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  1. Story Friday June 22, 2018

    There was a joke in NATO during the Cold War that villages in West Germany were generally one kiloton apart. Are you sure it was joke? Also, it was In Germany, the towns are only two kilotons apart. However, nuclear weapon won't completely obliterate everything up to specific distance, while dominoes and houses from card one meter further away would keep standing. The damage level is changing continuously. The damage level for "most people survive" is different from "no survivors". There can be building still standing with surviving policeman and clerks inside the city which was hit, even if there were causalities in next town.
  2. Story Friday June 22, 2018

    For real answer, probably - cities can be big and nuclear devices small. Both Hiroshima and Nagasaki are still inhabited, with estimated populations 1,196,274 (Hiroshima, 2016) and 425,723 (Nagasaki, 2017). For funny answer, doesn't matter - the major can collect the fine even if whole city is glass crater if he was on vacation in Caribbean when that happened and therefore survived. Obviously, neither will bother you if you detonate the device manually.
  3. Story Friday June 22, 2018

    Why specifically giraffe? Was that the same giraffe which was forbidden to be tied to a telephone pole in Atlanta ?
  4. Story Friday June 22, 2018

    They DO however have weird titles which apparently are weird even for owners. Unlikely. Tedd doesn't need spellbook because he CAN'T get spell of his own - any spell he gets will be learned, so he already knows how it works. Yes, the Ellen Demon NP story was always big argument. First against magic reset, now this ... Yes, definitely. Also Nanase, but we will likely see THAT in flashback later, when they will be discussing what happened. Also Justin but he still didn't get one ... and Rhoda but that probably wouldn't be shown at all.
  5. Story Friday June 22, 2018

    WoM perceives the world through magic, meaning that it knows about every use of magic. If anyone has a spell for rapidly scanning a book to skip needing to read it, which seems pretty likely to me, then wouldn't WoM know the contents of every book that spell has ever been used to scan? If THAT is what "perceiving the world through magic" means, then Sarah is feeding WoM lot of books.
  6. NP Friday 22 June 2018

    Your rival in Pokemon games might fail at villainy but he's still more competent than Jessie and James in the anime. Seriously, they've spend how much time and resources to steal single Pikachu?
  7. Story Friday June 22, 2018

    Unless the Temporary part is not available. To use Dragon abilities, it may be necessary to become a Dragon. Permanently. She already changed from more dragon to less dragon once. Yeah, in her case, combining those spells would really simplify them a lot. However, why it happened now? It seems likely the change is related to her becoming part dragon, the magic not-reset or both, because something randomly happening at same time would be bad storytelling. CAN WoM actually skim over something? If yes, it was more likely based on written laws or something than on how people talked. Wait, I have another idea: her spellbook is now written in Dragon. She will look inside and praise how it's much easier to read now, then Elliot looks and would by like "What? Is that chinese? You can read chinese?" (Which reminds me: Is Nanase's book written in english, japanese or french? Why?)
  8. Story, Wednesday, Jun 20, 2018

    More like inverse and/or the reason Poe's Law works.
  9. Story Friday June 22, 2018

    What do you think are the chances that it oversimplified? "New spell: Dragon energy" Ellen: "What does that mean?" I looked at what exactly Tedd said, and she JUST said "Spellbooks are so difficult for us to understand". I really don't see how Will of Magic could get WHAT it needs to change. Unless, of course, it got some OTHER help. Like, how long did she talked to Van? Could Van explain it how to make simple spellbooks?
  10. Story Friday June 22, 2018

    Regarding Ellen having spell associated with being trans if she would be ... yeah. Seems very obvious in hindsight. Although Magus might not know how magic work in this world ... The explanations MIGHT've been intentionally more verbose ... or more complicated due to limitations ... but regarding the "Tedd mentioned they were hard to understand", it's not like telling it to Will of Magic would give it ABILITY to explain it better, would it? This count as Friday cliffhanger, right? Did Elliot's book also lost weight? I mean, maybe the weight loss is actually related to dragon, not to magic not-a-reset ...
  11. Story Monday June 18, 2018

