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Comic for Wednesday, Jun 1, 2022

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Dwight is, apparently, a young, impressionable Lieutenant-equivalent, fresh out of the Academy, and is not entirely inflexible in his beliefs yet. He is fortunate that he has someone relatively patient like Liam to set him straight.

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It is hard to say Dwight has strong convictions because they have probably never been tested.  He would just repeat what his parents, teachers & superior officers said & they would call him a "Good Boy"

Even so, it is ego crushing when you must admit being wrong to yourself.

But don't worry about Dwight's ego. Soon enough he will rationalize it with something like "the exception to the rule" or "if she's not a threat to us, she must be a traitor to her own kind".

And yes, Dwight, there were reasons for placing restrictions on the Uryuoms.  In the immediate aftermath of the war thousands of years ago there were reasons.  Once the dust settled, any reason not reevaluated eventually became just an excuse

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