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Comic for Friday, May 19, 2023

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Here is.

This is one case of an animal form not really looking like the person.  If The Dan hadn't said "Nanase" I would have no idea who it was.  That being said, I liked this one.  Hmm.  Tedd once said that doing TF that weren't fur wasn't something he was into, but Sarah (I think) said that feathers were awesome.  Has Tedd changed his mind?


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This is a new comic to replace My Little Pony


Our Tiny Turkey! 

A group of barnyard fowl who act like human adolescents or young adults. 

Music in every episode that takes traditional and modern country then turns it into bland electro-pop. 

The characters are seen dealing with parents, siblings, friends, school, and jobs without ever confirming how old or independent they would be if they were human. 

Near the end of the first season, we are introduced to the Pigs.  Snowball, Napoleon, and Old Major. 

This is a retelling of an Animal themed classic, The Bremen Town Musicians. 


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It does not look like Nanase.

It is not exactly a bird. The beak is a nose by placement, not a mouth, so mostly not functional. Presumably it has teeth for slicing and dicing, in the absence of said beak. It appears to have hair on it's head, evidenced by ponytail, which might be accomplished with feather, but those do not appear to be feathers. Tail is more ambiguous.

This should be a painful and traumatic transformation. The mammalian breasts would disappear, the mammalian genitalia would be combined into a cloaca, and the egg laying mechanism would be adapted to a hard shell. Probably best to avoid this form.  

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