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  1. Story Friday, January 17, 2020

    Yeah, Ashley's certainly going through the same "it's cool and fun, but also weird and scary" phase that Sarah went through, Ashley will get used to it and soon her and Sarah will be designing forms together. I think that difference is Ashley don't see it scary but embarrassing. The other three part are same, though. Ashley was worried about what others would think about her enjoying stuff like that too initially, until she found out the others have similar interests. She might still be worried thinks she enjoy are too weird even for them. Hopefully not for long Hmmmmm ....
  2. NP, Friday Jan 17th 2020

    I have not read Namesake (yet), it looks interesting. It definitely is and I recommend it. Despite relatively low number of transformations (and none being from boy to girl)
  3. Story Friday, January 17, 2020

    She's been kinda flip flopping on how she feels about what she's experienced so far, and while she did fantasize about being shrunk out of her clothes, we've seen how there's definitely a difference between fantasy and actually experiencing it, You call this flip-flopping? THIS is flip-flopping ... ... although thinking about it, we BOTH are probably right. I mean she would feel both. That's so fantastic about accidents. Noone can call you weird if it was obviously accident ... unless you enjoyed it too obviously at least.
  4. Story Friday, January 17, 2020

    There also might be some water in ocean. Nope, either it's because in her panic, she forgot to think of what size to make Elliot, or it's something unrelated. Maybe wand ran out of juice after 3 uses (but then ambient energy should have augmented it), or maybe the shrink spell of the wand isn't stackable with Elliot's transformation for some reason, like enchantments from different sources (TFG, Wand, self, etc) don't mix. Maybe it's a new magic "not change" thing that Tedd didn't expect because previously, stuff like that had worked. Not sure but I hope Tedd will see something, because I'm sure it's surprise for him as well. OK, I can see that, but where did the doorknob come from? I can't see DGB just giving up a magical item with out having some idea where it was supposed to do. And I really don't see Edward as the type that would put an unknown magical item in his son's lab/play room. Plus Ashley got two forms, one being the hair color change and the 2nd being the shrink effect. Just saying. It's definitely interesting idea despite not entirely working (also we didn't heard the knob). Alternative idea: the knob prevents one spell working twice - oh wait, shrinking and growing is still single spell, ok, nevermind. That would make sense but I think he would be aware of that. Also, it's not like it would really help. On the other hand, just being suprised MIGHT make him resist instinctively ... it would just not explain the repeated attempts failing as well. I think at this point, probably not, but I imagine a lot of those incidences were while Sarah and Elliot were still dating, and Sarah might be worried people would get the wrong idea or something. Though again, at this point, Sarah isn't aware that Nanase and Susan already knows, and I dunno if Nanase would ever tell Ellen (and if so, would Ellen tell Elliot?) but I honestly don't think Ellen would care aside from maybe cursing the fact that she missed it, and Justin likely wouldn't care either unless he gets wondering if any of them were guys at the time. I think that Sarah would like to keep it secret so others wouldn't get bad idea and doesn't realize noone would be likely to care. In fact, I suspect that even when Elliot and Sarah were still dating Elliot would just accept the explanation that it was accident. Anxious? I think that Ashley would like that.
  5. Story Wednesday, Jan 15, 2020

    I think that the secret identities are specifically made to keep the form. Cheerleadra form CAN be changed, however - original looked too much like Ellen and didn't had shorts.
  6. NP, Friday Jan 17th 2020

    It's not like that hammer would be supereffective is it? I think it's not so unbelievable overlook, if they didn't expected the monk will be willing to fight. He did definitely keep the chapel, although I don't think it remained consecrated. Remember that Dracula lived in CASTLE and chapel was usual part of castles at that time, not speaking about the fact that he used to be devoted christian before that unfortunate event with his wife. That raises the question of what her precious bodily fluids are based on. It's a SPELL, it doesn't need to make sense chemically. Her - or his - own bodily fluids are exception. He still has blood. ... although maybe it MAY make sense chemically. After all, blood is quite saturated ...
  7. NP, Wednesday January 15, 2020

