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  1. Story, Monday December 11, 2017

    Indeed! Similarly, there can be research done into a good (or at least possible) idea which is not likely to bear fruitful results. Consider the large number of attempts at heavier-than-air flight which involved airframes that flapped their wings, some of them muscle powered. Heavier-than-air flight is indeed possible but you kind of need to have the math back up your theory before you can put it into practice. (Since none of these 'airframes' could ever possibly fly, maybe 'groundframes' would be a better word for them?) You don't NEED math but it helps avoid lot of experimenting of the "doomed to fail" kind. Obviously, all those airframes moved way too slow for their weight. The research in ornithopters was quite good, only problem was the move from smaller models to bigger ones. I actually remember reading about one flying machine based on those which was able to fly because it was enchanted to break square-cube law. That can be hardly called breaking results in area of alchemy, considering other professions can do it just as well. Hrm. I think we just entered a philosophical paradox here. Magic is an unexplainable force. If we use it to understand the world, we would have to concede that we have no explanation for how we arrived at the understanding. However, if we manage to break down magic to an explainable and quantifiable force that follows knowable rules, it would no longer be magic. How did Agatha Heterodyne put it? 'Any sufficiently analyzed magic is indistinguishable from SCIENCE!' This is actually limitation of our language. There is magic as unexplainable force, and there is energy which can be classified as type of magic. Also, indistinguishable doesn't mean identical. The word "magitech" is usually used for inventions based on energy which can be classified as type of magic but analyzed enough to not being unexplainable. Although it's quite possible even people from world where both sufficiently analyzed magic and technology are used in everyday live would be unable to distinguish those two from each other without advanced education. Also, lot of common invention may be combining those two. (Meanwhile, Cargo cult is example of what happens if you try to apply the kind of "reasoning" traditionally used in magic on normal technology.)
  2. Story Friday December 15, 2017

    Goldarn high-explosive computers. I guess when they get advanced enough it doesn't take much to set them off. *eyes computer nervously, backs slowly away* Don't worry, it's unlikely your computer is that much advanced Well yes, also possible, but in that case they didn't really need the nuke anymore. *scratches head* Hindsight 20-20. They didn't KNEW that the virus would do that. In fact, they still don't, they have no more information than we have so they can just speculate just as we do. Nanase would be sending a fairy to the mall after Diane calls her, or after she hears about something happening at the mall. In that case yes obviously (and I don't think anyone could inform her faster than Diane ... maybe except Edward after Diane calls Edward). She MIGHT be more inclined to send fairy after Diane than Susan considering what happened first time , even if we don't count the whole "better not distract her just now" angle. "Not a long ago" is more than "just a few moments". Ideal timing would be if Nanase started looking for Ellen JUST after Elliot is taken care of, but better have some reserve. I would think if everything went according to plan, Elliot got zapped around 17:50. At the same time, immortals needs to be distracted when Sirleck will be using Ellen to zap Elliot. I think the attack of vampires was supposed to start no later than 17:30, with the expectation that they will keep immortals occupied at least half hour. Of course, how fast Susan got first vampire was not expected. I would think it's around 17:40 now. Elliot will get zapped after 10 minutes, then Ashley put to sleep, then say 5 minutes to put clothes on Ashley and get her into car, another 5 minutes before Nanase arrives, she would then think she's there early and would wait at least 5 minutes before trying to contact Ellen ... possibly WHILE checking the forum ... Magus likely not, but Sirleck without problems. Just because it's in college doesn't mean Charlotte would expect to be aware: it's entirely possible Nanase DID called Charlotte, OR Charlotte called Nanase, it just wasn't in comics because it's not plot relevant: Charlotte just said she doesn't know more than what's on forum and that she will be there at six as well. It's also possible that Nanase assumed Ellen already did care of that and didn't called nor checked the forum, and it's possible Charlotte noticed it on forum but didn't considered it investigation-worthy before confirmation. In short, there are all sort of ways the story may work ... but on Sirleck's place, I WOULD make the post on forum just in case.
  3. NP Friday Dec 15, 2017

    That's why I mentioned Sally to start - in season one of "Sonic the Hedgehog" (the 90s Saturday morning series, AKA "SatAM") and the early Archie Sonic comics the only thing she wore was a pair of boots. In the second season they added an open vest to her ensemble; this would be her default look in the comics for 17 years. Yes. I don't think so. Although ... maybe we would get another the emotions and views involved are conflicting from her on that ... like, it might be hard choice for her to make. Maybe those fur-clad characters take him more time or require greater effort in selecting correct angle? I heard that to. Why? Because it doesn't look good? At least, I don't like how they look together (particularly white socks; some other colors aren't as bad). Well I would understand why not white socks, but I rarely wear white sock in other shoes either. However, the "sock and sandals are a scandal" sounds disproportionate compared to "sock and sandals require bigger effort in color coordination".
  4. Story, Monday December 11, 2017

