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  1. Story, Monday February 12, 2018

    Ok, I know the cute kid trope can get annoying, but dang it, seeing Van being protective and supportive of his sister Tedd, is giving me the feels. I believe that he and Tedd don't realize they are related, at least not consciously, and that when Van hid behind Tedd it was simply because he was a female who wasn't Arthur. Though, I do wonder if Tedd resembles his mother somewhat and it before everyone departs back to where they came from if Van will remark on any resemblance to his mom, or say something else that will give Tedd a clue. Of course, I am not sure that will be a good thing to Tedd's psyche at this point. We know he wanted Tedd traumatized and disillusioned with magic. Considering how Arthur feels, I wonder if Voltaire either had a hand in that? I begin to wonder if he has been trying to track down seers to determine if they have used magic so he could influence how they feel. Hell, he might have discredited those other two seers by throwing hints their way about the second purpose of Seers. This would seem to indicate he wanted Tedd to be in favor of magic changing severely. We also know he feels overly constrained by the laws of immortals. And he wants immortals to listen to him in changing those rules. This would seem to suggest he wants immortals to loosen the restrictions. We don't know what happens in the world of immortals when magic changes, but what if they come together at this time as well? I really think that Voltaire wants humans unable to use magic again and Immortals able to directly act, and perhaps in a more visible manner. Possibly, but you would think that some secret government agency somewhere might recognize the value of supporting private monster-hunting if they had trouble recruiting enough talent themselves. Or possibly there might be some secret guild somewhere, supported by old money (i.e. confiscated treasures) that gathers and trains monster-hunters. Oh wait, those tropes have probably been done. Okay, how about this, maybe since travel agents are being driven out of business by online trip-booking, they have decided to branch out into monster-hunting since that would make destinations more safe... eh, nevermind, I need more coffee.
  2. Story, Friday February 9, 2018

    Yeah, WoM, kind of a jerk, but with moments of what seem like genuine niceness. Seems like the not-quite midway point of a Korean drama where the male romantic protagonist does something genuinely nice for the female romantic lead and she has the feels even though he's been a bit of a jerk to her, but oh isn't he handsome, though not as handsome as he seems to think... wait, where were we? Oh yeah, WoM unwittingly derails Colonel Voltaire's plan CM, cause you know, Tedd was looking a little like she was going to declare WoM his enemy. Now, now I think Tedd will want to find Pandora and help her. And maybe wait for WoM to send flowers. It could be that I have been watching too many Korean dramas lately.
  3. Story, Wednesday February 7, 2018

    But Magic isn't laying it's cards on the table. What are it's reasons for changing severely? It obviously has some or there would not be a need for the logic to be sufficient. What logic is preventing minimal change. Perhaps that would be a good question to ask. Both very good points. It does seems like Magic's lack of tact is about to push Tedd to some kind of breaking point. Perhaps instead of declaring she will reveal Magic, this will push her to become more passionate and share her experienced-based perspective; why having magic is so important to her. You know, Magic says it wants logic, but maybe it really just wants some drama. I am having trouble reconciling this entity calling for logical perspectives when in practice, it having a flair for the dramatic.
  4. Story, Monday February 5, 2018

    It has a flair for the dramatic, I'll assume it's drawing out the debate for extra drama. Perhaps this is also true in the presentation of logic for not changing magic severely. Perhaps it requires that the logic be dramatic, like some version of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Magic does seem to have other considerations, so that the logic must has a preponderance of weight to convince it. Perhaps Magic would entertain questions regarding those considerations, what hurdle must they go over to convince Magic. For one thing, the presence of more magic-users is going to change the ecology of available magical energy, but in what ways? Will magical energy become so scarce that waiting for recharging takes days or longer, or will the presence of more magic-users increase the available magical energy (if say, the magic-user himself helps bring it into this world in some way)? Would this affect the Griffin's Universe's magical energy supply? Indeed, how did Magus' universe come to have dragons? Were the rules always so different, to allow for the birth of dragons in that Universe and the existence of Griffins in their Universe, or did the revealing of Magic lead to more Magic and thus more magical creatures? If magic is revealed in the Moperville Universe, will that mean more magical creatures? Unicorns, dragons, gelatinous cubes and the like? Cause, you know, I could do without the gelatinous cubes.
  5. Story, Friday February 2, 2018