    Actually, she's on this quest because Arthur insisted she get on with adventuring, and because this is apparently part of the main quest and she wants to get the story over with. (The way for her to loose the evil status would have been to donate to a church, not help with a ritual.) Oh. Like, considering she recruited another hero here, this being part of main quest makes sense, but I overlooked that's her motivation. Still, might not be that much altruistic motive ... Because blindly giving money to a religious institution is far more good than actually doing work for the institution Possibly depends on how much money. Or if you expect reward for that quest.
  8. Story Wednesday, Jan 15, 2020

    I also think so. I think that's what Dan was referring to when he said he could do a months worth of comics just reacting to Elliot's transformation, the commentary implies that Susan's reaction would have involved more visuals. Not quite. This is what he meant when he talked about visuals, probably, but he might be able to fill multiple pages with just thoughts probably. Probably next comic we'll see Ashley's reaction. ... right, Dan did said "one-to-two pages" so we are likely to get more reactions next page, and Ashley's makes most sense.
  9. NP, Wednesday January 15, 2020

    I wonder what would be the other possibilities how to recruit Rhoda. Well ... only reason Susan bothers with this quest at all was that she wanted to get rid of the "evil" status. BTW, found description of original, if someone would be too lazy to search.
  10. http://egscomics.com/comic/party-109 Tedd has REALLY weird kinds of mental conflicts Nanase, Ellen and even Susan have training. They are able to not blush when seeing Elliot despite "thinking about baseball". Diane seems to lack such training. Pity we don't se Ashley. Who's more red, Ashley or Diane?
  11. NP Monday Jan 13 2020

    He's right. Watertight containers were hard to come by in medieval period. Most current balloons are either rubber (only available on America continent) or plastic (basically developed during industrial revolution in 19th century). In medieval period the closest thing would be dried animal bladders. I think those wouldn't have the break-on-impact effect. This is I guess still all cutscene stuff so it's possible that Susan will be able to do something once she regains control of herself, there is also: I think that the idea behind her being shrunk is to give some reasoning why she wasn't able to do anything and that when she regains control the enemy would already left. Of course, if she DOES gain control, she is likely to be able to do gigantic amount of damage with her magic ... I could be wrong, but I'm expecting Rhoda to be the other hero companion that Susan teams up with so her dying here is unlikely, and while Rhoda has seemed timid so far here, if we take her recent developments in the main comic, it's possible she'll spring to action and hammer some fools shortly. It's also possible she will become companion only after being rescued. But yes, her doing something would be a possibility ...
  12. NP Monday Jan 13 2020

    As predicted. I mean, the discussion for previous page was already rather pessimistic ... although the details were not predicted: neither Susan attacking in extremely ineffective way nor getting shrunk. On the other hand, this is EGS, so it's not likely Rhoda will get killed or ... ehm ... lose her virginity (with anyone else than Susan, at least). Probably captured and kidnapped? And maybe they will pee in that spring water, although note that the need of pure water was never specified so maybe he's not talking literally.
  13. NP Friday, Jan 10, 2020

    Who would have thought a sport played with the intention beating your opponent into submission or incoherence might have negative long term health consequences? Almost everyone. The fact it doesn't occurred to the boxers themselves can be easily explained by mentioned brain damage. ... oh right that was sarcasm.
  14. Story Monday, Jan 13, 2020

    I believe by panels, Dan meant the steps in Elliot's transformation, which is technically all in 1 panel, and that there should have been a middle step between the second and third steps. Though compared to the first time Elliot became "Rose" there were technically only 3 steps with the middle step not looking anything like the final result either so... The way I interpret it is: Dan drew panels one and two, then realized that the transformation sequence he had in mind would take up a space equivalent to two rows of panels, so he cut out material that he was intending to put between panel two and the transformation -- hence the relatively abrupt transition between Diane and Justin talking and Elliot's transformation (though it's not too bad; I didn't even notice it was abrupt until I read the commentary). Oh. That actually makes sense. ... I mean, sure, the steps in the transformation are sort of abrupt as well, but I think it makes more sense that Elliot like interrupted others by transforming.
  15. Story Monday, Jan 13, 2020

    Which is another difference: Mall girl socks were not loose. Also, talking about it, it DOES seem she has wider hips than the mall girl. Does it matter? It's still better than the uniform.