    But as you point out above, almost any kind of research may lead to unexpected results that can prove startlingly fruitful. Obviously. It's not like there is any conflict between those two. There can be all sort of unexpected fruitful results obtained while trying to make the bad idea good, it's just unlikely to MAKE that bad idea good. Sadly, idiots have a near infinite capacity for ignoring either sense or inconvenient facts. Well, sadly in the general case. I have nothing in particular against Nazis wasting their efforts in utterly fruitless labours. The Nazis research in astrology was especially good idea in this regard. Considering astrology was PROVEN to not work in ancient Greece (or Rome?) already. Sir Isaac Newton was one of most inventive researchers, likely genius etc. He lived in time where it wasn't exactly clear if magic does or doesn't work but he was very interested in understanding the world. He did enormous amount of research in fields of optic, gravity, mechanics, astronomy, alchemy and natural philosophy. He is known for his breaking discoveries in optic, gravity, mathematics and mechanics. That was NOT because he didn't spend time or effort on alchemy - he did, he just didn't get any results. If magic would prove to be more effective to use but harder to understand the world through it, there would still be technology research. If magic would prove to be effective in understanding the world, the technological research could build upon understanding based in magic. Sure there would be differences, however it would be hard to predict which ones. I don't think that any area would get significantly behind BECAUSE lot of technology builds upon older technologies - like, they might get to something from different direction than we did but not so much later. The differences in what technology would become commonplace would be bigger.
  5. Story Friday December 15, 2017

    The Apocalypse could easily happen in three phases. Phase 22, the event will happen. Phase 24, the inevitable information about event happen. Phase 26, magic reset happens. It's not like the reset happens immediately. IMHO Nanase is still driving there. Sure we can switch the viewpoints, but Nanase would be finding out that the voyeur was hoax WHILE Ashley was sleeping. Why would she be sending fairy to Mall? She's going to check on Ellen, but Ellen is not nor is supposed to be in Mall. And she can't send fairy to the car because she wasn't on that part of the road yet and I don't think it counts that she was in the car before. Almost. The nuke managed to take out the control center, which caused all computers on ship to explode, just as consoles in Star Trek. Or maybe it was that virus which took out the antimatter reactor. Or wait: the virus rewired the controls. They pressed the button for re-routing command to different control center and it started autodestruction. I still think Susan's father - who is NOT Raven, but his son or grandson - being the sort to cheat is Diane's father as well. The "looking similar" can obviously still happen in that scenario. Or SOUNDS similar - their voices might be similar enough to make Susan pause, because she got wide-eyed BEFORE she look at Adrian. Yup, looks like it. Again, in order to make any calls, she'll have to stay out of the direct fighting, especially given that the Aberrations would probably consider a "baby hunter" to be fair game under the terms of their contract. She's smart (and genre-savvy) enough to know that someone untrained like her would be more of a hindrance than a help if she got into the fighting, and she'll avoid it as long as she can, but I'm pretty sure she'll stay within sight to be able to give more warning shouts or provide a distraction if it comes down to needing one desperately enough. What she should do is to remain in general area but move so she has back to wall. Maybe even TWO walls - as in, standing in corner - however that might be risky if some vampire notices her so maybe single wall is better.
  6. Story, Monday December 11, 2017

    Everything that can be invented has been invented. -- Charles Duell, Director of U.S. Patent Office, 1899 (Ok, not really, but is funny joke ... and any country actually thinking that ended up conquered.) I've also heard that France admiralty sometime around that time had list of three problems considered impossible and therefore not worth exploring: perpetuum mobile, dirigible balloon and tunnel into England. (I hope I don't need to say which of those two happened.) However, even if the research DOES happen, it may result in something completely unexpected. Like microwave oven. I would say that it shows how no amount of money can make bad idea good. Serious research would certainly notice how mutually exclusive those goals are before spending too much money on it (I would assume it did but that idiot ignored the report). On the other hand ... When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong. (Arthur C. Clarke)
  7. Story Friday December 15, 2017

