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  1. Story Friday April 3rd 2020

    Not that I've noticed. But I don't read all of his tweets, so it's possible. In any case, him using existing characters when it IS possible did happened in past. (See also commentary.) But I agree that in case of the pizza girl it would be suspicious.
  2. NP Sat April 4 2020

    Because the criteria changed. "I already asked narrator that" is actually VERY good answer to give this person.
  3. NP Thur 2 April 2020

    Nah, it's still NP I meant with in the context of this NP story line. That's possible. However, it certainly doesn't seem to be main plot of the game. (Well ... ok, that's cheating, it's only certain because I already read next strip ...)
  4. Story Friday April 3rd 2020

    I suspect that Elliot could push Susan more than a random person could. But I also think Elliot is the person least likely to do so. ... deliberately. Hmmmm ... true, but didn't he complained about it somewhere claiming he tries to change that?
  5. Story Friday April 3rd 2020

    The way she hesitates and then trails trails off when she says "I'd...miss my fairies..." could be taken as "I'm getting into territory in which she'll be talking about her feelings, and Sarah mentioned that she was having a hard time dealing with feelings, so maybe I should back off?" Hmmmm ... I still think the reaction is too strong to be that, but we will see next comix. Hopefully. PS: Totally agree with Tedd. I don't think Diane needs to fear there will be any critical analysis going on, at least if the one opening the door will be actually man. Also, seems that Diane is really enjoying it. Of course, we may still somehow get this girl instead, despite the fact that she SHOULD be at least in different state unless Magus is really lazy.
  6. Story Friday April 3rd 2020

    Elliot knows there's something that happened to Susan that she hasn't been willing to talk about yet, her tone could be enough to give Elliot a reason to think the conversation is getting to close to. Hmmm, tone, ... that would obviously be hard to say from visual medium.
  7. NP Sat April 4 2020

    Yeah. He's fourth-wall aware ... well, not OUR fourth-wall, but has knowledge of EGS outside the game. Also, good question: it was usually Grace doing the games, AND she would fit the "Hero of Hearth" much better. But, as Dan directly said in commentary of first script of this arc, having Susan there will be funnier. Or was funnier? Or both? Seems that out-of-game abilities of this character don't include reading the commentary.
  8. NP Thur 2 April 2020

    Yeah this is another strong clue towards this character being Noah. Oh, so THAT what the "glory pig" was supposed to be. Might still not be a bad guy, maybe they are the Hero of Magic or Skill (ranged), but maybe they're jealous that Susan's basically been given the title of "Main Hero" or whatever. Even Susan complained earlier that hammers were her thing when she was told that she would recruit a hammer wielding hero, this character could be of the type that believes they should be greater than the role they were given. I guess that kind of thinking could lead to villainous behaviour, but from a storytelling perspective, the idea of a character with an attitude that softens over time isn't a new even in EGS. I wouldn't be that much surprised if it not only lead to villainous behaviour, but that he would somehow be convinced to switch sides back to good just because Susan would defeat him. Surprisingly, Susan seem to be LESS likely to attack him because he asked. Well, yeah, it's main plot now... Or it better be, or I shall be most cross. Nah, it's still NP Grace pretty much lost the "totally naive" thing over the June-December timeskip. Well it was relatively long time, she is likely to have some progress during it.
  9. NP Sat March 21 2020

    Websites are detecting ads being blocked and popping up warnings, some block contents. Does your ad blocker spoof past that? I think it should be fairly easy to do so, to make it seem from across the Web that you are rendering ads that you are discarding. I don't know, I didn't wrote it, I'm just using it. But, I can confirm that I'm not getting warnings about blocking ads on tvtropes, nor any ads. Although according to list of blockable elements, only thing it's blocking is facebook and twitter. So, like, where exactly do you see ads on tvtropes?
  10. NP Thur March 19 2020

    Uh, ANY other non x86 of the era? The Amiga? The Mac? To be more specific, those alternatives were so big disaster most people don't know they exists. Ok, they also were mostly into professional/server market, not for personal PCs. iAPX432. 80960. 80860. XScale. IA-64 alias Itanium alias Merced.
  11. Story Friday April 3rd 2020

