mention spells, the best they could do is be like "oh hey this spell looks kinda like this spell I already know or know someone who knows" there would be similarities, but they'd be using the current system's spells to get an approximate effect and not the old magic. But having the old magic becoming available again shouldn't "fix" any imperfections of another system, someone with the knowledge of both systems would be more likely to "patch" things to make it work. I'm actually saying that yes, if the magic reset happened, Tedd would still be able to create another wand with FV5 + clothing resize on it and it wouldn't work. If you don't agree with that, we must agree on disagree ; the best canon argument for it to work that way is the existence of Kevin, so if it's not enough for you I don't have anything better to convince you with. Compiling everything isn't hard nor obsolete and can be automated. Running windows programs on linux is possible. And with binfmt_misc, you can actually do that without special syntax. However, I wouldn't be surprised if Disco Wizard didn't knew that. That may be better example. Except, not sure about Minecraft, but generally it IS possible to provide multiple versions of API at once. Note that seers are developers here ; normal magic users can't adapt to reset by themselves, they need seers to tell them the new rules apparently. Or, maybe they can get new spells in new system randomly if they are lucky but need seers for anything specific. What's happened is that the situation became SIMPLER, not more complicated. It's not like suddenly older magic systems are being emulated. Instead, they were ACTIVELY BLOCKED from working before. And that's said by Will of Magic itself. So, it's like there is API with overabundance of system calls, and some of them were blocked in previous systems, different set every time. Now, all are available. And most likely, part of the API was always available because it's too basic to hide. Seer abilities, for example, seem to not change - by design. (In addition to the blocks, some variables likely changed as well. However, there are limited ways to configure the default system of magic. The number of ways how to build an API is only limited if you want some limit on minimal size of request. Magic is definitely more limited than Minecraft programmers in how different can the magic systems be.)
  2. Main Wed April 25 2018

    Armour has a tendency to be as heavy as needed to protect its wearer. It has to do with practicality among other things. A thousand years ago mankind possessed few weapons even approaching the penetrative and destructive power of even common armour piercing bullets. A dragon that was all but invulnerable then might be far less so today. I give as an example the demon from season two of Buffy the Vampire Slayer that was so powerful that it took armies to bring it down. Two thousand years ago, that is. Buffy brought it down quite nicely with a common rocket launcher. That assumes humans was the most dangerous threat dragons needed to protect against. Which is unlikely ; I propose the most dangerous threat against dragons were other dragons. Therefore, their scales are likely resistant against claws sharp and hard as metal and against fire. BTW, are you aware that the synthetic fibers current "bulletproof" vests are made from are still not as good as spidersilk? Please give a baseline for the typical dragon in the EGS-verse and give links to your sources. Sigh. We were already talking about this. You know exactly what I mean. NO dragon is shown to be typical in EGS. You can't have "typical" from one and half example. When I talk about typical dragon, I'm talking about literature in general. It's a speculation which I'm JUST making (in that post you quote) - speculation which is indirectly supported, but not proven by EGS - that the buldog dragon is not typical in EGS just like it isn't typical in literature in general. And I did provided one example of type of dragons I'm speaking about in the rest of post you didn't bothered to quote. (PS: There may be multiple candidates for typical dragon in literature, however the buldog dragon is none of them.) However, you appear to prefer the idea that all the people in Magus universe, including Magus whose power we already saw, are unable to deal with threat on level of few buldog dragons without the advantage of being re-summoned every time they are killed. Maybe they should learn from Noah? Do you have something against dragons? Because I don't remember you complaining about any other speculation as much as in case of dragons. No, seers knowledge would not be automagically converted. Seers alive at the time of reset are perfectly aware of both systems. And seers ability to analyze magic and the way Tedd was using it imply they are able to create spells based just on their knowledge, without copying it from anyone. We don't know if this is limited to seers or if any wizard can do that, but that's not important. We know there are two seers missing from the meeting who found out seers second purpose. It's perfectly possible one of them, while researching old texts, tried to make spell based on what he read and ended up with something which was blocked by same blocks which blocked previous magic system. Maybe researching why Kevin doesn't work was the thing which later lead him to discovering seer's second purpose. That's not what I meant. Think of it this way: Magic operates kind of like a computer, and "taken at its most technical" how magic works is the operating system, like Windows. A specific magic system is then a program, let's say a word processor, that runs on the computer. The current system is Microsoft Word, and an older one (which is now forcibly prevented from running) is OpenOffice. The researcher discovers that Microsoft Word uses a particular Windows system call to display text. He tries to do something else (or rather, make something that does something else) with that Windows system call, but what he tries coincidentally happens to be something that OpenOffice did (and Microsoft Word does not), so Windows rejects the call even though it's technically valid. You have bonus points because unlike serious operation systems, Windows are full of undocumented kludges and workarounds (mostly to keep old programs running despite actually being buggy) so it's perfectly possible something will not work because of hitting some backward compatibility hack despite the fact it SHOULD work according to documentation. It also reminds me how I was coding program - completely from scratch - and suddenly got error message saying "OS/2 is not supported" from VMWare. Apparently, I randomly did something which OS/2 was doing and it either was too hard to support properly or VMWare authors didn't liked OS/2. (Ah, yes ... found the notes from 2001 about that. 16bit stack segment.) However, it's not that magic operates that much as a computer. It's just that computer is one of the few systems capable of running algorithms we have experience with.
  3. NP Wednesday April 25, 2018