    Exactly. If Adrian is fighting monsters in public, Edward knows the situation is beyond urgent. If Diane caught Adrian doing something sneaky in the background, Edward might think his old mentor had the situation in hand. I see where you are heading from, but disagree. It's not like you could blame Adrian on not keeping situation secret or like the monsters being in public would mean Adrian lost control over situation. Also, informing Governor, National Guard and President would CERTAINLY make the situation worse (more public). Not speaking about the idea of throwing nuclear weapon in populated area of own state with expected causalities in millions just to destroy few vampires. IF it would actually destroy them.
  8. Story, Monday December 11, 2017

    This certainly made finding new emperor very important ... I'm sure they would pay a lot for having their own sea of chaos ... It might work great actually. It's the research which would be hard, as the rules are numerous, don't match together and make little sense, but the moment you convince GM that something should work ... I heard the argument that majority would reject quantum physic if they would have the possibility ... LIE. Majority would enthusiasticly accept quantum physics because they WANT their plasma screens. ). Maybe it's just modern technomancers who are cast as villains BECAUSE they started to abandon the original ideals of Order of Reason? Personally, I don't think the conflict between magic and technology was necessary. They should've tried to compromise more. But if that failed, well, I would prefer the Order of Reason too ... You rarely know what will be results of research before you do it. Investors hate it but that's how it is. Yes, the secondary research of how to make something financially feasible to produce might depend on predictions of how popular it would be, but the primary research would always bring surprises. Programming is available to everyone if they can get the training and require very little power. Still, most people are unable to do it well. I find very likely magic would be extremely similar to programming - in the best case of no other limits on it than the ability of people to learn how to use it.
  9. NP Friday Dec 15, 2017

    I heard that to. Why? No, it's probably looking always same no matter what other cards are in effect.
  10. Story Friday December 15, 2017

    "No matter how subtle the wizard, a knife between the shoulder blades will seriously cramp his style." Wizards are traditionally vulnerable by physical combat, but the same is usually not true with non-human magic users like dragons. The r- ... t- ... Dragon Nobilis ones I mean. And she probably still has that number in her cell. I mean, would *you* delete it? I wasn't thinking she'd just run away home and forget about Susan, but she won't charge into the fray immediately. My guess would be, she'll call (or try to call) Mr. Verres's number first, and then try to keep out of the fighters' way while also trying to help out with shouts and soccer balls if and when they might be helpful. The problem for her will come when one or more of the aberrations notice that's what she's doing.... As far as we (or HER) know, there is no phone jamming in operation now. She doesn't need to run to try to call. By the time she gets to the part where her history teacher is using a magic sword to fight monsters in the mall food court, Edward will have the Governor calling in the National Guard. And he will probably alert the President to have a tactical nuke standing by in case any of them seem to be getting away. Why? Edward KNOWS Adrian Raven. When Diane mentions that her history teacher is fighting vampire, Edward may consider the problem already solved.
  11. Story, Monday December 11, 2017

    It is possible to keep at a higher speed if you bring a string of horses. Once the one you are riding gets tired, you switch to another one. This obviously won't let you gallop all the time but it will allow you to keep moving at a walk or even alternating between trot and walk for longer distances. Thing is, just having horses requires infrastructure. Especially good riding horses. At the very least it requires stores of food that will allow you to travel without having to spend inordinate amounts of time allowing the horse (or horses) to graze. Those bags of grain or horse feed that are so popular took farms and craftsmen to prepare. So did the saddle and tack, for that matter. And the horseshoes. Most couriers only need one saddle per horse - or less. However, the food requires infrastructure all along the path (in regular intervals), because you can't pack required amount of food and still expect to move fast. ... and magic could actually make this research EASIER. And as I said, I doubt magic can be mass-produced. Certainly not in a way technology can. The proliferation might be slower if rich "first adopters" would opt for magic-basic solution instead, but the research would likely still be there and if something proves to be useful the production can go up quickly.
  12. Story, Wednesday December 13, 2017

    That certainly could be an option, though she likely wouldn't be able to actually prevent them from leaving, just "guide" them to head back into the battle. Obviously. The idea is that no matter how certain you are that immortals can't physically restrain you, that sight will give anyone a pause to process.
  13. Story, Monday December 4, 2017

    In that round container with the removable plastic lining? I was referring to the aisle of shame but your idea is also good.
  14. Story, Monday December 11, 2017

    Face covered by Ash? This one?
  15. Story, Monday December 4, 2017

    They've also made live-action asterix movies but I would put THOSE next to Highlander II and Star Trek V.