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  1. story

    Is Pandora going somewhere with the spells she's asking Tedd to add to the wand? Or is just a lesson in stacking spells using spells he's likely to have seen? I only ask because I envisioned Pandora at the end telling Tedd that he was actually a Disney princess (after the appropriate spells were cast).
  2. story

    Ah, how about these as possible secondary functions for a Seer. Create or discover new spells on their own, without having to see the spell first. After all, if magic changes, how are people going to learn how to do magic. Being able to mark people; essentially sensing their magic potential and starting them on that path. Now, these are not complete suggestions; I am not sure how they could be used without knowing that you can do them, but according to the Heka knowing you can do them would disqualify from that secondary purpose? That is a difficult requirement to work with, unless the point is that the purpose is only needed once magic changes and then you quality to perform that function? Hmm, needs work. On the other hand, something like being able to mark someone is definitely not something you would want someone of questionable morality to be able to do.
  3. story

    I wonder if Tedd has two sources of power. The vast power he can tap to put energy into a wand for it to power the spell he places on the want, and the internal power needed to perform the task, sort of like performing some mentally strenuous task. Cause if he just uses the same power to place the spells as he uses to empower them, dang, his limiter becomes the availability of wands or staves or other enchantable items (have to be made a certain way, of certain materials, of certain quality, can only be made by hand?). And is a wand reusable? Once the spells are discharged, can you re-enchant it? How many times? Obviously questions either Pandora could answer or Tedd will discover using his powers of intuition, but dang, that is some serious power, depending on what spells Tedd knows. If he knew a fireball spell, he could just churn out some serious weaponry. Just pick a high level wizard, his dad or Raven, and have them run through their collection of spells. And suddenly Tedd can be very scary indeed if he needs to be. Just saying.
  4. story

    Two of those, Ellen's examples, show strong emotion amplifying the effect, potentially even beyond the normal restrictions of the spell. Nanase was granted a spell of potentially great power to grant her unselfish desire to save Ellen. Tedd's powers are to understand and to some level control magic. He doesn't cast spells directly, but he detects, understands, and manipulates those spells, allowing him to shrug off enchantments and place those spells into objects for others to cast. So on some level he manipulates magic itself. Imagine that same power amplified by strong emotions so that he bypasses any restrictions on his powers. Perhaps he could change magic for an area, perhaps he could contact the Mind of Magic and understand it. Thanks, Tom, you have given me some scary possibilities to consider.
  5. story

    Yes. This is a theory I can get behind. I have often wondered about Tedd's glowing. It either happened when he had insight into magic, or experienced strong positive emotions like love for Grace. I believe you have hit the nail on the head; I think it is related to his second purpose and Voltaire's trying to traumatize him would jeopardize that. So far though, Pandora has apparently derailed that part of his plan. Now plan CM could swing it back... So we would have to speculate, what purpose would be served by Tedd being able to do something when experiencing strong emotions but would be negated if he knew what the purpose was? Could he and other seers affect the shape of magic if it reset? But Voltaire seems fixated on Tedd, not other seers (that we know of). So, it might be something that would only happen for Tedd, perhaps if the conditions were correct. If magic resets because of events in Moperville, would that make it some kind of epicenter of change, meaning Tedd could have some sort of undue influence? Hmm, let better minds than mine contemplate the possibilities; this seems like ripe territory for speculation.
  6. story

    Obviously I could be wrong, but I really don't think Edward knows about Tedd being a seer or even having magic except for the ambient magic as power source and some kind of intuitive grasp to ensorcel the watches; I think that he truly believes his son is magic impaired and has decided to accept his son as he "is", and hasn't bothered to research Tedd; perhaps doing what could be seen as the opposite of what Noriko did. I think that this colors his perceptions as well; he sees Tedd as needing protection, to the point of coddling him. Of course, as I write this, I see the flaw in this argument about Edward not researching what makes Tedd tick. A lot of what Tedd does shouldn't make sense to Edward. I absolutely can't imagine he wouldn't have had the glove analyzed and tested (discovering it doesn't work for anyone else), unless Tedd never told him about the glove, but then Edward would want to know how Tedd makes the watches. Also, an intuitive grasp of magic? Shouldn't that be investigation worthy? But I really feel like he has kept Tedd away from anyone knowing too much about what Tedd does, to prevent Tedd from being poked and prodded Dad's Government Business. Hmm, so, in conclusion, I have argued myself into a corner. Bottomline, I don't think Edward knows that Tedd is a seer, and I would bet the Feds don't know much of anything about Tedd at all. If Edward has researched Tedd, I bet it has been clandestine and off the books.
  7. story