    An excellent question. Pulling back a bit, we could even surmise about the basic nature of Magic. For example, is Magic intrinsic? If not, it it's some kind of alien, Magic might eventually pick up it's toys and leave. If Magic is intrinsic, tied to Gaia, an emergent property of Human Consciousness, or some such, then as long as you have this kind of population growth, the eventual reveal of Magic was always going to happen, and perhaps that is what has happened in the Magic-rich Universes we know about, just earlier in their timelines. Wonder how he's going to explain to his boss that his plan failed? Well, trying to say it was caused because he didn't know about Seers at all would be a start... Boss might point out that they should have planned for in case his plan was flawed or failed for some reason. You know, I can see Edward being begged to come back. That whole avoiding Apocalypse thing. I am more concerned about the fallout for Tedd in this, especially because he is now on Arthur's radar. As has been mentioned in other posts, Voltaire is frustrated by the limits on Immortals and wants them removed. We can theorize that he wanted Magic changed severely to limit it's use by humans; I would think that if Tedd were traumatized and distrustful of Magic, he would have argued for limiting Magic. I don't think Voltaire knew how many Seers there were either. In the above scenario, if Voltaire argued for Immortals becoming more involved in human affairs, this would seem like a return to Immortals acting like the deities of old pantheons, and perhaps that is what happened in the past, giving rise to mythologies of Gods having direct contact with humans. He could have argued that humans need guidance... Ironically, in a world with Magic revealed, it would make more sense to lessen the limits on Immortals, but I can see why Voltaire wouldn't like this. Immortals may be powerful, but imagine an Immortal with plans of Godhood going up against fully staffed and militarily trained regiments of Magicians prepared to face magical threats; as well it would difficult to impress people that you are a deity if everyone knows about Magic and the bestiary of magical creatures just by looking it up on Wikipedia. Oh my gosh, youtube videos of DIY magic hacks; magic geeks publishing a magical-themed Make magazine featuring projects you can do with magic crossed with other tech disciplines! Sorry, got distracted by the Happy Shininess of applying geekness to magic.
  6. Story, Friday January 26, 2018

    So, I would guess that Arthur will argue for magic being severely changed in order to keep it hidden, and Tedd to argue for it to change minimally to accommodate its reveal. That would leave the deciding vote with Van who might have formed his own opinion being the child of a monster hunter. I wonder if he will be influenced by Tedd? Also, what is the likelihood of Van saying something that will lead Tedd to guess who Van's mother is? Finally, what is the likelihood of all of them remembering this little interlude (is it occurring in the dream state; if so, they might very well forget most of it)? Fun time!
  7. Story, Monday January 22, 2018

    That would be fascinating; going further than increased magic resistance, but yeah, much safer than magic is now. Now on the other side, villains could still exist, just harder to work around the magical code of ethics. For example, how many people agree to licence agreements without reading all of the fine print, and believe me, some software license agreements are scary. Duping people to initially accept spells with unexpected consequences would still be a thing. Could they opt-out later after the spell is cast? Could a spell affect the ability to opt-out once cast (thinking something mind-control-y perhaps)? Also, spells could be cast on things that create physical effects that couldn't be avoided. Being able to start fires, having claws or strength, etc.
  8. Story, Friday January 19, 2018

