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  1. Story Wednesday October 31, 2018

    Glomp from above? Or that they talked before. Regardless, you're reinforcing my point. *shrug*
  2. Story Wednesday October 31, 2018

    She may not have a choice when it comes to Pandora; being immortal, she could just pop in randomly going "Granddaughter! " Given her previous incarnation's penchant for pranks, this would most likely possibly include a glomp from behind. I woould like to assume that if her mother wasn't a prostitute (and the whole, "we agreed it was a one-time thing" seems to indicate that they at least knew each other), they would have talked about their careers or similar things before finding a hotel for the night; she would have known Raven is a teacher, and probably at which school, and could have sought him out. Granted, having never participated in a one-night-stand (being demisexual/ace, myself), I could be completely wrong about that; I'm not sure I understand how random hookups work. *shrug* No comics next week, eh? So long as Dan doesn't end Friday with a cliffhang, that should be fine. >_>;
  3. Story Wednesday January 31, 2018

    *reads comic* *reads commentary* Huh. Okay, well since Susan isn't there, it will have to be Van that makes the suggestion. I wonder if Wizards will continue getting spells of their own, while other magic users will have to be content to learn magic from spellbooks others let them reference? Hmmm... -------- Side note, I'm not going to be around here much for the next few months; I'm taking 16 credits on top of working full time, and the two core classes (which I need to take so I can declare my major), which should be easy, involve a lot of reading. I'll pop by every now and then to comment on the comic itself (as I am right now), but I'm most likely not going to respond to being quoted unless I have a rare completely free day.
  4. Story, Wednesday January 17, 2018

    So I should search for an app, then. Gotcha. Oh, I know there's all sorts of issues with it. I was putting it out there as a suggestion of a small change, not as a suggestion of what to actually *do.*
  5. Story, Wednesday January 17, 2018

    What is Discord, anyway? I thought it was a forum thing but Google shows it might be an app for gamers? O_o (ie, may I have a link to this egs forum type thing, please?) Regarding Raven wanting to talk to Diane, the only thing I can think of if his asking if they can talk later and please don't tell others (ie, her classmates) about his heritage, let him know if she wants to be transfered out of him class. Alas, he's probably not thinking logically right now (more like emotionally), so it's just as well that Susan stopped him. If this truly is magic getting Tedd's attention for changing the system, well, please bear in mind that magic doesn't have to change a lot in order to change. There can always be the caveat of "people who see magic working won't remember seeing it unless they're either awakened magic users or dreaming." The magic system changed to make it harder to remember seeing magic used. Have wave it away, and all that jazz. Magic users won't have to learn a new system, and magic won't be majorly exposed even if someone mimics what Pandora did with the blockage.
  6. Story: Monday 15 Jan 2018

    Yeah, but it took a sword and really flashy magic to get it done.
  7. Story: Monday 15 Jan 2018

    Which makes me think it's something that would cause burnout leading to death if a mortal tried to cast it. Not sure what would happen if it was cast via a wand instead.
  8. Story: Monday 15 Jan 2018

    Impose more restrictions on him? Make him move away from the family he just met? Demand the government do something about him (which, for all we know, Arthur might do anyway)? Send him to the other side of the world coin? Otherwise make his life miserable or arrange him to be put in jail? (Planting rumors and manipulation are old-hats for most immortals. Just look what Voltaire did to plant animosity between Raven and his mother simply by giving Dex a pendant with a Pithos on it and having Noah involved/find it! Raven blamed her for putting Noah in danger during that event, and didn't look anywhere else. What's to keep an immortal from taking his shape and bedding one or more of his students? Unless he keeps track of exactly where he is at all times and makes sure other people see him, he may not have an alibi in a case like that. His reputation would be trashed, and he'd be in jail and not able to do anything about it. The only way I can see him getting out of that situation is if someone has a tell-me-true spell like the Heralds or Valdemar! Somehow I doubt that would be admisable in a court of law, unless there's some very interesting court cases in the EGS world.) Speaking of Magus and Pandora... Hey Magus? Mission accomplished! I don't think you were planning on this being the way to "end Pandora" but that's what happened. So... Congratulations, I guess? I have to wonder if Voltaire was expecting something like this to happen when he set Sirleck on Adrian, or if this caught him by surprise? Hmmm.... That would be awesome! Bonus points if he casts it on Sirleck while he Dad can see him doing so. How fast are you with your camera phone, Tedd? If he has picked up on the immortal connection, I have to wonder if he'd be included in any conversations that Voltaire tries to have with everyone? Light side/Dark side to that. Hmm.... Yeah, but will Raven have the wit right now to take the dam down? Methinks he might be a tad preoccupied with the events of the last minute. If he's that on the ball, though - awesome!
  9. Story: Monday 15 Jan 2018

