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  1. NP Monday August 13, 2018

    In the anime characters have been seen to resort to other means of violence--for example, in a scene deleted in the English-language version, James (the male out of the usual Team Rocket group) brandishes a handgun during a confrontation with the protagonists. ONCE. Also, you know, James is supposed to be small fish. Giovanni the team leader is the evil mastermind behind creating of Mewtwo. He never seem to use anything else than pokemons in his evil ways ... AND he uses Mewtwo for BATTLES in gym. He could easily use him for world domination. Ash doesn't seem to be only one who can survive deadly-looking pokemon attacks. The gun was supposed to be more effective, although I also question why. There is also unexpectedly low amount of property damage.
  2. Yes, this is more like the facial expressions and body language I would expect from specifically the "Pet Kitties" mental effect. I mean, sure, Susan and Diane were also cute, but not so much "pet". (Granted, real cats are rarely this much pet either, but ...) Hmm, I'm betting a major factor was finding a green that would complement rather than clash with Nanase's red. Actually, isn't Nanase's red also darker than usually? (Rhetorical question: of course it is)
  3. NP Monday August 13, 2018

    Oh, believable motivation for Diane. I thought all the fighting in this game was done through Grace-a-Monsters? *scratches head* Which, BTW, is pretty convincing proof that the "bad guys" don't mean it seriously. I mean, real bad guys don't play by rules, and the game battles are FULL of rules, so unless they are enforced by physical laws as in other RPGs ... ... it's the anime which doesn't make sense, because in anime physical laws seem to work normally. Relatively. Yes. Sarah totally missed the clue. Justin is ready for fight, Gracemander is ready for fight and she doesn't even have Grace out - who do she think they would attack? Obviously her.
  4. NP Friday August 10, 2018

    Oh god, I wonder if, when Gracesaur reaches her final metamorphose, anytime she uses those abilities(or whatever equivalent Dan gives her) she makes a "Breaking Bad" reference. Maybe. Anyway, I'm certain she doesn't need any outside chemical help to get into her state ... but that doesn't mean she isn't stoned. Similarly how Hypnograce can hypnotise herself.
  5. NP Friday August 10, 2018

    I am no huge Pokémon buff so I am not sure. Are they going to be some sort of Team Rocket parody? Obviously. We've seen that the Grace are able to form complete sentences, they may act kinda childish (their second tier forms seem a bit more mature compared to their starting form though) but it seems like you could hold a conversation with them. It's true that this wouldn't be that hard conversation topics. Yeah, don't make any drugs ... no poison powder, no sleep powder, no sweet scent ...
  6. NP Friday August 10, 2018

    So ... Justing talking to Gracemander is something like talking to cat, right? I mean, this sounds like something Gracemander might not really react to, although Graces seems more intelligent than pokemons (not counting Alakazam, who has IQ 5000 ... allegedly). Wasn't the point that even without poses allowing to easily compare their chest we would still be able to recognize them? Also, why Sarah wants to cause trouble? And why would Diane be horribly inefficient in it as we can expect based on what they are parodying?
  7. Patreon Aug 7 2018 - Rhoda-Susan

    No. This is certainly Rhoda. Susan wouldn't smirk like this even if looking at Elliot. Also, Susan and earrings? She didn't care about Nanase "taking peeks" as Susan because Nanase got an eyeful of Susan when she first made the doll. Also Susan was uncomfortable with Nanase prodding herself, despite her blushing, she's still finds it awkward enough to protest, so I file that as evidence supporting my statement. ... right. She might not be entirely honest when saying she barely cares. It's seeing someone that looks like her doing "things" that would be the issue, like "that's my body in physical contact with stuff" even though it's not actually her. As I said, anxieties are not logical, yes. My whole point was that it's hard to say. In fact, Susan herself might not know until it happens ... hence the need for experiments. Though experiments, at least. Right. Got that backward. And I said almost identical and most obvious difference is from the growth spurt and hair color Susan get when awakening. But you know she would totally use it as a controlled environment for getting over her anxieties though. It's safe, private, and she can bail out if things get too much for her without having to worry about getting anyone else involved. I didn't said she wouldn't. Even if she would consider it risky, the temptation would be too much.
  8. Patreon Aug 7 2018 - Rhoda-Susan

    On the other hand, she barely cares about Nanase looking at herself looking as Susan ... remember that her anxieties are not logical. But not DURING being used ... although ... ... ok. Obviously, Susan is doing solo "things" in shower. Which opens another angle of what she had issues with Little Nase seeing ... On one hand, why should it bother her what someone else is doing? On other hand, her reaction on Diane touching the wall ... which MIGHT've been worse because it was Diane, who is her grant ... niece and looks almost identical to her ... Susan is jealous of Sarah's "holodeck" because as Star Trek fan she knows what can be done with holodeck, nothing else necessary. You mean Rhoda in Susan's form, don't you? Big difference in behaviour.
  9. It's safe to say she wants to participate. There MIGHT be some reason why others wouldn't like her here ... although yes it's more likely it's her POV. Yeah, you can probably be certain that if Ashley is at the party, Elliot probably is as well, Susan and Justin are probably off reminiscing or something. ... right. Even if it should be "just girl party", Elliot has as much right to be there as Ellen - he even has dedicated party form And, obviously, Susan IS girl. Woman. Although regarding the reminiscing, well, Justin is not attracted to females and Susan is not attracted to anyone unless transformed ... and I'm not sure just girl form would be enough for that, it would probably needed FV5.
  10. Patreon Aug 7 2018 - Rhoda-Susan

    There may be other people having this fantasy but Catalina would certainly win by being first to imagine it, imagining it most often and being most red imagining it. Definitely though experiment worth doing. However, not sure if Susan will think about doing though experiments like this without someone talking about it. I mean, it took Diane's asking about her sexuality to do the first though experiment ... so, either someone will ask something related, or she would get some watching and then think about what else she would like to watch. Another line of though experiments - and possibly not only though ones - would involve her fairy. Fairies. Also, not sure if it would be warm-up for anything (although it may warm her up if the results are positive) but that doesn't matter. She doesn't need that much preparation for what to say. She would mostly need to get ready to listen ... and you can't really train that. Adrian Raven needs to think about what to say and what better not say.
  11. It definitely works here. Question is if its working OUTSIDE opportunities like this. Hmmm ... not counting Sarah, I'm not sure if they would really need to be enchanted for this - makeup and hairstyling might suffice. On the other hand, haircuts cost money, enchantment is free , and there might be invisible mental effect. Is this Grace's next birthday, or is that still scheduled to be "everyone FV5"?
  12. NP Wed Aug 8 2018

    So, those are all transformed trainers? And noone is stopping for battle? I know, this could just be a callback to that, and I think there were a few time after that when Justin still had thoughts about Elliot. You mean there were a few times it was being shown ; because I suspect Justin is crushing on Elliot since he met him and didn't finished yet.
  13. Susan seems almost too serious for "fully embracing the mental effect" ... but hey, it's Susan, points for trying.
  14. NP monday - August 6, 2018

    Because while it LOOKS like fish's tail, the shape and mobility seem to be more similar to nagas. You know, the ones with serpent bottom half. Presumably "to be a very best like no one ever was, to catch them is his real test to train them is his cause". Seriously, this is still first generation, he won't be unbeatable before third.
  15. NP monday - August 6, 2018

    ... compared to this, the shrinking made sense. Ok, riding on back of small water pokemon WOULD be problematic due to waves, but still, why the technique you taught to Grace is transforming YOU? And regarding commentary: I though the reason Justin had always-on abs was, well, magic. I think that was just Misty's one who had that problem. As another exception it can't swim.