    She already was a mouse, ironically enough, so to be a mouse by choice would be unlikely. But it was Ashley who put it on her. Catalina is and was unlikely to use mice forms on anyone.
  4. Main Wed April 25 2018

    Yes. Yes, the bulldog dragon will be too close to evade effectively. Also, as I keep repeating, the bulldog dragon is not exactly typical dragon and I expect the dragons on Magus world will be closer to the one behind Pandora ... or like Dragon Nobilis from discworld. That might also be what happened. Although I'm not sure if it's actually that much different from my hypothesis.
  5. NP Wednesday April 25, 2018

    Not at the moment, at least. Although Catalina is unlikely to use mice forms ... No. Dan just said he's trying to keep the number down. Less than 100 he said.
  6. Main Wed April 25 2018

    For all we know, Dragons might have the ability to enter the immaterial plane and that was where the scene took place. They might still be around, only extremely leery of showing themselves due to the possibility of an encounter with a rocket launcher or a Gatling anti-aircraft gun... Hmmm, also possible. Or, Dragons might have ability to travel between universes and simply left. Or maybe they all moved to the other half of Earth - actually, that's the most likely explanation. The ones who agreed to follow rules found asylum on other half of Earth and the ones who didn't were killed. I just explained dragons are unlikely to fear gatling gun. But yes, any dragon entering physical plane would be likely tracked by radar and after not responding on radio (well ... assuming they can't respond) fighters will be send to intercept them and shot them down with air-to-air missiles. Unless they would fly close to terrain, but in such case they would be even more likely to noticed by people. (In fact, it IS possible that one or several incidents of dragons being shoot down by military happened in EGS main universe and DGB kept them secret.)
  7. Main Wed April 25 2018

    We know that Dragons once existed in the main universe, one is seen flying by Pandora when she was 150 years old, so the question is, what happened to them if the new magic system was being kept secret? Noriko's ancestors, maybe. We know Dragons existed in main universe, but Magus world might have more of them or they are stronger/more powerful, so it wasn't possible to make them extinct secretly.
  8. Story Monday 4-23-2018

    I though Andrea is too busy doing research. I though the reason why it's rude to refer to intelligent life forms as "things" is because they are supposed to have soul. If you believe in that. Or, in terms you are used to, Ren, Ba, Ka, Sheut and Ib (, , , can't find the remaining two). If it's not soul, they at least have some emergent property not present in any parts they consist of.
  9. Main Wed April 25 2018