    Someone should tell them that cathedrals are supposed to be BUILD, not sang.
  12. Story Monday June 18, 2018

    That's not pile, that has recognizable shape
  13. Story Monday June 18, 2018

    Not a pile of rocks in Egypt? It's called pyramid. Seriously, Winchester Cathedral is barely thousand years old.
  14. Story, Wednesday, Jun 20, 2018

    The party hadn't started yet because the others hadn't arrived, by he was at Tedd's on Grace's birthday and had been observing her emotions just prior to attempting to get her to zap Elliot. After failing to do so (Ellen zapped Tedd instead) Helena and Demetrius "chased" him off. If Magus had felt he could come back and observe more (obviously he didn't), he would have heard Ellen talking about here second life experience with Nanase and how she felt about being who she is. Yes, he was there and was chased off. And if you look at the strip I posted, Helena and Demetrius stayed at the party and made sure he did NOT return, which means he did NOT heard Ellen talking about her second life experience or how she felt about being who she is. Seriously, this is one of few cases where we are SURE he was not observing. Not that Ellen would know about that, as I mentioned. Grace told Sarah that a male turned female would have to remain female for several days before pregnancy was possible. Didn't say anything about female turned male though, but I would think that if both had to remain in those forms for several days Grace would have said "both of you would need to stay in your forms for several days before you can start worrying about pregnancy." My guess is either females turned male are ready to go, or they don't take nearly as long to get ready. She SAID several days, however there were speculations here on forum that it's related to the fact males are transformed to females in the phase of uterine cycle just after menstruation and that similarly, females turned males will need as long as sperm develops to be able to get someone pregnant. I'm not sure if anyone known how long that is. ... probably not, given google search claiming sperm takes 2.5-3 months to mature. Anyway, the point is we can't be sure, although I agree that unless Grace wasn't sure herself, it should be less than for males turned females. Many people focus on extremists BECAUSE they are the loudest ones, yes. You call THAT cynical? I think that assuming there are people so stupid they can honestly believe in the cause and STILL sabotage it worse than deliberate trolls is much more cynical. Not so much that men are better, just that the male body is better suited for it, as Magus has said, Terra has beat him in sparring many times and she's female, so she's clearly stronger than Magus despite Magus being in a male body, BUT Magus felt that Terra could be even more stronger if she was to take a male body as well. Yes, however my point was that it was not magic itself male bodies are better for, but fight, including fight with magic. Although Magus was specifically talking about upper body strength ... Or like taking the KKK as an example of the beliefs of Christianity. As if KKK would be only group claiming to be Christian and directly violating basic Christian values (and 10 commandments, although as I understand those are not supposed to be core of Christianity now). Probably. Would need to be tested. Genomic imprinting is not completely understood, there might be some unknown mechanism (part of or similar to genomic imprinting) which would sabotage such reproduction. After all, Uryuom egg needs enough DNA from at least two sources and we don't know if this safety feature is part of Uryuom egg or works independently as well. Also note that while apparently still called parthenogenesis, it would be recombination of genes from two different reproductive cells with different subset of parent DNA, so the result wouldn't be clone. Statistically, from the gene variety point of view, it would be even WORSE.
  15. Story, Wednesday, Jun 20, 2018

    Highly likely, but I'm having some trouble seeing that as the goal of all of us, or even the majority. Which the genius in the linked piece blithely assumed. Normally, I would try to defend him with arguments like "If someone gets all news from internet, he might never knowingly meet non-radical feminist", but considering that genius failed to read the article he's citing, I suppose nothing short of brass knuckles with phrase "My girlfriend is a feminist" hitting him directly into forehead would help him to realize his mistake. Not female-only. Parthenogenetic only. That is, involving only one individual which self-fertilises. The abovementioned genius claimed that this was the end goal of all feminists. That would not even include all of those who want female-only reproduction. I STILL wouldn't be surprised if some radical feminist already wrote hundred of articles proposing that. There ARE at least articles like this ...