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  1. Story Friday February 22, 2019

    I'm not so sure about that. If Uryuoms were never able to learn and use human magic, why did this happen? Oh, they did and do now. In fact, Grace is already able to use human magic to change her clothes. Also, there is this Uryuom who ... oh wait, he's probably using magic wand. Wait, he uses magic wand - Uryuoms were not able to do that in past either. But she's primary using Uryuom "technically magic" and either she used just it for this specific transformation, or she used enough of it Smoke didn't saw the clothes change over the transformation which was NOT using Earth magic.
  2. Story Friday February 22, 2019

    I would say that I called that but I wasn't alone so it was probably pretty obvious. I would definitely prefer sandwich created by comic artists than sandwich created by big company. Comic artists tend to stay with few simple ingredients. Nanase is NOT a wizard. However, if Smokey would see Fox, he might be able to learn that spell ... Smoke may be under the impression that transformation spells are only spells which EXISTS. You mean that he learned Luke's spell. Yes. It probably wouldn't have hurt to mention there being 3 types of magic users, wizards and non wizards that share spells, and then Grace is just a rare third type that uses magic differently. Grace could be like a Blue Mage from the Final Fantasy franchise but instead of learning the attacks of other by getting hit by them, she learns forms from getting "enchanted*" with them. It wouldn't be too far from the truth yet still keeping her heritage secret. * I know she's not actually enchanted, but that's how she could explain it and sound credible. Grace isn't rare third type. She's (part)Uryuom and uses Uryuom "technically magic" instead of Earth magic. THATS why he wouldn't able to learn it. ... but yes, she might try to explain it this way.
  3. http://egscomics.com/egsnp/nanasecraft-54 Nanase has point, but I would still question her talking this way with powerful being ... like, she's lucky Ashley seems to have so small self-confidence she actually takes it as valid criticism. ... ok, it WAS valid criticism but most people don't take criticism said this rudely as valid. ... did Ashley also bake some cake?
  4. NP Wed 20 Feb 2019

    Or maybe the artifact she's so eager for unsuspecting adventurers to take is actually cursed. "Cursed" is relative. We already talked about it didn't we? Many artifacts are called cursed just because they lack manual. In this case, the important quality which makes Ashley willing to give to the adventurers is that she will have more fun with someone using it than with it just sitting on pedestal somewhere. There is no need for the artifact being malicious in any way. Nah. This is definitely Ashley. Ashley after talking with Ellen and applying her reverse psychology on her. Ellen told her everything mentioned and much more.
  5. Story Wednesday, February 20, 2019

    Tedd's different in that he was born with all the abilities of a Seer so being marked wouldn't cancel those out, but how a person learns magic could affect what type of magic user they become, like Nanase was dreaming by way of using martial arts and then awakened and given a spell by Immortals rather than training however Adrian trained Edward and Noriko. Being wizard isn't "type of magic user". People are born with that distinction. It's hereditary affinity just like Susan has summoning affinity. You can probably be good magic user and still weak wizard if you don't train your wizard abilities, but you won't STOP being wizard. I would think that as powerful as Nanase is showing to be, she'd already be showing signs of wizard abilities and learning other people's spells, but as far as we've seen she's only learning new spells by using spells she's already learned. I meant that she doesn't see many spells cast by other people, and she's not TRYING to learn them. Although trying may not be strictly necessary, it likely helps. Or Mrs. Kitsune has so big potential that it would need several generations to dilute it. Being wizard is guaranteed when both parents are wizards, but otherwise it may not be as straightforward.
  6. NP Wed 20 Feb 2019

    I'm not sure about evil but what Ashley said definitely sounds like she's crazy. Maybe she "forgot" to reset? ... and she has less reasons than in this case. Also, she might accept Ashley better if she read her fanfiction and realized that Ashley would totally go on transformation rampage if not so good. ... you think she's playing it? Ok, that would be second option.
  7. Story Wednesday, February 20, 2019

    My first though after seeing this page was also that he's wizard and wanted to learn new spell. And, yes, apparently it doesn't work on Grace's technically magic ... IF it's Camdin. Remember Dan saying something about this being uncharacteristic for Camdin? Maybe this is some wizard who copied Camdin's smoke form ... Yes. Also the timeframe wouldn't work, he certainly had nowhere to learn about second purpose so he would be eligible. I remember some answer/comment saying that if someone is marked with something else than his natural affinity his first spell may be different but eventually he starts getting spells for his affinity. And, Tedd was marked and it didn't caused him to stop being wizard. Therefore, I would conclude that if Nanase would have wizard affinity, being awakened by immortals wouldn't nullify it: she would either get wizard abilities anyway or possibly later. Either she's not wizard because her father isn't magic user, or she's wizard and just didn't learned anything yet because she has most spells already
  8. Story Monday February 18, 2019

    Not that we have that many beings with multiple natural forms By the original definition, it would only count as Omega if it included her lespuko side but not any forms she gained through the TFG or other artificial means. In that case, she can do 3 tailed form which wouldn't be omega simply by adding Jeremy's spines.
  9. Story Monday February 18, 2019