    I'm guessing most abberations are in the cities. O_o Last panel makes me wonder if Tedd sensed something of that spell happening. Or if she's been overdoing it with adding spells to her wand. And yeah, this being a world-wide event, I'm guessing magic's gonna change. Then again, with what's going on in the mall, it might have anyway. D'oh! Edit: Ooh... How many of those immortals are going to blame Raven/his relations for what Pandora just put them thriugh?
  10. Story: Friday 12 Jan 2018

    This is a good point. @Tom Sewell How is refering to Noah as family not showing affection for him? O_o I'm assuming that the lack of connection would also have to do with Diane's lack of magic. Remember, he was specifically sensing Susan's power as an awakened magic user, not just that there was "something about her." @hkmaly 1) I don't know about that; given that Arthur apparently wants to deport him to Russia, it's not that hard to believe he would consider Raven ineligible for adoption, or otherwisse stand in the way of the process. Happens to normal people all the time anyway. As an aside, it would be really funny if he wants to deport Adrian to Russia because his daughter is Diane's bioMom. XD 2) Just because Edward hasn't said anything about Noah on-panel it doesn't hold that Edward doesn't know about him. I don't know of anyone else Noah could have been referring to when he said "they asked you to take me in." If Edward isn't involved in that "they" I'll be rather surprised. 3) Also a good point. 4) We don't know that Diane is going to age normally, though. From what we saw of him in Pandora's story arc in the beginning of Sister III, it looks like Adrian was aging normally anyway. Age 10, appeared to be 10. It's possible he hit the mid-twenties and just stopped aging. Depending on how old he is, he might start aging normally, and if that's the case, he might welcome the prospect of dying from old age. Provided he doesn't suddenly crumple into dust, I don't see a problem with this. Supposedly, they were planning to see a movie, so how close they are to the mall depends entirely on where the movie theater they're going to is in relation to the mall (I know MOA has a mall inside it, but I believe it has closed in the last few years; another mall near me has an AMC attatched to it, but the entrance is external to the mall, so they really just share the parking lot). Given that the SIster III story line has been progressing over what is now almost a week in comic, I won't be shocked if it rolls into Saturday as well.
  11. Story: Friday 12 Jan 2018

    Am I the only one upset by her not giving him a hug goodbye? Hmmm... Connection, eh? Connection between the two sides of the coin, connection between immortals, or connection with her blood line? Will Diane and Susan now have actual Vulcan ears, instead of Vulcan-like ears (which Dan hasn't really been drawing lately, anyway)? Awesome as that would be (Susan would probably love it), I'm assuming it's the connection between worlds. I'm assuming it has to do with the dam she put up, since (I'm sure someone already mentioned?) she wasn't legally allowed to take it down before. I have to wonder whether Adrian will be able to remain relatively composed after this. I can't picture him having a sobbing fit, but I'm not sure that he would sigh and move on, either. We might have a repeat of panel 8. You know, something I've been wondering about with Adrian and Diane - did he ever even know Diane's bioMom was pregnant? If it was a one-night stand, he might not have. If it was a relationship, on the other hand, even if the child wasn't his, I have to wonder why Diane was put up for adoption when Raven was clearly okay with raising children who aren't his (biologically speaking). Makes me wonder if he was allowed to. Given that Arthur J. Arthur doesn't like him, if Arthur was the one in charge when Diane was born, he might have been denied being able to adopt her, and later was only able to adopt Noah because Edward was the one calling the shots by that time.
  12. Story Wednesday January 10, 2018

    Also happens to e where Dan's ancestors are from. Your point?
  13. Story Wednesday January 10, 2018

    Sure we have; during sleepy time, when Mr Pompoms was involved with the blonde woman who looked like Susan/Diane. She looked rather shocked to see Susan, so maybe she figured right age, could have been the daughter she gave up for adoption? From a guy who happens to look like the guy she's playing around with?
  14. Story Wednesday January 10, 2018

    ...... I'm not sure how to feel about this. Part of me is swearing (mainly from Pandora's forced reset), and the rest is ROFLMAO(ing). I do have to wonder if she's going to have time to mention Tedd is a Wizard, and her project(s) with Sarah, but those might be furthest from her mind at the moment. I can see things being awkward for Adrian and Diane at school, though, so thank goodness she's a senior? Also, thank goodness they all have the weekend to process this! Wait... Didn't Diane once express the idea of Adiran being her father as gross? Or am I misremembering something...? Yeesh. Fourteen years of NC, barely one year of contact, and then you basically loose your mother forever. At least she was closer to being 'herself' then she was when he was in the hospital?
  15. Story, Monday January 8, 2018

    Depends on the data dump; if it's just information relative to what she's found out in the last few days, then probably. Especially if she keeps it relative to what he would be told anyway. Ideally, she would include what happened with Magus, so he's forwarned about that, but somehow I don't see that happening. Regardless, he doesn't need to know her whole life; that would be redundant. So, he would need to know what she knows about Magus/Elliot/Ellen, and her involvement/interaction with Tedd, Sarah, and Susan/Diane.