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3/30/19 - Heartfelt Pranks to Band Vs. Band!

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Cannon pranks the cast of Band Vs. Band in our annual April Fool's Day strip!

I'm sure a bunch of you were expecting me to get someone from the Collective of Heroes to make a cameo appearance. I definitely want to do that eventually, but I'm still catching up on a lot of their comics. There's only three that I've read fully; two I've already done April Fool's fillers with (Gyno-Star and Grrl Power), and one I have... other plans for...! Besides, Band Vs. Band is a lot of fun, and I've been dying to draw this comic for a while!

If you're not familiar with it, Band Vs. Band centers around two rival band leaders: the Candy Hearts' goody-two-shoes Honey Hart, and the Sourballs' crude, vulgar Turpentine. However, their rivalry masks a mutual attraction, turning every "battle of the bands" into a battle with their feelings. With its limited color palette, retro art style, hand-written text, and borderless panels, Band Vs. Band has no shortage of eye candy, but it's the story and characters that you'll truly fall in love with. Check it out through my Links page. Many thanks to Kathleen Jacques for letting me use her characters!

Drawing this filler was tricky. To make the joke in the last panel work, I needed to incorporate elements of Kathleen's style into my own, most notably the color palette. The only colors she uses are shades of blue and pink, which contrast with Cannon's green-and-purple ensemble (Normally, he doesn't wear purple pants, but I stretched his wardrobe a bit to help him stand out more). Trying to emulate her lettering and rounded borders was a bit too daunting (especially for all the things I wanted to fit in the panels), so I stuck with my old fonts and borders. But I did color the letters and word balloons like Kathleen does.

The final panel is chock-FULL of music-themed gags. Can you spot all of them? I'll give you a minute.


Was that enough time? Okay, let's run through all the hidden jokes, starting with the audience.

The audience members are modeled after various musicians from fiction (with some tweaks here and there), plus the very real (or rather, SURreal) Weird Al Yankovic (my favorite music artist!). The fictitious artists, going from top left to bottom-right are based on:

- Ember McLain (from Danny Phantom)
- Chap Lipman (The Beets, from Doug)
- Marina (Off the Hook, from Splatoon)
- Danny (Love Handel, from Phineas and Ferb)
- Manolo Sanchez (from The Book of Life)
- Sakura (Franchouchou, from Zombieland Saga)
- One of the Aquabats (from The Aquabats Super Show)

In addition to the audience members, there's also a bunch of parody posters in the background:
- Linus N. Lucy (The title and moustache are a reference to Vince Guaraldi, who wrote my favorite song, Linus and Lucy - better known as the theme song to Peanuts!)
- Lease (Parody of the musical "Rent")
- Elwood Pretzel (Elvis Presley)
- Holly Graham and the Gem Stones (Jem and the Holograms)
- Brentalcase (Brentalfloss)
- Rosie and the Kittycats (Josie and the Pussycats)
- The Fad 4 (The Fab Four, AKA The Beatles)
- Linda Silver (Lindsey Sterling, as you may have guessed from the violin)
- Stephanie and the Stephanies (Steven and the Stevens from Steven Universe, as the star symbol suggests)
- Specter of the Rock Opera (Parody of "Phantom of the Opera", obviously)
- She Loves Fabric (Referencing the notion that "She Likes Cloth" would make a good band name from HomestarRunner Dot Com's "Teen Girl Squad Issue 12")

Despite this being one of the more detailed strips I've drawn in a long time, I managed to complete it in a surpisingly fast two days; perhaps the lack of colors, action poses, and dramatic camera angles had something to do with it...?

Drawing this strip as a form of fan art has been a lot of fun. 1f642.png If you want to get in on the fan art train, why not enter my contest? There's still over a month and a half to go, and ALL valid entries win some art as a prize! Happy drawing... and happy April Fool's Day!


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