    Ye gods, now I'm picturing Grace transforming into a Jägerkin. I really shouldn't go back and forth between webcomics like this. Why not? Also, I'm sure Grace WOULD be able to do that if Tedd would read Girl Genius ... Well, this seems to be the first instance of the term "Three Tailed Omega Squirrel" in referring to Grace's 3 tailed form, so it would in fact apply to either spiky or not spiky, and last link has a reference link to the previous link that's labeled "RARGH ANGRY OMEGA GRACE". I don't think Grace has any other 3 tailed squirrel form. Mix and match. Only way Grace doesn't have any other 3 tailed squirrel form is if any three tailed form is automatically omega. Which may be true. If it wasn't for her hair looking rougher, I'd just assume Dan was using the fang as part of her expression since it's not uncommon for him to do so, and Catalina is clearly not in a cat form nor able to use one at that point in the link I gave. But since the hair is getting out of place there, it seems likely she's already started morphing. That, and Dan tries to AVOID situations where it's not clear if something is artistics licence and not really happening. Meaning, Catalina could've used the fangs as part of expression BECAUSE she's wasn't able to do it in reality at that point.
  10. NP Monday February 18, 2019

    More like writing Tomb Raider fanfiction, but inserting people she knows as the main characters. And LOT of transformations, obviously. And herself as immortal. Still doesn't mean it's not happening in some parallel universe. After all, Dan is Sarah's character.
  11. NP Wednesday February 13, 2019

    The document in question is called "The Periodic Table of Elements". Any society that has any grasp of molecular chemistry is going to have names for elements and how they combine, and this in turn will allow a linguistic foot-in-the-door to decipher chemistry texts, and from there to other texts. Ok, but Dmitri Mendeleev published the first recognizable periodic table in 1869. Still no idea what was supposed to happen in 1817. Or 1914. Wouldn't 1928 be the correct year? Flash memory chip is not going to survive anyway. However, CD (or DVD) is NOT just shiny disk. You don't need special hardware to realize there is information encoded there - you only need microscope. Reading CD with microscope is not effective but it IS possible, and looking at CD with microscope will give you pretty good idea how to make something capable of reading it faster. (That said, it's not bad idea to have something readable without equipment as well.) There are usually 8 bits in symbol, which is quite different from alphabet. On the other hand, it's quite likely they will decode the file format (mostly based on numbers) faster than text based on alphabet they don't know. Of course, personally I hope that not everything will be forgotten. (Note that there are 14 bits per symbol on CD, as part of error protection/recovery. Also NRZI.)
  12. Story Monday February 18, 2019

    At least one of the Omega forms does. I think mlooney is right, omega is not single specific form. Anything squirrel-related is going to be dangerously similar to her "superhero identity", so I would say if she's going squirrel she should go omega. But yes, she definitely has lot of other forms, like catgirl one. And I'm sure that while she usually used catgirl for relaxation, she should be able to make it scary enough as well. She definitely seem to get longer teeth in last image ...
  13. NP Wednesday February 13, 2019

    Considering quality of most of manuals, I hope not. Especially considering that if "English" would become mysterious, the language people would be using will likely be Chinese or Hindi. Assuming those will be people, of course. I think I missed the reference. I don't see anything like that happens in 1817. However, there is definitely plenty of dictionaries everywhere. Also gigantic amount of other texts. I don't think anyone studying today would be having problem with too LITTLE information. More with finding the important parts between all that. While long-term survivability of any single piece of electronic is questionable and often worse than paper, the general survivability of electronic information is very good. It took days of hard work to a monk in middle ages to copy single book. It takes seconds to copy whole library stored on HDD now. It's generally simpler to copy gigabyte of text than finding a specific page in that. This leads to important information rarely being on mere hundreds of places. There is actual danger of some document or image format, especially proprietary one, being forgotten. Compressed formats are hard to decode without knowing the compression, not speaking about stuff actually encrypted ... and software originally used to read it may stop working. Luckily, there is lot of information recorded in quite simple formats like HTML or wiki markup.
  14. Story Friday February 15, 2019

    But even if he would transform to human it wouldn't change anything. So they would know how he looks - but they still wouldn't know HIM. His look or his name won't tell them anything useful. Showing him transformation isn't exactly telling him your life story - ... wait, actually, in Sam's case it sort of is. Although if he was paying attention he should already know it. Anyway. They have no reason to show him any transformation except if his puppy eyes convince them. BUT on the other hand it's not about trust. It's more like if you talk about some card trick and some stranger starts demanding you should show him. It's rude and you have no reason to do it, but you don't show him any secret. He's transformed to smoke, showing him transformations are possible won't really show him anything new AND showing him won't reveal more than just telling him. Unless they plan to pretend there were talking about computer game or something. Which is unlikely to work ... because they already shown that transformations (namely, him being in smoke form) are not as surprising to them as they should.
  15. NP Friday 15 Feb 2019

    It's not a dream. We've accessed your neural transcei- ... ehm. I mean, it's not just a dream if it's drawn and published. Would that really be simpler? I mean, in most universes, sure, but in EGS transformations are crazy easy.