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Comic for Thursday, Oct 26, 2023

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1 hour ago, mlooney said:

I remember Chicken Man from it being on AFN while I was in Germany in the late 70's.  Might have been reruns.

I listened to it in high school time frame, about a decade earlier. I occasionally ran into it in the 70s beyond that. The episodes are amusing and fairly well done for what they are. They stand well enough on their own for the most part but there is a thread running through them, roughly comparable to How I Met Your Mother in terms of continuity. The jokes, like the Chicken Coupe, tend toward repetitive.

I believe it is still available in podcast format.

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During my 1st tour in Germany, "Chicken Man" was an important part of morning rituals.  When it finished, you had 5 minutes to finish breakfast and get out side for morning formation.  Of course this was the same unit that had betting pools on what the letter of the day was on Sesame Street.

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I watched some Sesame Street with my kids. There was some clever content, clearly over the kids' heads, like Alister Cookie's Monsterpiece Theater. There was a lesson in there for the kids, but the humor was clearly aimed at the parents.

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On 10/27/2023 at 8:28 PM, ijuin said:

They were the kind of jokes that kindergartners would laugh at.

To be fair, that was their target audience. Monsterpiece Theater was some impressive overachieving. I also enjoyed the fast food skits, but those were more kid-accessible.

Have you ever been to a fast food place and they said, "Please pull over and wait, we'll bring it out to you." What is wrong with this picture? Are you 'fast food' or not? Did I accidentally pull in to a moderately quick food place? I see two other cars waiting; so apparently, "Yes, you did." This seems to have been a thing at a particular Wendy's I used to go to, but they solved the problem by raising the price on their dollar chicken sandwich to the point that I no longer bother.

I suspect the store management of being deficient. Perhaps that is unfair. But I've noticed that only some places have issues. Hardee's, in my area anyway, can't seem to get an order correct. Maybe literacy is not a thing for them.

I hadn't been to a Micky D's in ages, at least a decade, but I got some coupons, and I decided to try one of their breakfast items. It was a good deal, and I enjoyed the item. Went back, on the third visit, the manager informed me, "We can't honor that coupon, that's for <different town>" OK, so, YOU (corporate) MAILED ME A COUPON that the McDonald's I pass frequently won't accept, and if I want to use it, I have to drive three times as far away? (I live on the outskirts of a sprawling town.) Scratch Micky D's off my list. (But I have to give them credit, a clown is an appropriate corporate spokesperson.)

I'm down to very few fast food choices. There is a specific breakfast sandwich at Sheetz that I buy maybe once a month; on a road trip, I'd buy them. There is a non-franchise Mexican take out near me that I stop by from time to time. The bean burritos at Taco Hell do not disgust me (won't eat their meat selections any more. I miss their spicy chicken from the 1990s.) I can find something edible at most sub shops. Not fond of Jimmy John's bread. Maybe pizza, but some are awful, and overall, the pizza scene seems to be declining.

On the plus side, I've become a more passable cook since COVID.

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