    I'm not sure about that. It's not really clear that her "not thinking about it" implies that she didn't know it had changed. I can see it going both ways. Well, as a source of Elliot's surprise it makes more sense than the "agender" term. However, I have another idea: does Elliot even know that Susan can summon fairies? Seriously, recapping is totally necessary and we should have more of it because there is LOT of stuff which might've been missed in "synchronization" of info between main eight. I don't think so, because unlike in Sarah's case, Elliot is not aware WHY would that be related. It's interesting that despite being next to the reason WHY magic changed, Susan may not know that it happened. Assuming she's not looking at her book again, because she would be unlikely to not notice something changed with them Not really. Susan has magic for long time and the fairies don't look as that hard spell. I think that from main eight, Sarah is only one who might be in problems. Outside from main eight, maybe Ashley? She's wizard, but has extremely low talent, she may get into problems without ambient magic. When the focus was on her, she was practicing like crazy. That should help her mitigate the loss of ambient power. I assume at some point Pandora's reboot will show up to continue training her; will likely provide some sort of artificial boost, if need be. If you reread the instruction Pandora gave her, she was actually practicing so much she was over the point of optimal training. The training is only happening when she's using her own magic. When she uses mostly ambient magic because her own didn't replenished yet, it's not effective. I think she may be still risking losing access to her spell if the clog would be unclogged now ... but, well, it wouldn't. Noone is currently working on that and it can take weeks before someone will, giving her more time for training.
  12. NP Tues March 31, 2020

    If so, that was the cheapest college text book I ever bought, and I wasn't even enrolled in the class The price might be the reason they choose it Because actually playing it is too much work, possibly. However, I may not be the right person to determine that. After all, I read a Amber Diceless RPG rules without ever assuming I might be playing that with anyone.
  13. Story Wed 1 April 2020

    I was so surprised the one class reunion that I managed to get to how much I enjoyed the people. They basically grew up, and were nothing like I remembered. Well, a few were, but still. They probably got better after finishing the school, yes. To be fair, they are overworked and stressed and it would really be better if they wouldn't need to if they are supposed to get people through the cash register as quickly as possible. But, like, they should be able to do that when NOT working.
  14. NP Thur March 19 2020

    Memory mapped video was standard on PC until expanded VGA cards became standard. I suspect that if, for some reason, you are back in real character based mode, which is tricky to to do on a modern computer, that it's still memory mapped. I'm sure modern card can do the legacy memory mapped graphics as well. You know, that one where you could fit 320x240 256 color pixels in the memory ... or have more pixels but some weird hard to understand tricks how to switch it. Oh yes it is. Intel is talking about abandoning support for legacy BIOS for motherboards, but the CPU itself still boots in real mode. ("Legacy" BIOS basically works by starting CPU in real mode, switch to "protected" mode to do HW/memory initializations, then switch back to real mode, boot in it and then OS switch to "protected" mode again. UEFI keeps the CPU in "protected" mode.) Actually WinMe, but that's sort of 9x. However, if you had EMM386 or any other memory extender, you actually already run in emulation (V86 mode) in DOS ... it just had wider compatibility because there was no multitasking and no protection of I/O, so more assumptions from real mode worked, AND, it had VCPI, which is a way to give all access to application (think game) hoping that the game won't overwrite your memory and give you all the access back when it finish running. You can't do THAT from any OS which either supports multitasking or has basic security. Funny is that in Win 10, the reason of those new depths are not hardware. From hardware standpoint, it runs same as XP. They are only changing software, possibly including throwing again some old legacy compatibility support layers. Intel is working on that. However, I don't think they will remove V86 mode ever. The CPUs are now so complicated it wouldn't really help, and keeping JUST the most modern 64bit part would be too much. Also, they tried multiple times to market alternative CPUs not compatible with the x86 mess and it was always disaster. (For reference, the CPU has real mode, 16bit protected mode, V86 mode, 32bit protected mode, 64bit protected mode, hypervisor mode and some management mode which is supposed to be used for power management. Oh, and the take-control-over-the-computer-remotely AMT mode, if it's real Intel and not AMD.) I suspect those missing things are not related to CPU but GPU.
  15. NP Sat March 21 2020

    I used to have one, but I haven't logged in in years. Actually, I generally try to avoid the site these days, as the last few times I visited both their advertisements and their attempts to prevent you from using an add-blocker were intrusive and obnoxious. ... my adblocker must be magic. (Adblock Latitude)