    I wonder what the glove actually does in combat mode. It feeds stored energy back to Tedd. But Tedd already has access to lots of energy, as evidenced by the glowing and the fact that he not only placed a spell in a wand, the empowered the wand (and with practice, could place as much power in the wand as it could hold, I presume limited by the quality, mass, material of the wand). So he is not lacking for power for certain things. I think using the glove for combat mode is a dangerous thing for Tedd, perhaps pushing his abilities in ways they are not meant to be used. This might even be an additional explanation for how off-kilter Lord Tedd seems to be. It would be helpful I think, since Pandora is in mentor mode, for Tedd to ask about this and the Whales.
  8. You know, he does seem out of the ordinary in an ordinary way. I mean, look, he like an everyman in some ways, very easygoing, simple tastes, wants to be a homebody and hang with friends, but then he is The Boy Scout. He wants to protect people so he learns Anime Martial Arts; he wants to become a superhero and eventually becomes one. He is happiest when his friends are happy. He has essentially saved Tedd and Justin. His parents take the weirdness in their lives disturbingly well. Helena and Demetrius following Elliot. Magus needing Ellen to shoot Elliot to regain his body. That boy is either the Pawn in some Being's Chessgame (or maybe Knight) or is a serious weirdness magnet.
  9. From Jerry, it appears to be that with perfect memories and increasing intelligence, Immortals become almost clairvoyant, able to predict the actions of others, leading to boredom that seems to lead to insanity. Combined with increasing power, that becomes dangerous. I would hazard to guess that elves don't have perfect memories and/or the continually ramping up of intelligence and power.
  10. I can see her wanting to be a presence in her son's life as well as the lives of her extended family and the friend she has made, and they would definitely be more comfortable with a reset to sane immortal. Perhaps. That seems close to how some of us humans accept our mortality, by virtue of our legacy. I think I can even see that being true now with Pandora, as she seems almost completely sane now. I can also see Immortals for whom this would not be the case.
  11. Yeah, even if protecting Tedd was the true reason why Noriko left (not saying it was, I can see the lying to herself angle), the implementation was atrocious. You want your son strong enough to protect himself, then support him and get him teachers who can teach other skills. As Pandora herself said, any random fool with a gun can still best a wizard. Get him trained in martial and weapon arts if you are worried. Removing yourself from your son's life because you are not going to be able to personally teach him how to protect himself sounds specious. And as a parent myself, the thought of never seeing your child again, never being there when he falls, cries, needs a hug, ARGH! I understand Pandora so much more than I understand Noriko. I can understand tearing down the world and reshaping it to protect your child far more than I can understand never again telling him you love him.
  12. But, that assumes he knows he's fated to fail no matter what he tries. He reasonably took actions to remove himself from the prophecy. Now, short of suicide, since that seems like the last report, how about taking vows to nevery marry and never kill; chastity and pacifism seem more reasonable than suicide and would have been stronger ways to avoid his fate. Granted, even being a pacifist, it's possible he might have been responsible for killing someone, but accidentally marrying? That would take some serious manipulation on the part of the Fates.
  13. I did not see that coming. I thought Tedd would be needing hugs but it looks like Pandora is the one who does. Tedd reaching out to Pandora doesn't surprise me. As you said, he is a protector/healer who is at heart a tremendously sensitive soul. What has surprised me is how much strength Tedd has shown in hearing hard truths about his life. Really, his parents as well have underestimated him, even Edward who should know him best. I get it, the desire to protect can blind you, but Tedd, with the help of his friends, especially Elliott and Grace, isn't the bomb waiting to go off that Ellen fears.
  14. Unfortunately, I kind of agree. But it's still an awful situation. Tedd without a mother, thinking she left because he wasn't good enough (there is a conversation between he must have overheard as a child that led to him coming to that conclusion, at least I hope it was that and not Noriko saying something to him directly), or Tedd with a mother who either considers him not good enough or perhaps, crippled in some way, too vulnerable to keep in her life. She needed some serious counseling and I do confess to looking forward to seeing her reaction to discovering Tedd is a seer/wandmaker. Also, I wanted to address this bringing-Tedd-up-to-speed episode. I know that at times, I have grumbled (hopefully not too loudly) at the pace of important reveals to various people, especially Tedd, but honestly, without the build-up, these reveals wouldn't have had the dramatic impact. I mean, literally years in the making. And now, Pow, Tedd knows and we are shocked, surprised, elated that he knows the truth, want to give him hugs for the pain he's been through. Really, the drama in these scenes has been well earned. Kudos to Dan.
  15. Also, Tedd seems to be taking this better than his father feared. Or is he going to freak out later when he has more time to process. Additionally, he seems to have gotten over his fear of Pandora, or at least he seems more comfortable.