    Kind of like a CEO who majored in marketing. To be fair, that CEO is probably capable of vast adaptability on topic of what to have for lunch or where to go for vacation. I'm also sure he is able to fill the bathtub correctly even without explicit instructions. He just doesn't show that as part of his job. Re-read the description of what was will of magic doing. To quote: Keep certain forms of magic from being possible.Those "systems of magic" WERE consisting of some kinds of magic being blocked. Most likely, dragons in magus universe fly high and fast and are armored and possibly have magic defense. Anti-aircraft artillery already misses very often, with first world war airplanes - which were still using lot of linen in construction - routinely evading it. The battlemages likely have homing fireballs or something at least as effective as guided missiles. Of course, guided missiles need much more than just gunpowder - those needs computers and radar and/or infra. Conclusion: Magus universe can easily have guns, but not missiles. Yes.
  10. Story Monday 4-23-2018

    Technically she kicked the soccer ball at the griffin, but yes. Also, griffins are not things.
  11. Main Wed April 25 2018

    Yes and no. Yes, she could deduce a lot of it on her own. But not all of it, and some of it -- specifically that all sorts of magical devices are coming to life, old and new -- may well be important for her to know in maybe only minutes from now. The distinction might not seem to matter but to Magus at least it could be an indication that big trouble is on its way. I don't think it will be useful to Magus either. Like, maybe later, when they would have time to ask for some details or maybe talk about it with Edward and/or Adrian ... but in current situation the "Leaving time is now" is the part Ashley needs to pay attention to. Worse. It may actually go by fixed program with no adaptability, much less ability to learn. The kind of programming which would make golem continue to add water to bathtub even if it's already overflowing.
  12. Main Wed April 25 2018

    Technically, yes, but I don't think Dan would use this excuse. ... to us. Not that useful to Ashley, especially in her current situation. The previous systems are not completely independent and wandmaker is type of wizard who can use spell by imprinting them to wands. Apparently it IS possible for current wandmaker to put non-working spell into wand in way the wand starts working when the spell starts working. Also, it's possible Kevin is using mix of previous system magic and new system magic. Yes. Again, ability to view auras may not be limited to system, but auras from older system would be unrecognizable. Old magic artifact still giving auras could actually help attract thieves to the facility, although it's possible they only started giving auras after reset. (Magus's comment can be taken either way, it's not like he saw the place before) Well Ashley DID thrown Kevin on him ... but yes, I think her action wasn't as threatening as the magpie's, and also it's possible the golem would give more chances to human than to artifact obviously too stupid to negotiate with.
  13. Main Wed April 25 2018

    However, the ones from current system are unlikely to cause troubles. As shown on the magpie, which definitely was not causing any trouble to the golem, being easily crunchable. And if the magpie wouldn't be so stupid, it would already notice LAST PAGE that the golem is too big to fit inside her AND too heavy to carry. As I noted on last page comments. Apparently. The creator likely had no idea that they are blocked by Will of Magic ... ... ... ... vast wisdom. Right. Not sure why Jarvis, but note that it was the golem which weight was commented on. EDIT: Wait, did Dan said hundreds? It's not thousands? YAY new info!
  14. Story Monday 4-23-2018

    And cats looks cute and elegant and beautiful ... even the big ones which can and will eat you. And bright color in nature usually indicate poison.
  15. Story Monday 4-23-2018

    Ashley threw Kevin at the golem while yelling "Get away from her!". Voltaire thought it was stupid for Ashley to try to save Elliot, but Ashley did save Elliot and she might have just saved Ellen because the golem was distracted long enough for Magpie to go to work. I meant that what the MAGPIE did was stupid. Ashley, well ... I think she's very lucky with her throwing things distraction skills. Although personally I don't think the golem wanted to hurt Ellen.