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  1. Story Friday August 18, 2017

    I don't think she knows; suspects, though, or reasoned out it would be very likely using that keen Immortal mind (as you said)? I think so. Pandora is aware of Sirleck, and Magus has few options. I suppose from that, she might suspect that the Moperville Scoobies would intersect with Sirleck/Magus at some point without being aware of the Gathering Storm of Aberrations. Voltaire she knows as an Immortal enemy in the general sense without knowing who he is and what he wants. I wonder how much of his plan she could deduce by investigating the events that happened if she were in Near-Psychic/NonEmpathy mode versus the way she is now? Though her current mindset is preferable in so many ways, it hinders her ability to fight her family's enemies. Also, sheesh, she is very scary right now.
  2. Story Monday August 14, 2017

    Oh my gosh. Okay, thank you. I was searching and trying to make sense of it and came up with some crazy results , like a fisherman in Murmansk posting pictures of demonic fish and non-euclidean geometry being equated to evil in The Brothers Karamazov (odd that Russian connection). And of course I never even noticed the spelling mistake which would have made the joke more obvious. Thankfully I can laugh at myself over and learning interesting if odd things. Thanks again!
  3. Story Monday August 14, 2017

    Okay, I've searched, but I am getting nowhere (at least conclusively). Please explain your reference to Demon fishermen and the geometry of evil. Then I can stop thinking about it. Obsessive? Who's obsessive.
  4. Story Wednesday August 16th, 2017

    I wonder if she will warn anyone about her reset or the nature of it. Part of me thinks, Yes, obviously so, but another wonders if maybe she wouldn't or wouldn't let anyone know that she is attempting something new, so that they wouldn't worry about her or try to talk her out of it. Hmmm....
  5. Story Wednesday August 16th, 2017

    So now you have me imagining the existence of an Immortal who has meticulously passed along nested, linked, indexed and fulltext searchable Memory Palace of ALL his/her previous incarnations. This Immortal also has a love of technology and has created an artifact that will exist across incarnations and is able to store an Immortals memories as a backup in case of a botched reset. This Immortal goes by the name of Knuth.
  6. Story Wednesday August 16th, 2017

    Perhaps one of the reasons Pandora has not reset is because of Blaike's influence on her. Perhaps she fears if she resets she will lose that influence; she would lose touch with her empathy and humanity.
  7. Story Wednesday August 16th, 2017

    Ooh, this is getting exciting though. Can't see Pandora resetting before tonight; too much to do, including talk to Adrian, teach him how to defuse the dam, mentor Sara (or would she arrange a different mentor, like Adrian, so she can reset before too long), as well as figuring out the actual reset process. But in the midst of that, trying to stay focused on this new goal when a battle breaks out threatening Adrian and the rest of the Scoobies. Hoo boy, who's going to blow up tonight? Pandora? Lord Protector Tedd? Elliot and Ellen in a Wonder Twin Powers moment? Break out the popcorn!
  8. Story Wednesday August 16th, 2017

    Goodness, yesterday I suggested there could be other options then reset/not reset. Not sure if that is close enough to reset/no reset/modified reset, but I'll take it. Wow, does that mean I get a cookie? I am a little stunned.
  9. Story Monday August 14, 2017

    All said, we have been given only tantalizing glimpses into the nature of immortals. Their ability to become nearly clairvoyant also hinges on letting go of things like empathy that would cloud said clairvoyance. By allowing Tedd into her heart, Pandora is also hindering her ability to see what is coming. The rendering of the warring sides of Pandora's mind presents us with something more substantial than shoulder angel/demon hallucinations, suggesting they are more real? But is that an indication of disfunction or function. Are they a sign of Pandora have multiple personality disorder, or are Immortals capable of putting on wholly rendered personalities like masks, and perhaps only their getting out of hand is the only breakdown? Remember when child-like Pandora had a tantrum in front of the Dream Wizard? Didn't that feel real, and not just an act? We know they reset, creating another container for their selves with passed down information but keeping their intrinsic nature, effectively the reset is on their actual knowledge (not inofrmation) and power, and we also know they can lie to themselves in passing down this information. So would it be any weirder for them to have multiple current Personalities for their intrinsic selves to play in? They are shapeshifters; perhaps the shapeshifting is not just physical. Also, we are taking for granted that there are two options, reset or madness. For a race that seems to lack coordinated sharing of "cultural information," perhaps we should questions those assumptions. Perhaps other options exist, such as transcending or evolving into something else.
  10. Story, Monday August 7, 2017

    Perhaps a retcon, but what if it went like this: in the course of setting up the empowerment of Moperville to bring about the world change for Adrian, she of necessity had to pay more attention to the people, including people she had ignored for many years, like Tedd, and in getting to know them better, actually getting into their lives, is slowly brought back out of madness. I agree, Pandora has acted villainous, and still has that potential, as witnessed when she almost lost it in front of Tedd. I don't think she was the villain but was a nice misdirection. I like the way Pandora is acting now as well, but recognize that in some ways, unless something profoundly changes like her resetting, she is like a bomb waiting to go off.
  11. Corrupt a Wish

    Granted, you have now re-become a part of this community, but congratulations, your new job (didn't realize you had a new job? this wish is full of surprises) has assigned you to work from a nuclear submarine on a long term, deep sea research project (why? Imagine the PR!) and oops, the internet connection on the sub makes dial-up look like Google fiber and you have to takes turns at the one internet connected laptop with the rest of the crew. I wish for a really good gluten-free, dairy-free croissant, cause man, they don't exist in this dimension, and right now, the only way I am going to enjoy a croissant has some painful after-effects.
  12. Political Discussion Thread (READ FIRST POST)

    Yeah, we do know who the wrong one was. We knew it before the election who was wrong. And yes, it is maddening to see people who voted for the Orange One suddenly surprised when something he does impacts their lives in a negative fashion. I have heard the phrase, "The press takes him literally, but not seriously; his supporters take him seriously, but not literally." Turns out he should have been taken both literally and seriously. An underground railroad to Canada. Wow. I had heard that Canada was receiving a much larger of amount of refugees from America seeking asylum, but apparently we are at this point.
  13. Story, Monday August 7, 2017

    One more thing. I get the giggles when I see the last panel where Pandora says, "Now, young lady!" It's amazing how some people can change to parent mode at the drop of a hat, complete with the "Mom" voice. My wife can do the "Mom" voice very well. It's not real loud, but man it commands attention. I have seen the heads of children and adults alike snap around and look, trying to figure out if they need to get to jumping at some Mom order. Perhaps related to Drill Sergeant voice but more subtle. I suspect this is what the Bene Gesserit Voice of Command is really about. I hope in the end, when Tedd gets herself to bed, she can look back at the interaction and get some positive feelings from someone caring enough to send her to bed, if that makes any sense.
  14. Story, Monday August 7, 2017

    Okay, I admit to having the Feels for the current scene as well as Pandora as she is now. But it kind of reminds me of those videos where some wild creature does something cute, and we all forget sometimes it can get cranky and rip our arm off. Dealing with Pandora is like dealing with Jeckyl and Hyde. I get that the intrinsic Pandora is many things that are wonderful to know, trickster and concerned mother for example, but she is also dealing a deficit of sanity. I also see that a reset could mute good as well as bad traits. A good part of her passion for helping her family are her life experiences. I am not seeing a way around an eventual reset, though. I hope Tedd gets more time with her and I hope she and Adrian can come to a reconciliation before that time.
  15. Story, Monday August 7, 2017

    Life model decoy.