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  1. I don't think he physically lost the eye - more likely, it's just no longer working. We actually don't know that, despite the image suggesting that. However, powerhouse implies she has lot of various spells, we also know she's wizard. Nanase can fly, it seems likely Noriko can as well. Also, that image shows her LEVITATING the swords. (Would be funny if she was flying on broomstick, but I think in EGS (unlike Gramaraye) there are no reasons why would someone need broomstick to fly.) She HAD that spell, based on timeline. Might not be bright enough, or she didn't wanted to risk it. Or Dan didn't know she had it yet In any case, I don't think it's retcon-worthy problem.
  2. Those are scenarios for NORMAL battles. Not-tengu can fly. The battle might happened in air, with Not-tengu falling but later not found on ground. Or Noriko might've hit him with something which threw him INTO building or maybe into forest, breaking several trees with him.
  3. Tedd is only able to create wand with spells he knows. What spell Tedd knows can be used for effective defense? I would say likely none. He didn't even seem to actually study Cheerleadra, we know for certain he didn't study guardian form ... I think that what will Tedd put on the wand is not important, that Pandora only wants to show him some difference between proper wand and watches. If Pandora vowed to not interact with Noriko, she may not be ABLE to talk with her even if it would be to apologize ... and I don't think she would want to apologize to her. Either that or he ran away because he couldn't get a hit in edgewise. His plan for using Nanase as a means to revenge might have been in the hope of destabilizing Noriko so she wouldn't be able to focus the next time they fought. I don't really know why, but I assumed Noriko disabled him (took him down sounds pretty final) but he escaped later or possibly when he was transferred to cell. Although the way he described it it sounds more likely he escaped directly from battle with Noriko, and wounded.
  4. Hmmm ... I'm not sure how exactly would overly playful and affectionate cats behave, but considering the party was considered a massive success, I guess it was similarly to how would it work if I (or pre-Grace Tedd) designed the spell. Either that or someone brought catnip on the party.
  5. Yes. I didn't meant it as complete list but I failed to indicate it.
  6. I wouldn't be so sure she meant it literally. Nioi knows him well and thinks this is not the case ... of course, she may be naive. Prometheus was Titan, not mortal. And Adam ended much better than Lilith, his first wife. But otherwise yes., the concept of gods fearing humans will surpass them is very old.
  7. Maybe Voltaire is meant to be manifestation of Order? (He doesn't necessary be GOOD in it. Pandora is nowhere near as chaotic as she claims.)
  8. Sigh ... you still didn't get it? Are you Christian? Then it must be Christian God, obviously. Are you Jew? The it must be יהוה, obviously. Are you Muslim? Then it must be Allah, obviously. Are you Hinduist? Then ... ok, actually I'm not sure about this one. Are you atheist? Will of Magic and her flair for the dramatic, obviously. Are you agnostics? We will never know. DAN WILL NEVER SAY ANYTHING CLOSER OUT OF FEAR OF ANGERING PART OF READERS. PS: Of course, in your case it will be Horus. Unless it's obviously Ra.
  9. Considering she normally CANT copy abilities it must differ at least little.
  10. I would hope we will see what's the idea with the wand but yes it does feel like there will be scene change. Not yet. I don't think he can copy Grace's ability to talk with animals and noone else does. Funny her son doesn't take it that way. I suppose you mean "Challenge rating 5?!" as that's hard to forget. But there were more cases for sure.
  11. That's not how it could work. But I agree that it seemed like she's copying her normal form at start ... except the guardian form don't really change how you look, it only raises brightness and that may already count as ability.
  12. No, aberrations don't count as people and everyone wants them dead.
  13. Forgot about that. Seconding that.
  14. On hindsight, making Copy and Scan work differently is easiest way to close the infinity repeat loophole. And with magic trolling Ellen with white hair, it's completely possible this is the in-story reason why it doesn't work as well, despite the similarities of those two spells. Would be interesting if Tedd can look at those two spells and make Scan which doesn't have this limit. I mean, Tedd is supposed to be able to modify spells, it would be very hard to explain why he can't do this ... BTW, WHY did Dan spend time drawing the wings in new style just for this expla - wait. We will see more guardian form Nanase in main story soon, right? Also, WHO in story will be hiding who they are under transformation? Rhoda again?