    Well, I learned about it from SMBC, though with a BS in Math, I suppose it could be expected that I might not know about that, but dang it, I still feel like I should have learned about it, Science Geek rep to protect. So perhaps Adrian's descendants, for a while at least, had low fertility but a tendency to watch over their offspring (perhaps an inherited inclination), so less likely for the family to have died out due to disease, poverty, etc. They might also have had a slightly longer lifespan on average for a couple of generations, Immortal genetics and all. So, do we consider Adrian's relatively low amount of romantic encounters due to his perception of being unable to father children, or is this also a potentially inheritable inclination. Given a slightly longer lifespan, how late would Adrian's descendants keep trying for children? We need numbers if we are going to properly estimate how many generations between Adrian and Susan and how many potential descendants exist. Of course, with the potential number of generations between Susan and Adrian, and the way Susan and Diane resemble each other, resemble Adrian, and Susan's father looks like Adrian, I have to say "What?!" How much was Magic messing with things? Did a descendant of Adrian resembling him prompt Magic to shape events (similar appearance and birthday's and making sure Diane and Susan had the same inherited affinity)? Was Adrian's romantic encounter manipulated by Magic. I am hoping it was a huge set of coincidences that only lead to Susan and Diane resembling each other, cause otherwise, Magic is starting to sound just a bit... creepy.
  9. Story, Monday January 22, 2018

    This I think will be the main cause for Voltaire's plan failing. Pandora filled Tedd in on her first purpose as a seer, but also let her know what else she could do as a Wandmaker, letting her know that she was a powerful wizard in her own way. Then Pandora helped Tedd work through some of her issues with regards to her parents by explaining how a parent feels in trying to protect her son in a world with magic. Tedd also reaffirmed that he had guidance, support and love from his friends, especially Elliot. True, Magic seems to want to be restricted to a small percentage of people, unlike say, Magus' world. Given a modern world, Magic might simply make it harder to learn magic; so what if more people learn about the existence of magic if in order to learn it, you have to undergo rigorous training or only a select few people are even capable of having magic. Tedd might ask for magic resistance to be increased for everyone, so that regular people can resist magic, but can be the recipients of spells if they are willing. Thus if magic becomes more well-know but is harder to learn, the magic practitioners who can cast spells that are desirable could actually set up shop. Just a thought.
  10. Story, Friday January 19, 2018

    Well Magus is very sure of himself and his magical prowess in our universe, with Elliot and Ashley his hostages (essentially in Elliot's case), so if Magic changes, perhaps that will change, so that both Elliot and Ashley get free. Just a thought.
  11. Story, Friday January 19, 2018

    True, but family stories are family stories. One I have came from the 1830-1850 era, during the Choctaw Trail of Tears. I have passed it down to my kids along with the much more recent ones. Of course, that may just be me, and Susan's relation is even further removed than mine. Right now I am truly amazed at Susan's maturity and empathy in helping both Adrian and Diane. Can you be proud of a fictional character? I do wonder how much Susan will tell her mother about this (I suspect she has been keeping her in the dark about everything so far). I think we are going to see the fallout of the immortals lighting up, and I think it is related to the second purpose of the seer. I think Magic has decided enough is enough. And you know what, I hope Magus and Sirleck are very strongly affected by whatever happens next.
  12. Story, Wednesday January 17, 2018

    I really think it is this, but apparently a lot of people think this. Also that it's the Will of Magic asking for Tedd's perspective before it resets. But, if Magic resets, and Voltaire anticipated being able to have Immortals and Magic listen to him, perhaps when Magic resets, Immortals reset their laws as well. Perhaps there really is a Council of Immortals and Magic will be there as well. Or not. I am sure Adrian wanted a heart-warming reunion, and as it's been pointed out, Diane has had her world turned upside down and needs time to process. Susan realizing this and stepping forward to give her that time almost feels like a sisterly protectiveness, despite the distance in how they are related. Makes me wonder if their connection goes beyond their similarities of body, mind and birth time.
  13. Story: Monday 15 Jan 2018

    Oh my gosh, was Tedd waiting to meet Pandora? That would be... ouchy.
  14. Story: Monday 15 Jan 2018

    Oh wait, one more thing. Could this world-wide ranging spell, with it's accompanying special effects, be what tips Magic over the edge?
  15. Story: Monday 15 Jan 2018

    http://www.egscomics.com/?id=2447 Wow, chain casting an aberration-curing wave spell. I know someone called that, but I am still very surprised. It does make sense, since Pandora was so concerned for her family's safety. Here's hoping she still loves them after the Refresh.